How To Become An Electric Car Mechanic?

Auto manufacturers are making a shift from ICE vehicles to electric cars. This calls for an opportunity for anyone who wants to make auto mechanics their future career.

Electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry. The rise of Tesla cars is evidence of this, the massive production of hybrid and electric cars, and several plans by some countries and automakers to shift to all-EV fleets. Electric cars manufacturers will need mechanics to fix up cars for their customers.

This innovative shift creates job opportunities for electric auto mechanics, electric motor mechanics, and engineers worldwide. If you are wondering how to become an electric car mechanic, we’ve compiled a list of guidelines for pursuing this career.

How To Become An Electric Car Mechanic

Here’s an extensive guide on how to become an electric car technician. Read to the end and choose the best way to get certified and work on the electric cars mechanic jobs preference.

Become An Electric Car Mechanic

Get A Degree In The Automotive Technology

When choosing electric car mechanics as a profession, you must first decide the program you want to enroll. How do you know if you’re a good fit for the program you wish to register for? Check if you have the skills needed to pass the course.

Once you determine you’re a good fit for the chosen program, pick electric cars you want to get certified in, and register for the electric car mechanic course.

Check if you have the skills: While anyone can become an electric car mechanic, most people don’t have the aptitude and diagnostics skills to get certified. Before enrolling in an electric car mechanic apprenticeship or program, ask yourself if you’re good with mechanical systems and operations.

Do you know how machines work? Do you understand the inner workings of automobiles? Are you a DIY enthusiast? If you have answered yes to these questions, you should have the diagnostic skills and aptitude to become an electric car mechanic.

Research available electric car mechanic programs: After concluding you want to become an electric car mechanic, search for available programs and locations.

The automotive technology program is a popular course and available at area community colleges, technical and local vocational schools. You can choose either a certificate program or an associate’s degree in the hybrid technology you’re interested in.

Choose and register for a program: Once you have the college or mechanic schools that offer automotive technology programs, pick and register for the program you want to get certified.

Here’s a list of some of the Electric vehicles you may want to know;

Electric vehicles And Their Specifications

Electric Vehicle Specifications
Hybrid Works with an electric power source and fuel source to provide better fuel economy.
Plug-In Hybrid Utilizes more electric flow

Switches to ICE for motional power

All Electric Relies only on the electrical power sources for optimum performance.

Has limited driving ranges without access to recharging stations

Can travel 100 miles without recharging the battery

Converted Electric Standard cars with ICE

Built with the electrical propulsion system

The upgraded with Electric, Left Coast.

Complete Internship Program And Get Entry-level Job

Once you have gained a certificate or associate’s degree in automotive technology from any college of your choice, it’s time to go for an internship and get your hands dirty. In every workspace, employees need hands-on experience to get a good-paying job, and electric car mechanics are no exception. Major electric car mechanic employers are auto repair centers, dealerships, and EV manufacturers.

Complete internship program: The most straightforward way of boosting your portfolio with work experience is through internship programs.

The Internship Program keeps you under a certified mechanic with hands-on experience who will ground you during the internship.

Most automotive companies don’t hire mechanics with no working experience. An internship program is one way of getting the ‘sweet spot’ experience most manufacturers crave.

Get employed: Once you have completed your internship, the company can hire you as a full-time electric vehicle technician.

This grants you access to full-time employee benefits, including full-time pay, stable employment, access to advancement and promotion within the firm.

Attain ASE Certification

Aside from full-time employee benefits and creating work experience, another reason for completing an internship and gaining employment is that you’ll be qualified to get ASE Certification as an electric car mechanic. You can attain a Light Duty Hybrid/Electric vehicles specialist certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence [ASE].

Get two years of working experience: As said above, you need to complete an internship program to get full-time employment as an electric motor technician. The duration for this is two to five years.

Apply for ASE Certification: The only requirement for applying for ASE Certification in Light Duty Hybrid and Electric cars is, you must pass Automotive Electric Electronics Systems and Engine Performance exam.

