Honda A1 Service — Everything You Need to Know

Honda Drivers/owners should know the meaning of the Honda A1 service code and other related codes like the A2, B1, B2, B12, B123, etc. These are service codes showing your Honda ride requires certain maintenance or repair.

Each of these codes indicates a different maintenance or repair, and that’s why the Rx Mechanic team has dedicated one article to each of these codes. In today’s article, I’ll walk you through the Honda A1 service list, its meaning, and what you should do when the code pops up.

how long does honda a1 service take

What is A1 service in Honda?

The Honda Maintenance Minder System notifies drivers of when to change engine oil and oil filter and tire rotation by projecting the A1 code on their dashboard. This code is usually interpreted in different ways. Because the “A” has a different meaning from the “1”. So, what exactly is the Honda A1 service code?

The A1 service code in a Honda Maintenance Minder System means that your vehicle needs an oil change and tire rotation. The “A” stands for the engine oil change, and the “1” stands for tire rotation.

Understanding what every letter and digit in the Honda Maintenance Minder System means is essential as it will help you decode other Honda service codes.

For example, we have two main items (letters) and seven sub-items (numbers), and each has its distinct meaning.

Main items (letters)

A = Change engine oil

B = Change engine oil and oil filter. Inspect certain system components.

Sub-items (numbers)

1 = Tire rotation, pressure, and quality checks regardless of the letter before or after it.

2 = Air cleaner element replacement, drive belt inspection, and pollen and dust filter replacement.

3 = Transmission fluid replacement

4 = Inspect valvetrain, replace spark plugs

5 = Change engine coolant

6 = Change rear differential fluid

7 = Change brake fluid.

You will always see a main item and a sub-item or multiple sub-items. This simply means you can see A1, B1, B12, or B123. There must be one letter and one or more numbers.

What is included in the Honda A1 Service?

The Honda A1 service code is a maintenance reminder telling you it’s time to change the engine oil and rotate the tires to ensure optimum car performance. The required services include:

Is the Honda A1 Service necessary?

Yes, the Honda A1 service notification is necessary as it notifies drivers when to change their engine oil to keep the engine running fresh and smooth and when to do tire rotation to ensure the wheels run evenly.

Some drivers may forget when to change their engine oil and oil filters without these notifications. Untimely oil changes will cause engine sludge, low oil levels, and other issues.

Aside from that, most drivers don’t know that tire rotation is a routine maintenance that should be carried out every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. They may not remember to rotate and inspect their tire conditions without the notification. This may result in uneven tire wear.

What is the service interval for Honda A1?

In general, the A1 in the Honda Maintenance Minder will let you know when it is time to change your engine oil and tire rotation. Expect the A1 service code to pop up when the engine life has reached 15%. The engine oil change and tire rotation intervals are usually between 5,000 and 7,500 miles.

Is Honda a1 service Covered Under Warranty?

Honda takes pride in its reputation of being reliable, dependable, and caring for its customers. For this reason, they have a complimentary maintenance program called Honda Service Pass. The aim of the program is to take care of your vehicle’s first two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.

So, the short answer is yes; Honda Service Pass coverage covers the A1 and B1 services, which include engine oil changes, tire rotations, and MPI (multi-port inspection).

Is Honda a1 service mandatory?

As I have mentioned repeatedly in this article, A1 service on the Honda Maintenance Minder system means you should change your engine oil and rotate and inspect the tires. The A1 service usually pops up when the engine oil life has dropped to 15%.

Therefore, the A1 code doesn’t mean you must do the service immediately. It is just a reminder, nothing more. This, however, does not mean you should ignore the service reminder for an extended period. You have to carry out the service within a timely manner to prevent voiding your car warranty.

If you are wondering if you must do both the engine oil change and tire rotation whenever the service code pops up, read this discussion on to see people’s opinions. If you don’t have extra cash for the tire rotation, you can lift your vehicle and rotate the tires at home.

Honda A1 service cost

The A1 service includes oil change and tire rotation, which has a different cost based on where you take your car to. Hence, the Honda A1 service cost varies depending on your location and where you take your car to.

On average, the A1 service costs from $75 to $110, including parts and labor. Oil change alone costs around $25 to $50 for tire rotation.

If you have a Honda A1 service coupon, then you can spend less than $25 for a fully synthetic oil and filter. If the vehicle is still under warranty, visit your Honda dealer, as they can do the oil change at no extra cost. Some tire shops also offer free tire rotation for the first 24 months of purchase.

So, if you are looking for a way to reduce the cost of Honda A1 service, use coupons and visit your dealership only when the vehicle is still under warranty. But if it’s not under warranty, take your car to a mom and pop shop or any local shop for the oil change. And if your tires are still under warranty, drive your car to the dealer and have them rotate it at no extra cost.

Plus, you can also change the engine oil at home and rotate the tires yourself. Regardless of the option you chose, always remember to run the Honda A1 service reset. To reset the system, follow the below steps:

  • Hold the enter button for about 10 seconds.
  • Scroll down using the arrows to select all items due.
  • Hold the enter button down for about a second.

If you do the A1 service but did not reset the display, or you reset the display without doing the service, the Honda Maintenance Minder System will not show the accurate interval on the next service.

How do I Schedule Service A1?

Regardless of your Honda model and whether you need a Honda B1 or Honda A1 service schedule, you will need to visit your Local Honda service center for service. None of the services are expensive or time-consuming, so there’s no need to delay when the service pops up on your dashboard.

You just have to schedule a visit with My Metro Honda, DCH Paramus Honda, or your local Honda team if your car is due for an A1 service. DCH Paramus Honda, My Metro Honda, and some others allow you to schedule an appointment on their website.

Final Words

In summary, the Honda Maintenance Service Minder is designed to save you time and money. So, if your Honda A1 service due soon light pops on the dash, there’s no need to worry. By simply filling out a dealer “schedule a service” form online, you are one step closer to performing the service. Some of the dealers also offer you a coupon for just scheduling a visit online.

You can also visit your local mechanic for the service or do it yourself if you are a DIYer. But keep in mind, do not do the A1 service and forget to reset the light, or reset the light without doing the service. Doing any of these will cause the Honda Maintenance Minder system to show a wrong service interval.

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