10 Best Toolbox For Mechanics Reviews 2024

Where do you keep your tools after buying them? Most people use the same packaging that came with the tools for storage. Sorry to say, but this should not be the way. It may initially look like a good idea, but after some time, the cases will break. This exposes your tools and keeps them prone to rust, corrosion, or even loss. Do not take a chance of risking your mechanic tools. After purchasing your tools, remember to buy the best toolboxes for mechanics.

Mechanic boxes are well-designed to keep tools safe and secure. The best mechanic toolbox should be sturdy and should help to keep the tools organized. Buying the right box for your tool is a crucial task since you need to have your tools in a convenient place. Mechanic boxes are not only for mechanics but also for DIYers, handymen, and car owners who want to keep their tools safe, secure, and organized.

Comparison Table of Top 3 Toolbox For Mechanic

TANKSTORM Tool Chest...
Best Choice Products...
TANKSTORM Tool Chest...
Best Choice Products...
17.25 x 12.63 x 13.25 inches
24.5 x 13 x 28.5 inches
23.5 x 13 x 42.5 inches
6.51 pounds
51.1 pounds
57.5 pounds
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
17.25 x 12.63 x 13.25 inches
6.51 pounds
Amazon Prime
TANKSTORM Tool Chest...
TANKSTORM Tool Chest...
24.5 x 13 x 28.5 inches
51.1 pounds
Amazon Prime
Best Choice Products...
Best Choice Products...
23.5 x 13 x 42.5 inches
57.5 pounds

Here is The Best Toolbox For Mechanic

01. DEWALT (DWST17814) Tstak Tool Box

DEWALT Tstak toolbox is an excellent compact tool organizer. This 2 drawer case is an ideal mechanic box for keeping small tools such as files, fasteners, nails, and bits, among others. This storage organizer offers the user easy access to the tools. The drawers in this DEWALT Tstak storage organizer are heavy-duty and quite sturdy.

Every drawer in this toolbox can hold up to 16.5 pounds, thus ideal for holding several items. The drawers are also quite easy to close. The cleat parts of the toolbox are made with polycarbonate, while the black parts are polypropylene. The construction of the storage organizer is durable and can endure the harshness of different working sites.

DEWALT Tstak storage box features a set of latches at the bottom and top, which allows you to lock it to any other TSTAK item securely. The metal latches are rust-resistant, heavy-duty, and durable. This unit is also having a long bi-material handle for comfortable and easy lifting.

  • It is a 2-drawer case
  • Ball-bearing slides for easy opening
  • It is water-resistant
  • Long bi-material handles for easy lifting
  • Heavy-duty metal latches
  • Have fixed dividers for organizing bits and drills
  • Features a deep box for larger tools
  • It is convenient to use
  • Well-built and lasts long
  • Has a stackable design
  • Drawers cannot be locked

02. TANKSTORM Tool Chest Heavy Duty Cart Steel Rolling Tool Box

TANKSTORM is a heavy-duty tool chest ideal for mechanics. This tool cabinet comes with lockable doors, making it quite secure. The top of the cart has a non-slip rubber mat attached to it, and there is an EVA mat in each of its drawers. There are four extra hooks attached on the right side of the chest for hanging tools.

TANKSTORM tolling tool cart has a heavy-duty handle made of steel on its left side. The drawers feature ball-bearing slides for a comfortable and smooth opening. This tool cart has an internal locking mechanism for extra security. The drawers are ideal for storing small tools, while the bottom of the cabinet holds bigger size tools.

The whole of the TANKSTORM cart is made with high-quality steel making it strong and sturdy. It has a loading capacity of 350 lbs. Each of its drawers has a loading capacity of 40 lbs. This mechanic tool chest also has a side tray that gives extra space for storing small tools such as pliers and screwdrivers, among others.

