Top 11 Auto Mechanic Schools Online 2024

Auto mechanics are crucial people in our communities. Just like people require doctors, vehicles also need experienced people to diagnose their problems. Schools, businesses, and individuals rely on vehicles to offer transportation for emergency needs and daily tasks. An auto mechanic performs vehicle maintenance, facilitates repairs, and identifies vehicle issues using diagnostic equipment.

To become a good mechanic, you need problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and an eye for detail. The best way to get this is by attending a good auto mechanic school online. With the technology change, learning is moving online. Several schools have started offering auto mechanic online programs for people who want to upgrade their learning or those who want to learn from home.

Online programs are made to offer you the necessary training to help you as a car mechanic. With the increasing number of online automotive schools, you should be careful before you settle for one. If you live in the USA, here are some of the best online schools to consider pursuing a course in auto mechanics.

Auto Mechanic School Online

The demand for auto mechanics has increased in the recent past. This is because people have opted for white color jobs rather than technical jobs. The number of autos on the roads has also increased.

These vehicles need people to diagnose and repair them. If you are wondering about a course that will not keep you tarmacking, consider going the auto mechanic way. One way to start your career in this field is to do an auto mechanic course in a good school.

The best news is that you do not have to attend face-to-face classes, for the programs are also available online. Here are some of the best auto mechanic schools online you can learn from:

online automotive courses with certificates

01. Ashworth College

If you are searching for a good online auto mechanic school in the USA, Ashworth College is the ideal choice. This college is located in Norcross, GA. The school is mainly recognized for its Automotive Technician Career Diploma Program. Their online auto mechanic courses are accredited and follow the guidelines of NATEF.

Ashworth College automotive online programs have well-designed coursework. Their sturdy offers students a full understanding of the inspection procedures, performance standards, and operations of automobile systems.

The tuition payments for the automotive program at Ashworth College depend on your mode of payment. These payments are $899 for manual monthly payments, $659 for monthly auto payments, and $769 for full payments. The college does not have any requirements for admission, and the acceptance rate is 100%.

It will take at least four months for students in the online automotive technical course to graduate. By the end of the auto mechanic program, you will have acquired invaluable mechanical techniques and skills. You will be prepared enough to sit for any of the state licensing exams. You can also seek employment as an accessories installer, service mechanic, auto parts specialist, and specialty shop technician, among others.

Ashworth College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission recognizes its online courses. The automotive programs offered in the college have accreditation from NATEF.

02. Society of Automotive Engineers

This is another well-known school for facilitating online auto mechanic programs and seminars. The institution is located at Warrendale, PA. The society of Automotive Engineers offers specialization certificates in product development, styling management, and design engineering.

The society of Automotive Engineers provides its students with top-notch technologies and resources which will help them expand their goals and career in the automotive industry. The applicants in this school are required to fill out a complete online application with a non-refundable membership fee.

The programs in SAE will increase your understanding of automotive repair and service. These causes are most recommended for professionals who want to increase their knowledge in automotive and be in line with the moving technology.

Some of the programs include Root Cause Problem Solving, Fundamentals in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, and Finite Element Analysis for Design engineers. The society of Automotive Engineers is an accrediting body. The institution is also accredited by Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

03. Ferris State University

Ferris State University is well known for its automotive programs. This university in Big Rapids, MI, has gone further to offer online automotive programs for students. FSU offers a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Management. You can get this degree in two ways.

Students from high school will take 4 years to graduate. For students with an associate degree in service/ repair, you follow the 2+2 option. This option allows you to only go for only 2 years to graduate. The course is quite challenging, and it will need you to have a lot of discipline and understanding to succeed.

Students learn through this Online Automotive Management Degree the management of variable options, automatic transmission, and suspension steering alignment service. Once you are done with the program, you can serve as a service advisor, shop manager, field service engineer, field service representative, and service manager.

The undergraduate tuition and fee range at about $11,788. Ferris State University is regionally recognized by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The automotive courses are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

04. Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR)

Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair is also referred to as I-CAR. I-CAR is an academic organization located in Hoffman Estates, IL. The organization was founded in 1979. It offers several online courses for distance learning students. I-CAR also offers an Online Mechanical Technician Platinum Path course for students who want to start or enhance their auto mechanic careers.

The online programs have given students a great opportunity to advance in their automotive education without getting into a face-to-face class. The online auto mechanic courses take students through wide coursework ranging from collision repair to insurance. Tuition fees range between $36 and $38 per credit hour.

