Honda Rancher 350 Reviews, Specs and Features

The Honda Rancher 350, one of the most exciting and sturdy ATVs ever produced, boasts of advanced technology that churns up work beyond the average expectation. Riders would pride themselves on having one of these matured and heavy-duty machines that synergizes function and durability.

As a part of the quad’s multipurpose lineup, the Honda Rancher 350 is widely recognized as one of the most prominent ATVs.

Usually mistaken with the Foreman, the portable Rancher combines an amazing balance of capacity, handling, size, and power. Its compact build is handy and an intelligent option to a tractor which is usually more expensive for farmers to purchase and maintain.

If you have been seeking relevant information on these powerful TVs, stay glued as this guide promises to wrap you in on the specs, features, price, and commonly sought-after questions about the Honda rancher 350.

Honda Rancher 350 Specs & Features

Drivetrain: Power is moved through a five-speed transmission.  This is made possible with the ESP (Electric Shift Program) which enables the part-time 4WD system to be easily controlled using the friendly push-button ease.

Ignition: A CDI (electronic Capacitor Discharge Ignition) is built inside the Honda Rancher alongside an auxiliary recoil pull starter and electric start system for backup. You can easily substitute it with the 2006 Honda 350 Rancher in the event of a damaged Honda Rancher 350 starter.

Engine: Users love the Honda rancher 350 top speed determined by the engine performance. The engine has a build of a single-cylinder OHV engine, four strokes which are longitudinally positioned to cut down power loss for the drivetrain and more comfort for the rider.  Ensure to change the engine oil regularly, to keep the engines in optimal performance.

It boasts a 68 millimeters stroke and a bore of 78.5 millimeters. As one of Honda rancher 350 parts, the engine compression is at a ratio of 8:7:1. For optimal functionality, you must fill the engine with any 10W-30 motor oil. Two quarts or a little more is enough to fill it up.

Suspension: The front suspension displays a completely free double-wishbone having lower control arms and vertical upper that enhance the negative. It enables 5.9 inches of movement thus ensuring a more stable wheel alignment. The travel depth of 5.9 inches is enhanced by the rear suspension that utilizes one single shock absorber and steel finish swing arm.

Tires: Honda rancher 350 4×4, in particular, are great with nice traction that is extremely comfortable in muddy terrain.

Brakes & lighting: For stopping duties, the 2006 Honda rancher 350 has in the rear handle, a single-sealed mechanical drum brake, and the triple-sealed hydraulic drum brakes mounted in front. The 45-watt handlebar light and double halogen lights positioned on the front fenders all utilize multi-reflector lenses for advanced light travel.

Dimensions: The quad features cargo tracks at the rear and front cargo, and an enclosed water-tight trunk. Its length measures 78.12 inches, and 45 inches in width. The ground clearance is 7.2 inches, height 44.3 and 49.1 inches for the wheelbase. The height of the seat can reach 32.4 inches. Certainly, we can deduce that is justifiable for the dimension it features. And Honda rancher 350 weight varies model to model offering the convenience to prefer the suitable one.

Exterior & Electric Shift Program: The rancher has a plastic build and steel frame that is light, strong, and easy to maintain. It also has at its driver’s side, full floorboards to give an exquisite look. Thanks to the electric shift program, the push-button shifting feature is possible, thus making it comfortable to shift when necessary.

Advancements Post 2004

As the year went by, Honda thought to advance in quality and Honda 350 spec by improving on the 2004 model.

The driveline option came into being to allow the rider to select between maximizing available traction (4WD) and lighter steering honda rancher 350 2wd.

The ES-equipped Rancher models have a new reverse lever to enable easier switch in directions and so are great in activities like farm work and plowing snow.

DCT model with advanced manual-override ability enhances handling and control.

Removal of a CVT belt to fulfill customers’ wish for great riding, lesser slip risk, and maintenance.

Accessories and clean cargo racks that work well with the Honda’s Pro-Connect™ component.

A weatherproof cover and 1.9-liter utility box is included in the front deck and styled to keep personal or off-road essentials and maybe your chilled drinks.

Honda Rancher 350 Price

Honda Rancher 350 price may vary based on the package inclusions and model year. The worth of the honda rancher 350 4×4 cost around $2,160 and includes all the original equipment. Additional parts would likely move the price higher. The average retail price goes for somewhere between $1,870 to under $ 2,160.