  • High loading capacity of 350 lbs
  • Internal locking mechanism for security
  • Chemical and scratch-resistant
  • Strong steel side handle
  • Moves easily and smoothly
  • Easy to pull the drawers
  • Have a side tray for extra storage space
  • Features swivel casters
  • A little short for some people
  • The locking mechanism is a bit finicky

03. Craftsman Tool Box Cart

Craftsman 2 in 1 tool cart is among the best professional mechanic toolboxes in the market. This toolbox has a storage capacity of 350 lbs. The cart is not only for storage, but its top can also be used as a work surface. This mechanic tool cart is built with steel construction for strength and durability.

This Craftsman Tool Box features two drawers, one shelf, and a top compartment for storage. This mechanic toolbox enables you to store, organize, and move your tools with ease. It has two full-sized drawers, which are convenient for putting your commonly used tools.

The lower tool tray of this cart provides extra storage for your shop necessities. The top compartment has a sliding top which also works as a working area when closed. Craftsman Tool Box chest has large swivel casters enabling it to maneuver easily around your working area or shop.

  • You can use the top of the box as a work surface
  • Have 1 shelf and 2 drawers for storage
  • Large swivel casters for easy maneuverability
  • Have a tray for your shop necessities
  • Helps to organize and store your tools
  • Strong steel-built construction
  • It has no lock

04. Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest

Best Choice Products chest is a durable and robust toolbox for professional mechanics or DIYers. The sturdy and reliable construction of this box makes it ideal for organization and storage. It features 10 storage compartments and foam-lined drawers, giving a solution to disorganized workshops and messy garages. The compartments include 1 bottom cabinet, 3 large drawers, 2 trays, 3 small drawers, and 1 top box drawer.

The best Choice Products tool chest has a stackable design. This enables you to use the storage cabinet and chest either together or separately. These tools are only available in a hydrant red color. The 2 drawer design does not fit many hand tools. However, it has a spacious compartment at the bottom of the cabinet to fit your tools.

Each of the drawers in this mechanic toolbox portable chest has a foam mat lining which prevents the tools from clanging in its metal surfaces. Only the top drawer of Best Choice Products’ chest is lockable. You can, therefore, lock your valuable tools in the upper compartment for security purposes. The 4 removable and Omnidirectional casters and side handle make it easy to move around the garage or workshop.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Multiple compartments for storage
  • Have foam mat liners in all drawers
  • The top drawer is lockable
  • Have an integrated side handle
  • Omni-directional caster wheels for maneuverability
  • The cabinet and tool chest can be used together or separately
  • Drawers open smoothly
  • The caster wheels are removable
  • It is multi-functional
  • Only available in red
  • The drawers are a bit small

05. Stanley 028001L Structural Foam Toolbox

Do you want an extra-large and portable mechanic toolbox? Stanley 028001L toolbox is the solution to your search. This 28-inch structural foam toolbox gives versatility to professionals who wish to keep their tools protected and organized. This toolbox is ideal for storing gear, power tools, hand tools, and other small, medium, and large items. It comes with a sturdy and ergonomic soft-grip handle for comfortable and easy carrying.

This structural foam mechanic toolbox features flake mica and thermoplastic resin which increases its useful life. The box also has an all-around water seal that protects the stored equipment from water. Its top lid is equipped with a V- groove track which helps in securing pipes, lumber, and other materials for easy cutting and sewing. Its rustproof metal latches offer convenient and secure locking possibilities.

The box gives users several options to store their gear and tools. Stanley 028001L mechanic toolbox features a portable tote tray for carrying small parts and hand tools. Since the tote tray is three-quarters of the length of the toolbox, it is ideal for storing large tools within the box. The box also has a bottom compartment for heavy and large items like power tools for extra storage.

  • Have extra-large capacity
  • Portable tote tray for large tools storage
  • Rustproof latches for security
  • V-grooved top lid ideal for lumber and pipes
  • It is water-resistant
  • Tough and ergonomic soft-grip handle
  • Bottom compartment for heavy and large items
  • Portable half tools for small parts and hand tools
  • Heavy to carry around

06. Plano 823-003 Contractor Tool Box

Plano 22-inch toolbox is a perfect solution to keep your tools organized manner. This portable toolbox is sturdy and heavy-duty. It keeps your hand tools portable, easily accessible, and neatly organized. The toolbox holds several small screws and finishing nails and protects them from dust. The fold-down handle allows you to take the kit wherever you go.

