Error Code P1564 Nissan – Causes, Diagnosis, & Fixes

If you own a Nissan vehicle and have encountered the dreaded “Check Engine Light” on your dashboard, you might wonder what could be causing the issue. One reason for this “check engine light” is the P1564 code.

The P1564 error code can come up in your Nissan Murano or any other Nissan vehicle. This means there is an issue with the Automatic Speed Control Device, also known as the cruise control system.

Issues with the Fuse, ASCD switch, wiring, or Engine Control Module issues can cause this P1564 error message.

Here are the details of the P1564 Nissan code, its potential causes, symptoms, and the steps you can take to diagnose and resolve the issue.

p1564 code

What is the P1564 Code?

The P1564 code is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) in Nissan vehicles. It is related to the Automatic Speed Control Device (ASCD). The ASCD is otherwise known as cruise control. 

This error message may seem slightly different depending on your specific Nissan model.

The “P1564” code may be displayed alone or in conjunction with other letters and digits in some vehicles. No matter the Nissan vehicle you drive, where there is a P1564 code, the most likely scenario is an issue with the cruise control system.

The cruise control system is a complex assembly consisting of multiple components. A thorough check is necessary to identify and address any specific issues with the ASCD accurately. Each component’s functionality must be examined to pinpoint the root cause of the problem that requires resolution.

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What is the Symptom of Error code P1564?

The most common symptom associated with the P1564 code is the Engine Light On. The most typical and easily recognizable sign is when the “Check Engine Light” comes on in the dashboard.

The P1564 code and the accompanying warning light come on the dashboard when an issue is detected with the cruise control.

What Causes error code P1564?

Several factors could trigger the P1564 code in your Nissan vehicle. Some of the common causes include:

Malfunctioning ASCD Switch: The ASCD switch is a feature in your Nissan car that allows you to set a desired speed for your vehicle to maintain without pressing the accelerator pedal continuously.

When the ASCD switch malfunctions, it means that the cruise control function may not work correctly or might not work at all.

Long trips on open roads are made more tedious by the inability to employ cruise control due to an ASCD switch that needs to be fixed. However, getting it checked and repaired by a qualified mechanic or dealership is essential. They will diagnose the issue with the ASCD switch and fix or replace it, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of cruise control.

Broken Wiring or Clock Spring: The wires and clock spring that connect the ASCD steering switch to the rest of the wiring may get damaged or break. This problem mostly happens because an earlier repair involving removal of the steering wheel wasn’t done right.

If the clock spring is not rightly placed, it will be overworked and break. The only way to know for sure is to use a voltmeter to check the voltages. A broken clock spring can also cause problems with things like the horn in the car.

Faulty PCM: The PCM is also known as the Powertrain Control Module. It acts as the brain of your car. It controls the whole cruise control operation. If you notice a significant drop in engine power and acceleration, it might be due to the faulty PCM.

You might notice that the engine does not run as smoothly as it used to or struggles to perform optimally. If so, it might be due to a faulty PCM.

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How serious error code P1564 is?

In general, error codes, including the P1564 code specific to p1564 Infiniti G35, should not be ignored. Solutions should be found for them as soon as possible. The seriousness of the error code P1564 varies depending on the underlying cause and the specific vehicle’s design.

If the cruise control becomes non-functional due to the P1564 code, it may not directly impact your ability to drive your car. It can, however, reduce driving convenience on long trips or highway journeys.

If you rely on your vehicle for a specific driving condition, the P1564 code may cause reduced engine power or responsiveness. While the P1564 code may not pose immediate safety risks, it’s crucial to consider the impact on other vehicle systems.

While the immediate safety risks may be minimal, prolonged neglect of the issue can lead to additional problems with your vehicle’s cruise control system or other related components.

P1564 Nissan

How to diagnose Nissan Vehicle Error Code P1564

Below is a well-detailed method consisting of 10 easy-to-follow steps to safely diagnose your Nissan Vehicle.

Step 1: See if there are other codes: Start by using an OBD-II reader to see if the Engine Control Module (ECM) has any other codes. More codes tell you important things about the car’s overall state and help narrow down the problem.

Step 2: Visual Inspection: Look at the parts of the ASCD system, such as the cruise control switch, wiring harnesses, and connections. Check for any damage, loose links, or other signs of wear that you can see.

Step 3: Test the ASCD switch: The ASCD switch is an important part of the speed control system. To ensure the switch works, press the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel and watch the screen to see what happens. If the ASCD switch doesn’t respond or acts strangely, it may be broken and must be replaced.

Step 4: Look for problems with the electric power: Check the ASCD system’s wire harness and connection points. Check for connection and make sure there are no open or short circuits that could stop the cruise control from working as it should.

Step 5: Look for Data Parameters: Use a professional diagnostic scanner that can get real data parameters. While the vehicle is moving, keep an eye on the data linked to the ASCD system. Look for any differences or numbers that aren’t in the normal range. This could mean that there are problems with the sensor or actuator.

