P0700 Error Code – An Ultimate Guide

Many motorists think that the illumination of the engine warning light always indicates an issue with the vehicle’s internal combustion engine. That is not always the case. The truth is, the vehicle car computer monitors several modules in a car.

Whenever it detects issues in any of these modules, it’ll display the check engine light to notify the driver of an imminent issue in the system. The P0700 error code is a clear illustration. The P0700 code signifies an issue in the transmission and has little or nothing to do with the car engine.

While several car owners are keen on tracking and resolving car engine-related problems, very few know much about the transmission and how they operate.

This article will explain the probable causes, symptoms, diagnostics mistakes, and how to diagnose and rectify the problem. But first, let’s see the meaning of P0700 on Jeep and other car models.

p0700 code

What does error code P0700 mean?

The diagnostic trouble code P0700 means there is a fault in the tranny control system. In addition, faulty shift solenoid or other transmission problem codes may accompany the P0700 error code.

The PCM or the TCM will throw fault code P0700 whenever it detects a malfunction in the transmission system. The PCM will also project the engine warning light and trigger a failsafe mode whenever it detects these transmission problems.

When the car computer triggers a failsafe mode, also known as a limp mode, some car features will be deactivated, and it will reduce the engine performance. This means the car computer attempts to minimize the risk you would have incurred from the malfunction by reducing the engine performance.

Once the powertrain control module sets the limp mode, your baby ride will remain in that mode until you fix the issues or the computer detects normal system operation.

What is the symptom of error code P0700?

The symptoms of P0700 vary from one car to another. For instance, the symptoms of a P0700 on Dodge may vary from the signs of P0700 on Acura. However, some signs are common and appear on almost all vehicles. Here are the prominent signs of a P0700 you should watch out for.

Check engine light

The illumination of the engine warning light connotes that the powertrain control module has detected a malfunction within the engine or tranny unit. Once the transmission control module or the powertrain control module detects a malfunction on the tranny, it’ll throw a fault code and project the engine warning light to notify the driver of underlying issues. This is prominent in all car models.

Transmission shifting problems

As reiterated above, the P0700 on Subaru and other vehicle models shows the powertrain control module has detected a problem with the transmission. So, you’ll likely experience shifting issues, depending on the causes and severity of the problem. More often, you may observe shifting issues when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear.

Engine stalling or running poorly

The car engine and the transmission work hand in hand to provide a seamless driving experience. Most motorists and car owners give all the credit to the engine for turning their car into a road beast on the highway. But they did not know that the transmission is as important as the engine.

Therefore, when a transmission malfunctions and the powertrain control module or the transmission control module stores the P0700 on Duramax or any car model, the engine will stall or run poorly, especially on the highway.

Other probable signs of a logged P0700 error code include

  • Intermittent drivability issues
  • Car falls into limp mode or failsafe mode
  • Additional tranny fault codes

Once you notice any of these symptoms, diagnose and fix the problem by following the instructions in this article. However, if you’re not a DIY type, consult an experienced car mechanic to track and fix the culprit.

What Causes error code P0700?

Several factors can cause the TCM or the PCM to register the P0700 on Chevy Silverado or your respective car model. However, all these probable causes can be narrowed down to tranny’s inability to work as the manufacturer designed it.

In most cases, electrical problems cause the P0700 diagnostic trouble codes. However, it can result from a malfunction of the internal transmission components. 

Dirty or low transmission fluid

Auto manufacturers design transmissions to work optimally with adequate and clean fluid levels. Like the engine, low transmission fluid will not circulate to every nuke and cranny of the internal transmission components. So, low or dirty transmission fluid will cause the tranny to overheat and lead to excessive friction and metal shavings in the transmission.

Lousy wiring

Corroded, broken, or short circuit wiring will prevent the TCM or PCM from receiving signals on what’s happening with the tranny. The computer will misinterpret what’s happening and throw a P0700 error code. Other faulty transmission error codes may likely accompany this error code P0700 on Mercedes and other car models.

Malfunctioning PCM or TCM

Since the Powertrain control module and the transmission control module oversee the transmission operation, they will likely trigger a P0700 error code if they malfunction. If this is the root cause, the only solution will be to replace the PCM or the TCM.

Other probable causes include

How serious is the error code P0700?

A P0700 error code is a severe case and should be rectified once you notice it. Transmission problems can critically affect the drivability and cause the vehicle to stop in the middle of nowhere.

