How To Remove Car Decals Without Damaging Paint

Car decals improve the outlook of your vehicle, and they sport different artistic designs. The problem comes when you want to remove them, especially when they are worn out or outdated. Removal of the decals needs a keen eye, as you may damage your paint, which is expensive to deal with. The situation calls for knowledge on how to remove card decals without damaging the paint.

If you want tips and tricks on how to remove stickers from the car body, you are in the right place as this article will guide you on the steps to follow.

You will also get a hint of how to deal with aged stickers in different situations.

how to remove vinyl decals from car

How To Remove Car Decals Without Damaging Paint 

Step1: Cleaning The Surface

The first step in removing the decals from the car’s surface is by first cleaning it up. Here you need to use mild soap and water, with a soft brush or clothes. Optionally, you can start the sticker removal process after you are from the carwash.

When cleaning the area, do not be so abrasive as you may damage the paint coat of your car; this is why a soft-bristled brush is the advisable tool of the trade.

Step 2: Heating The Sticker

One point to keep in mind when removing vinyl for car decals is that the glue or adhesive is very strong. That is why you see the stickers still intact on the car for a long time. To make the adhesive loose and peel off the sticker easily, you need to expose some heat to it.

While you may want to go professional when removing the car stickers and go for a heat gun, it is advisable to go for a hair blow dryer instead. The heat gun can bring on too much heat, which may affect the car’s paint job or vinyl covering.

Set the blow dryer to its highest heat level, run it over the sticker, and pay attention to its edges for uniform peeling of the sticker.

If you do not have a blow dryer, you may use hot water to pull this critical step. However, the use of hot water may be messy and may require several tries to pull it through safely. A suggested way to go with the use of hot water is to immerse a towel in the water and attach it to the decal’s surface.

It ensures an even uniform spread of heat to remove the sticker.

Step 3: Removing The Decal

Immediately after heat exposure, you need to peel off the decal before the adhesive gets hard again. A plastic card, such as a bank or credit card, can perform the peeling process ideally. You may be tempted to use something sharp, such as razors or knives. The edges may peel off your paint, not something you would want when removing a car decal.

With the glue, all soft, start working on the stickers’ edges, where you gently lift it with the plastic card. Lift the edges and carefully extend the peeling to the other edges.

Step 4: Removing Traces Of The Adhesive

Once you peel off the sticker, you will notice traces of adhesive material on the car’s surface. It is not a pleasant sight as it looks rough and may have dirt clinging onto it. Here, you need to bring some adhesive remover.

The good thing is that some household items can do fine in removing the glue traces. White vinegar is one of the utilities you can use, where you dab some on a piece of cloth and gently wipe the area covered with the adhesive.

Rubbing alcohol may also do the job well.

Step 5: Clean And Wax

The final step involves you cleaning the area where the decal was. You can take it to the carwash for an all-around cleanup and finalize it by waxing it to preserve your paintwork.

how to remove car decals without heat

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How To Remove Car Decals Using An Eraser Wheel

Another way to remove car emblems from your car’s surface is by using an eraser wheel. It is an efficient decal removal procedure, which takes minimum effort and time.

It is also a suitable way to remove sticker glue from the car paint surface without damaging it. The car wheel comes as a separate component with a disk shape that you attach to a hand drill. You then start the drill and set it to a manageable speed and put the wheel to the sticker surface.

The running movement of the eraser wheel removes the decal instantly and loosens the adhesive material. The wheel is also versatile and can help in removing sun-baked decals and stickers on car windows.

Once the sticker is off the surface, come with your white vinegar or rubbing alcohol to rid of the glue remnants.

How To Remove Car Decals From Window

The car window is a significant spot for car decorations and other information materials such as insurance stickers and roadworthiness test approval decals. Once these stickers age, you need to remove them for you to put up-to-date information.

Removing stickers from the window is a delicate process because if you mess up, you can damage your windshield. An eraser wheel is a suitable tool for car window decal removal.

You may also use window cleaners, rubbing alcohol, and other alcohol-based cleaning agents to ease the sticker off the adhesive material. The solutions also dissolve the glue, leaving your windshield clean.

Another method to try is to heat the decal using a blow dryer and then apply an ice pack. The change in temperature will force the glue to dry up, and it will release the sticker.

The use of WD-40 is also efficient, where you spray it on the window surface, and let it rest for a while as it dissolves the glue. You then peel off the sticker.

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Points To Note On How To Remove Stickers From Car Body

  • Never use a razor blade or any sharp object to remove the decals as you may chip the paint job.
  • The eraser wheel is very efficient in the removal of decals. You can get a variety from online stores that can be shipped to your address.
  • When removing the sticker, the adhesive material is one of the things to pay attention to. You need to get rid of it, lest it leaves your car’s surface looking ugly. Use rubbing alcohol, tracing the decals Cricut print, to ensure you leave no traces of the sticker.
  • When removing the vinyl for vehicle graphics, you need to be extra keen. The paint is on the line, the same to the outlook of your vehicle, especially if vinyl pieces remain due to inadequate removal. If you are not sure of the removal process, let a professional handle it.
  • Finally, when using a heat gun, set it at moderate heat to preserve your vehicle’s exterior.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Q: How Do You Remove Decals Without A Heat Gun?

Ans: You can remove vehicle decals without a heat gun, where you bring the eraser wheel into the mix. You need to connect it to a hand drill as it’s bit, and the revolving speed brings the power needed to remove the vinyl.

Once you pass the wheel on the surface, you should use a cleaning agent to remove the glue prints.

Q: What Is The Easiest Way To Remove Car Decals?

Ans: The easiest and most efficient way of vehicle sticker removal is by use of an eraser wheel. However, if you do not have an eraser wheel, you can use a heat gun or a hair blow dryer to ease the decal from its adhesive force.

Q: How Do I Remove Factory Decals From My Car?

Ans: Factory decals may be hard to remove as their adhesion is quite robust. You may use a little heat and also the eraser wheel for a clean job. Focusing on how to remove factory decals from the car, you need to understand how tough the job is, and you may need to bring a professional to do it.

Q: What Is The Best Decal Remover?

Ans: There are several decal-removing options to try out in the market, though the Eraser Wheel is one of the most efficient. You might also use heat and alcohol-based cleansers to remove the stickers if you do not have the necessary equipment to use with an eraser wheel.

The WD-40 spray is also among the best when dealing with vehicle windscreen stickers.

Q: Does WD-40 Remove Decals?

Ans: Yes, WD-40 is one of the best agents to use to get rid of old stickers. It has an adhesive-dissolving property that loosens the vehicle’s vinyl glue.

Final Word

Vehicle decals help improve your car’s aesthetic value, making them stand out or pass certain information. When they get old or outdated, you need to remove them, and this article shows you some of the ways on how to remove car decals without damaging the paint.

It is an intricate process that needs precision to pull through, and you may need essentials such as a heat gun, an eraser wheel, or a WD-40 spray. With the right set of tools, be keen on the removal process to maintain your paint.


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