Tesla Semi Truck – Out-truck the Rivals in Every Aspect

If it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla is a pioneer. The company has been making headlines for its innovative EV technology for years. Now, Tesla is turning its attention to the trucking industry with a new truck – Tesla Semi Truck for sale.

The Tesla Electric Semi truck is an all-electric Class 8 truck that Tesla claims can carry up to 80,000 pounds. So, huge cargo of commercial, agricultural, medicinal products, and other heavy loads will transport now on an all-electric alternative to the diesel engine counterparts. That means a huge cut in transport cost – 2.5 times cheaper compared to diesel.

Wondering about the tesla semi truck range? Yes, it is befitting the rage and craze since the unveiling ceremony. It can run 300-500 miles (max) on a single charge, and the long range can be 620 miles when unloaded.

tesla semi truck specs

Tesla semi-truck Overview

Unveiled in November of 2017 and set to begin production in 2019, the Tesla semi truck release date was hinted to be in 2020. But the release was delayed for practical reasons, and the battery cells’ limitation in global supply is the key reason. Let’s have a walk-through of the first commercial Tesla truck.

The Tesla Semi Truck is said to have Enhanced Autopilot, which allows for hands-free driving on the highway and can automatically brake and keep the truck in its lane. As for its durability and sturdiness, Elon Musk guaranteed the car wouldn’t break in a million miles. This is actually a new frontier for Tesla and a wonderful addition to the variety of trucks. With four independent motors working dynamically to adjust to the changing conditions, jackknifing would be a matter of the past. The motors can interest electric car motors enthusiasts to delve deep into them.

Foreseeing the upcoming challenge of recharging a bank of robust batteries, Musk announced their plan to set up a global network of Megachargers. Those mega chargers or charging stations would be solar-powered to recharge the trucks incredibly fast so that you do not have to wait longer on the move. Not to surprise, tesla’s semi truck charge time is just 30 minutes to run 400 miles with 80% charge completed.

True to their words, Giga Nevada saw the first Megacharger installed by Tesla in 2021, and the second one was seen in late 2021 at the Modesto Pepsi facility. You can rest assured that the EV technology giant won’t stop at these two charging stations as they meant it to be a global network. 

Tesla’s semi-truck interior went through several revamps and modifications since the model release in 2019. The trendy modifications include door handles, back black trim, and visible rear-wheel. Noticeably, the new dashboard seems to have been redesigned to give a tiered look. 

As if oath-bound to out-truck the combustion engine counterparts, it cuts fuel costs down to a fraction of that spent by gas-powered trucks. Moreover, the smart design, impressive performance, and robust cargo-hauling capability are the benefits to reap from this wonder all-electric truck. So, it is not a surprise why big names like Walmart, J. B. Hunt, Anheuser, DHL, and the like appear at the top of the list of who pre-ordered this truck.

How can the giants in the logistics business avoid the lure of the automatic tire inflation process, superior aerodynamics, improved traction control, anti-jackknifing design, and thermonuclear glass to withstand explosion? 

Onlookers may make the mistake of thinking it a sci-fi movie vehicle featured with an uncluttered cabin, massive front grilles for max airflow, and a 6*4 tractor layout. To summarize tesla semi specs, it will run 300-500 miles on a single charge, can haul up to 80,000 lbs of loads, and can be recharged (80%) in 30 mins. And this tesla semi truck weighs 8,000 lbs – evidence of its sturdiness.

Tesla Semi Prices

Tesla Semi prices have been announced, and they are very competitive. The base price for a Tesla Semi is $150,000 for the 300-mile range unit. Tesla also offers a higher range version of the Semi for $180,000 which has a range of 500 miles. Another truck to add to the line is the tesla semi-Founder series at $200000 to be reserved at full upfront cost.

The company says that its Semi will be able to save businesses money on fuel costs and maintenance. And they claim that their Semi is safer than diesel trucks as it doesn’t have a large engine in the front, which can jackknife and crash into others.

Starting from the press conference to mid-January 2018, there have been 450 reservations or pre-orders at $5000, which reached $20,000, seeing the raging popularity. And as per Tesla’s earning call, the number of pre-orders reached 2000 by the first quarter of 2018. As for the tesla semi truck price in Canada, it is $26000 CAD for a reservation of a tesla semi and full upfront pay of $257000 CAD for the Tesla semi Founders series. You May Get Tesla news, events, and product updates.

Pros of Tesla Semi Truck

There are many potential benefits of the Tesla Semi Truck that make it stand out in the crowd. Here you go.

  • The truck has the potential to be much cheaper to operate than a traditional diesel truck. 
  • Longer range per charge and incredible running life (one million miles)
  • The Semi Truck could help reduce emissions from the transportation sector 
  • Extra-ordinary aerodynamics make it quicker and achieve a longer running range 
  • Explosion-proof glass area extending to the door front
  • Featured with ATIS – automatic tire inflation system
  • Large powertrain and jaw-gaping performance score 
  • With 80,000 lbs of cargo-hauling, Tesla’s semi-truck towing capacity would be pretty high.

