How to Program a Transponder Key Without Original?

A transponder key is a security device built with a microchip (transponder chip) that uses radio waves to transfer unique alphanumeric codes to your vehicle’s ignition system. With the sent codes, your vehicle’s ignition will come ON. Any vehicle designed with a transponder key will not function without that programmed initial key. You might be wondering about what to do if you can’t find any of your original keys. Well, do not panic. We will walk you through the best ways how to program a transponder key without the original transponder key.

Although you can use a key that might not even have the right programming to open your vehicle’s doors, you need to use a correctly programmed key to turn ON your vehicle engine, making this skill essential. The instructions written in this article also show you how to program a Toyota transponder key without the original. We are excited to show you how.

What cars have Transponder keys?

transponder key programming

Almost a hundred percent of all new cars present today are manufactured with transponder keys, including Toyota, Chrysler, Nissan, Ford, BMW, or Chevrolet vehicles. They all come with this unique type of key.

Also, most expensive car models use a transponder key. In 1996 the Ford model produced came with a transponder key. From that time, almost all Ford models manufactured had transponder keys.

In 2001 all Ford Rangers produced were brought in with transponder keys, taking car security to the next level. The F-150 produced between 1999-and 2003 was all standardly equipped with transponder keys. Any truck with leather seats, high-end, and power windows is usually equipped with a transponder system.

Wrangler Jeep is manufactured with transponder keys as optional equipment since 1998, but this was only possible for the high-end models. Later in 2007, transponders became a standard system in the Wrangler Jeep.

The Chrysler Crossfire uses the Mercedes transponder system. GM fleets of cars either have transponder keys as standard equipment or don’t have them. The first GM car produced with a transponder key was the Buick Park Avenue manufactured in 1997.

As mentioned earlier, Nissan Titan has transponders as optional equipment, dependent on the car’s options and the trim levels. Dodge (car) owners whose vehicle is designed with a transponder key should know how to program a dodge transponder key without the original in case of any emergency or if you lose your original transponder keys.

A popular way to tell if your vehicle has a transponder is when your key’s plastic section is thicker than a non-transponder key, but this is a vaguely distinguishing factor. You can try covering the plastic part of your key with many layers of foil or wrap. If you have a transponder in the key, then your vehicle will not start. If your car key is expensive, it is much more likely to be a transponder key.

How to program your transponder key without the original? Step by Step process.

How to Program a Transponder Key

You should know that any vehicle manufactured with a transponder key will not function in the absence of that key. Except you either have a master key or contact a locksmith; to help you create a matching transponder key or your car dealer. You will not be able to program a transponder key without the original. Think of it, if you can, then many cars are not safe. But any key without the appropriate programming can open your car doors.

If you need to start your vehicle engine system, you have to get the right transponder key programming, to perform this transponder key bypass process. To program a new transponder key without using the original key is not much of a complicated process, and this can only be done for a vehicle that comes with the PATS 1 system. Vehicles that come with PATS 2 system will need a unique programming device if all original keys are lost. However, creating a duplicate transponder key can be done on all vehicle models.

If your vehicle is equipped with PATS 1 system, and you have already cut a new transponder key for your vehicle. Then you can do the programming yourself without calling for help.

You should be able to program your transponder key by inserting your key into your vehicle and setting your vehicle to program mode. You will just need a transponder key and your vehicle’s manufacturer’s manual. To successfully do this, follow the steps below; this will save time and money.

Before we go into the programming steps, you need to know that programming a new transponder key will demand a long battery life duration, so you need to make sure that your vehicle battery is capable before beginning the programming process. For instance, if your battery dies while programming, you will have to start the whole process again from the top.

If you need to know how to program the transponder key Ford without origin, with the vehicle having a PATS 1 system, then you should pay rapt attention to these steps. As we mentioned above, you must have the right transponder key that best fits your vehicle model. If not, carrying out this process is of no use. No mechanics toolbox is needed.

First Step:

Put the transponder key into your ignition and turn the ignition ON. Then allow it to stay ON for about 10 minutes and 25 seconds. Ensure you pay attention to the dash; as you use the key to turn on your ignition, the vehicle’s security light should illuminate. If you notice the security did not come ON, that means that there is something wrong with your vehicle battery. You can choose to replace or charge the battery.

Second Step:

When your security light turns ON, it should stay that way for about 15 minutes. You should use a stopwatch or clock to calculate the time needed for this process. Because to pull this off successfully, you need to be time cautious. Observe the time.

