Silicone Wiper Blades vs. Rubber: What are The Best?

The wiper comes in handy when it is raining by keeping the windshield clear as you drive. Additionally, these car components help to clean and defrost windshields. The blade is the part of the wipers that come into contact with the window. It brings us to the silicone wiper blades vs. rubber discussion.

In this case, we look at the materials used to make the blade. Both materials function well, though most people are presently going for silicone. Hang on to know which of the two is the best and their respective redeeming attributes.

What Is A Silicone Wiper Blade?

Silicone wiper blades, as their name suggests, are silicone constructions. They feature in several wiper models due to the material’s efficiency in clearing water droplets and other mess from the windshield.

Looking at silicone wiper blades Reddit discussions, you can understand why they are among the best selections and how they work. A benefit of this type of wiper blade is its durability. It will serve you for ages without signs of wearing out.

The crème of its perks is where it coats the windshield with a hydrophobic layer over time. This layer prevents the adhesion of water droplets on the window surface; hence, wiping away rainwater is a straightforward task.

Moreover, silicone blades are noiseless. When the wiper moves, you won’t hear screeching sounds, which can be pretty uncomfortable.

Best Silicone Wiper Blades

When shopping for the best silicone wiper blades, you will come across several wiper brands that claim to give you the finest offer. We narrow down the brands to bring you those that stand out.

best Silicone Wiper Blades

PIAA 95055 Super Silicone Blade

PIAA silicone wiper blades are some of the most efficient you can get, evident from the performance of the 95055 super silicone blade. Durability is this brand’s selling point as the blade is resistant to degradation brought about by sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

In addition, this wiper component’s aerodynamic frame, with equal pressure points, ensures noiseless operation. The silicone has water repellent properties, and its coat on the windshield surface prevents the adhesion of water droplets.

Installation is a simple process. The blades can work with silicone refills.

Highlighted Features

  • An aerodynamic frame with uniform pressure points.
  • Product weight: 6.4-ounces.
  • A painted exterior.
  • Item size: 22-inches.
  • Fit type: car specific.

Silblade WB118S Premium Silicone Wiper Blade

The Silblade WB118S lives up to the expectations of a silicone wiper blade, seen from its durability and functionality. Its robust patented formula makes it resistant to agents like sunrays, oil, and grime. Furthermore, the Silblade wiper blade can withstand extreme temperature variations without wearing.

Still, on durability, this product sports a high gauge, powder-coated steel frame. It balances the blades, allowing for maximum performance.

The silicone wiper sports a PTFE coating, allowing it to glide effortlessly on the windshield without emitting noise. Also, a silicone formulation will coat the glass surface within the first 90-days of use. The hydrophobic coat makes wiping water droplets an easy engagement.

Highlighted Features

  • Item size: 18-inches.
  • A silicone formulation that creates a hydrophobic layer on the windshield.
  • Patented PTFE coating.
  • Product weight: 5.6-ounces.

Rain-X Silicone Endura Wiper Blade

Rain-X silicone Endura is another excellent wiper blade to consider. It assures you of longevity, giving you up to twice the lifetime offered by standard rubber blades. It owes its durability to its Climate Defense Technology, which protects against harsh environmental agents like extreme temperatures and sun rays.

Its flexible beam blade technology offers even pressure points. As such, the blade glides gently and quietly over the windshield’s surface. It also fits the windshield’s curvature, making it ideal for different vehicle models.

The Rain-X silicone wiper blade features the UNICLICK adapter system, allowing for hassle-free installation on the arms of various car models.

Highlighted Features

  • The Climate Defense Technology shields the blades from harsh weather elements.
  • A flexible beam blade technology provides uniform pressure points.
  • The UNICLICK adapter system ensures easy installation.
  • Item size: 28-inches.
  • Product weight: 8.1-ounces.

Pros of Silicone Wiper Blades

Are silicone wiper blades better selections? A look at its pros answers this question in the affirmative. The silicone blades are sturdier than most materials, translating to longevity. You will hardly have to deal with the wiper blade not touching the glass, as the blade is less prone to wear.

You will also appreciate the functionality of this type of wiper blade. They are noiseless and do not bring streaks on the mirror surface. Moreover, they coat the windshield with a layer of silicone. It gives the mirror hydrophobic properties; thus, it is easier for water droplets to flow down the windshield’s surface.

In addition, these wiper blades work well in different weather conditions. They are reliable for rainy and snowy seasons, leaving you with a clear windshield.


