RockAuto Vs. Partsgeek: An In-depth Comparison

Online shopping has made getting vehicle parts easier, regardless of location. The downside of online shopping is the existence of fraudulent sites that won’t meet their end of the transaction. You should always deal with legit platforms for the best experience. Talking about legitimacy, we present you with the RockAuto vs. Partsgeek review.

RockAuto and Parts Geek are credible auto parts dealers boasting massive product catalogs. For your convenience, we compare the platforms to highlight their respective selling points.

RockAuto Auto Parts Overview


RockAuto is an online auto parts family business headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. It is the brainchild of Jim and Tom Taylor, who founded it in 1999, led by their engineering background and love for cars. The operating philosophy of this part’s dealer is the liberation of crucial info hidden behind the counters of auto parts stores. The company’s mission is to make car parts affordable and easily accessible.

RockAuto is strictly an online company with no store locations, which makes running its affairs easy. Since its establishment, this firm has grown in leaps and bounds and ships to all continents except Antarctica. Presently, it has a workforce of roughly 80 employees, and it reached a peak revenue of $41 million in 2022.

This part’s dealer has a solid online presence, supported by its website and social media handles. For shopping, you head to its website to peruse its massive product collection. The platform is user-friendly, courtesy of its design and fast-loading speeds, which enhance navigation. RockAuto’s website is accessible via PC and phone.

Furthermore, this shopping site has a multi-language interface. You can choose a preferred language from English, Spanish, French, and German.

Parts Geek Auto Parts Overview


Parts Geek is among the reliable alternatives to RockAuto, which specializes in car parts and accessories. The company was founded in 2008 and has its headquarters in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Its mission is to offer the best customer experience.

Despite having a physical location, Parts Geek handles all business through its website, including returns and customer queries. Parts Geek prides itself on being a notable platform for legit online deals. This auto parts dealer has a strong presence in the country, but unfortunately, it does not handle international shipping.

Parts Geek has around 30 employees who ensure a smooth workflow and the best customer experience. Its revenue is approximately $19 million, evidence of its growth and persistence. It has a simple website with a mild color scheme and well-organized menu icons; thus, navigation is hassle-free. The site loads fast and is compatible with mobile phone browsers.

You can sign up for Parts Geek’s affiliate program for a chance to make passive income. Once you register for the program, you refer clients to the website. A successful referral leading to purchase will earn you a commission.

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RockAuto Vs. Parts Geek: Product Quality)

Many people shun online auto stores due to quality issues. You can’t inspect the products before purchase; hence, there is a high probability that you may receive substandard or damaged goods. This is not the case with Parts Geek and RockAuto auto parts, as they partner with reputable manufacturers that don’t compromise on quality.

RockAuto gets its parts from over 300 companies, such as ACDelco, Wix, ACDelco, Mopar, and GM Genuine. On the other hand, Parts Geek partners with Hawk, Fram, Exedy, Bosch, and other auto parts brands. If you have a complaint about product standards, you can contact support for returns and refunds.

Furthermore, both online retailers deal in OEM and aftermarket parts.

RockAuto Vs. Partsgeek: Customer Service

According to several RockAuto vs. Partsgeek Reddit discussions, the latter is the victor in customer service, noticeable through on-site experience. Parts Geek’s website has a simpler design than RockAuto’s, making navigation easy.

Communication is critical to customer service, another area where Parts Geek stands out. Its site has a chat feature where you effortlessly connect to a support agent for help with your queries. You may also contact Parts Geek’s support center through email, phone, or social media.

According to several RockAuto reviews, it is hard to reach its support center. There is no phone contact on the website. Instead, you reach support via email, and the response may delay depending on the day and time of contact.

RockAuto Vs. Parts Geek: Price

Among the reasons behind RockAuto’s massive client base is its friendly prices. You are sure of a great bargain when shopping with RockAuto, as the products are affordable and top-quality. Additionally, this online parts dealer offers various discounts and promotions, further reducing the cost.

Parts Geek parts are relatively pricier than RockAuto’s though you may occasionally pounce on excellent price cuts. While RockAuto is the victor in the price debate, there are situations where you will find that Parts Geek has friendlier costs on some parts.

RockAuto vs. PartsGeek: Product Selection

RockAuto and PartsGeek are two of the most popular online stores for automotive parts. They offer a wide range of products, including brake systems, engine components, suspension parts, and more. However, when it comes to product selection, there are some notable differences between the two.

One major difference is that RockAuto offers a larger inventory compared to PartsGeek. RockAuto has over 1millions of parts available in their catalog, while PartsGeek has about 2,00000 parts to sell out of the 2 million listed. The former also provides more options for specific car models and years with an extensive database that includes even rare or discontinued vehicles. Whereas PartsGeek deals with parts for as low as 10 car brands – mostly new cars.

So, if you are after a car part for your vintage car, PartsGeek is not the perfect online platform.

RockAuto vs. PartsGeek: OEM parts

Both platforms offer a wide selection of OEM parts for various makes and models ranging from brake pads to radiators.

Like their low prices and extensive inventory, RockAuto is known to be a source of 100% genuine car parts They have a user-friendly website that allows you to easily search for the part you need by entering your vehicle’s make and model. If your car is from the big names of the auto industry – Ford, GM, Nissan, and Honda, you will have genuine car parts in AutoRock for sure.

PartsGeek also has a large inventory but they mostly offer quality aftermarket products but their collection of original car parts are minimal. And the parts here tend to be slightly more expensive than RockAuto.