Students applying for a course in I-CAR must fill out and submit an application in their desired area of specification together with an application fee. This school does not have degree programs but provides students with training equivalent to certifications.

By the time students exit school, they will have understanding, knowledge, and experience in all certification and state licensure exams. The online automotive programs at I-CAR are accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Foundations.

05. Penn Foster Career School

Penn Foster Career School is situated in Scranton, PA. Leading experts in the automotive industry and Automotive Service Excellence Master Technicians designed the online Auto Repair Technician Program at Penn Foster Career School. The institution offers students learning aids, study guides, and books that help refine their knowledge and skills.

Online automotive programs at Penn Foster College have a work experience option that gives the students a chance to get field experience and hands-on skills. For students to enroll in the automotive repair technician course, they need to submit their educational transcripts. The student should be at least 17 years and should have gone at least up to 8th grade.  

Once you finish your online program at Penn Foster Career School, you are advised to go for a work experience option. This self-arranged exercise allows students to get practical skills and network with their local employers. Some courses you will go through the coursework are engine repair, engine performance, and electronic/ electrical systems.

Penn Foster Career School is accredited nationally by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. It also has accreditation and is an authorized and recognized provider by the IACET.

06. Northampton Community College

NCC has been offering exceptional online classes for more than 20 years. This online program is ideal for people who want to strive in their careers but do not have enough time to access face-to-face learning in schools. Northampton Community College has a unique program for automotive mechanics known as Automotive Technology Degree.

This online course is recommended for ASE-certified technicians. This program is an associate applied science, and it aims to provide knowledge on automotive technology to certified mechanics.

This helps them build their careers and keeps them up to date with the new aspects of the automotive industry. Northampton Community College automotive online programs are recognized by ASEP. The school also works in partnership with General Motors.

07. Bergwall

Bergwall is among the most popular online vocational schools. This vocational school has several automotive courses. They perform their online classes through reading materials and videos. Students are required to make a monthly subscription of $100 per year or $10 per month.

With these subscriptions, you can study courses in four areas. The courses are ASE Test Prep, Shop Talk, Shop Safety and Math, and OBD-II. The ASE Test Prep covers the standard L1, C1, P2, and A1 to A8 ASE tests. The Shop Talk includes all the standard automotive components.

It is crucial to note that you will not get any diploma after the completion of the course. However, the course is a great place for anyone who wants to learn the basics of auto mechanics. The training provided by Bergwall meets the ASE standards. By the end of the study, you will have enough knowledge to sit for any ASE certification.

08. Stratford Career Institute

Stratford Career Institute is another great vocational institution for anyone who wants to do an automotive course online. This school has a variety of online courses which feature video lessons and textbooks. Students can also have one on one communication with their instructors.

The main automotive course at Stratford Career Institute is an Auto Mechanic Program. They also offer other courses in Motorcycle /ATV Repair and Small Engine Repair. This auto mechanic school costs $895 if paid in full or $43.75 for 24 months.

09. Automotive Engine Rebuilder’s Association

This is among the few schools that offer automotive certification courses online without any hands-on work. The programs at AERA allow students to learn at their pace. The materials that are used to learn are a combination of pre-recorded videos and written information.

Once you are done with the program, you are awarded an AERA certificate in Engine Machinist and Cylinder Heads. AERA is a well-respected and unique program ideal for mechanics who want to learn about engine rebuilds.

10. Alison

Are you looking for a school to get free online automotive courses with certificates? If yes then Alison is the suitable school for you. Alison’s online automotive courses train you to become a professional auto service mechanic. Here you learn about safety, electronics, and automobile mechanics.

Through the online course at Alison, you will also learn about how cars work and the theory behind each component in vehicles. With the skill you attain from school, you can work comfortably as a vehicle technician or a mechanic in any country. This online course is 10 to 15 hours, and it is absolutely free.

The auto mechanic course at Alison is divided into modules that are easy to understand. The program is ideal for anyone preparing to go to a regular auto mechanic school or those who want to start an apprenticeship with some basic mechanical knowledge. You may not become a full-fledged mechanic after the lessons, but that is great for beginners.

11. Autoshop 101

Autoshop 101 is an online platform that offers basic auto mechanic courses online for free. These courses are suitable for beginners who want to start in electrical components of automotive technology. This auto mechanic program does not give you a degree, but it provides you with many reading materials and free online tutorials.

