How to Get Bugs Off Car? Super Easy Tips

Bug splats on car windshields, windows, front bumper, headlights, and hood are familiar sights when you drive a long distance, especially in places with a packed population of bugs. But knowing how to get bugs off car will help you to clean your car easily.

Bugs will splatter on cars and damage their paint. Also, such splatter on the car’s windshield will hinder you from having a clear view of the road while driving, leading to disasters if you don’t make out time to clean them often and get them off your car.

How to Get Bugs Off Car Step by Step

Bugs do not want just splatter on your car’s windshield; they also gather at the hood and front bumper. It is essential to clean them off as soon as possible because their acidic nature when they die can affect your car paint, and I know you don’t want that to happen.

Regular cleaning doesn’t usually remove the stains and guts that come from bugs; you need to follow the proper process to remove the stains from your car and ensure the surface of your vehicle doesn’t become damaged.

Let’s get straight to how to get bugs off cars in simple steps.

keep bugs off car

Step One Wash the Car:

before you clean bugs off car, it may be necessary to wash the car if it is very dirty. The reason is that a dirty car may hide some of the bug stains, and you won’t see them when removing bug stains from car paint. 

Step Two Choose a Bug Remover and Apply:

you can choose from various bug removers in the stores as there are lots of them made to clean off bugs from your car’s surface. Though, you can also use some other methods if you don’t have the store-bought bug remover.

The other methods include:

WD-40: many people usually have WD-40 at home, and it can come in handy here. How do you use wd40 to remove bugs from car?

Spray it on the areas of the car’s exterior with dead bugs and stains, leave it there for some minutes, then use a clean cloth to wipe it off.

Bug Mitt: bug mitt is best used for fresh bug stains. Apply your regular soap for washing the car on the mitt and scrub. The foam’s roughness will help to clean off the bug stains and leave your car clean.

Baking Soda: baking soda and warm water is a fantastic solution that removes car bugs. Combine four tablespoons of baking soda powder and one-fourth of a gallon of warm water.

Apply the solution to the car using a clean microfiber towel and rub the stained areas, circularly moving your hand. Keep rubbing it until the dead bugs come off the car’s surface. Then rinse the vehicle thoroughly and dry. 

Dryer Sheets: dryer sheets are one amazing hack to get bugs off the car. You may know about using them to remove wrinkles from your clothes but, they do much more because of their properties that help remove tough stains like bug splats and sap.

So, this is how to get bugs off the car with dryer sheets: make the dryer sheets wet with water and use them to rub the car’s surface that has bug splats. Apply a little pressure as you rub the sheets until you’ve covered the entire car surface.

Then, rinse the entire area to get rid of any residue on the car and dry with a microfiber towel.

Oil Remover: some household oil also works well to remove bugs from cars. You could use baby oil, cooking spray, or lamp oil. Apply any of the oils to a microfiber cloth and rub it in circular motions on the areas that have the bug.

Rub till the bugs are gone. You can apply the oil and rub it again until the bugs are completely gone. Then give the car a thorough wash and rinse with enough water from a hose.

Use White Vinegar: vinegar can clean dirt from various kinds of glasses without leaving lines because of its mild acidic content. Do you wonder how to get bugs off car windshield without leaving streaks? Use white vinegar.

Combine a part of white vinegar and an equal part of the water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your car’s windshield and wipe in a circular motion using a microfiber cloth to clean off dead bugs. You may spray and clean again until all residue is gone.

Note that you need a soft sponge or a microfiber towel to apply your choice of bug remover the car surface, and you’ll rub the area until the bugs and stains are gone. You may need to reapply the remover and rub again until you get a good result.

Step Three Wash Your Car:

after cleaning off the bugs and stains, you’ll need to wash your car even if you washed it at the beginning of this process. The reason is that there may still be some residues left on the car surface, and you need to wash them out with soap and water.

Step Four Apply Car Wax:

applying car wax after cleaning bugs off your car is essential because most cleaning methods tend to take away the car’s wax. So, get a car wax handy and reapply it on your car’s surface once you are done with removing the bugs.   

How to Stop Bugs from Ruining Your Car Paint

how to prevent love bugs from sticking to car

Here are some ways to stop bugs from ruining your car paint.

Get a Bug Deflector: you can fix an automatic bug deflector to your car’s front bumper to prevent bugs and their mess—the bug deflector functions by sweeping bugs over and off your vehicle once the bugs hit it.

You can quickly get bug deflectors from service stores around you or order them online, and fixing them onto the front bumper of your car is very straightforward. However, remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions before you use them.

Car Waxing: waxing your car is a great way to keep bugs away. This is how to wax a car in simple steps. Get a good car wax and apply it to your vehicle using a soft sponge after washing and rinsing the car.

Apply and rub it per section of the car in a circular motion until you’ve covered the entire car surface. Next is to buff the sections to remove the wax using a clean cloth. Ensure to move in circular motions until you’ve buffed all the parts.

The wax coating creates a protective layer between the car’s paint and the bug, making it hard for the bug to stay on your car’s surface.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do you get bugs off your car without damaging the paint?

Here’s how to remove bugs from a car without damaging the paint:

  • Wash your car gently. Don’t use much pressure while washing as the pressure may damage the car’s surface.
  • Choose microfiber cloths when cleaning your car because the wrong kind of cloth may scratch and damage the car paint, but microfiber cloths are soft and won’t scratch the paint surface.
  • Select the correct type of bug cleaner. You may choose the specially formulated ones or go for simple household products that work just fine.
  • Apply wax to your car surface after cleaning. It is best to buy wax of high quality to get the best results. It will create a coat of protection on your car paint and cleaning it becomes easier.

Q: What is the best bug remover for cars?

There are lots of good car bug removers in the market. They include McKee’s 37 roadkill bug remover and spray, Turtle wax bug remover, and many other great products. A lot of homemade bug removers also work well.

Q: Does vinegar harm car paint?

Vinegar is acidic and may harm your car paint if you apply or spray it directly to your car’s surface. The best way to safely use vinegar to clean your car surface is to combine it with an equal amount of water before spraying it onto a car surface.

Q: Is WD-40 safe on car paint?

Yes, WD-40 has a mineral oil base and an exceptional blend of ingredients that make it safe. It creates a protective coating for the clear coat to avoid corrosion making it safe for car paints.

Always ensure to apply it gently and rub off the excess to avoid your vehicle attracting much dust or looking greasy.

Q: What is the best love bug remover?

There are many commercial love bug removers available in stores. Some of the top ones include Simple Green, Super Clean, Spray, and Wash, etc. A dryer sheet is also another excellent love bug remover.

It is generally excellent for the easy removal of bugs without leaving a scratch on the car’s paint.

Final Words

Having bugs on your car’s surface may not be fun, but knowing how to get bugs off cars will help you clean off the bugs and stains and make your car always look new despite long road trips and exposure to bugs.

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