Who Makes Kumho Tires?

Drivers often yearn for good tires, as they go a long way in improving their safety and overall driving experience. In this regard, Kumho is one tire brand that is one of the top choices of millions of car owners out there. So folks, itching to know who makes Kumho tires?

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This brand is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of some prominent automakers like Ford, BMW, and Mercedez-Benz, making them highly reliable. This marque offers a full range of tires, and you can easily find variants that fit your car and driving needs.

All these make this trademark one of the global leaders in manufacturing and supplying high-quality tires. Kindly read through to unravel interesting details about the manufacturer of Kumho tires and some of their pre-eminent tire options. 

Who Makes Kumho Tires

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Kumho tires are products of Kumho Tire Co., Inc., a subsidiary of Doublestar, a famous Chinese tire conglomerate. Kindly note that this tire brand emerged in 1960 (Samyang Tire) and formerly operated under the prominent Kumho Asiana Group.

Upon its opening, this company recorded the production of 20 tires each day and further went up to East Asia a few years later, being their first export market. Nevertheless, these figures moved to 100 million in 1990 and kept increasing over the years.

Are Kumho tires made in the USA?

A further leap was the establishment of Uniroyal, a tire operation within the United States in 1963, to increase their worldwide activity. After acquiring the United States DOT (Department of Transport) trademark between 1966 and 1988, this marque started the legal formulation of tires in America. 

Following Kumho tire’s registration with the US Association of Tire Manufacturers, you can deduce that this firm can compete with prevailing rivals within the market. The current expansion of Kumho in North America is tremendous, which proves helpful for the brand to be one of the largest markets in the world.

This firm further established a subsidiary to operate closely within the United Kingdom. Some engrossing certitudes about Khumo Tire Company include their platinum partnership with Manchester United FC since 2007, La Liga and European Formula 3, and the official supplier of tires for the NBA.

The tire company continuously seeks ways of introducing tires with innovative technology into the market. In keeping with the line, this firm has research and development centers in South Korea (Gwangju), China (Tianjin), Germany (Buchholz), the US (Akron, Ohio), and Europe (Birmingham).

Kumho tires are made in South Korea, China, the United States, and Vietnam; this tire trade name currently holds various manufacturing facilities across these locations, such as:

  • South Korea: Gwangju Plant, Gokseong plant, and Pyeontaek plant
  • China: Changchun Plant, Tianjin Plant, and the Gaoxin Plant in Nanjing
  • Vietnam: A facility in Binh Duong Province
  • United States: A manufacturing facility located in Macon, Georgia

An enthralling fact about the plant in Georgia is its capacity to produce up to 4 million tires each year, with plans to get its capacity to 10 million tire production. Following the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) aims to change all tire plant codes, this plant now possesses the new three-symbol code – 000.

There exist various distribution facilities for Kumho tires across Georgia (McDonough), Texas (Grapevine), Illinois (New Lenox), Ohio (Groveport), and New Jersey (South Brunswick). 

Being the second-largest tire company in South Korea, you can expect an expansive lineup of tires from this brand following Hankook Tires. From small cars to heavy trucks, practical Kumho tires are constructed to offer better traction.

These options further deliver great performances on both road and off-road trails. Products from Kumho Tire Company have been recognized as reliable and trusted options for super comfort and improved mileage, which comes with their well-balanced performances. 

Unsurprisingly, the brand is keen on supplying the need of consumers out there, and as such, these tires are available worldwide. Apart from the Kumho-labelled auto tires, Marshal and Zetum brands are other Kumho tire subsidiaries.

Kumho Tires Reviews 

The need for good car tires not only ensure safe driving but further improves the vehicle’s fuel economy and road handling. Whereas you may go for choosing good tries from the many options available in the market, Kumho tires remain one of the best so far.

Besides their relatively affordable prices to their great value, there are various reasons why folks choose Kumho tires. Among the top competitors, you would find these tires as decent options for your car, and they are sure to serve to meet your imagination. That said, below are some of the best lineups of Kumho tires that you would find out there in the market.

All Terrain Tires

Kumho All-Terrain AT51 Road Venture Tire

Kumho Road Venture tire is a lineup that supplies some of the best highway and off-road tires. An AT51 tire is an excellent option with a load index rating of 112.0 and rims sizes reaching 16 inches.

With a load capacity of 2469 pounds, you can rest assured that this product is sturdy, resilient, and long-lasting. Please note that this tire offers incredible handling traction and grip and possesses designs that improve the performance of trucks and SUVs on the road.

Promoting the ESCOT casing technology, you can expect improved tread life and steering responsiveness from this auto tire. Furthermore, this all-terrain tire has a tensile steel belt structure that is pretty pronounced and edgy sidewall design that distinguishes it from its entrants.


  • Even tread wear for increased driving safety
  • The deep grooves ensure the tire cleans itself
  • Improved stability and traction on off-road trails
  • Optimal performance in rainy and snowy conditions


  • Decreased performance across muddy terrains

 Grand Touring All-Season Tires

Kumho Solus All-Season TA11 Tire

The Solus TA11 tire provided by Kumho is a standard touring all-season option with tread life reaching 80,000 miles. The improved balance and tread life result in your utter satisfaction.

You would find that Kumho Solus is a great on-road performer, with minimal tread noise and excellent ride composure. If you seek a comfortable ride with an improved steering feel and response, this will be the right choice.

Numerous Kumho Solus tire reviews indicate the high score of this product operating in wet conditions and how they make rides across uneven roads quite comfy.