The Autoshop 101 online auto mechanic programs also offer you ASE certification practice tests. The best thing about the online program is that they allow students to study at their own pace. For students willing to begin learning about automotive electronics, this is the right place to start.

automotive certification course online

Pros and Cons of Auto mechanic School Online

The education industry is moving online, especially not in the era of the Corona Virus. Most governments are encouraging schools to offer the study’s online to reduce the congestion of students in the school, which could cause the spread of the virus. Apart from that, people also want a more flexible way of learning.

The auto mechanic departments have not been left behind. They are also offering online programs for auto mechanics. However, there are two types of online schooling. There is the Hybrid program and the fully online programs. The fully online program allows you to learn virtually without ever going to the campus physically.

The Hybrid program, on the other hand, is a mixture of ground courses and online courses. The type of online program will depend on the school you choose. Above, we have discussed some of the schools you can get your auto mechanic course online. Here are the benefits and cons of studying in online schools:

Pros of Auto Mechanic Schools Online

Technology Advancements

Technology is advancing, and it is benefiting both traditional and online courses. However, the technology advancements are a great benefit to online learning. Technology enhances the students learning and makes education more personal to them.

Some online programs allow you to make your desired schedules, but this again varies from school to school. Therefore you can start the semester anytime and finish it once you have finished all the curriculum requirements.


One major benefit you get from learning your auto mechanic course online is the flexibility you experience. The programs allow you to study as you continue with your job, for you don’t have to attend the classes physically. You are, therefore, free to do the classwork from anywhere at any time of the day.

Fair Pricing

Another great benefit of taking online courses s that they are cheaper compared to regular classes. Schools charge fewer tuition fees for students learning on online platforms. The price becomes even cheaper since you will not be required to buy textbooks or materials for online courses.

Most of the ground programs have several hidden costs for using the physical facilities of the school. These costs are excluded for students taking their courses online. You also do not incur other indirect costs such as transport and accommodation fees. However, some online courses can be more expensive; thus, it is crucial to do your research before enrolling.

Learning Self Discipline

Most people who study online tend to learn an important aspect of life called self-discipline. Unlike in traditional classes, where you have people following you, students in online classes are responsible for their actions. For you to succeed in online courses, your self-discipline should be on another level.

Learning at Own Pace

Most online auto mechanic schools these days allow students to learn at their own pace. This gives students the freedom to determine how long they want to spend doing a course.

Fast learners will take a shorter period to graduate. Other students who are slow or engaged in other activities may choose to take a module at a time according to their convenience.

Cons of Auto Mechanic Schools Online

Lack of Social Interaction

Lacking social interaction is one of the biggest disadvantages of attending an auto mechanic course online. When students interact, they tend to share ideas and learn from one another. Students do the courses from wherever they are in online programs and thus have no time to interact.

One of the places people learn how to interact is in schools. They help also build a student’s self-confidence and networks. This is why some schools prefer hybrid programs so that students can get to interact with each other. Apart from physical and mental health, social interaction also improves our education.

Poor Education and Scams

Another challenge affecting online schools is the lack of effective learning and also the scams on the internet. There is an increase in educational scams that is mainly focusing the online students. Some schools are coming up with online courses that they are not allowed to teach.

A school may be legit, but its online course may not be approved. Some people also feel that online learning is not as effective as the traditional method of learning. Therefore, it is important to look at whether a school is credited and if the online course you want to take is approved.

Difficult to Get a Quiet Space

Technical courses such as auto mechanics are challenging, and one needs to have full concentration when learning. Traditional schools offer a great learning environment where students only concentrate on what they are being taught. With online learning, you need to get a quiet place to take your classes.

With online courses, you do not have the advantage of sturdy rooms, libraries, or classrooms. Sometimes taking the class at home can be quite distracting. It, therefore, becomes difficult to get an undisturbed and designated place to do your studies.

Lack of On-Hand Experience

Best auto mechanic schools have facilities with different types of autos where their students go to learn hands-on. Learning by doing helps the students to get the skills and experience to handle different types of vehicles. Online auto mechanic courses are trying hard to use videos in teaching.

However, this is not as effective as when the students learn by doing. Therefore, by the time the students are finished with the course, they may have so much theory without skills. This, however, can be curbed by students going for compulsory internships in auto mechanic firms near them for experience and exposure.

