How to Get More Bass Out Of Your Subwoofer?

With a subwoofer installed in your vehicle, you are sure of a relaxing moment on the road, listening to your favorite jams. At times, the sound quality, mainly the bass, does not come out as precisely as you want. This may be pretty frustrating, as some songs sound better on bass. No need to worry, as we will show you how to get more bass out of your subwoofer.

A point to keep in mind is that there are several ways to get more bass out of your speakers.  The main hurdle that you may encounter is the sound system’s quality. If poor, you may have to contend with a less than desirable sound output.

Without much ado, let us show you the tricks of boosting your subwoofer’s bass.

How to Get More Bass Out Of Your Subwoofer

how to make subs louder outside the car

Step 1: Get a Subwoofer from a Trusted Dealer

When getting a sound unit, ensure that you get it from a renowned dealer. Some brands stand out in terms of quality. When you rely on them for your sound system, you are sure to get a high-quality utility that will not disappoint you.

You can look up subwoofer reviews to see the prime picks that will give you a fine bass. A top-grade system is easy to tweak to get the preferred sound output.

Step 2: Positioning Of the Subwoofer

The placement of the subwoofer is a crucial factor affecting sound output. Focusing on positioning and how to make a subwoofer have more bass, we set our sights on the trunk. This car part is large and can accommodate large music systems. Additionally, it is less prone to theft as access to the trunk is pretty challenging.

You can set the audio unit in various ways, depending on the sound production strength. You can place it facing the front or upwards for a better reception when driving. Try out different positions to see which one offers the preferred pitch.

Still, on the sound system placement, ensure there are no distortions when the music system plays. Avoid placing the woofer facing other speakers, as this is a major cause of distorted sounds, which can come out crackling or breaking.

Step 3: Put the Subwoofer in an Enclosure

Sound leakage is one of the issues that affect bass production from your subwoofer. In this vein, putting the audio system in a box or a similar enclosure will prevent leakage. If you want to increase bass in the subwoofer box, you can coat its interior with a specialty rubber coating.

Step 4: Make Necessary Tunings

A subwoofer comes with several buttons for tweaking the sound. On most models, there are keys that you can turn to improve the bass. On the amp, turn the low-pass filter on and set it to its highest level and turn off the bass boost if there is one. Also, set the level control to zero.

You may now play your music at a low or quarter volume. Tune the amplifier’s volume key until the sound is higher than other speakers, with no distortion. Go back to the low-pass filter and gently turn it down until there are no high and mid-level frequencies. Switch your focus to the bass booster, giving it a little tuning up to your preferred sound levels.

You can make more tunings to get the best amp settings for bass in the car.

Step 5: Pay Attention to Music Quality

The other thing to try to get a punchy bass from a subwoofer is to check on music quality. When downloading your music, ensure that they are of the best quality. Get them from reputable sites, which do not compromise standards.

The other move to make is breaking in the subwoofer. It involves playing the music system at varied volumes and settings to loosen its suspension. The result is better sound quality.

Check out this video for more tips on how to make a subwoofer have more bass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Can I Make My Subwoofer Hit Harder?

Many car owners want a subwoofer that hits harder, creating an excellent environment in the car while driving. You can make further tweaks for a great sound if you have a top-grade music system, like breaking it in. Moreover, place it in the right spot and make the correct tunings that meet your preferences.

Q: How Do I Increase The Bass On My Speakers?

If you prefer a high bass level on your speakers, there are several moves to try to get the desired sound. Start by placing the subwoofer box in the right place for better sound radiation. You also tune the settings to get the perfect pitch balance and increase the bass.

Q: Do Subwoofers Hit Harder Facing Up?

Sound moves outwards from your speaker, so it is advisable to position it in an open area. Positioning it facing up works well, as there are minimal barriers. If there are barriers, you may notice a distorted sound, which can be pretty unbearable. For the best sound, place the subwoofer facing up or towards the room or space.

Q: Does A Capacitor Make Subs Hit Harder?

A capacitor is a crucial component in a circuit, where it stores electrical energy and releases it when need be. As it provides more power, it can make subs hit harder. Subs need more power for better sound quality, with zero distortions.

Q: How Do You Get Deep Bass?

Achieving a deep bass from your subwoofer needs several adjustments on the keys. Additionally, secure in an enclosure, like a wooden box to prevent sound leaks. You then place it in a vantage spot in your vehicle where it gives the deep bass. Do not forget to break in the subwoofer’s spiders for flexibility when playing your music.

best amp settings for bass in car

Final Word

A subwoofer is a must-have car accessory if you are a music lover. It gives off excellent tunes as you cruise behind the wheel. In this piece, we show you how to get deep bass from a car subwoofer.  Follow the tips presented, and you are sure to have the best sounds from your audio system.

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