Top 5 Best Liquid Electrical Tape Reviews 2024

Do you have a problem taping electrical connections in hard-to-reach places? This is a common problem, though it will no longer be a bother if you have the best liquid electrical tape. As its name indicates, this tape comes in liquid form, but it is more of rubber. It is an alternative to the standard tape and among its pros is that you can use it in areas where the tape is less efficient, like the aforementioned hard-to-reach places.

The liquid electrical tape’s uses stretch further than being an adhesive, where you can use it to control corrosions and secure loose screws from vibrations. It is an effective adhesive material when you look at how easy it is to use and its excellent results. There are several brands of liquid electrical tape in the market, and like many mechanic tools and products, getting the best can be quite difficult. No need to worry as we provide you with a review of the best liquid electrical tapes around to narrow down your search for the most ideal.

Top 3 Liquid Electrical Tape For Quick Selections

STAR BRITE Liquid...
Permatex 85120-6PK Liquid...
Gardner Bender, Green...
STAR BRITE Liquid...
Permatex 85120-6PK Liquid...
Gardner Bender, Green...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
STAR BRITE Liquid...
STAR BRITE Liquid...
Permatex 85120-6PK Liquid...
Permatex 85120-6PK Liquid...
Amazon Prime
Gardner Bender, Green...
Gardner Bender, Green...
Amazon Prime

The Best Liquid Electrical Tape

1. Star Brite 4-Oz Liquid Electrical Tape

When looking for the best liquid tape, you should look at compatible materials. The more materials it is compatible with, the more versatile it is, and you can use it in many applications. The Star Brite 4-oz liquid electrical tape is the best definition of versatile as it is compatible with metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber, and many more. This makes it excellent for wiring, and other car repair works in your workshop. This adhesive material is excellent for preventing corrosion due to the airtight seal it provides, locking out moisture and other agents.

It is also waterproof and UV-resistant, meaning you can have it on exposed areas, with minimal chances of it wearing out and exposing the sealed parts. This electrical tape is easy to use and comes with a brush attached to its cap. Another feature of the Star Brite liquid electrical tape to appreciate is the fast-drying rate, of five minutes and a 24-hour curing rate. It has a service range of -50- degrees Fahrenheit to +275-degrees Fahrenheit, further upholding its hardiness. It is durable, and it won’t crack or peel after application.

Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof and UV-ray-resistant.
  • Versatile, where you can use it with various materials like metal, plastic, vinyl, and rubber.
  • Forms an airtight seal.
  • It has a brush attached to its cap.
  • A 5-minute drying rate.
  • 24-hour curing period.
  • Temperature service range: -50 to +275-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Retains flexibility after curing.

2. Permatex 6-Pack 4-Oz Liquid Electrical Tape

The Permatex 6-pack 4-oz liquid electrical tape is one of the best when you look at the robustness feature. Its hardiness is evident from its dirt, rust, chemical, and water-resisting features, ensuring that you have intact connections. Its weatherproof nature makes it ideal for outdoor uses, where water, UV-rays, and other agents won’t affect its integrity. It has a brush applicator that makes the application of this electrical tape an effortless process, where you can access remote connections.

The Permatex liquid electrical tape flows well and dries fast, showing off its efficiency. You can use it on various surfaces such as metal, plastic, vinyl, and many others. There is the issue of messiness that you may notice with other liquid tapes. This liquid tape brings no mess due to its flow, an indication of its convenience. When dried and cured, it forms a flexible cover, a great feature if you want to use it on wires other areas that can easily bend.

Highlighted Features

  • Fast-drying speeds.
  • Works with many surfaces such as plastic, metal, and vinyl.
  • Forms a flexible cover after drying and curing.
  • It has a brush-top applicator.
  • This tape is resistant to water, dust, rust, and chemicals.
  • A pack of six.
  • Size: 4-ounces.
  • No mess.

3. Gardner Bender Waterproof Liquid Electrical Tape

How is the performance of the liquid electrical tape? This is a valid query when looking at the convenience of this adhesive material. One of the factors to look at is the temperature limit it can withstand. Gardner Bender waterproof is very convenient when looking at performance depending on temperature. It can operate from -30-degrees Fahrenheit to +200-degrees Fahrenheit. Its resilience makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, where it can withstand temperature fluctuations.

With this electrical tape, you can bid goodbye to the rust and corrosion of your wires and other connections due to its waterproof quality. It is also resistant to other agents like chemicals, saltwater, and other fluids. Unlike traditional tape, it is more durable, and it won’t wear out fast. Its quick-drying formula will have it cured in 24-hours. You can also use this liquid electrical tape to strengthen your cables, especially near the tip where they easily break.

Highlighted Features

  • Resistant to UV-rays, water, chemicals, saltwater, and many solvents.
  • Temperature limit: -30 to +200-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is durable.
  • Fast-drying formula, with a 24-hour curing time.
  • Color: green.
  • It has a brush attaches to its cap.
  • Remains flexible in extreme climates.

4. Plasti Dip Intnl Liquid Electrical Tape

The Plasti Dip Intnl liquid electrical tape is one of the best when you want flexibility. When the liquid tape dries, it forms a flexible cover most of the time, though some may leave you with a hard mass. Avoid the latter as they are not suitable for use in several settings. Plasti Dip liquid electrical tape is an elastomer build, a material known for its high elasticity. This elasticity makes it ideal to use for wires, plastic, and rubber. It has a brush applicator on its cap for your convenience, which has an excellent design to simplify the application of the tape in remote places.