Plano Stanley 028001L mechanic toolbox is built to endure any kind of coarse use and hold numerous tools. The compartment helps you to carry and store your small accessories and supplies in one place. The tray is ideal for storing wires, screws, clamps, tapes, nails, and other small parts.

The entire toolbox is constructed with decent-quality plastic, which is quite durable. The latches of this Plano toolbox are well-made for security purposes. The handles and latches are stable, thus increasing the durability of this mechanical toolbox. It comes with two lift-out tools, and below there is a deep compartment for the storage of more extensive tools.

  • Constructed with decent quality and durable plastic
  • Solid latches and handle
  • Have two stowaway organizers
  • The deep compartment holds large tools
  • The two lift trays hold smaller tools
  • It is made in the USA
  • Secures and protects your tools
  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Holds numerous tools
  • Built to withstand any rough use
  • The lid does not close without having two trays in place

07. Trusco ST-350-B 2-Level Toolbox

Trusco ST-350-B is a 2-level blue toolbox made in Japan. The toolbox is made to store large tools and small components, thus ideal for job sites, offices, and home shops. It is made of a tough but cool steel body. The make enables this mechanic toolbox to withstand harsh and demanding outdoor activities.

Trusco ST-350-B mechanic toolbox is made of 100% steel which increases its durability. Its long useful life is enhanced further by the thick powder-coated finish applied all-round the toolbox. It features a double-hinged top that opens from the center for easy accessibility of tools and smooth opening.

The corners are well-rounded, making it easy to organize and carry the mechanic toolbox with tools. The Trusco toolbox has two side trays on the top with 10 movable dividers to store components. The trays are well supported by steel hinges.

The bottom section is wide enough to store large tools. This toolbox is equipped with a two-piece cantilever lid which you can lock for security. The blue color gives the toolbox a beautiful and classic look.

  • Made with durable steel
  • Simple to open and access tools
  • Have easy-to-carry handles
  • Large bottom section for large tools
  • Lockable lids for security
  • Convenient 2-level design
  • It is easy to clean
  • Made in Japan
  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • Handles are not very comfortable to hold when loaded fully
  • You require rubber to put seals on the lids to prevent water from getting in

08. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Chest Toolbox

This Craftsman 3-Drawer chest is well known for its reliable and sturdy construction at a pocket-friendly price. It is not as big as a cabinet, but it helps you to protect your often-used hand tools. Its lid-activated locking mechanism keeps your tools secure. This toolbox does not have ball bearings, but it slides smoothly to open.

Craftsman 3-Drawer portable chest toolbox has an ingenious compound action that helps you to reach the items in the box easily. The three drawers help you to store your tools in an organized manner. It has a spacious top tray for holding items that you use often. Each of the drawers holds up to 25 pounds.

Craftsman metal chest toolbox has a storage space below the lid where you can store your large tools. The chest has a padlock system that adds security to your tools. This toolbox also features a strong steel locking latch for maximum protection. The flip-up handles make it easy and comfortable to carry the toolbox around.

  • Have a sturdy steel locking latch
  • Constructed with durable steel
  • Comes with 3 drawers
  • Extra space below the lid for large tools
  • Handles are comfortable and easy to carry
  • Features a padlock system for security
  • It is portable
  • Smartly crafted
  • Affordable price
  • Made in the USA
  • A padlock is not included in the package
  • The empty toolbox is a little heavy

09. Homak Industrial 18-Inch Cantilever Steel Toolbox

Homak 18 inches is a heavy-duty industrial toolbox mainly designed for professionals. It is constructed with a Cantilever design which makes it easy to arrange and access any tool easily. It is an ideal toolbox for keeping essential gears and carrying them from one job site to another. The steel mechanic toolbox is made with a 0.8mm metal thickness making it sturdy and durable.

The Home Cantilever steel toolbox features several drawers for smart organization and protection of tools. It has 4 individual shelves where you organize small to medium tools. The bottom compartment is huge enough to accommodate large tools and accessories. The corners of the box are glued together for more reinforcement.

