When Does My Car Require Honda B13 Service?

To keep the guesswork out and ensure your Honda gets the required service, Honda introduced the Honda maintenance minder. In fact, it is a system that alerts Honda users when certain car services or maintenance are needed. These alerts appear on your dashboard in the form of codes which consist of letters and numbers.

One of which is the Honda B13 service code. While information about these codes is detailed in your manual, we want to make it easier to understand this code. So in this article, I will explain what the Honda B13 service code is and what to do when it appears.

honda b13 service

What is the Honda B13 service for Honda?

The Honda B13 service for Honda is a maintenance required by Honda cars which includes changing the engine oil and filter, rotating tires, and replacing the transmission fluid.

What is the Honda B13 maintenance code?

The Honda B13 maintenance code is one of the many codes thrown by the Honda maintenance minder telling owners that a specific service is needed. This code, however, is read a certain way, and each letter and number in the code has a distinct meaning.

The B in the B13 code stands for engine oil and filter change; 1 indicates tire rotation, while the 3 means replacement of the transmission. Simply put, the Honda B13 service means you change the engine oil and filter, rotate the tires, and replace the transmission fluid.

However, while the B13 code directly suggests you put these things in place, there are other additional services that your manufacturer requires.

These additional services are also included in your service manual; however, I will highlight them in the next session. Thankfully, the B13 service code is universal across all Hondas, so the Honda b13 service for Pilot is also the b13 service for acura mdx.

It’s also worth noting that you may come across other similar codes like B1, B2,  B3, B5, B12, etc. Here, the B across all codes with the letter B always means the same thing—changing engine oil and oil filter. The numbers in front are the other services required and basically, what differentiates each B code from another.

Likewise, the number in front is also interpreted the same way across all models regardless of the alphabet before the numbers. For example, anytime you see the Honda 123 service code, your maintenance minder is telling you to do the same thing.

All you need to do is to know what service comes first, which is determined by the alphabet before the numbers.  For instance, while A123 and B123 require the same service, A requires changing just the engine oil, while B requires changing the engine oil and filter.

What is included in the Honda B13 service?

All the services you are expected to perform when you see the Honda B13 code are highlighted below.

When do you require the Honda B13 service?

The Honda maintenance minder will usually remind you when the B13 service is required by throwing the B13 code on your dashboard.  The appearance of this code varies from one Honda model to another depending on your engine type, transmission type, or the kind of abuse your engine is subjected to.

Normally, the Honda B13 service will appear around 30-50k miles. When it’s time for changing engine oil and rotation of tires, your vehicle will display B1 service code every 5,000-7,500 miles. But if the vehicle has covered 30,000 to 50,000 miles, which is the time for transmission fluid change and it’s time for normal oil change, the car will display Honda B13 service message on the dashboard.

However, these systems could malfunction and not alert you. So regardless of whether you get alerted, you can also perform maintenance based on what is recommended in your owner’s manual. All Honda service codes, together with when their services are needed, are explained in your manual.

How do you reset the B13 service light on Honda?

Whenever the B13 or any other services required by the maintenance minder are completed, the maintenance minder service lights need to be reset. Sometimes, the light will disappear on its own, or your technician will reset it if done at a dealership or mechanic.

If, however, the light doesn’t turn off automatically, your technician forgot to turn it off, or you’re doing the B13 service yourself, here is how the honda b13 service reset is done.

  • Find and press the reset button.
  • Press the reset button until the oil indicator light turns on
  • Lift your hands from the reset button, then press it again
  • Keep pressing until the indicator light gets to 100%. This should clear out the B13 service light. This process can also help those asking how to reset b13 honda civic.

How much does it cost the Honda B13 service?

The Honda B13 service cost ranges from $150-$300, depending on who is carrying out the service. Parts are usually around $100, with labor fees lurking around $120 per hour. If, however, you have the knowledge and correct tools, you can do them yourselves to cut down costs.

Some B13 services, like oil and filter changes, axle inspection, etc., are simple to carry out. Leave the more challenging ones to your dealership or mechanic when necessary. If, however, you’re not confident to do any, take your car to an expert for servicing so you don’t cause more harm.

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Important tips to get the Honda B13 service

Is your car showing the B13 code already, or do you feel you may see it soon? Here are essential tips to get your Honda B13 services done.

The Honda maintenance minder is an excellent starting point

The Honda maintenance minder has made it easier to remember when the Honda B13 service for Accord or other models is needed. So when you see it, perform what is included immediately to keep your vehicle moving smoothly.

While you’re now conversant with the B13 code, other Honda service codes, such as A1, B2, B6, B12, etc, may also pop up, which may be confusing to interpret. But don’t worry. If you’re ever caught in such a dilemma, consult your owner’s manual for interpretation whenever any pops up.

Don’t skip maintenance.

While the maintenance minder or manual is there to guide you on when maintenance is needed, it’s up to you to act. So, to ensure your vehicle works seamlessly with a longer life span, keep up with routine maintenance.

Your dealership makes it a lot easier.

Dealerships, while selling cars, also carry out repairs. This is at a cheaper fee if your car is still under warranty coverage. So harness the opportunity, especially if your car is still under warranty. Moreover, dealerships have the right expertise and tools to carry out your honda b13 service for Acura or any Honda model.

Ask questions

While it’s ok carrying out only services included in your B13 service, it’s good to ask questions. Ask your dealership or mechanic if other things might need fixing. This not only saves you money, it also saves you time.

Final Words

The Honda B13 service code, like any other Honda service code, is essential for your car’s overall performance and well-being. So when you see the code, know it’s time to change the engine oil, filter, and transmission fluid, rotate the tires, and perform any other services included in it.

That said, whether you encounter the Honda A13 service code, B13, or any other Honda service code, know there is something that needs fixing. Look them up in your service manual whenever they pop up, or surf our articles by typing Honda service codes if you don’t understand.

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