  • Increased tread life
  • Responsive wheels around turns
  • Quiet and smooth handling 
  • Sufficient traction in dry conditions


  • It offers only moderate performance in snowy conditions

All-Season Performance or Summer Tires

Kumho Ecsta Summer Performance PS31 Tire

This Kumho Ecsta ultra-performance tire emerges amongst the top choices of most car owners around the world. Most folks like that this product is a good performer and rides nicely, offering a smooth and quiet operation.

Based on consumer reports, the Kumho tires review suggests this product is excellent, considering on-road handling and the driver’s comfort. With less aggressive tread designs, you can rest assured that this tire will work flawlessly across moist and dry conditions.

It offers great value for your money for its price, and motorists can enjoy its improved wear performance.


  • It is affordable
  • Allows smooth and comfortable rides
  • Decreased heat buildup with its impressive 3D dimples
  • Revamped wear performance


  • You may notice a mushy grip and responsive handling around its corners

Kumho Crugen All-Season HT51 Tire

Do you need a suitable tire that would work best for your SUVs or Trucks? This all-season tire from Kumho is designed for such handling and can effectively provide a smooth ride. More importantly, you can get sufficient traction from this product across various seasons and weather conditions.

Are Kumho Crugen tires good?

The HT51 tire is an outcome of innovative technology, and this spin-off is engineered for improved durability and excellent on-road performance. As drivers hit the road, this Kumho tire does a great job of secluding the car from loud imperfections.

Hence, it offers the softest rides and doesn’t seem to escalate or lessen the steering’s response. The light snow traction makes this auto tire a superb fit for the 3-peak mountain snowflake emblem.


  • It allows quiet and smooth operations on highways
  • It is suitable for rainy both wet and dry conditions
  • Excellent water channeling, thanks to its small and large grooves
  • Possesses exceptional value for your money


  • Not suitable for deep snow driving

Kumho Ecsta All-Season PA51 Tire

For drivers who engage in rides throughout the year, this Kumho Ecsta tire would offer excellent performance. Whether on wet or dry roads, you can expect responsive handling and sufficient traction.

This product outperforms some of its top competitors in wet and rainy conditions, allowing confident braking, sure-footed balance, and a firm grip around the mid-corner. Various Kumho tire reviews on Reddit reveal the decent stability of this tire at high speeds, even across sharp turns.

Impressively, this tire manufacturer employs high stiffness compounds and high grip resins further to surge the tire’s dry grip and handling. With a tread life of 75,000 miles, this option is pretty durable and would offer great value.


  • Excellent stability across varying weather conditions
  • Smooth and quiet performance
  • Enjoyable and secured rides even at high speeds
  • Improved tread life


  • Not suitable for muddy conditions

best kumho tires


Are Kumho tires any good?

Kumho holds a wide range of tires that emerge with a quality blend that is perfect for their prices. Such good tires pose a lesser risk of developing uneven wear, and you can expect them to offer great value for your money.

From responsive handling to great traction across varying environmental conditions, Kumho tires are excellent performing tires. Based on the speculations of this tire manufacturer, you can expect their products to offer fuel-efficient operations.

Are Kumho Tires Made in the USA?

This tire manufacturing marque holds various production facilities across the world, including one in Macon, Georgia. Please note that this production unit in the United States was established in 2016 and currently possesses manufacturers of up to 4 million tires per year.

Are Kumho tires made in China?

Khumo tires manufactured in China come from the company’s facility within the country. These Kumho Tire Company’s production units in Chine include Changchun Plant, Tianjin Plant, and the Gaoxin Plant in Nanjing.

It would interest you to know that these tires take pride in their refined quality and are pretty reliable. 

Who manufactures Kumho?

Kumho branded tires are products of the eminent Kumho Tire Company, Inc., which operates as a subordinate of the Chinese conglomerate, Doublestar. This company was established by Park In-chon and has been functional for the past 61 years.

With innovative technology ensured by this marque, most car owners rely on Kumho tires to offer a smooth driving experience across different terrains and weather conditions.

Are Kumho bad tires?

There are no significant Kumho tire problems, as the brand constructs its products to suit even tough conditions. From varying users’ reviews on Kumho tires, one can conclude that it has a fair rating compared to some other products in the market. 

Predominantly, Kumho has vast tire lineups that come constructed with top-quality materials and allow effective handling. Thus, you can find suitable and better alternatives here that suit both wet and dry conditions and perform excellently on-road and off-road trails.

What is the rating on Kumho tires?

According to vast customer reviews, Kumho tires holds fair ratings as a trustworthy marque for the supply of tires with high durability, performance, and overall value. With continuous research and development, Kumho has been offering tire models that meet the needs of drivers as they hit the road.

How many years do Kumho tires last?

Based on the manufacturer’s warranty, Kumho tires are expected to last for as long as the original treads appear usable and not worn out. By now, you should know that worn-out treads on tires are signs of a bad tire. As reliable options, this brand’s tires remain fit for at least five years from the manufacturing date. 

Are Kumho tires all season?

The lineup of Kumho tires gives off year-round performances across wet and dry conditions. Hence, you can use these products for a smooth ride throughout the summer, rainy, and even winter, as they offer sufficient traction across light snow.

Not to worry, there are varying categories of these tires, and you can find options that operate as all-terrain tires, winter, and mud tires.

Final Words

Thanks to their performance and excellent packages, Kumho tires appear as one of the best options for multiple automotive applications.

Kumho, meaning “bright lake,” is a Korean tire maker which now operates as a subsidiary of Doublestar, the Chinese tire conglomerate. As for knowledge, this article should suffice to make an informed decision. But further queries may make you learn more about who makes Kumho tires and some of their renowned products in the market.


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