Who Makes Mastercraft Tires?

When it comes to seeking a suitable replacement for bad tires, various tire brands exist in the market that supplies a wide range of options. However, Mastercraft is a famous option with its name inscribed on top-quality tires; hence, you should know who makes Mastercraft tires. 

This brand offers good tires that can further enhance the safety of drivers as they hit the road while improving the vehicle’s fuel economy. Without any reservation, folks can rely on the vast lineup of tires to get their small car, truck, and crossovers on the road.

There exists a few speculations about this Mastercraft; not to worry, this piece would reveal all about the brand, its manufacturer, and some of the tire models available on the market. That would interest you for sure.

Who Makes Mastercraft Tires?

Who Makes Mastercraft Tires

Mastercraft is a famous tire brand founded in 1909 and has since been supplying premium tires across North America and various countries worldwide. However, you should know that this brand now appears as a subsidiary of Cooper Tire and Rubber Company.

This company is a renowned American designer and manufacturer that handles replacement tires for automobiles and trucks, with its headquarters in Ohio. Thus, you can rest assured that the Cooper Mastercraft tires come manufactured with top-quality materials and are pretty durable.

Who sells Mastercraft tires?

Cooper tires have various subsidiaries; Mastercraft and other top brands such as Roadmaster Tires, Starfire Tires, Avon Tires, and Dean Tires. These brands work across the 60 manufacturing, distribution, and sale facilities Cooper Tires & Rubber Company owned. 

In essence, you can easily find suitable tires for winter and commercial applications alongside effective options that would suit crossovers, passenger cars, and lightweight trucks from Mastercraft. With over a hundred years’ worth of experience, this brand has supplied various tires for different automobile applications.

Are Mastercraft tires made in the USA?

Mastercraft has tires manufactured within various manufacturing facilities across Latin America, North America, Asia, and Europe. To be specific, the following are some locations of Mastercraft tires:

  • The United States: There are Mastercraft tires manufactured across four different facilities in the US, located in Tupelo, Findlay, Tupelo, and Texarkana.
  • The United Kingdom: Melksham is another location with a Mastercraft tire manufacturing facility.
  • Mexico: This brand also has tires produced in El Salto, Mexico.

In addition to the mentioned ones, other prominent manufacturing facilities of Mastercraft tires include those in China (Kunshan and Qingdao City) and Serbia (Krusevac).

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Types of Mastercraft Tires

There are multiple tire brands in the market, but Mastercraft emerges as one of the top ones, supplying excellent tires to car owners. The brand offers products with premium quality and excellent design features and is pretty affordable.

It would interest you to know that this brand emerges as a preferable option since it is priced economically compared to some competitors. That said, the following are the popular types of Mastercraft tires currently available in the market.

Mastercraft CXT Tires

This option is a premium commercial lightweight truck tire that is capable of handling all terrains. Interestingly, this tire’s blocky design and large treads enhance tread durability and stability while resisting any form of abnormal tire wear.

Since it is tested and trusted to offer enhanced off-road durability, car owners can find it to offer great value for a long period. Thanks to the silica-rich tread compound and full-depth siping that makes the tires are handy for providing both winter and wet traction.

Mastercraft AXT Tires

This all-terrain tire lineup from Mastercraft is an excellent option that handles both on-road and off-road terrains. It features shoulder scallop designs that reveal an aggressive look, and the reward is superior performance.

With 12% more lateral grooves, you can expect improved traction from such tires across soft surfaces and even across icy conditions.

Mastercraft MXT Tires

Rides across off-road terrains can be bumpy and tough; hence, this brand supplies powerful tires that handle extreme off-road trails and mud terrains. Mastercraft constructs the MXT lineup for such purposes, as frequent off-roaders can find it as a suitable replacement option for their light trucks.

You would notice this model has aggressive upper sidewalls with abrasion resistance, designed to increase its traction as it hits the road. For added traction and an easy clean-out, the MXT comes equipped with wide grooves. 


Q: Are Mastercraft tires good?

Mastercraft is a brand that puts the needs of drivers at the top priority, supplying top-quality tires to make rides enjoyable across different trails. The brand relies on a high standard of excellence, ensuring drivers get the right tires that match their driving experience.

Without compromising on quality, Mastercraft utilizes good quality materials and manufactures its tires with increased handling parameters. 

Q: Where are Mastercraft tires made?

Mastercraft owns various facilities across the United States (Tupelo, Findlay, Tupelo, and Texarkana), the United Kingdom (Melksham), and Mexico (El Salto) that handles the design and production of the brand’s tires. 

Other prominent manufacturing facilities of Mastercraft tires include those in China (Kunshan and Qingdao City) and Serbia (Krusevac).

Q: Are Cooper tires better than Mastercraft?

Both Mastercraft and Cooper tires are prominent options within the market that supplies top-performing tires to consumers. Interestingly, both brands emerge as subsidiaries of the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. 

So, what is the difference between Mastercraft and Cooper tires? You would often find Mastercraft tires having pretty similar features to Cooper tires; nevertheless, the options from Mastercraft are priced economically.

Q: How many miles do Mastercraft tires last?

Mastercraft tires are pretty durable and a suitable option and can last between 50,000 miles to 80,000 miles depending on the tire type and the driving condition. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy a smooth, comfortable, and quiet ride all through that stipulated period.

Q: Are Mastercraft tires noisy?

Mastercraft tires offer a secure feel, which supports smooth rides with very little noise as you drive. Not only do these tires look good and perform optimally, but you can also enjoy the serenity as you drive. But some folks complained of the tires getting loud as they hit highway speed, which is pretty understandable.

Q: How old are my Mastercraft tires?

By looking through the TIN (Tire Identification Number), you can tell how old your Mastercraft tire is. The TIN often holds the code ID of the manufacturing plant, tire size code, manufacturer’s construction code, and the year of production. To get the manufacturing dates of tires that appear produced after 1999, kindly check the last four digits of your TIN.

Final Words

The market is studded with a wide range of tire brands, with a host of competitive options. Thus, getting suitable tire replacements can be challenging. Mastercraft is a prominent brand in the industry that is known for its outstanding features, premium build, and top-quality materials. 

Moreover, this brand provides tires with impressive handling, and these products further come at affordable prices and appear pretty durable. I think you are pretty clear about Who makes Mastercraft tires? To remind you further, Mastercraft emerges as a subsidiary of the renowned Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, a giant in the industry that supplies excellent replacement tires.


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