What Do I Do If My Keyless Remote Battery is Low?

The automotive industry has recorded a tremendous improvement in the past decades. There have been several changes in various components and compartments of most recently manufactured vehicles.

One of those significant improvements is the computerized systems that enable most recent cars to use a keyless remote or key fob. This feature makes starting your vehicle, shutting it off, locking and unlocking the doors very easy. However, the challenge is that the remote uses batteries, and they can run out.

This article reveals what you ought to do whenever you experience a keyless remote battery low situation. So, if you drive a modern car fitted with electronic operations like a keyless remote, I’m sure you need this piece of information. It doesn’t matter the make or model; this information is also helpful in addressing low remote batteries on CRVs.

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How do I know if my key fob battery is low?

Knowing when your car’s key fob battery is running low will help you avert embarrassing situations, such as being stranded because the key fob wouldn’t start your vehicle. There are obvious signs that your key fob will manifest that let you know when the battery runs low. Some of those signs are:

  • When the key fob requires multiple clicks to unlock doors.
  • Inconsistency in the correct functioning of the key fob.
  • Declining signal strength.
  • Display of the key fob battery warning light.

In any of the cases outlined as signs that let you know when your car’s key fob battery is low, it would be best if you respond to the challenge immediately. I bet you don’t want to experience how it feels to have a car key fob with a dead battery!

What Do I Do If My Keyless Remote Battery Is Low?

First of all, it is imperative to ensure that your car’s keyless remote battery never runs low. However, if you discover that the battery is low, there is a way out.

Most recent cars have a security chip within the remote or key fob that works without the battery. However, it works from a very close range to the vehicle. So, you will have to get very close to the car and hold the start button of your smart fob to enable you to start your vehicle.

Meanwhile, the best solution to a low keyless remote battery is a complete replacement. Other options for managing the remote may work in the meantime, but you cannot continue to rely on them so that the unexpected doesn’t occur.

What Does Keyless Remote Battery Low Mean?

Modern cars with electronic configurations that use keyless remotes also have a system that helps to track battery usage. The computer helps to monitor the power (voltage) output of the keyless remote’s battery.

On most vehicles, the system is designed such that when the battery power declines to a certain level, it triggers the keyless remote battery low light on your car’s dashboard. The light is to ensure that you are aware before the car’s remote battery dies to the point where you may find it challenging to start your vehicle, lock or unlock the doors, etc.

If you suddenly discover that the remote low battery warning light displays on the dashboard, it would be best to replace the battery quickly. Do not try to manage it around until the battery dies and gets you stranded someday. Change the keyless remote battery immediately.

How To Change Keyless Remote Battery

Changing your car’s low remote batteries can be very easy, but you must ensure that you get the appropriate battery for the remote and fix it correctly so that it can work. These steps will help you change your car’s low or dead keyless remote battery.

Step 1: Open the fob/remote: Once you get the correct battery for your car’s keyless remote from a reliable automobile accessories dealer, the first step is to open the remote. It’s pretty easy to know how to open the key fob to replace the battery.

To do this, use an object that can help you to pry the remote open carefully. You probably may not be able to open it with your hands. Ensure first to loosen the screw holding the two parts together (if any).

Step 2: Remove the old battery: After opening the remote, ensure to check how the original battery is placed, taking note of the positioning and the signs facing up on the battery. The batteries are typically round and fixed in a rounded position.

Once you note the correct position of the battery, remove the old battery by first sliding it out (if there is an open space by the side). If that doesn’t work, check out for any clips that may be holding the battery in place; then, carefully push the clips aside, and slide out the old battery.

Step 3: Fix the new battery: After removing the old battery, fix the new one with the old battery’s same order. You see why you needed to take note of the position of the old battery! 

Step 4: Close/lock the keyless remote/fob: Once you correctly fix the new battery, proceed to reverse the process you used in opening the remote to enable you to lock it back. Ensure that you observe the holes and the sides pointing into them to fix them correctly.

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How long will a low-battery key fob last?