Despite having many advantages, silicone wiper blades have a few downsides that you should know about. 

They are quite expensive and, at times, inaccessible. Plus, some silicone wiper blade brands are vulnerable to extreme temperature changes. In case of high or low temperatures, their functionality dips.

What Is A Rubber Wiper Blade?

Onto the other part of our discussion, we look at rubber wiper blades. They have been in the automotive industry for a long time, as they are accessible. Furthermore, they are affordable and show a degree of resiliency.

A thing to know about rubber wiper blades is that they come in various classes. The heavy-duty ones perform well and are viable options for silicone wiper blades. Then there are the standard types, which are affordable and will work well. However, their resiliency might be pretty low; as such, you need regular replacements.

best rubber wiper blades

Best Rubber Wiper Blades

If you decide on rubber blades, there are brands to look at for a desirable quality. Highlighted below are selections that you may consider.

EMITHSUN OEM Quality Wiper Blades

The first pick is the EMITHSUN OEM rubber wiper blades. A distinctive element of this product is its sturdiness, making it a long-lasting component. It is thick and guarantees you all-weather performance.

Functionality-wise, it won’t disappoint you, courtesy of a dual, high tenacity spring steel sheet. Also, there is a wind spoiler, which works with the steel sheet for even pressure distribution. The unsupported beam is stable and will work well in both snowy and rainy weather. The blades are also quiet when running.  

Highlighted Features

  • Material: rubber and steel.
  • Item size: 18-inches.
  • Weight: 12-ounces.
  • Fit type: car specific.
  • An unsupported beam for stability.

Bosch A282H Rear Wiper Blade

Bosch rubber wiper blades are among the best you can come across in the market. The A282H rear wiper blade is an OEM standard component that delivers on its promise of quality. It is a double rubber construction, which means it is resilient and will have your back for a considerable time.

A special coating element sees that the blade moves smoothly over the mirror surface. It does not emit any sounds as it glides, doing away with the nuisance that is noise. In addition, the rubber features blended-in graphite for a consistent wipe.

The Bosch A282H wiper blade has the support of exclusive tension spring arcing technology. This technology ensures that the blade gets a perfectly contoured fit on the rear window.

Highlighted Features

  • Double rubber construction.
  • A special coating element for easy gliding.
  • The rubber has a graphite blend.
  • An exclusive tension spring arcing technology.
  • Item size: 18-inches.
  • Item weight: 12-ounces.

Parrati Premium All-Season Wiper Blades

Installing wiper blades is quite a hurdle for many, especially if they do not fit well. In such a scenario, you need adapters. Time to say goodbye to this issue with the Parrati premium all-season wiper blades. They are high-quality parts that will offer you an excellent service.

The product’s primary material is AA-grade natural rubber, which is robust and less prone to degradation. Its dual-precision tensioned steel spring with an asymmetrical wind spoiler provides even pressure distribution. As such, the blade cleans fine and emits low noise.

Moreover, the blade conforms to the windshield curvature. In this vein, you can fit it on various vehicle models and do away with wet spots on the windshield.

Highlighted Features

  • AA-grade natural rubber.
  • A dual-precision tensioned steel spring with asymmetrical wind spoiler for uniform pressure distribution.
  • Item weight: 12-ounces.
  • Item size: 18-inches.

Pros of a Rubber Wiper Blade

Many people will go for rubber wiper blades due to their affordability. They are accessible and also very reliable. The edge of robustness provided by rubber blades makes them durable and will serve you for a long period.

Rubber is also pretty resilient against weather elements like extreme temperature changes and sunrays.


The quality of rubber wiper blades varies, where you find the high-quality ones are expensive but resilient. The low-quality selections are cheap but degrade fast. There is also the issue of streaking and noise production that you may encounter.

Silicone Wiper Blades vs. Rubber Wiper Blades Differences

Silicone and rubber wiper blades have several contrasting points, the main one being the materials. We will look at the following elements to know more about the variations of these two types of wiper blades.


Noises come from the friction between the blade and the windshield. It can be too loud and uncomfortable when driving. Silicone wiper blades emit low to zero noise and are one of its selling points. High-grade rubber blades are also noiseless. Low-quality rubber may be pretty noisy, producing squeaking or screeching sounds.

Durability and Cost

Focusing on durability, silicone takes the top spot. However, some users complain about its resiliency against extreme temperature changes. The downside of silicone blades is their steep price and their scarcity.

