Who Makes Optima Batteries? Reviews 2024

Optima Batteries is an immensely popular and key supplier of AGM batteries, and It is a popular battery brand now due to their resiliency and efficiency. That inspires queries from both loyal customers and enthusiasts, who makes Optima batteries? Where are they made? and so on.

The battery brand is the product of Clarios LLC. Keep reading if you want to know more about Optima Batteries and if it is the right AGM battery brand to go for.

Who Makes Optima Batteries?

History of Optima Batteries

Optima Batteries has a rich history dating back to mid-1972 when the company came to be. Donald McClelland and John Devitt made a patent claim for a maintenance-free lead-acid battery. It set the pace for the establishment of the battery brand.

The target of the lead-acid battery was the marine and military sectors. The SPIRALCELL design came up at the time. The patent filed went to Gates Rubber Company in early 1975. Nine years later, the company established a starting, lighting, and ignition battery project, which targeted the military and commercial sectors.

The project’s success led to a venture into the automobile, trucks, and marine scenes. 1987 welcomed the production of Optima Batteries, the premier automotive AGM battery. In 1990, Optima Batteries Inc. surfaced, and Norway started importing and distributing the batteries. Gylling Teledata A/S, a Norwegian company, took charge of the distribution in the Scandinavia region.

Gates Rubber Company divested from Optima Batteries in 1991, and the following year, Gylling purchased Optima Batteries. The purchase preceded an increase in the popularity of the battery brand. In 1994, the company established a manufacturing plant in Denver, Colorado.

Johnson Controls acquired the company in 2000. The ride has been smooth for Optima Batteries, evident from its partnership with auto companies such as Ford and Toyota. In 2019, the company’s hands changed again, making Optima one of the Clarios battery brands.

This is the history of the ownership of Optima Batteries that have gone through certain improvements with every new owner and thus has reached its present stature. And the result is, that we find Optima Batteries as a must-include item to the list of all that have shaped our high-tech rich modern-day life. 

Optima Batteries Products

A closer look at the Optima Battery reviews will tell you that the company’s products are among its key selling points. Three types of batteries Optima Batteries offer include the Optima YELLOWTOP, REDTOP, and BLUETOP. The names denote the color scheme on the battery packs.

Optima YELLOWTOP Batteries

Optima YELLOWTOP Batteries

The YELLOWTOP is a perfect selection for modern vehicles with plenty of accessories. It can repeatedly discharge, hence its use on vehicles like caravans, 4X4s, and specialty vehicles. It is a high-performance battery with low internal resistance, translating to consistent power output.

Optima REDTOP Batteries

Optima REDTOP Batteries
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The REDTOP type is ideal for heavy-duty applications such as SUVs, trucks, and agricultural or construction equipment. It is an excellent starting battery that delivers a sturdy burst of power for sustainable ignition.

Optima BLUETOP Batteries

Optima BLUETOP Batteries
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Optima BLUETOP is a high-performance battery with impressive runtime. It has longer runtime than what you would get from a standard battery, and it is resistant to vibrations. The fast recharge and the stand-out quality of the BLUETOP make it ideal for marine settings.

You will also appreciate the optima battery technology, making the products more efficient. We are talking about the SPIRALCELL technology, which enhances the performance of the AGM batteries.

Each Optima Battery offers spiral-wound cells in a series that comprises two lead plates with a lead oxide coating. Those include one positive and one negative plate. The manufacturing process sees that the lead plate maintains critical thickness, ensuring tolerance.

Between the two plates is a proprietary separator made from micro fiberglass. It separates the two lead plates and also holds the electrolyte in place. A completed SPIRALCELL battery resembles a jelly Rolland that ensures critical temperature and humidity are constant. The result is powerful batteries that last longer and are ideal for several applications.

Optima Battery complaints are mostly to do with the price. The batteries are pricier than the standard batteries. Nevertheless, if you weigh the battery’s features and durability against the price, you realize you have an excellent bargain on your hands.

Optima Batteries Warranty and Maintenance Tips

Optima Batteries has reasonable warranties for its products. The warranties vary depending on the battery type. Optima YELLOWTOP batteries, meant for personal use, have a warranty of 36 months, 12 months, and 1 month. Commercial YELLOWTOP batteries have 24-month, 12-month, and 1-month warranties.

The REDTOP has a 36-month free replacement policy for the 6Volt and 12Volv batteries, which are suitable for passenger and non-commercial light trucks.  You get a 12-month warranty if you get the REDTOP for commercial use.

Optima BLUETOP starting and dual-purpose noncommercial batteries have a 24-month free replacement warranty. And commercial BLUETOP batteries have a 12-month warranty.

You should follow the standard practices of maintaining a car battery. Optima batteries are not such a hassle to maintain. The batteries’ design makes them resistant to corrosion and leakage. However, you should frequently check the battery terminals to ensure they are clean.

Charge the battery the right way using the default charger. A user manual will guide you in the correct way to charge the battery. But for added safety, store the battery in a cool and dry environment. Truth is, proper storage makes the battery usable even after 8-12 months.


Where Are Optima Batteries Made?

Optima Batteries is presently under the umbrella of Clarios LLC, a company that specializes in heavy-duty battery brands. Optima Batteries had its manufacturing plant in Denver, Colorado, for a long time. Presently, its headquarters is in Green Bay Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Who Makes Optima Batteries 2021?

Johnson Controls has been manufacturing Optima Batteries since 2000. In 2019, the company changed hands, and Clarios LLC is now the umbrella company that produces Optima Batteries and other heavy-duty battery brands.

Are Optima Batteries That Good?

Optima Batteries is a top-grade battery brand with several products under its line. The batteries have the SPIRALCELL technology, making them very reliable and suitable for heavy-duty and off-road vehicles. They are good and outperform rival battery brands.

Are Optima Batteries Pure Lead?

Optima batteries rely on the SPIRALCELL technology to stand out from other battery brands in the market. The electrodes are lead, with a layer of lead oxide coating, and separated from each other by a micro fiberglass separator, which also holds the electrolyte in place.

Which Optima Battery Is Better, Red or Yellow?

The Optima REDTOP is an excellent pick for a starter battery and can hold its ground in heavy-duty applications. On the other hand, the YELLOWTOP is ideal for modern vehicles with many accessories. As you can see, each battery has a specialty area; thus, the best depends on the application.

Are REDTOP Optima Batteries AGM?

Optima is a renowned name in the manufacture of AGM batteries, including the REDTOP. It is a go-to starter battery that offers a robust starting power and is highly resistant to the typical causes of battery failure.

How Long Are Optima Batteries Good for?

Optima batteries will serve you for a longer than usual lifetime, one of the key causes that endear its products to many people. If you use the battery correctly and maintain it, you can get up to 8 years from it, which is more than the flooded batteries, which can get you only 4 years.

What Is Special About Optima Batteries?

Optima Batteries have the SPIRALCELL technology, which focuses on the battery’s design to ensure efficiency. The technology ensures the batteries perform well and are suitable for various applications, including heavy-duty settings.

What Makes Optima Batteries Different?

The SPIRALCELL technology makes Optima Batteries stand out and hold its ground against its competitors. The technology brings about resistance to issues that cause battery failure, translating to resiliency and longevity.

Final Word

This piece answers your question about who makes Optima car batteries. It is a popular brand of AGM batteries with a rich history going 50 years back. The batteries are of high quality, which is evident in the popularity of the brand.

The SPIRALCELL technology helps the batteries stand out for their outstanding performance and reliability. If you are looking for an AGM battery for your car, check out the REDTOP and YELLOWTOP varieties and pick a befitting one.


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