Auto Mechanic Schools Online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can You Learn To Be a Mechanic Online?

To become a professional mechanic, you need to have the right training from theory to practical skills. Several universities have come up with online training programs where you can learn about becoming a mechanic. Some have a fully online automotive program where students learn through videos, animations, and interactive programs.

Some schools have a hybrid program where you learn the theory online and then go for practicals in the school. This is one way you can get a degree certificate in auto mechanics. However, you can learn other minor courses such as auto maintenance, engine systems, and how to use hand tools, among others.

Since online courses do not give you any hands-on experience, you have to make personal arrangements to get the experience. Look for a place where you can get in-person and hands-on experience. After this, get a mechanic license and then keep yourself up to date with auto technology.

Q. Can You Get an Automotive Technology Degree Online?

It is possible to get an automotive technology degree online. All you need to do is look for a school accredited to offer online automotive courses. Most schools are using hybrid programs where you learn online but require hands-on training and on-campus labs. A few auto mechanic schools have embraces the full online program where they teach using animations, videos, and interactive programs.

Q. Can You Teach Yourself Auto Mechanics?

An auto mechanic is quite a technical course. It is possible to learn the basics about vehicles, but you need guidance and training from a professional for complex systems. Car owners know a few things about cars, but that does not make them mechanics. Auto mechanics go beyond the basics.

If you want to become a professional mechanic, you must go through training in an accredited auto mechanic school. You can do the auto courses either by attending regular classes or online. Once you have got your certificate, do certification and get a mechanic license.

Q. How Long Does One Take to Be a Certified Auto Mechanic?

A master mechanic is certified by ASE. To get certified, you need to have finished the ASE certification examinations and two work experiences. Students who have studied at UTI will only require one year of experience to get the certification. At Universal Technical Institute (UTI), students learn knowledge and skills, preparing them for ASE examinations.

Q. What Do You Need To Become a Mechanic?

To become an expert mechanic, you need to go through some steps. One has to complete their GED or high school education to enroll in an auto mechanic program. Some high schools have an Automotive Youth Education Services (AYES) program offering hands-on and academic training in auto technology.

Students who want to have a career in mechanics can start by taking this program in high school. After passing your high school or GED, the next step is to enroll in a good auto mechanic school. You can do a certificate, diploma, or degree in your desired specialty.

Once you graduate, get an ASE certification. With this, you can go on to improve your skills through employer training. By the time you are through, you will be ready to become a professional and master technician.

Q. How Do I Start Being a Mechanic?

The first step of being a mechanic is by having an interest in becoming one. Once you have made up your mind that you want to become an auto mechanic, finish your GED or high school. Once you graduate from your high school, look for an institution offering automotive programs and start the course.

Some universities and colleges these days have options of doing the course online or blended learning. You can therefore choose the program that is convenient for you. Ensure that you check the accreditation of the school before you settle for it.

Q. How Do I Become a BMW Mechanic?

BMW mechanics are similar to other technicians, only that they have specialized in working for BMW automobiles. BMW mechanics diagnose, repair, and maintain BMW vehicles. To become a BMW mechanic, you have to first graduate from an automotive technology school with a diploma or associate degree in auto technology.

Once you get an automotive technology qualification, apply for entry-level positions in service centers or repair garages to get hands-on training. During this training concentrate on BMWs and other imported cars. With the knowledge and skills you have gained this far, get an ASE certification.

The final step is to do the BMW step program. When you finish this program, you are given a BMW mechanic certification. This program puts the tailors the mechanics and prepares them to work for BMW vehicles.

The five programs in this program include Apprentice Program, BMW MStep, Body and Paint, Motorrad, and BMW Automotive. The programs are available in various schools in the United States.

Final Words:

As technology continues to advance, education keeps on moving online. Most individuals these days prefer to do online courses as opposed to attending regular classes in schools. On the other hand, schools have embraced this and have started offering online programs to meet this need.

Above, we have discussed some of the best auto mechanic schools online that you can consider. An auto mechanic is a technical course, and taking it online can be a little tricky. Therefore, you should select a school where you get value for your time and money. Ensure that the school is accredited and has the right to offer the online course.

Most online automotive mechanic courses are cheaper online compared to regular classes, but this is not always the case. Do your research on what the school charges and what type of program they offer. Schools have fully online programs and hybrid courses where you will be required to go to the school for practical skills. Therefore do good research on the school, tuition fee, and types of programs before you enroll.

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