For a comprehensive price list of the released Honda Rancher 350 models check the table below:

Year – Trim – Model Number List of Price Retail/Trade-In Value
2003 TRX350FE Rancher 350 ES 4×4 $3,180 $2,160
2004 TRX350TE Rancher 350 ES $2,305 $1,545
2004 TRX350TM Rancher 350 $2,165 $1,445
2005 TRX350FM Rancher 350 4×4 $2,765 $1,870

For second-hand ranchers, you can search them out on various auction or vehicle trader sites. The 2003-2006 models are usually worth between $1,200 and $2,000. As for a go-between of price and upgrade model, 2004 rancher 350 stands to be the most popular. The earlier models include the 2000 honda rancher 350 and the 2001 honda rancher 350 with a minimal difference in price.  The above-mentioned matured raptors are in excellent working condition with almost no near-stock condition or engine knocking.

Newer models have since replaced the old ones with more functionality, so you can trust the higher price to be a good bargain. 2020 Honda rancher price is around $6,499. If you seek advanced abilities, you can try the new models.

Honda rancher 350 parts

The parts used in making the Honda rancher 350 lineup are similar but may sometimes vary due to the model.

  • TRX350FE is reliable, simple, basic, mid-size, and has an excellent user satisfaction score. One favorite owner feature is electric shifting.
  • Rancher TRX 350 ™- is a simple rancher model having an air-cooled 330cc engine and 2 wheel drive.
  • Rancher 4×4 TRX 350 FM – Manual transmission and simple solid utility ATV with 4WD. Users love its multipurpose nature.
  • Rancher ES TRX350TE – A great two-wheel drive model of the electric shift Rancher. It stays in high demand despite complaints about the electric shifting.

Some common Honda rancher 350 accessories are battery, air cleaner alternator, body cover, front-wheel, fuel tank, cam chain, front brake, master cylinder, etc. If you need to get some accessories for your wheel, you get them from your local vehicle parts dealer or search online on popular web stores like eBay and Amazon.

Honda rancher 350 top speed

Based on reviews from the users, the average Honda Rancher 350s top speed on the road level is up to 45mph. However, it can rise up to somewhere between 50mph- 53mph which might be quite stressful to accomplish.  If you intend to attain optimal speed, you can try to clean the air filters.

Moreover, including a jet kit can also help you with the addition of 5mph. To clean the air filters remove the air cleaner clips, and remove the cover. If you use the vehicle in snow, sandy, or dusty area, it is important to do an inspection frequently.

Over the years, the Honda Rancher production was stopped and replaced with the Honda Rancher 420 for optimal performance and to keep up with the competition. For instance, the 2021 Honda rancher 420 top speed is impacted by its close-spaced 5-speed gearbox compared to its counterpart.

It also has a computerized throttle-body fuel injector and lighter valve train, coupled with a fully solid ignition system that is 30% more torque, 27% more horsepower than the Honda rancher 350 horsepower.  Therefore, if you want more speed and performance you can try out the newer models and also check out the 2021 Honda rancher 4×4 es review.

Honda Rancher

Honda rancher 350 2wd to 4wd

Up Sides

The popular FourTrax 300s model appeared in 2000 replaced by the ESP-controlled electric shifting or conventional four Rancher models-2WD and 4WD. The Four-wheel-drive models outlined a different torque-sensing front that transfers power to the wheel with optimal traction.

Furthermore, Ranchers uses Honda’s longitudinally mounted engine build, which is powered by a dry-sump oil system moving lubricant in a different tank located in the engine cases. Having additional low gravity at the center and ground clearance, the multi-purpose Ranchers can also fit in as sports machines.

You can convert your Honda rancher 350 2 wheel drive from 2WD to 4WD. It’s great driving on four wheels, but there are times where a little fun on the trials is what you desire for a sport drive. Plus the 4WD comes with stress from the drive train and stiff steering.

To make this possible, Warn originally made these Honda rancher 350 424 kits, however, they stopped production after some years. The market demand grew over the years and a new company took advantage of this and renamed the name Wide Open Drive Shaft Switchouts (DSSO).  The name may have changed, but the product still functions the same.

Warn 424 or DSSO has standard hand tools, is easy, and bolts on installation. It also enables riders to change the ATV from 4WD to 2WD and makes engagement simple, reducing friction with its Lined Controlled cable.