Step 6: Check the Throttle Control Relay: The power for the ASCD device comes from the throttle control relay. Use a voltmeter to check the relay’s operation and ensure it gives out power as needed.

Step 7: Check the vacuum lines (if needed): Some Nissan cars may have an ASCD device that works with a vacuum. If you need to, check the vacuum lines for leaks, cracks, or breaks that could affect how the system works.

Step 8: Check the switch for the brake pedal: When you hit the brakes, the cruise control device usually turns off. Ensure that the brake pedal switch works properly and sends the right messages to the ASCD system when the brakes are applied.

Step 9: Read the Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs): Check to see if any TSBs for your Nissan model are tied to the P1564 code. TSBs often give useful information about known problems and how to fix them.

Step 10: Get Professional Help: If you need help figuring out what caused the P1564 code or need the right diagnostic tools, it’s best to ask a skilled mechanic or a Nissan dealership for help. They have the knowledge and tools to diagnose and fix problems linked to ASCD accurately.

Common P1564 diagnosis mistakes

Here are some mistakes that people often make when trying to figure out what this code means:

Getting the problem wrong: As the ASCD steering switch is connected to the P1564 code, checking this part first is important. Other issues, like a bad fuse, wire harness, or Engine Control Module (ECM), may also cause the code to appear, but these should be checked after the ASCD steering switch.

Not checking the voltage signal: The P1564 code is set off when the ASCD steering switch sends the engine the wrong voltage signal.

Using a multimeter or another diagnostic tool to check the voltage signal to see if the switch is working right is important.

Assuming the switch is Faulty: Most of the time, the P1564 code is caused by the ASCD steering switch, but it’s important to ensure the switch is truly damaged before replacing it.

By avoiding these common mistakes and thoroughly diagnosing the issue, one can effectively understand the P1564 code in Nissan vehicles.

How do you fix the P1564 Nissan?

It’s important to note that the specific fix for the P1564 code, also known as “ASCD steering switch circuit malfunction,” will depend on the root cause of the issue. Diagnosing the problem and checking all possible causes, including the ASCD steering switch, can help determine the best course of action.

Here are some fixes for the P1564 code in Nissan vehicles.

Step 1: Verify the Code: Confirm that the error code P1564 is indeed present in the vehicle. Ensure the car is having that particular issue.

Step 2: Check for Other Codes: Perform a comprehensive scan of the vehicle to check for any other related codes that may provide additional insight into the issue.

Step 3: Test the ASCD Switch: Test the functionality of the ASCD switch by pressing the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel while monitoring the response on the dashboard. The switch may need replacement if it is unresponsive or exhibits inconsistent behavior.

Step 4: Replace the ASCD steering switch: The most common cause of the P1564 code is a faulty ASCD steering switch. Replacing the switch with a new one can often fix the issue.

Step 5:  Fix the wire harness or get a new one: The P1564 code can show up if the wire harness for the ASCD steering switch is exposed or shorted. This can be fixed by fixing or changing the wiring harness.

Step 6:  Check the fuse: The P1564 code can also be caused by a blown battery. The problem can be fixed by checking and then changing the fuse.

Approx. Repair Cost

A professional should be able to figure out the cause of a P1564 Nissan error code in about an hour. You can do this, but it will take more time and work.

The cost of figuring out what’s wrong with your car will depend on the repair shop.

To determine what’s wrong, you must look at the car’s switches, check the ASDC wiring harness, and take apart the steering wheel. If you need help with how to do that, it’s best to let a professional do it.


What does the P1564 error code mean in Nissan vehicles?

The P1564 error code in Nissan vehicles is specific to the Automatic Speed Control Device (ASCD) or cruise control system. It indicates a potential issue with the cruise control system, which could result in reduced functionality or complete non-operation of the cruise control feature.

Can I continue driving my Nissan with the P1564 error code?

While the P1564 error code may not cause immediate safety hazards, it can lead to the malfunction of the cruise control system. If the cruise control is essential for your driving preferences, it’s best to address the issue promptly to restore its functionality.

Can I fix the P1564 error code myself?

Fixing the P1564 error code requires a thorough diagnostic process and an understanding of the ASCD system. If you have automotive repair experience and the necessary tools, you can attempt to diagnose and fix the issue. However, seeking help from a qualified mechanic or Nissan dealership is advisable for accurate diagnosis and effective resolution.

How can I prevent the P1564 error code from occurring in the future?

Regular maintenance and timely inspections of your vehicle’s ASCD system can help prevent the occurrence of the P1564 error code. Ensure that you follow the recommended service intervals and promptly address any issues related to the cruise control to avoid potential complications.

Final Words

When the P1564 error code is fixed correctly, the cruise control system works again. This makes it easier for drivers to keep a steady speed on roads and long trips. It is important to deal with the problem as soon as possible to avoid possible safety risks, higher emissions, and a longer period of driving trouble.

In short, dealing with the P1564 error code requires paying attention to details, following the right diagnostic steps, and, if necessary, getting help from pros. By fixing the problem properly, Nissan users can get the most out of their cruise control system and make sure that driving is smooth and reliable.

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