If you are asking, “How long do I have in a keyless remote battery low situation,” here’s the time frame. The durability of a low-battery key fob is relative to whether it is a smart key fob or a regular fob. A low-battery smart key fob will last for as long as 2 to 3 years, while a regular key fob with a low battery will last up to 4 to 6 years, respectively.

Since it said that nothing lasts forever, it will be reasonable to take cognizance of the time frame allotted to any device in your possession. Your car and each of its components are designed with a time frame of durability.

Your usage style and maintenance culture determine whether those components will reach their full expected lifespan. It is no exception for your car’s key fob. If you are wondering, “How long is Honda keyless remote battery low situation managed before the replacement of the battery?” In some cases, the time mentioned above frame may be attainable, while the expected period may not be attained in other cases.

Can a low battery key fob cause the car not to start?

Yes, a low-battery key fob can cause your car not to start. Your car’s key fob is an electronic device fitted with a battery that powers the transmission of signals from the key fob to your vehicle. The computerized systems in your car receive the alerts according to the instruction you press on the key fob; then, the vehicle responds accordingly.

The battery in your car’s key fob is vital to this operation; hence, if it becomes low, you may not be able to start your vehicle, except by a jumpstart. If your Honda keyless remote battery is low, it can alter your ability to start your car.

Can you drive a keyless car without the key?

Of course, you can drive a keyless car without the key fob. Modern cars with computerized systems do not require traditional car keys to operate them. They function with buttons and a keyless remote.

If you own a keyless car, you can drive it without the key fob, provided the engine is running. You will be able to drive the car, shift gears, and park without any challenges. However, you must ensure that the car’s engine never shuts off.

Since the key fob is responsible for starting the car, allowing the engine to shut off when you know that the key fob is out of reach is a problem because you will not be able to start the car anymore until you seek help from an auto technician.

Can I drive with a keyless remote battery low?

When your car’s keyless remote battery is low, you will still be able to drive around, shift gears, and even park. The key is not required for the car to run once you start the engine properly. You can drive for a long time without a key fob or remote.

One thing you must not allow to happen is to let the car go off. If the car’s engine turns off while the remote battery is low, you may have difficulty figuring out how to start the car and get going. If you are contemplating what to do in a situation of a low remote battery on Acura, the best thing to do when your car’s remote battery is low is to replace it asap!

What type of battery does my car remote need?

Once you notice a malfunction in the proper operations of your car’s remote, it is most likely that the battery is low or dead. In this situation, the best thing to do is to replace the battery so that you do not have a hard time over-clicking or looking for someone to help jumpstart your car.

Some of the common types of batteries your car’s remote needs are CR2032 3-Volt and CR2025 Volt batteries. You can check out automobile parts or accessories dealers to get a replacement for your car’s remote low battery.

How long do car remote batteries last?

Your car’s remote battery is expected to last between 3 and 6 months under normal circumstances. The battery is not for a lifetime, so knowing the battery’s lifespan will enable you to prepare for a replacement when necessary.

Although your car’s remote battery is expected to last around 3 to 6 months, it may be less due to different circumstances such as improper usage style, storage, etc. If your car’s remote battery drains faster than necessary or it doesn’t last as it ought to, try to consult a professional auto technician to find out why.

Do dealerships replace key fob batteries?

Yes, dealerships replace key fob batteries, especially when bought from the dealerships. Most dealerships include this service to make it easy for car owners to replace their key fob batteries when necessary. It will only take a few dollars to get a replacement for your car’s key fob battery.

How much does it cost to replace the key fob battery?

It is quite cheap to replace your car’s key fob battery. The cost of replacing your car’s key fob battery is estimated at around $3.70 to $9, with tax inclusive. The price does not include labor because it is free.

A car accessories dealer will necessarily help you replace your car’s key fob battery without charging you a dime when you buy it from them. The cost of replacement may differ from one dealer to another and from one location to another.

Final Words

Correctly understanding what to do when you have a keyless remote battery situation can save you from unnecessary worries or, better yet, from being stranded. Since most modern cars come with computerized systems that ensure you are not caught unaware, you must maximize them.

Check out your car’s dashboard for the keyless battery low warning light; take every slight malfunctioning of your car’s remote seriously, and replace the battery when it is necessary for you to do so.

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