How to Get a Bird Out Of Your Garage? – Tips and Tricks

Supposing you walk outside and notice a bird stuck in your garage, what do you do? Undoubtedly, birds are beautiful creatures but may not appear so when they start nestling in and disrupting your garage use.

Getting a pesky bird out of garages can be challenging, as most bird lovers know. Thus, learning how to get a bird out of your garage safely is crucial, much more if you are dealing with frail species.

The simplest way out is opening the door and letting the little chirping animal fly out. However, this may not happen quickly since some birds tend to fly upwards instead of going through the entrance. This article offers a few expert techniques on how to get birds out of your parking space.

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What Attracts Bird To My Garage?

You would find many birds on the open field flying all day long. But, when they get stuck in a garage, you may keep wondering why they flew in there. For sure, there are a few things to attract these chirping creatures to your garage.

The first is that the birds think they could easily pass through the building without getting trapped. With light penetrating through the window or door on the opposite side, these flying animals may believe there is an opening to fly right through.

Another crucial reason is the food search; perhaps there is bird food or something similar within your garage. This reason is enough to get the attention of birds from the flocks. 

Furthermore, such birds might be searching for a suitable place (in this case, a safe place from predators, cold, or harsh weather) for nesting. As most homeowners have noticed bird nests at the top of their garage, such is expected.

How Do I Prevent Bird From Getting Into My Garage?

Nothing beats having a building closer to “nature,” where you enjoy the serenity, sounds, and smell. However, with birds around, you may face some challenges a couple of times as they fly into your garage. Not to worry, you can learn to keep birds from entering your garage and home with the following tips.

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Be Sure To Shut The Doors

As simple as this might seem, you would find out that some persons unknowingly leave their garage door open a few times. The garage entrance remains the focal point that allows birds in (unless there is an extensive hole).

Of course, birds cannot break through the door, so keep it always shut while you employ some other effective ways to dissuade these animals from coming close to your garage.

Keep The Garage Door Opener Covered

Around various properties, the garage door opener happens to be one of the favorite spots where birds nest. Thus, keeping the door opener covered is imperative to prevent birds from entering the garage. You can get suitable covers from the market – a circular cover or mesh screen should do.

Such covering in place would deter the birds since they wouldn’t have a place to perch. Remember, the nesting material on the garage door could likely lead to a fire hazard; hence, the need to take precautionary measures.

Employ Bird Predator Visuals

From plastic renderings of raccoons to coyotes to foxes, there are several predator visuals that you can install to prevent birds from coming close to your garage. It is known that birds have a few natural predators and placing a dummy or an illusion of animals such as an owl, hawk, and similar creatures can help scare the birds away from your garage. 

Be sure to get illusions that appear pretty realistic; if they move or make sound, the better since such movements can prove effective. You can also put up those bright-colored scary face balloons that can give an “apparition” of bird predators.

Seals Off Holes

Have you ever considered the danger those holes around your garage might cause? Whether or not you live in an area populated with birds, it is crucial to conceal all crevices around your garage. Such an action would also prevent insects from entering and flood from seeping through.

From the roof to the walls, seal such gaps that could risk your safety or result in expensive repairs. 

Get Nettings Or Screens Installed

Most persons often consider nettings or screens installed on the entrance or doors of their homes. However, this may be the perfect solution to keeping birds, and other pests, including insects, away from your garage. Much more, if you spend several hours working in your garage.

These products come in varying types and colors, and it is worthwhile to invest in superior quality netting to block crevices and holes or screen for your garage door to prevent birds from flying in.

Keep Away Food And Nesting Materials

As hinted earlier, a bird often gets into the garage searching for food and can decide to nest if they find nesting materials there. Such a scenario can be pretty annoying because these creatures are likely to fly in and never leave. Thus, it would help to get such items out of your garage to prevent birds from flying in.

Attempt Avian Control

The stress of employing several natural eradication methods may be overwhelming, and as such, you may want to try something different. Avian control is an effective method, and most homeowners and commercial properties employ liquid bird repellant to keep these animals away from garages.

Since the Federal and State laws enact the avoidance of endangering wild bird species, you would find this method safe for the birds, you, and the environment. Although a quick and straightforward trick, you might want to try other methods mentioned above for a lasting result.

Tricks for Getting Birds Out of the Garage

“How to get woodpeckers or hummingbirds out of the garage?” This and similar questions are running through most folks’ minds out there. If these creatures have successfully gained entry into your garage, it is essential to get them out safely.

Here are some helpful techniques to help get the bird flying to freedom.

Remain Patient!

While most birds may find it challenging getting out of the garage, a little patience with them might do the trick. All that is needed is to keep the doors and windows open.

Then, wait for the little creature to find its way out. If you don’t chase it, the bird would appear calm and have a better chance of exiting the place quickly.

