Expert Guide on Honda B123 Service

Honda owners/drivers should be conversant with the Honda B123 service code and other related codes like the A1, B1, A2, B2, etc. These codes are fault codes thrown by the maintenance minder indicating certain car services or repairs are needed.

However, these codes are distinct and different from one another, and that’s why we have taken our time to walk you through the Honda B123 code. Here, you will learn what the Honda B123 code means and what to do when it appears.

honda crv b123 service cost

What does Honda B123 service mean?

The Honda B123 service is a service maintenance needed at certain intervals by Honda vehicles, which involves changing motor oil and filter, tire rotation, changing air and cabin air filter, and transmission fluid replacement.

Drivers are notified of this service by the Honda maintenance minder, which throws the B123 code to their dashboard. This code, however, is usually interpreted in specific ways since other related Honda service codes also appear on the dashboard.

So what does Honda service code B123 mean? The B in the Honda B123 code stands for engine oil and filter change. 1 indicates tire rotation, 2 implies replacement of the air and cabin air filter while 3 means replacement of the transmission fluid.

Knowing what every digit in that code means is essential as it will help you interpret other Honda service codes.  For example, anywhere you see 1, it indicates tire rotation and engine oil change, no matter the alphabet before or the numbers after.

In that understanding, let’s compare the maintenance B12 Honda Accord code and Honda Accord B123 service code. While B12 suggests changing the oil and filter, rotating tires, and changing the air and cabin filter, B123 suggests everything included in B12, together with changing the transmission fluid.

It’s also worth noting that the Honda B123 service code is universal. So whether it is Honda Civic B123 service or Honda Odyssey B123 service, both models are asking you to do the same thing. For those still asking, what is the code B123 on a Honda Civic or Acura? It also means what I explained in the third paragraph of this session.

Lastly, while the B123 services suggest doing the few services highlighted above, there are also other additional services that you must carry out. You should see them in the next session.

Honda B123 Service

What is included in the Honda B123 service?

These are the services included in the Honda Civic B123 service or any other Honda model out there.

When do you require Honda B123 service?

The Honda maintenance minder usually tells you when a B123 service is required by sending the code B123 to your dashboard. That said, Honda suggests you do the B123 service every 30k miles or every three years. And that’s usually the time you will get that code.

If, however, you don’t get that code on your dash, resort to following what’s stated in your owner’s manual.

How do you reset the B123 service light on a Honda?

When a B123 service is carried out, the Honda service light usually needs to be reset. While the light goes off automatically sometimes, your dealer or mechanic should reset it if they carry out the service.

If, however, the light doesn’t go off, your dealership forgets to turn it off, or you’re doing it yourself, here is how the Honda B123 service reset is done.

  • Find and press the reset button until the oil indicator light comes up
  • Take your hands off the reset button and press it again
  • Continuously press this button till the oil indicator light gets to 100%. You shouldn’t see that service light by now.

How much does it cost Honda B123 service?

Honda B123 service cost ranges between $250–$450 depending on your mechanic and location. To be sure about the B123 service cost in your area, type Honda B123 service cost together with the city. For example, if you live in Canada, type Honda B123 service cost Canada. You should see a list of dealer prices in Canada.

Your model also significantly determines how much you pay, as some models require a more rigorous process than others. To be sure of the cost for your specific model, type the model along when inquiring. For example, if you own a Honda Accord, type Honda Accord B123 service cost.

However, if you have the right tools and can do some or all Honda B123 service yourself, you could save some money for labor. If, however, you can’t do any, leave it to your dealer or mechanic, don’t make things more complicated. Else, your time and money will pay the price.

Important tips to get the Honda B123 service

These tips can help you carry out the Honda B123 service effortlessly.

The Honda maintenance minder makes it a whole lot easier

The Honda maintenance minder will usually remind you whenever specific maintenance is needed. Ensure you act immediately you see the Honda B123 service code or any Honda maintenance code at that. However, if you must act with what the Honda maintenance minder shows, you must understand these codes.

It could be the B1, B2, B6, B12, B13, etc. And thankfully, all other Honda service codes, including the B123, are explained in your manual. You can consult it if these codes confuse you. Or better still, surf through this website by typing “Honda service code,” as we’ve written on most of them.

Routine maintenance is crucial.

The maintenance minder will undoubtedly remind you so long it’s in good working condition. However, it is left for you to ensure these maintenance are done. So make sure you keep up with maintenance as of when due. And suppose the minder fails to remind you to do what’s recommended in your owner’s booklet.

Don’t waste ample opportunities offered by dealerships

When people hear of dealerships, what first comes to mind is the sales of cars. However, these people are also good at carrying out repairs. So harness this opportunity.  They have the right tools and technicians to do a Honda CRV B123 service or any Honda B123 service. Not forgetting their services are also cheaper if your vehicle is still under warranty.

Ask the right questions.

While it’s appropriate to do all that’s included in the Honda B123 service and move on, ask your mechanic further questions. Ask them to suggest what other things need to be fixed. If possible, let them check other car parts to see if they need fixing. This can save you both time and money in the long run.

Final Words

If you have read this far, you probably know what the Honda B123 service is about and what steps you need to take when the Honda B123 service code appears on your dashboard. But a recap! The B123 service includes changing the oil and filter, tire rotation, replacing the air and cabin air filter, and changing transmission or transfer fluid.

This is together with other services already highlighted above. Note, while your manual or the maintenance minder will remind you, it’s left for you to do the needful as this will improve car performance and extend your car’s shelf life.

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