Third Step:

After the 15 minutes have elapsed, your security light should go off. In a space of three minutes, you need to turn off your ignition by turning the transponder key to the OFF direction and then turning the key back towards the ON direction. Your security should come ON again and stay for about 15 minutes before going OFF.

Fourth Step:

When the security turns OFF again, within three minutes, you need to turn your key to the OFF direction and turn it back to the ON direction again. Your security light will again come ON for another 15 minutes before going off. When the security light turns off after this time, it should complete 45 minutes, and your new transponder key should be programmed to your vehicle.

After you have completed all of the steps above, you have now programmed your transponder key. You can now turn on your engine with your key and drive your vehicle. This is how to program a Nissan transponder key without original and any other cars easily.

But know that once you’ve successfully programmed a new transponder key for your vehicle, all previous keys will not be able to operate your vehicle. So even if you get back your original transponder key, it won’t work on your vehicle. We always advise our customers to cut at least two new transponder keys and program both of the keys.

Once you have programmed your new transponder key, it is best to duplicate it for additional safety. To duplicate your transponder key, you will need two programmed keys and the right new transponder key. But to program this KeylessOption Transponder key, you will only be needing one working transponder key. These are the steps to program another transponder key.

Step 1:

Place your working transponder key into your ignition and turn ON your ignition for about five seconds. Immediately after that time, turn your key to the OFF direction.

Step 2:

Repeat the previous step with the other working transponder key. Make sure you are accurate with the time given. Like we said earlier, you can use a stopwatch to calculate the time. If you are using the KeylessOption key, you can skip this step.

Step 3:

Now insert your new transponder key you want to program to your vehicle into your ignition and use the key to turn ON your ignition. Look at your security light. The light should turn ON for about 4 seconds before going off. The light indicates that your new transponder key has been programmed correctly. You can use this to duplicate other keys.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: How do I know if my car key has a transponder?

If your key is inserted when your ignition is off and your car system recognizes it and does not throw a theft alarm, then that key is a transponder key. Transponder keys usually have a chip inside the head of the key. If your vehicle key is costly to purchase, it should be a transponder key.

You can also tell by using the hit and the trial method; this is done by starting your car engine with a non-responder car key. If your car does not have a responder key, a different type of key will not turn on the engine except it is reprogrammed. You have to be cautious while doing this because if your car turns out to have a responder system, the security system will read it as a theft attempt.

Q: Can you program a transponder key yourself?

You don’t need a professional transponder key programmer to help you program your transponder. You can do this by yourself, as long as you know the right procedure.  The programming process isn’t complicated, but your type of car also determines that. This programming is typically done from your vehicle itself, and it takes about forty to fifty minutes to get this done. But take note after programming, the transponder key can only activate your vehicle.

Q: Can you program a transponder key with only one key?

Yes, you can program a transponder key with having just one working key. You will need to have unique keys like the KeylessOption transponder key to use just one key for programming. You have to be aware of how to program a transponder key for ford or other vehicle models. The programming procedure is straightforward and easy to carry out. Always ensure the new transponder key you want to program is the right key for your vehicle model.

Q: Can you bypass the transponder key?

Of course, you can bypass a transponder key, and there are various methods you can achieve this. One way is to perform a permanent re-wiring of your car’s ignition. Your car will need a new bypass kit for you to have a keyless car completely.

You can also insert another transponder key designed for your vehicle’s model into the car’s ignition, and turn it on for about ten to eleven minutes. Repeat this step more than three times to bypass your transponder key with a new key, then remove the new transponder key from the ignition without turning your vehicle on.

Q: How much does it cost for a dealership to program a key?

This takes about $2500 or more, dependent on the type of car and the key’s design. A Lexus car costs up to $375 to program a new key, while a BMW key programming costs up to $5500 still dependent on the model.

The cost of programming new key ranges from $60-$120, determined by the complexity and automaker. Some dealerships might do this for free, while some will charge hourly or half an hour. For models such as F-150, dealers charge $170 to program a new key and $80 for the fob.

It can be costly to reprogram a new transponder key when you do not have your original keys. We have eliminated this cost by showing you how to program a transponder key without the original. With this comprehensive article, you now also know how to program a car key chip of most vehicle models all by yourself. That’s cool, right? Well, if you need any assistance, contact us.

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