Rain X vs. Trico – Comparison of The Market Leaders

You can say the windshield wipers are one of the most underrated car parts, seeing the crucial role they play. It does away with water and dirt on the glass surface, enhancing visibility. Several windshield wiper brands decorate the automotive parts market. It brings us to the Rain X vs. Trico discussion.

The two names are market leaders and have been on the scene for a considerable time, assurance of product quality. We will look at each brand to help you decide the brand to opt for.

Rain X Windshield Wipers

rain x wiper blades

Commencing our discussion is Rain X, one of the most preferred wiper dealers. It has been around for around 50 years, beginning its operations in 1972. Its operating philosophy is ‘Helping Drivers Outsmart The Elements,’ hinting at its dedication to quality.

Rain X has a diverse collection of products dealing with the car windshield. The Rain X Silicone AdvantEdge wiper blades are premium and versatile. They are durable and function well in various environmental conditions. If you are looking for the best wiper blades for winter, the AdvantEdge blades are your answer. Plus, they do well in extreme heat and optimum weather.

The rubber blades have a graphite coat that reduces friction and noise when cleaning the windshield. The beam blade technology ensures uniform pressure distribution for efficiency when clearing your car’s window. A flexible and asymmetric spoiler has aerodynamic properties to cut through the wind when you are moving fast; as such, the current does not affect the functionality of the blades.

Apart from wiper blades, Rain X also stocks glass cleaners, bug and tar removers, waxes, headlight restoration kits, and car washes. It is a reliable company for your vehicle’s cleaning needs.

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Trico Windshield Wipers

trico wiper blades

Trico has been a significant player in the windshield market for over a century. The company came to be in 1917 and took the distinction of being the first mass producer of commercially available wipers. Over the years, Trico expanded tremendously, introducing more products under its name.

The Trico Super Premium wiper blade is one of the finest pieces of technology around. Under this product line, you find the Trico Silicone Ceramic. It features an exclusive coating to protect the blade from ozone and ultraviolet rays that damage the standard rubber blades.

Still, under Trico’s catalog, you find hybrid technology, extreme weather factory performance, professional fit, and heavy-duty/ RV wiper blades. In short, Trico has any wiper blade that you need for your vehicle.

If shopping for this car part on Trico’s online platform, you can sort your results according to region, vehicle model, year, and driver position. It makes it easier to find the correct item.

Rain X vs. Trico Differences

Rain X and Trico share several similarities, such as having premium windshield wipers, whose selling points include versatility and resilience. Trico has been in the scene for a pretty long time, over a century, and it was among the first wiper manufacturers.

Rain X, on the other hand, has been around for 50 years. While it is a shorter time than that of Trico, it gives it an edge in the wiper market. 

Talking about quality, each brand has silicone wiper blades, an excellent material that works better than rubber. Perks of silicone blades include reduced friction, which prevents windshield streaks and works noiselessly.

When you peruse the sites of Trico and Rain X, you will realize that the latter is more diverse. Besides the wipers, it stocks car washes, glass cleaners, wax, and bug removers. Under the wiper blades, you have the beam, hybrid, conventional and rear blades.

Trico is also versatile, but it specializes solely in blades. Its items are premium, super-premium, hybrid technology, extreme weather, and many more.

Trico vs. Bosch vs. Rain X, which is the best? All the brands bring their A-game in wiper manufacturing, with Bosch doing its best in quality and diversity. Bosch has the Evolution, Clear Advantage, Insight, and MicroEdge wiper blades, among many more.

The wipers’ design will sort different driving needs such as extreme weather, night driving, snow, and quiet operation. Bosch wiper blades also nail it on durability and ease of installation.


Is Trico A Good Wiper Blade?

Trico is a highly-recognized wiper blade manufacturer and has been a pioneer in the industry with a presence extending over a century. It has top-grade products that meet specific needs, like heavy-duty, extreme performance, and all-weather usage. Moreover, the wiper blades are durable, guaranteeing you a lengthy service.

Are Rain X Wipers Better?

Rain X wiper blades are some of the best that you can find in the market, assuring you of top quality. The use of silicone improves the functionality of the wipers, ensuring a clean windshield with zero streaks and no sound emission. From its catalog, you get several blades that you pick depending on your car model or intended use.

Which Wiper Blades Are The Best?

The market has several wiper blade brands, each claiming to be the best. As per customer reviews, Rain X, Trico, and Bosch take the top spots, courtesy of how good their products are. Additionally, you are sure to get a befitting wiper regardless of your car model, year, and area of use.

Which Rain X Wiper Blade Is The Best?

Rain X has a broad product catalog, with wiper blades of various specifications. As per client reviews, the Rain X Latitude is the best, supported by features like noise reduction, wind lift, and streak-free visibility. Additionally, the wiper blade works well in sleet, rain, and snow.

Is Trico A Good Brand?

Trico has been on the scene for over a century and knows what its customers look for when looking for a wiper blade. According to customer reviews, it is a reliable brand with commodities for different types of vehicles. It also has the distinction of inventing the wiper blade back in 1917.

Who Makes Trico Wipers?

Trico wipers is a product of Crowne LLC, which deals in both aftermarket and original-equipment-manufacturer automotive parts. Trico has been around for over 100 years and has been making enormous strides in the vehicle parts industry.

Are Expensive Windshield Parts Worth It?

You should consider the price of wiper blades when getting one for your vehicle. While cheaper blades seem to be the best choice, they may have poor quality. Expensive windshield parts from renowned dealers are usually high-quality, featuring silicone as the primary material. They are worth the spending and assure you of lengthy service.

Final Word

A car wiper is an essential part of your car, serving the need for a clean windshield. You need to get the best wiper blades for a clean windshield and prevent issues like streaking and scratches. I hope this article will help you have the required exposure to Rain X vs. Trico dissection, a comparison of market leaders in the provision of car wipers.

You can see their respective selling points and determine the brand your vehicle needs. Always go for silicone wiper blades due to their frictionless and noiseless operation. Also, some silicone blades coat the glass surface with a layer of silicone molecules to prevent water adherence. 


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