The liquid tape has a fast drying rate, and it cures in 24-hours. You can appreciate its adaptability, where you can use it on metal, plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces. It is also weatherproof, resistant to agents like dirt, water, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations. The liquid tape is red, meaning you can use it to mark some items permanently.

Highlighted Features

  • Material: elastomer.
  • Color: red.
  • It is weatherproof and resists water, dirt, chemicals, and many other agents.
  • A brush applicator on the cap.
  • The tape retains its elasticity when dry.
  • Quick-drying.
  • A 24-hour curing duration.
  • Size: 4-ounces.

5. Performix 4-Ounce Electrical Liquid Tape

Performix 4-ounce electrical tape is an excellent adhesive material you can have in your tools box due to its versatility and durability. The versatility aspect of this liquid tape comes to play when you look at the many surfaces you can apply. Metal, plastic, rubber, and vinyl are some of the surfaces compatible with the performix electrical liquid tape. It is a durable tape, a vital feature to look for if you want the best liquid tape.

It provides a permanent attachment, which won’t peel or crack, giving it an advantage over the liquid electrical tape alternative; the standard electrical tape. It dries fast and has a curing time of 24-hours, after which it will still retain its elasticity as it is an elastomer tape. The cap has a brush, which you use to apply the tape on various surfaces. The brush’s bristle’s design and the evenly flowing liquid make application a simple engagement, with no mess.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with metal, rubber, vinyl, and plastic.
  • It is durable and won’t peel or crack.
  • Material: elastomer.
  • Retains elasticity after curing.
  • Cures fast; in 24-hours.
  • The liquid flows evenly.
  • The cap has a brush.
  • Color: black.
  • Size: 4-ounces.

Buying Guide

Let us look at some factors to consider when buying liquid electrical tape to get the right product.


Price is the number one factor to keep in mind when looking for liquid electrical tape. There are several manufacturers, and each one has a different price tag on its products. You should go for an affordable liquid tape that will not stretch your budget. Some come in a pack of either four or six, and their total price is cheaper than buying them per unit.


Like the standard electrical tape, the liquid tape comes in various colors. The colors play a role in indicating voltage and usage. There are black, green, red and many more colors that you should choose carefully, especially if you are using it for wiring. Focusing on usage, you should look at the surface you are applying the tape. If it is for car lighting, for example, a cracked headlight, you will need clear liquid electrical tape, which won’t affect its lighting power.

Compatible Materials

The liquid tape will work well with some surfaces but not others. The common surfaces which are compatible with liquid tapes include metal, plastic, vinyl, and rubber. The more surfaces it is compatible with, the better and makes it more adaptable.


When you focus on sturdiness as a factor to consider, look at features like weather, water, chemical, temperature, and dirt resistance. This resistance makes them durable, and they can withstand different natural agents but maintain a strong bond. A robust liquid adhesive will not crack or peel when on the surface.


There are many features covered under convenience, one of them being the drying and curing rate. An excellent liquid tape should dry and cure fast. Most have a drying time of five minutes and cure in 24-hours. This is a decent time, and if it is more, you should go for another option as it may force you to bring a blow dryer to hasten the drying process. Still, on convenience, pay attention to the liquid’s state, making sure it flows evenly. An evenly flowing liquid is easy to use and not messy.

clear liquid electrical tape

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is The Liquid Electrical Tape Used For?

The most prominent use of liquid electrical tape is to join electrical connections, such as wires, and it provides an insulation layer. Other uses include preventing corrosion on metal surfaces as it is waterproof and stabilizing screws and other components, which can be affected by vibrations.

Q: Is The Liquid Electrical Tape Waterproof?

The liquid electrical tape is waterproof due to the strong bond it offers. It is one of the features that makes this tape popular and plays a significant role in preventing metal parts’ corrosion through rusting.

Q: Can You Use Normal Tape Instead Of Electrical Tape?

Yes, there are few situations where you can use normal tape instead of electrical tape, especially for light uses. However, the normal tape is less resistant compared to the electrical tape and may wear off quickly. Do not use it in areas with high heat generation as it will burn out.

Q: Is It Safe To Put Electrical Tape Over Exposed Wires?

It is not only safe but also recommended that you put electrical tape over exposed wires to prevent short-circuiting or other incidents. You can use electrical tape or liquid electrical tape if the wires are hard to access.

Q: How Long Does It Take For A Liquid Electrical Tape To Dry?

The liquid electrical dry up to form a flexible solid once applied to the preferred surface. Most liquid tapes will take 5-10 minutes to dry and an additional 24-hours to cure. Do not interfere with the tape before it dries. If you want to apply another coat of the tape, it should first dry before adding the next layer.

Final Words

The liquid electrical tape is one of the must-have utilities in your garage or workshop. It is an alternative to the electrical tape and comes in handy when you want a permanent attachment or if you cannot reach the surface, mostly in wiring. Its application is a straightforward process, where you use a brush to apply it then wait for it to dry and cure. This article shows you some of the best liquid electrical tapes and also provides you a buying guide to help you get the right products. Check on the reviews and see which of them meets your preference.

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