How to Dispose Of Old Tires ?

One common concern that comes with replacing motor tires is knowing how to dispose of old tires. Car tires last for a while, say between 3-5 years, before you notice some tire wears, which means you need a suitable replacement.

But have you ever thought of what to do with your vehicle’s tires when they wear out? By now, know better than just dumping decrepit tires, following the ban on car tires from landfills in the US since 2004.

Not to worry, there are practical options available, ranging from disposal centers to scrap tire programs willing to help you manage old and used vehicle tires effectively. This article would be revealing mind-blowing details on how to get rid of your old tires.

How to Dispose Of Old Tires Properly

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For some DIY enthusiasts, the best way to manage their old tires is to utilize them in various construction projects, ranging from swings to garden planters. However, many car owners dump their old car tires in their trash bins or the corner of their garage.

Doing so can be an eyesore, plus the environmental pollution you would cause if you consider burning your used tires. Scrap car tires are not desirable at landfills much more due to their bulky nature and methane-trapping capabilities that may damage landfill liners.

So, what is the right way to get rid of these non-biodegradable materials? Rather than dumping tires at landfills or burning them, here’s what to do with old tires.

Repurpose Them

The upcycling of old tires is one creative way to get them into use. You can make sculptures, crafts, and artworks from these scrap tires and improve their lifespan instead of leaving them off as waste.

From aesthetics to exercise equipment, there are vast projects you can employ these worn tires for and prevent possible hazards in the environment. Again, old tires from agricultural tractors can also be useful for constructing drinking troughs for cattle. 

To your utter amazement, repurposed car tires can be handy for building tasks and serve as alternative building materials rammed up as frameworks for Earth thermal mass dwellings. Old car tires can aid in dissipating kinetic energy over a period in a crash when used as motor racing barrier circuits.

Recycling Them

Recycling tires when they are no longer in use is magnificent. Doing such would help reduce the potential hazard to the environment. Interestingly, you can do this at a low cost, and you can drop these used tires off at various collection centers.

You can now search for a “used tire disposal near me” and get yours dropped off there. These scrap tires often get moved to the recycling facility, shredded in the processing plants, and worked on.

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Where can one Dispose or Recycle Tires?

Are you thinking of where to get rid of old tires and rims? Fortunately, numerous options are at your disposal on how to “cast aside” your scrap tires, and so these old tires can be metamorphosed into a wide range of useful products. And the best ways to maneuver your old tire disposal include:

Solid Waste Facility

Dumping of waste tires at solid waste management facilities approved by DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) is one way how to dispose of tires in Florida and some other parts of the United States. Such facilities often operate under the auspices of the state’s laws governing such wastes and would handle them appropriately.

Dropping them off with your Tire Retailer

Most tire retailers out there would allow you to leave your old tires with them after they help you install new ones and conduct wheel alignments

Car owners should know that tire retailers within the United States are required by law to accept used tires that equal the amount purchased willingly. Therefore, you should have no problem dropping your scrap tires with them when you buy new ones.

Leave them at the Tire Shop

Some tire shops out there would often allow you to hand over your dilapidated tires at a fee. Such services vary (often inexpensive), and you can check with the tire shop near you. 

Contacting Junk Removal Services

You can contact junk removal companies to get all your old tires in your garage. These firms often send teams of haulers to visit wherever you want them to pick junk from, and they can haul your scrap tires and drop them off appropriately.

Visiting Tire Recycling Facilities

The specialized or general recycling facilities working on used tires are around you. And you can take yours to them directly, rather than leaving your old tires lying around your garage.

Note: You can check for a “free tire disposal near me,” as a few stations allow the public to dispose of old tires for free. Again, a few community events support the recycling of items that appears hard to manage, and you can attend any close to you and drop off your old tires – now, this is how to dispose of tires for free.

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What is the tire disposal fee at Walmart?

Walmart allows drivers to dispose of their old tires and offer such service at a fee of $2.50. This cost appears fair and can save you the stress of piling your worn car tires around your garage, disposing of them erroneously, and causing environmental hazards.

You can pay and get your scrap tires dropped off at any Walmart Auto Care or any of their Tire and Lube Express Centers, and they would handle them as needed. 

How much are scrap tires worth?

You can sell scrap tires for an average cost of $3 for each, but note this amount varies and this depends on your area. So, not only would you be tidying your garage by moving these worn tires out, you would be making some quick cash as well by doing so.

You can sell them at various places, ranging from tire recycling centers to local tire shops.

How much does Discount Tire charge for tire disposal?

Disposal tire allows folks to dump their used tires at a disposal fee of $2.75 for each tire. Once you get your scrap tires dropped off at this service center, Discount Tire will handle this suitably. 

You can make some good cash from Discount Tire by selling off your used tires that still appear in driving condition.

Are rubber tires recyclable?

Rubber tires are recyclable and can be repurposed into various useful items. The Environmental Protection Agency reports the recycling of 80% of scrap tires yearly within the United States. These recycled materials are useful for a wide range of arts and crafts.

Once dropped at the recycling facility, these rubber pieces are shredded and processed. Sometimes, these tires are subjected to devulcanization and pyrolysis to further aid the recycling. To reap further benefits, you better know that some useful products from recycled rubber tires include rubber holes, building materials, and fuel.

What happens to recycled tires?

The recycled tires often get shipped to suitable commercial reprocessing facilities that work tactfully in treating these materials with chemicals that break and change into useful pieces. 

Thus, you would find these recycled tires repurposed into useful items like rubberized asphalt employed for resurfacing most roads.

What are creative things to do with my old tires?

If you are considering upcycling your old car tires, there are vast DIY projects you can think of and get started right away. From recycling to the repurposing of these tires, you would find a wide application of worn vehicle tires.

Common ideas include furniture making, wall construction, flip flop creation, rubber hose, garden planting pots, drinking troughs for livestock, swings, and outdoor staircase. Scrap tires can also create artificial reefs, fill for landfill gas, and be recycled into fuels.

Can I make money recycling tires?

You can make money from selling scrap car tires, and you can sell your old vehicle tire for at least $3 each. As a viable earning source, you can start up a business of collecting old tires from people and selling them to recycling firms that would use them to create useful items.

Final Words

Used car tires may often stir great concerns for car owners out there, as they get burdened with disposing of old tires after each replacement. Inappropriate dumping of these tires is not acceptable, considering the environmental and health hazards it poses.

Not to worry, there are various ways you can ditch your old tires with no issues. Whether you decide to repurpose your old tires or want to recycle them, you can read through this piece to learn how to dispose of old tires.

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