On the other hand, blades made from natural rubber are very durable and reasonably priced. Standard rubber blades are not very durable and can last for some months. The good thing about them is that they are affordable.


The other key area to look at is performance, where silicone wiper blades bring their best. Over time, the silicone blades coat the windshield in a layer of silicone, making it hydrophobic. Water won’t adhere to the glass and instead form droplets that easily flow. It makes the wiping process easier and more effective.

Rubber blades also perform well, especially if you get an OEM standard product from the right supplier. If the quality is low, the performance will likewise be low.


Are Silicone Wiper Blades Better Than Rubber?

Silicone wiper blades are going mainstream courtesy of their usability. Many auto pundits consider them better than rubber blades, with standout elements being durable and noiseless operation. Natural rubber blades perform at almost the same level as silicone wiper blades.

Which Type Of Wiper Blades Is The Best?

When looking for the best wiper blades, there are factors that you should consider. 

Below are some of the best wiper blades and their appealing properties.


Many people opt for silicone due to its durability. Plus, it operates quietly and glides smoothly over the glass.

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber is robust; hence, you will use it for a long time. If you get the blades from renowned brands, you will benefit from their high-quality and features like noiseless operation and zero streaks on the windshield surface.


Teflon comes as a coating to rubber wiper blades. It is an excellent material that is effective in clearing moisture and dirt from the glass. A look at the Teflon vs. silicone wiper blades discussion; you realize that both do a perfect job in noiseless cleaning the windshield.

How Do You Clean Silicone Wiper Blades?

A dirty wiper blade is a cause of alarm as it can cause streaks on your windshield. In severe situations, it may lead to wearing the windshield and the blades themselves, as the dirt erodes the surface. It is advisable to clean the blades every 2-3 months. It is a simple affair, where you run a moist cloth over the blade’s edge, seeing that there is no remaining dirt.

What Wiper Blades Last The Longest?

Durability is a crucial factor to look at when getting wiper blades. Listed below are the different wiper blades and how durable they are.


Silicone wiper blades are some of the best in the market, and longevity is one of its standout attributes. It will have your back for months before you think about a replacement.

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber performs to the same extent as silicone when it comes to longevity. It is a high-quality material that is also safe for the windshield.

Regular Rubber

On the lower end of the spectrum, we have regular rubber, which is very common. It is affordable, though you might have to replace it every 2 months due to its degradation rate.

Are Silicone Wiper Blades Worth It?

Many auto pundits favor silicone wiper blades due to their amazing features, like performance. They efficiently clean your windshield, leaving no grime and doing the job without noise like noises or leaving streaks. Additionally, they are long-lasting. Despite their high price tag, they give you the best value.

Are Expensive Wiper Blades Worth It?

Price is a top factor to consider when getting a car part. Most of the time, high-quality products have a high price tag. It does not mean that all of the products, in this case, wiper blades, with a high price tag, are of excellent quality. Pay attention to the material and other things like warranty and usability. If all factors seem favorable, then the high price is justifiable.

Are OEM Wiper Blades Better?

Original equipment manufacturer or OEM standard wiper blades are the go-to options as they are good quality, and installation is a walk in the park. They are of the same standard as the original equipment and will function to the same degree.

How Do I Choose Wiper Blades?

Choosing wiper blades requires keenness for you to land at the finest selection. The following are some elements to keep in mind when shopping for a wiper blade.


Start by looking at the material of the wiper blade. Rubber and silicone are among the most popular materials due to their resiliency. Pick the material that you prefer and feel will be a great fit for your vehicle.


The price of the wiper blades will also guide you to the right pick. Always work within your budget to prevent you from getting into a tight financial spot.

Terms Of Warranty

A warranty guarantees you compensation if the product is faulty or malfunctions. You look at the warranty terms for wiper blades, with your sights set on one with favorable conditions.

Vehicle Compatibility

When looking for a befitting wiper blade, you will realize that some selections fit some car models and not others. Go for one that fits your car wipers. If you do not get one, you may choose a preferable selection with adapters for easy installation.

Final Word

Wiper blades are crucial components that handle the task of cleaning your windshield. This article brings you the silicone vs. rubber wiper blades debate to understand their functioning and see which one is the best.

Some of the giveaways we derive from this piece include the durability of silicone blades and the affordability of rubber blades. With the information provided, you are now able to pick the most befitting between the two materials.  


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