This Homak mechanical toolbox features a pad-lockable and triple-clasp design. This mechanism helps you to hold and carry your tools securely. The toolbox is covered with a winkle powder coating preventing it from rusting. The brown finish gives the box an aesthetic and appealing look.

  • Handy and spacious design
  • Well designed for easy access to tools
  • It is rustproof
  • Huge bottom compartment for large tools
  • It is super durable
  • Secure to use due to lockable design
  • Four shelves for small and medium tools
  • Glued corners for protection
  • It is 18 inches
  • It is a bit bulky

10. Homak 24-Inch Industrial Steel Toolbox

Homak 24-Inch toolbox is a high-quality storage toolbox for mechanics to keep your tools protected and organized. The toolbox comes with a full-length and heavy-duty removable steel tray. The tray can also be divided into two storage spaces. You can choose to slide the tray backward or front or remove it.

This Homak industrial steel toolbox has a pad-lockable design with a three-clasp system. This ensures that you access your tools quickly. The handle is coated with rubber which makes it comfortable to carry around. The whole box is coated with a brown wrinkle powder finish making it moisture and rust-resistant.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comfortable handle coated with rubber
  • Moisture and rust-resistant
  • Pad lockable design
  • Features a steel tool tray
  • It is large in size
  • Ideal for professionals
  • Solid and heavy-duty construction
  • It dents easily

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Buying Guide of Mechanics Tools Box

So, what is the best mechanic toolbox? There are different features to consider when purchasing the best toolbox. The best toolbox for mechanics is the solution to protecting and organizing your tools. Here are the things to look for.

professional mechanic tool box


Before buying a toolbox, you have to ensure that it will fit all your tools. The capacity of the toolbox should depend on the number of tools you have. If you only own the basic tools, then a portable toolbox is the ideal option. If you have many tools in your garage or workshop, then a heavy-duty tool chest is the perfect solution. Always be careful when checking the toolbox dimensions.


It is important to check the portability of the toolbox based on the type of work. If your job involves moving from place to place, you require purchasing a portable mechanical toolbox. If the tools are only for your garage or workshop and do not move from place to place, then a chest toolbox would be a good choice. Though it is bulky and heavy, it allows you to store more tools. Consider the tool chests on wheels since they are easy to move around the garage.


A toolbox holds your tools and should be able to support their weight. Buying this storage box should be an investment and not something you need to buy every time. If the toolbox is made with delicate materials, it will not last long before it falls apart. The box should be able to protect and carry sharp materials. If your tools are many and bulky, consider a metal and heavy-duty toolboxes.

Built Quality

Toolboxes are made with plastic, aluminum, or steel constructions. Steel toolboxes are more durable and can carry heavy tools compared to other materials, but they are a little expensive. Aluminum and plastic toolboxes are quite affordable but are prone to cracking. Ensure you get a toolbox made with sturdy materials that will hold all the weight of your tools.

Coating and Color

Some of us think that we can have any color in the toolbox. The truth is if it is for home use, then you can choose your desired color. However, there are specific color codes and coatings for toolboxes used in industries. Ensure you check if your country has any rules on toolbox color and coating before you buy.


Tools are usually an investment for every mechanic, and their security is paramount. Toolboxes come in different forms. Some have security systems, while some don’t. It would be recommendable to buy a toolbox with strong security features, especially if you will be keeping it in a place with many people. This will keep unwanted hands from your tools.

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How Do You Choose the Right Tool Box

Now that we have had a guide to getting a toolbox, how do we know that it is the right one for you? This is a guide on how to choose a tool chest:

how to choose a tool chest

Number of Tools

The right toolbox should be able to fit all your tools. There is no need to buy a toolbox that will only accommodate only half of your tools since they are all important. Always ensure you check the size and shape of your tools before you buy them a toolbox. Toolboxes come in different sizes and shapes, and they can only be right if it fits your tools well. The right tool, therefore, will accommodate all your tools irrespective of their size and shape.


