What to Know About Who Makes Honda Oil Filters?

The car’s engine often requires clean oil; hence, the need for suitable oil filters for proper filtration. Kindly note that if motor oil remains unfiltered for a long time, it gets saturated with various dirt particles, leading to serious engine problems.

There are various brands of oil filters in the market, but it is necessary to choose the right option for your vehicle to allow optimum filtration. Honda is a famous car brand known for its top quality, and you can often find the OEM oil filters of these cars pretty effective.

Nevertheless, most folks rarely know much about who makes Honda oil filters. Not to worry, this article appears to be a comprehensive piece that would reveal exciting details about who makes Honda OEM oil filters.

Who Makes Honda Oil Filters?

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Honda is one famous car brand, as this Japanese multinational conglomerate focuses on manufacturing automobiles, power equipment, and motorcycles. This company appears to be in operation since 1959 and has emerged as one of the top internal combustion engine manufacturers.

So, who manufactures Honda oil filters?

Reports suggest that the OEM oil filters of Honda appear to be products of Fram. Please know that Fram is an American brand that focuses on supplying various automotive parts such as fuel filters, air filters, and oil filters. 

Interestingly, this company has supplied excellent filtration solutions since 1932 and appears to manufacture OEMs for different automotive manufacturers. Founded by T. E. Aldham and F. Franklin, Fram aims to develop outstanding replaceable filtering elements. 

The brand received an Army-Navy E award in 1945 for being an exclusive manufacturer with significant impacts in filter development. Fram owns an extensive research and development facility in Ohio, United States, established in 1972. 

However, in 2019, news states that Trico Group (rebranded as First Brands Group) acquired Fram. Nevertheless, First Brands Group appears to be a subsidiary of Crowne Group LLC, as reported in 2014.

Crowne Group LLC is one company that focuses on the production of various automotive and industrial products, founded by Patrick James. Kindly note that the headquarters is in Cleveland, Ohio. 

That being said, Honda oil filters appear to be manufactured in the United States but supplied worldwide. The engine of Honda vehicles is pretty durable; nevertheless, various maintenance steps are needed to ensure the engine works optimally. 

In as much as an oil change is crucial, there is a need for suitable oil filters. Thus, you would find the Honda oil filters to be excellent products designed to provide the vehicle with maximum protection and work effectively in improving the engine’s lifespan.

Most Honda oil filter reviews suggest these products’ durability, and you can find a wide range of options. One of the standard Honda oil filters is the Genuine Honda 15400-PLM-A02 oil filter, and you can find some versions that come with various accessories like a washer.

are all honda oil filters the same


Q: What brand of oil filter does Honda use?

Honda vehicles often come designed with OEM Honda oil filters, which are reportedly products of Fram. Fram is a renowned brand that supplies various filtration solutions across different parts of the world. 

The Honda oil filters serve effectively, ensuring that all dirt particles within the motor oil get removed before it reaches the car’s engine. Thus the vehicle can perform optimally, and you can expect the engine to have an extended lifespan.

Q: Does Honda make oil filters?

Honda has its OEM oil filters available in the market for suitable replacements, and they come manufactured with top-quality materials that ensure they are durable. 

These oil filters appear to be products manufactured by Fram, a famous company that supplies top-performing filtration solutions. Fram also provides some other automotive manufacturers with excellent products that work optimally for the smooth running of their cars.

Q: Does Honeywell make Honda Oil Filters?

Honda oil filters appear to be products of Fram, which was a part of Honeywell’s CPG (Consumer Products Group). Nevertheless, Fram left Honeywell in 2011 and reportedly joined Trico Group in 2019.

This brand is famous for supplying top-performing filtration solutions such as fuel filters, air filters, and oil filters. The good news is that this brand delivers some of the OEM products used by various automotive manufacturers.  

Q: How can you tell a fake Honda oil filter?

Genuine Honda oil filters would often come with excellent features that help you identify them. Kindly note that you would find a spring valve within the Honda oil filter if they are real. The write-ups on all genuine Honda oil filters appear light compared to what is seen on fake versions.

Again, look out for the barcode, as the original option has darker barcodes. Furthermore, all genuine Honda oil filters would come fully wrapped in plastic and have a red sticker showcasing the Honda oil filter part number on its exterior. 

Q: What size are Honda Oil Filters?

The size of Honda oil filters varies; nevertheless, there are two primary oil filter sizes. This car brand initially had the 80mm-sized oil filter but later switched to the 65mm-sized oil filters after 2001. Still, you can seek the assistance of expert mechanics or technicians at various auto part stores to help you choose a compatible option for your vehicle.

Final Words

Oil filters work optimally as the kidney of the vehicle’s engine, as it removes dirt and other particles from the motor oil to prevent damage to the engine parts. The OEM oil filters of the renowned Honda car brand appear to be pretty efficient.

Thus, most folks are keen on learning about who makes Honda oil filters. Kindly note that Honda oil filters appear to be products of one of the top OEM suppliers, Fram, as the brand delivers efficient filtration solutions across various parts of the world.


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