How to Clean Inside Headlights on Your Car? 4 Easy Steps

The headlights are one of the most critical parts of a vehicle that provides illumination of the road and surroundings when driving. Its significance comes to play in dark conditions, such as at night or if the area is foggy or misty. It is also a way for the driver to communicate with oncoming traffic where you flash it to pass a certain message. Looking at its significance, you should know how to clean inside headlights.

Cleaning is a vital part of maintaining the headlights, as the dirt may affect the quality of illumination. To beginners, cleaning the lights might be hard, but in essence, it is a straightforward affair. If you want to know how to remove oxidation and dirt, you are in the right place, as this article outlines the steps to follow.

headlight condensation after car wash

How To Clean Inside Headlights: Step By Step Guide

What You Need

  • A bucket of warm water.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Detergent or toothpaste.
  • A cleaning rug.
  • Two magnets.

1. Open And Lift The Hood

To clean the headlights, you need to access them, and this is why you should open the hood and lift it. You now bring the screwdriver and open the screws securing the lights. Ensure you are removing the right screws, as they may serve different purposes depending on the vehicle model.

Remove the cover and set it aside, the same as the screws, to prevent them from getting lost.

2. Prepare The Cleaning Solution

After you remove the cover, you can now access the lens. At this stage, you prepare your cleaning solution. You can mix your detergent with some warm water, ensuring it lathers sufficiently.

Toothpaste comes in handy to deal with oxidation inside headlights.

3. Cleaning The Lens

You now dip your cleaning rag into the cleaning solution and wipe the dirt off the lens. When removing the dirt, be gentle, and do not use too much force as you may break or scratch the lens.

Use the rug repeatedly as you clear the dust build-up. Once it looks clean, you can inspect it for oxidation streaks, which your toothpaste will deal with. You apply a generous amount of toothpaste to the lens and let it be on the surface for a few minutes. You then wash it off with the same gentle motion.

4. Let It Dry

Once it is clean, you now let it dry before you fix it back. Put it in place with shade and give it a few minutes for it to dry. You can give it a dry wipe before screwing it back.

how to clean the inside of a sealed headlight

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Cleaning Your Headlights Using Magnets

A creative way to clean your headlights is by using two magnets. The magnets should have even surfaces and be big enough to cover a large area of your side mirror when swiping. For the magnetic headlight cleaner method, you wrap two soft clothes or rugs over the magnets.

Using a gripping tool, insert one of the magnets inside the headlight and guide it using the other magnet. When you move the magnet, the covering will wipe away the dirt and grime, leaving it spotless.

After cleaning, use the gripping tool to remove the magnet. The good thing about this headlight maintenance method is that you do not have to use cleaning agents or water.

When cleaning the inside, do not forget the outside part for an all-around maintenance routine. WD40 can also work well when cleaning the lens of your headlight.

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What Happens If You Do Not Clean Your Car Headlights?

The following are some of the shortcomings you will experience if you do not clean your headlights.

How To Clean Inside Headlights

Affects The Aesthetic Value Of The Car

Your car needs to look clean at all times for presentability and show how responsible you are. While you can have the entire car clean, dirty headlights will stick out like a sore thumb. With continued negligence towards their cleanliness, they will assume a color that will deeply contrast with that of your car.

Reduced Visibility

For efficiency when driving, especially in dark conditions, your headlights need to be in the right state, including their cleanliness. With accumulated dirt and grime and, at times, fog, you will have reduced visibility.
It is a dangerous occurrence that puts you and other motorists in danger of accidents.

Lower Resale Value Of The Car

If you are planning on selling your car, dirty headlights may affect the resale value. Potential buyers may look at it as a sign of poor maintenance and deem it not roadworthy.

Problem With Law Enforcement Authorities

You may also find yourself on the wrong side of the law due to driving a car that poses a danger to other road users. The authorities focus on the car’s low illumination, especially at night, which might lead to road accidents.

You May Miss Out On Repairs And Replacements

Cleaning the headlights also involves inspection of the lights, where you get to know if there is any problem. When you do not check on the headlights, you might fail to notice problems such as cracks or general deterioration.

Benefits Of Cleaning Headlights

Enhanced Safety

Safety is one of the standout benefits of having a clean headlight. By cleaning this car part, you do away with grime, dust, and other foreign objects, reducing the illumination capability. As such, you improve your visibility at night and in poor weather conditions, upholding your safety and other road users.

Improved Aesthetic Value

Headlights are essential to the look of your car, and they help improve its overall image. With clean headlights, the vehicle will be in its best shape. It is helpful when you want to sell it as you can have a reasonable asking price due to the vehicle’s overall clean appearance.

Maintains Functionality And Performance

You also maintain the functionality and performance of the car, especially if you move around at night.

Helps You Identify Problems With The Lighting System

Regular cleaning helps you identify any problem with the headlights of the entire vehicle lighting system. You can get wind of cracks, oxidized headlights, or even dimming lights, which you can rectify earlier before they get serious.

Enables You To Maintain The Original Headlights

Cleaning the lights improves their life, and they can serve you for a long without damage. This helps you maintain the original headlights, which are easier to maintain. It also saves you from repair and replacement costs.

When selling the car, it may fetch a decent price as it has original parts.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How Do You Remove Oxidation From Headlights?

Oxidation is one of the downsides of the latest headlight manufacturing technology, which uses tempered polycarbonate plastic. The material is prone to oxidization, which you notice through streaks on the surface. To remove these streaks, you use toothpaste, some water, and cleaning rug, or a sponge.

After you detach the headlight cover, you put some toothpaste on the rug with some water and gently rub it on the surface and let it rest for like five minutes. You then rinse it with water and let it dry. You will notice there will be no more oxidation marks.

How Do You Remove Haze From Headlights?

Removal of haze is similar to cleaning the inside of the headlight. You can either use toothpaste or baking powder with a little water to help deal with the haziness. After application and gentle swiping on the lens, rinse with clean water, and you will have your lights in excellent shape.

Can Coca-Cola Clean Headlights?

Coca-cola is one of the household items you can use in the cleaning of your headlights. You can pour a can of coke into a spray bottle and spray generous amounts on the surface and clear it with a clean wet sponge.
You may also dub the sponge in Coca-Cola and wipe the headlight, repeat the process several times, and wash it with water to make the surface shiny.

Can You Use WD 40 To Clean Headlights?

In-car maintenance, WD 40 is one reliable cleaner that you can use in many settings, including cleaning your vehicle’s front lights. You start by giving the headlight a quick wash using soap and water. You then bring in your WD 40 and give it a good shake before spraying it on the headlight. Wipe it off with a clean rag, and you have your lights free of haze or dirt.

How Do You Clean The Inside Of A Silverado Headlight?

The Silverado headlights, especially the new models, have a configuration that can make them hard to maintain. However, you can easily pull it by unscrewing the lights after opening the hood. Use your cleaning agent of choice, and you are good to go. Do not forget to clean the outside part.

Final word

Maintaining your car is a vital part of ownership, and you need to ensure every component works to its best. This article looks at maintaining one of the most significant parts of the car, the headlight. It looks at how to clean and how to remove haze from inside headlights.

It also brings to light the use of household items to clean this part, such as toothpaste or even Coca-Cola. Let the article guide you to a hassle-free experience in maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle.

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