ASE Certification exams test and certify automotive mechanics with the required skills and give customers a clue of the mechanic’s experience since the ASE Certification test is difficult to pass.

Apply for further ASE Certification: If you want to be an authority in this field, apply for further ASE Certification besides the basic certification.

Auto mechanics must pass multiple ASE Certification tests to qualify for ASE Master Status.

Electric Car Mechanic


Q: What qualifications do I need to work on electric cars?

The skills and qualifications you need to work on electric cars depend on your area of specialization and the position you’re applying for. Electric cars engineers need a minimum engineering degree. So, you’ll have to attain electrical engineering, automotive engineering, or mechanical engineering, depending on your career path.

You can study material science or chemical engineering if you want to build and service EV batteries. If you’re US-based, you can enroll in electric car mechanic training in the US. If you live in the UK, consider electric car mechanic training in UK.

EV technicians can get certificates issued by the National Alternatives Fuel Training Consortium [NAFTC] or National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence [ASE].

Q: How do you become a Tesla mechanic?

Like any electric car mechanics, Tesla demands you enroll in their E-verify program called The Start Program Technicians. The program offers the skills for a successful Tesla cars career path. During the program, EV students will gain training expertise through classroom theory, self-paced, and hands-on lab learning. The program also provides team-based technical practices and support.

Here are the requirements to enroll in the Tesla E-very program;

  • Post-secondary school education level [or equivalent military service], GED or high school diploma acceptable to Tesla.
  • You must be up to 18 years
  • Must be safety conscious
  • Valid Driver’s license, clean track record, and insurable
  • Must follow verbal and written instructions with attention to details
  • Attend and pass all the training sessions with 85% GPA or higher.
  • Must be able to work in a team and achieve common goals.
  • Should pass English fluency test
  • Have basic computer knowledge, including MS Word, PowerPoint, Excell, outlook.
  • Must accept Tesla’s employment within 30 days of completing the program.

Q: Can a car mechanic work on electric cars?

According to a report by the Institute of Motor Industry, 97% of active auto mechanics are not qualified to work on electric vehicles. If you go into discussion with an automotive mechanic about battery engineering, including software, battery, and chemical engineering, you’ll put them in a confused state.

Q: How much do electric car mechanics make?

The average electric car mechanic’s salary is $37.82 per hour or $78,637 per annum in the US. Entry-level electric cars mechanics earn $64 000 per year, whereas experts earn as high as $95,000.

Q: Is Tesla Start Program hard?

Tesla Start Program aims at training and certifying aspiring electric car mechanics in the United States with the necessary skills to succeed as EV mechanics in Tesla and other EV manufacturing companies.

However, Los Angeles Daily News recently reported that ten students enrolled at the Tesla Start Program at Rio Hondo College completed the 14-16 weeks intensive course successfully. All got service mechanic employment right after the program.

Q: How much do electric car mechanics make in the UK?

The average electric car mechanic in the UK earns £18.65 per hour and £36,360 per year. Entry-level EV mechanics earn £32,000, whereas experts earn as high as £40,000 per annum.

Q: How much money does a Tesla mechanic make?

An average Tesla mechanic earns $28 per hour. However, automotive mechanic salaries at Tesla ranges from $25 to $41 per hour. The above salary range is based on reports from 13 Tesla technicians and upon statistics.

Q: Are electric cars hard to fix?

According to Consumer Reports’ research, electric cars require less maintenance than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. They also stated pure electric vehicles, which have fewer moving components, making them fewer maintenance vehicles – cost less to repair than average ICE vehicles. In any case, finding a technician to fix electric cars can be challenging.

Final words

This article has provided sufficient information on how to become an electric car mechanic. Choosing and becoming an EV mechanic is a pretty straightforward process. It involves attaining a certificate or associate’s degree from automotive technology or mechanical engineering, serving an internship, getting hired at an automotive manufacturing company, dealership, or repair shop.

You can also attain further ASE Certification and Masters Status after passing the primary test in the required position. You can also register for electric vehicle technician online training.

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