There are cases you will need to use your tools when raining. Or you may be going to a job site, and it begins to rain. The right toolbox should protect your tools from water. Some tools, especially electric ones, can be damaged by water. The tight box for your tools should be waterproof. You, therefore, do not need to bother about the tools inside in case you are caught up by rain.


Some toolboxes have a locking mechanism, and others do not. It would be prudent to buy a mechanic toolbox that can be locked. A good toolbox should have strong security features to keep your tools secure whenever you are not around.

High-quality materials

The right toolbox should be made with heavy-duty materials that can withstand the weight of tools. At times you need to work with tools in very unfriendly environments. The toolbox should be able to withstand harsh environments. The materials and finish used should be resistant to rust and moisture.

Storage needs

Toolbox needs differ from one mechanic to another. What might be the right toolbox for you may not be the right one for another person? An average homeowner will need a different toolbox from a professional mechanic. If you only have the basic tools, then you will need just a small toolbox. However, a professional mechanic and someone who owns a garage will need a more extensive toolbox to hold their large number of tools.

Metal Latches

You are advised to avoid buying a toolbox with plastic latches. The latches enhance the security of the toolbox. If you prefer to buy a plastic toolbox, ensure that it has metallic latches.

Ball Bearing Drawers

Different toolboxes have different mechanisms for opening drawers. Drawers with ball bearings are easier to open compared to plane drawers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

best tool chest under 1000

Q. What Is The Best Tool Box For The Money?

The best toolbox for the money will depend on your needs. Most of the toolboxes we have discussed above are high quality and affordable. The price of the toolboxes differs depending on the materials used to make them, their capacity, and even their brand. Steel toolboxes are more durable, but they are slightly expensive.

Aluminum and plastic toolboxes are less expensive, but they are not as durable as steel toolboxes. It is, therefore, advisable to check your needs before buying the toolbox. If you have heavy and many tools, consider a more heavy-duty box even when it is expensive. DEWALT Tstak toolbox is one of the best portable toolboxes you will get at a pocket-friendly price.

Q. How Do I Organize My Mechanics Tool Box?

Organizing your toolbox makes it easy for you to access tools. The way you organize the tools in your toolbox will depend on the size of the toolbox and how many drawers it has. Start by separating your tools by function or type and put them together for easy accessibility. Plan your toolbox based on the shape, size, and frequency of use.

Bulky and heavy tools should be put in the bottom-most drawers. This helps the toolbox to be more stable. Put your most frequently used tools in the most accessible drawer if it is a chest toolbox, store tools such as chisels, specialty tools, wrenches, and screwdrivers in the middle drawer, which is easily accessible. Sockets should be put in the upper drawer. This enables you to read the markings easily and also easy accessibility.

Q. How Do You Transport a Tool Box?

When transporting a toolbox, the first thing is to decide on the mode of transport. Decide if you want to use a van, truck, or pickup. A van is ideal since it protects your toolbox in case it starts raining when on the move. Also, have some foldable aluminum or metal lenders to help you do the job by yourself.

Remove the drawers from the chest to make it easy for you to move. Always ensure you have enough room to pull the drawers out of the chest. Also, be careful when removing the drawers to prevent damage. Once you get to your destination, put your lander in position and use it to get the toolbox from the van. You may do this by yourself, or you can ask for an extra muscle to help you out.

Q. Where Are Extreme Tool Boxes Made?

Extreme toolboxes are made in the USA. The company was started in 1999 by Larry Grela. It is situated in Naperville, IL. This company started by making single tools and later manufactured toolboxes in 2004. Their toolboxes are made with high-quality materials and are an ideal choice for professionals.

Final Words

Getting the best toolbox for a mechanic is the best idea for keeping your tools safe and organized. The above best-made toolbox review will reduce your hustle of having to go through the confusing process of getting an ideal toolbox. The toolboxes above are among the most affordable and best in the market. It is, however, crucial to note that the best toolbox for you will depend on your needs. Ensure the toolbox can accommodate all our items. Also, consider waterproof, secure, and lightweight toolboxes, especially if you are always on the move. Ensure the toolbox is made with heavy-duty materials which will support all the weight of your tools. With this information, it will be easy for you to make an informed decision. Happy Buying!

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