Is TRQ A Good Brand – TRQ Vs. OEM

The aftermarket car part manufacture and retail scene is very vibrant, with several players emerging at a decent rate. TRQ Auto Parts is among the notable aftermarket auto parts manufacturers and boasts a substantial market share courtesy of its product quality.

Is TRQ a good brand? This question might cross your mind when looking for a reliable auto parts companion. It is a critical query that ensures you only go for the best market offers.

Here, we will gladly weigh up this brand to answer your questions about it and help you determine whether it lives up to the hype.

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TRQ Explained

TRQ Auto Parts is a car part maker dedicated to offering high-quality products to professional and DIY car technicians. What does TRQ mean? Many people are curious about what the letters stand for, and it shouldn’t be surprising that TRQ in full is Trusted Reliable Quality. The abbreviation represents this brand’s values.

On who owns TRQ auto parts, you should know that it is a privately-held company with its headquarters in Pepperell, Massachusetts. It is a large firm with a 250-500-strong workforce.

TRQ partners with other online retailers to distribute its products. The retailers include Parts Geek, Amazon, eBay, American Trucks, Extreme Terrain, Drivers Edge, Channel Spyder, and Auto Outlet.

This firm does not have physical stores; instead, it has an efficient virtual inventory program backed up by four warehouses in strategic locations.

What Makes TRQ A Good Brand?

Several elements contribute to TRQ’s excellence as the go-to vehicle part brand. The following are this company’s key selling points.

1. Product Quality

Your ideal aftermarket auto part partner should not compromise on quality, a statement that accurately describes TRQ Auto Parts. The spares are OEM-standard, built with top-grade materials, and will reliably serve you for a long time without breaking down.

You should get the correct TRQ product for the best quality. Avoid counterfeits by checking the spares’ packaging and logo. Shopping with reputable retailers is a sure way of keeping knock-offs at bay.

2. Its Catalog

TRQ is a one-stop shop for all your automotive needs, courtesy of its diverse inventory. This brand will sort your needs for:

  • Steering and suspension parts
  • Mirrors
  • Brake pads
  • Lights
  • Door handles
  • Auto mechanic tools
  • Gas tanks

A virtual inventory program helps handle TRQ’s over $ 50 million worth stock, which gets updated every 15 minutes. TRQ Auto Parts takes pride as the top supplier of kitted solutions. It packages items commonly used together in one kit for customer convenience when working on their cars.

3. Accessibility

Customers will always pick a brand that they can easily access. TRQ Auto Parts has a strong presence in the USA and offers same-day shipping and two-day delivery to most parts of the USA. The firm is also present in South America, Europe, and Australia.

You can get TRQ spare parts via online retailers like Amazon, Parts Geek, AutoBuffy, eBay, Extreme Terrain, and many more.

4. Pricing and Warranty

Affordability is among TRQ’s primary appealing attributes. Its products have friendly pricing, which is an excellent bargain for the customer, seeing they are getting high-quality spares on the low.

The cost may vary depending on factors such as your preferred online retailer, quantity, and availability. Go for retailers that offer great discounts for the best deals.

A limited lifetime warranty backs TRQ’s commodities, an offer you find with few brands. You should read through the warranty terms to know what to do in case of premature vehicle part wear.

5. Customer Service

TRQ Auto Parts is a customer-oriented label, an attribute you will appreciate in numerous facets. First, its pre-packaged kits allow its clients to work on their vehicles effortlessly, as they have all the items they need in one kit.

TRQ videos on YouTube tackle various topics, mostly guiding you on repairs. The YouTube channel has been running since May 2017, with over 7.5k videos and more than 95 million views.

You can contact customer support in case of an issue with the products or need help with something. Send an email to the support team, and you will get a prompt response to your escalations.

What Do Customers Feel About TRQ Auto Parts?

TRQ brand reviews are generally positive, with many clients lauding its zero-compromise on quality. You should check out the reviews on forums and other platforms to get a hint of how good this auto parts label is.

You should visit TRQ parts reviews Reddit discussions, where the diverse contributions will help you decide whether this brand is the way to go. This Reddit comment points out the label’s quality, affordability, and YouTube customer support videos. Browse more reviews for an unbiased outlook on TRQ.

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TRQ Vs. OEM, Differences

TRQ qualifies its stock as OEM-grade, with products suitable for different vehicle models. This discussion is similar to the OEM vs. aftermarket car part debate, where each player has its perks and downsides.

Typically, OEM spare parts are high quality and guarantee a perfect fit. While TRQ spares are high-grade, they may not match up to OEM standards.

OEM parts are usually expensive, a reason many people opt for cheaper aftermarket brands, like TRQ. Furthermore, TRQ has variety, with spares coming in multiple grades and designs to meet different customer needs and preferences.

In short, you should opt for OEM parts if you can afford them and want a perfect fit, and go for TRQ if you want affordable spares built to match many conditions. Avoid a hit-or-miss situation with the aftermarkets by specifying the right product features.

Who Makes TRQ Auto Parts?

Most customers judge car part quality based on the country of origin. It might be a good way to go about vehicle consumable standards, though it may be shallow sometimes, as some companies source their materials and labor from other countries.

Where are TRQ parts made? As mentioned earlier, TRQ is an American company, though it manufactures its products in other countries, notably China. While many people view Chinese-made consumables negatively, TRQ parts are high-standard builds that undergo rigorous testing for quality control.

Several American companies opt for China as their manufacturing hub due to the associated economy of scale. The cost of raw materials, labor, and general production is affordable in China and other countries and contributes to sustained supply.

What Are the Best TRQ Products?

TRQ’s massive catalog has utilities that bring their A-game and can stand toe-to-toe with major brands. The following are some of this brand’s best products.

Brake Kits

TRQ’s brake kits are superior builds, and like most of its products, they come in multiple grades determined by the material. The typical TRQ brake kit contains a brake pad set, brake rotors, hardware, and contact point grease. Some kits, especially performance brake kits, come with hub assemblies.

TRQ stocks different types of brake pads, from metallic, semi-metallic, and ceramic brake pads, depending on your needs and budget. The design of the brake kits targets resilience, OEM-grade performance, and convenience, particularly in installation.


You should consider TRQ lighting if the ones you have are beat. TRQ will sort your headlight, signal light, and taillight needs, with several options to meet different desires. For headlight replacements, you can opt for factory-style LEDs, DRL bar, Halo, and Euro, among many more. Taillight options include Euro, LED, fiber optic LED, custom, and Black Euro or LED.

You cannot go wrong with TRQ lights, especially with numerous videos to guide you on proper installation. Moreover, you can invest in light covers to regulate light transmission or to protect the light assembly from damage.

Suspension Components

Whichever suspension component you need for your car, TRQ Auto Parts got it. Under this label’s suspension parts inventory, you will find shock absorber and suspension kits, control arms, complete strut assembly, air shock and strut, and others.

TRQ suspension parts have an impressive build and bring their best in resiliency. The extra robust spares mainly target performance-oriented and all-terrain vehicles.

Is TRQ A Good Brand?

TRQ Auto Parts ticks most of the boxes on your checklist for an excellent auto parts companion, such as quality, affordability, and convenience. The brand has been in the aftermarket vehicle parts scene for some time, and it is competing with industry bigwigs that have been an industry mainstay for a long time.

TRQ’s vast inventory makes it a one-stop store for all your aftermarket spare needs. To get genuine items, you should shop with credible online stores that partner with this brand, like Amazon, eBay, and Auto Outlet. In case of a problem, contact TRQ’s customer support center for help.


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