Many great things can be outlined in the Rancher 350. They include its shiftless transmission, SUV-inspired, reliability, and design making it the best pick of hobbyists, sports, and SUV-inspired enthusiasts. Its ergonomic style is suitable for all sizes and weights and it also has smooth handling along with comfortable footpegs for adequate safety measures. The Honda Rancher 350 is road predictable, and convenient to use while offering good traction stability and fantastic on and off resulted from tire width.

Flip Sides to Take Note of

However, despite top-notch qualities, Honda Rancher 350 is not without its troubles. One problem observable from Honda rancher 350 reviews is the steering which moves in the desired direction too fast when riding at 5-10 mph. The immediate veer in the desired direction can trouble the driver if adequate precaution is not taken. To solve this problem, users would need to balance the tie rods for toe-out space or examine the upper and lower ball joints for damage.

Another issue to take note of is that it removes the engine blubber and half throttle in the process. As a precaution, experts warn against removing the airbox as some drivers do to rectify this problem but doing so may be risky to your vehicle. Rather, it is advisable that you change the spark plug instead of removing the ATV’s breather. Other complaints are smoking, ticking/tapping noises, and sways in the piston.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: What years did Honda make the Rancher 350?

The year 2000 marked the creation of the Honda Rancher Family with the launch of the Rancher 350. It was one of the new ATVs to utilize the longitudinally mounted motor. The Rancher features a fully automatic transmission, electric shift, and 2×4 and 4×4 with a manual shift.

The 350cc model was a reliable one, and production continued until 2006. 2004 took a new turn as Honda included the 400 Rancher with additional power and advanced styling in an automatic version. However, in 2007, the 350 and 400 were replaced with the 420cc version that has stayed in production ever since.

Similar to the 350 ranchers, you can select automatic, manual, or electric transmission. To stay in production and satisfy customers, as an option, Honda included Power-Steering on the 2009 model four four-wheel. The wide embrace of the Honda Rancher is proof of the dependability and durability of Honda is popular.

Q: How fast does a 350 Honda Rancher go?

Rancher 350s move between 50 – 45mph on road. But some owners said it could reach about 53mph with much effort. If you desire to get it speeding at the optimal, it is advisable to examine if your filter is clean, as the unclean filter can be a hindrance to AVT performance. Similarly, including a jet kid can impact the speed performance and give you an extra 5mph.

Q: Which Honda Four Wheeler is the best?

Honda rancher has since advanced past the 2005 Honda rancher 350 to keep up with the competition. Amongst newer models, the 2020 Honda Rancher 420 stays at the top. No other ATV boasts of more designs than Honda’s FourTrax Rancher, coupled with its number of sales. With nothing less than eight variations featuring myriad packages of the rear suspension (independent dual-arm and swingarm), steering types transmission (manual, Electric Shift ProgramTM, and automatic DCT) including two- and four-wheel drive—the Rancher 420cc family combines muscle and maneuverability into a strong ATV that is good for any activity. All Ranchers get the current new front utility box, Pro-Connect-compatible racks, and two automatic transmission models (ESP and DCT) to receive the advanced manual-override capability and the improved reverse lever.

Q: Is the Honda Rancher a good ATV?

The Honda Rancher gives any rider whether experienced or novice plenty of reliability, comfort, and power at a competitive price to enjoy years of performance.  It has a light, relaxing feel for any range of riding experiences. It also boasts of a low center gravity with continuous performance in all gears, hauling capability for play, and work plenty of storage. Honda Rancher is certainly a good ride for any season.

Q: What differentiates a Honda Foreman from a rancher?

There is really not much difference between the two except in the HP rating; however, the foreman has its gear positioned lower than the rancher. It also has an additional bottom for lifting. Taking the gear into consideration, the rancher has a higher gear compared to the foreman. A significant difference is in the weight and height, and the foreman apparently has more ground clearance than the rancher.

Final words

The Honda Rancher 350, in summary, is one of the high-performing vehicles assuring you of a great experience while trail riding and also attends to your work needs. Compared to the bigger ATVs it has a lesser budget and has a reliable and rugged style. Many good things can be said of the Rancher 350. Its shiftless transmission is SUV-inspired, and is reliable. In summary, it’s everything and more in what you desire of a vehicle.


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