RockAuto Vs. Partsgeek (Payment Policy)

After perusing Parts Geek and RockAuto’s platforms, you pick and check the desired items out. The two stores have different payment policies. Parts Geek accepts payments from PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. It does not accept cancellations, as packaging commences within an hour of order confirmation.

RockAuto supports various payment channels, like PayPal, credit or debit cards, gift certificates, store credits, electronic funds transfers, and bank transfers. Credit card, debit card, PayPal, and gift certificate transactions are processed immediately. It may take up to five business days for wire transfers or checks. RockAuto will confirm your order after the processing of your funds.

RockAuto allows the use of multiple channels to pay for one order. You can also cancel your order. RockAuto is the obvious winner in payment policies, courtesy of its flexibility.

RockAuto Vs. Partsgeek (Refund and Return Policy)

Sometimes, the products you order from online stores may not meet your expectations. Such situations call for a return, where you may get an exchange or a full cash refund. RockAuto and Parts Geek have reasonable refund and return policies, enhancing customer relations.

Parts Geek accepts returns within a 30-day window and should have an RMA number, which you get from the Manage My Order Section. The firm will decline returns without an RMA number. Refunds processing takes up to 14 days.

You may miss the credit or have it delayed if you use an incorrect return location. Parts Geek rejects returns on opened electrical and electronic parts. You pay the return shipment costs.

RockAuto also has a 30-day returns window. You request the refunds on the Order Status and Returns page. RockAuto has the edge over Parts Geek in refunds, as it is less strict and offers discounted return shipping costs.

RockAuto Vs. Partsgeek (Warranty Policy)

Friendly warranty terms are a key highlight in Partsgeek reviews. Most of its products come with a one-year limited warranty that excludes electrical and wear and tear utilities. Some Parts Geek items come with an extended service contract, which you purchase.

RockAuto does not provide direct product warranties; instead, it honors the manufacturer’s warranty. This can be good or bad, depending on the brand. You should read through RockAuto’s and Parts Geek’s warranty policies to understand what they entail.

RockAuto Vs. Partsgeek (Shipping)

On the RockAuto vs. Partsgeek shipping debate, the latter stands out due to its speedy delivery. After finalizing your orders on Parts Geek, you will receive a tracking number in your email within 1-3 business days, but it may be longer in some situations.

Standard shipping orders are delivered within 3-7 business days, while freight orders are 7-12 business days. The shipment times depend on product availability, weather, and vendor speed. Partsgeek complaints focus on the lack of international shipping and holiday and weekend deliveries.

RockAuto may be slow in shipping, but it is flexible. You have the option of fast delivery, which is costly. Cheaper delivery will take some time. RockAuto handles international shipments.


What Is Better Than RockAuto?

RockAuto is a notable online auto parts store boasting high annual traffic and a large customer base. Its appealing elements include a vast catalog of top-quality products, flexible terms of service, and affordability.

Several platforms compete RockAuto for the top spot, such as Parts Geek, which has a sizeable following courtesy of its customer-oriented design and services. Amazon is another platform at RockAuto’s level, with a vast product catalog, global presence, and friendly returns and refund policies.

AutoZone is a reputable player in the vehicle parts scene. The company has been around for over four decades and has a strong online and physical presence, courtesy of its many stores in the country. You may also consider Advance Auto Parts,, and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Is Partsgeek a Reliable Store?

Parts Geek has been a regular in the auto scene since its founding in 2008, with an impressive customer base backing it. The firm is reliable, evident from its quality products, which it gets from leading manufacturers, such as Access, Bosch, EBC, and Monroe.

This online auto parts retailer has excellent customer services, boosted by an efficient customer support team and reasonable shipping, warranty, and refund policies. Its shipping is speedy, with the only let-down being the absence of international shipping.

Can I Trust RockAuto Parts?

RockAuto is a legit online car parts store that you can bank on for quality items. The company deals with renowned brands like Delphi, Denso, Wix, ACDelco, and Idemitsu, an assurance of the finest standards.

RockAuto’s platform is secure, with proper encryption to protect your transactions and personal information. If you don’t appreciate the products, you can request a refund within the 30-day return period. For queries, do not hesitate to contact customer support.

What Is RockAuto Equivalent To?

RockAuto is among the best auto part retailers with a robust online presence. Its website rakes over 20 million visits each month, showing how extensive a client base it has. Its peers in the industry include AutoZone, which draws around 40 million monthly visits, and Advance Auto Parts, at 15.3 million.

Parts Geek has been a formidable opponent of RockAuto, famous for its customer-oriented services. Its traffic is roughly 6 million.

Who Owns Parts Geek?

Parts Geek was founded in 2008 to offer the best customer experiences. Currently, the company is under the leadership of Jon Sinclair, the president and COO. He takes pride in being an e-commerce leader and innovator. The company has roughly 40 employees contributing to its excellence in various capacities.

Who Is RockAuto Owned By?

RockAuto is a family-owned business based in Madison, Wisconsin. It is the brainchild of Jim and Tom Taylor, two brothers who share an engineering background and a love for cars. They founded the company in 1999 to liberate vital information on vehicle parts and provide affordable and easily accessible services. The company has grown immensely, moving thousands of products daily around the globe.

Which Is Better, RockAuto or Partsgeek?

You can pick several takeaways from the RockAuto vs. Partsgeek discussion to help you choose the preferable online shopping companion. RockAuto is Sankexcellent if you want affordable products, flexible terms of service, and shipping to locations outside the USA.

Parts Geek is the best in customer service and ships fast. You can shop with Parts Geek if you are within the mainland USA, as it does not handle international shipments.

Peruse the websites to check their offers and take advantage of the prime ones.


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