Employ a Rake

A rake can be an effective tool in this case; of course, you wouldn’t be hurting the bird in any (at least not the way you might be thinking). Hold up the rake closer to the bird to let the animal perched on it. Then, move it closer to the entrance of the garage.

You might be wondering, why won’t the bird fly out of my garage immediately? Perhaps the animal is a little confused, and once it sees the light at the garage opening, it should fly out.

Place Food at the Exit to Lure Them Out

This strategy is pretty effective but requires some level of patience. Get some bird food or seeds, place them around the garage entrance, and wait. The bird should discover the food soon and walk towards the garage door.

Deter the Bird with an Owl Decoy

It is common for most birds to be scared of owls, and this natural predator can help you scare them out of your garage. However, you should get a phony owl that looks real in this case. It would seem better to get one that moves and makes some sound.

The deterring noises and movement would work better in chasing out the bird stuck in your garage. After the bird gets out, it would be helpful to leave the decoy there to prevent the little creatures from getting into the garage in the future.

Get a Fishing Net

You should try utilizing a fishing net if you find other methods not effective enough. As simple as this method may seem, it is crucial to let the birds land on an accessible spot before draping the netting atop the bird.

Again, birds tend to panic, and you might want to try this technique only if you are pretty familiar with it.

Leave a Trail Formed with Brightly Colored Objects

You would find most birds attracted to bright colors or light, and this approach should do the magic. Be sure to darken the garage by shutting off lights and closing all entrances. Then, line up the brightly colored objects towards a single open door. The bird should quickly follow this route that you’ve set and exit the garage.

Seek the Assistance of Animal Control

It is never advisable to employ cruel practices on moving out birds stuck in the garage. Thus, it would be best to refrain from such and seek the help of animal control services to do the needful. You can rely on the experience of these experts to get the bird out of your garage without harm.

How to Get a Bird Out Of Your Garage


Q: What does it mean when a bird goes into your garage?

There are no special meanings attached to a bird flying into your garage. You would often find these little animals unwittingly entering your garage searching for food, nesting materials, and a safe place to nest.

Asides from these reasons mentioned above, it could be that the bird lost its way or flies in, expecting a way out at the other end. If you are interested in learning about a “bird stuck in garage omen,” be sure to speak to a psychic.

Q: How long can a trapped bird survive?

Depending on the condition, you can find birds surviving for a while when trapped in a place. Since smaller birds have tiny stomachs, they can live for only 2 to 5 days trapped without food and water.

On the other hand, larger birds can survive up to three weeks before dying from starvation and dehydration.

Q: How can I help a bird trapped inside?

First off, do not tackle this as an emergency. You want the bird to remain calm as much as possible. Open the entrance and patiently wait for the bird to get out. If it doesn’t happen as planned, be kind to lure the animal out with food; place the food at the exit area.

You can also try luring them out with bright colors or lights, leading them to the exit area. If you end up unsuccessful, you should call animal control services.

Q: How does one get rid of unwelcomed birds?

Follow these hints if you are keen on learning how to get a bird out of a store or house.

  • Open all exits; doors, and windows
  • Place food or seeds at all entrances to lure these flying animals out of confinement
  • Make the room dark to enable you to catch the bird
  • Employ avian control
  • Install a visual predator – an owl decoy should work

Q: What does a bird flying into your house means?

While there are speculations that birds flying into homes could mean happiness, massive change, and freedom, it may not really be the case. These flying animals may get into your house searching for food or a safe place to nest.

Perhaps, the bird must have missed its way, thinking it could fly in and out freely. If that is the case, you should learn how to safely get a bird out of your house to scale through this problem.

Q: What should I spray to get rid of birds?

Effective avian control chemicals would chase birds away without harming them. However, you can make your bird repellant from the comfort of your house using homemade supplies such as water, chili peppers, and vinegar. 

Blend the chili pepper and mix with the vinegar and water to form a concoction – the smell from this mixture should keep the birds away.

Q: What natural ways can I get rid of birds?

The best way to keep birds away naturally is to find an alternative nesting place. Be sure to move their nest carefully to a new spot to keep them from coming back. Employ a decoy predator on your property to scare the birds from coming close.

Asides from these options, you can rely on some homemade avian repellants to do the trick. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda around your yard to keep these creatures away. You can make a concoction of water, vinegar, and chili pepper and spray it around where you notice the birds.

Final Words

It is not unusual for birds to get into some strange places, and one of those spots is often your garage. If you find a bird in your garage, your first instinct might be to panic, but that wouldn’t help get the pesky creature out.

Whether you find a bird stuck in the garage at night or during the day, there are a few simple techniques you can try to make the bird fly out. The tips in this article on how to get a bird out of your garage should help you handle the situation appropriately.

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