In some cases, this can cause the transmission to get stuck in one gear. But, of course, you don’t want this to happen because it puts the driver, passengers, and other road users at risk.

Additionally, due to manufacturers’ technologies in producing newer vehicles, a P0700 on Honda or your respective car model might trigger a limp mode. The limp mode will limit the vehicle functionalities to compensate for some system failures. With these limitations, most drivers will not enjoy optimal performance.

In any case, do not drive a vehicle with a P0700 error code for an extended period. Instead, I recommend you locate a nearby experienced mechanic and rectify the problem on time.

Common P0700 diagnosis mistakes

Common mistakes amongst mechanics and DIYers when fixing the P0700 error code are not following all diagnostic procedures or not following the procedures to the end. Though a specific common fix or replacement may resolve the P0700 diagnostic trouble code, this is not true in all cases. That’s why you need to follow the diagnostic procedures to the latter.

How to diagnose

If you want to get your hands dirty and fix the error code P0700 at home without paying a professional service technician, this is the right guidance you need. However, a complete and successfully P0700 diagnosis will require some specialized tools.

The biggest challenge is that some root causes may come from faulty internal transmission components. Therefore, beginners should not attempt this repair. They can end up escalating the issues.

Before proceeding, remember that this is not an intermediate repair. It is an expert-level task.

Items and Tools Needed

  • Digital multimeter
  • Scanning machine

Step 1: Scan the vehicle

Locate the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port. It is located right below the steering wheel. Plug the scan tool into the car OBD port. Read the registered codes and ensure there are no other codes in the vehicle. After that, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Examine the level and the condition of the fluid

Low or dirty transmission fluid level is the most common and easy-to-fix probable cause. So, examine the transmission fluid and ensure it’s at the right level and not burnt or dirty.

This article – what color is transmission fluid will help determine the right color you should see in the tranny. If it is burnt or dirty, replace it with a specified fluid.

Step 3: Do a visual inspection

Do a visual inspection of the transmission wiring harness. Carefully check if the wiring is frayed, burnt, pinched, or damaged. In addition, examine all the external car sensors on the transmissions. Ensure they are in good condition. 

Step 4: Check car freeze data

Examine the freeze frame data in the vehicle using a scan tool. Critically examine the road speed, RPM, throttle position, and engine load.

Step 5: Consult a certified mechanic

If there are no other codes in the vehicle’s onboard computer system and the transmission fluid is clean and at the specified level, consult a service technician. The root cause may be a faulty TCM, or you have internal transmission system issues. The service technician will track the root accuse and proffer solutions to the pending issues.

How do you fix P0700?

How to fix P0700 is not a confusing task. However, it is an expert repair job. The first step in fixing a P0700 error code is to follow the proper diagnostics procedure. This will enable you to track the root cause and fix it. Here are possible replacements that’ll fix the problem.

  • Transmission shift solenoid replacement
  • Valve body replacement
  • Replacing or repairing defective wiring
  • Transmission fluid replacement
  • PCM or TCM replacement.


How much does it cost to fix a P0700?

If you drive to a repair shop to fix a P0700 error code, the service technician will start with an hour of diagnostics. Most auto shops charge around $75 to $150 per hour. In most cases, the auto shops will add the diagnostic fees to the repair fee if you have them fix the problem.

After the diagnostic, the auto technician can estimate the repair cost and proffer solutions. 

Here are the probable repairs or replacements that’ll fix the problem.

  • The transmission fluid changes from $80 to $250
  • Fix or replace burnt wiring harness $100 to $350
  • Transmission shift solenoid replacement $200 to $300
  • Valve body replacement cost $400 to $1500
  • The transmission control module is $500 to $900.

How to Fix P0700 Engine Code in 2 Minutes YouTube

Final Words

To avoid getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, keeping an eye on the dashboard is essential. Once an engine warning light pops up on the dashboard, scan the vehicle and pull out the registered fault codes.

A common error code the TCM may throw whenever it detects an issue with the tranny is P0700. This code is a severe case because it can endanger your life and that of other road users. Therefore, fix this trouble code whenever you notice it and enjoy a seamless driving experience.

 This article has provided diagnostic and repair procedures to track and proffer solutions to the problem. So, follow the guideline in this article to resolve the problem. However, I recommend consulting an experienced mechanic if you’re not an expert.

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