Cons of Tesla semi truck

There are some potential drawbacks to the Tesla Semi.

  • First, it’s unclear how much the truck will actually cost. Tesla has said that the Semi will start at $150,000, but it’s unclear if that price includes the cost of batteries or charging infrastructure. 
  • Second, it’s also unclear how well the Semi will perform in cold weather. The truck will have battery heating and other features to help it in cold weather, but it’s unclear how well those features will work.
  • Also, the Semi is limited to a maximum weight of 80,000 pounds.
  • As per third-party analysis, everything said for the truck may be difficult to achieve with the existing technology for the EV industry,

Run-down of Tesla Semi Specs, Design, and Features

A run-down of specs, design, and crucial features showcased in a table will give better exposure to this upcoming truck.

Price $150000-200000
Models and Range 300-mile range,

500-mile range

Founders Series

Weight (Loaded) 82000 lbs
Charging Time Recharge 70% in 30 mins
Acceleration 0-60mph 20 secs (5% grade speed up)
Battery Options Smaller Pack-300-mile range
The larger pack – 500-mile range
Energy Consumption Lower than 2 kWh per mile
Layout 6 by 4 Tractor layout
Design & Features Uncluttered cabin,

Front Grilles,

Enhanced Autopilot,

Explosion-proof thermonuclear glass (wind shield)

Auto Tire Inflation System,

Touchscreen Displays on both sides of the Steering

Number of Motors 3 Independent Motors to prevent jackknifing

tesla semi truck load capacity


How much will a Tesla truck cost?

The cost of the Tesla truck is significantly higher than that of diesel trucks. And a single-motor all-wheel Tesla truck known as Cybertruck start at around $39,000, whereas the dual motor version claims a bit more – $49,000. However, the top-of-the-line truck that is a tri-motor truck with giant power costs around $69 000. 

Musk announced in 2017 that Tesla is coming with a Semi-truck to be released by the end of 2022. The truck offers a range of 300-500 miles and is able to recharge in 30 minutes. He also claims that the truck will be cheaper to operate than a diesel truck, thanks to lower maintenance and fuel costs. Currently, the Tesla Semi cost ranges from $150000 to $180000. 

It’s still unclear how much demand will be for the Tesla truck, but if it lives up to Musk’s claims, it could revolutionize the long-haul trucking industry. 

Is the Tesla Semi Truck available?

The Tesla Semi truck is not available for purchase yet. The company’s face Elon Musk earlier said about their plan to release the truck in 2019 but didn’t give a specific date. 

However, the prototype was unveiled in 2017, creating a huge fanfare stir. It was not released at the said date, but the CEO of Tesla tweeted on 10 August 2022 to inform the fanfare that they would see the Semi-truck getting shipped by the end of this year.

Due to the high amount of interest in the Tesla Semi, the truck will likely sell out quickly once it is released.

Can anyone buy a Tesla Semi?

Yes, anyone can buy a Tesla Semi. Tesla has been receiving reservations for the truck since the announcement in 2017, with a $5,000 spiraling to $20,000 immediately. Production is expected to begin in 2019. The base price for the truck is $150,000 for a 300-mile range and $ 180000 for its 500 miles range unit. 

So, anyone who has already made a reservation will be considered first, and one without a reservation will have to wait for availability. 

The truck has several features that make it more efficient than diesel trucks, including lower rolling resistance tires and aerodynamic body panels.

How much horsepower does a Tesla semi truck have?

This Tesla truck is a heavy-duty electric vehicle designed and built by Tesla, Inc. The semi truck is said to have backed by three independent motors to haul up to 80,000 pounds. It can speed up faster from 0 to 60 mph in 20 seconds. As for horsepower, it is said to have around 1,000 horsepower backed by fuel power sourced from the batteries lying at the base of the vehicle.

How far can a Tesla Semi go on one charge?

This is an all-electric Class 8 truck with a range of up to 300-500 miles on a single charge. Tesla says that the Semi will be able to travel at highway speeds with a full load for the duration of its range.

And the Tesla Semi will be available in two battery options, one with a 300-mile range and the other with a 500-mile range. 

Does the Tesla Semi have a sleeper?

The Tesla Semi can drive for long periods without stopping, so there is a need for a sleeper. 

As the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla is always looking for ways to innovate and improve its products. It is no different, and one of the most talked-about features is the unique Tesla semi truck interior sleeper design – a black box above the second cabin. 

Are there any electric semi trucks?

Yes, there are electric semi-trucks. In fact, a few companies are already testing them out. The Tesla Semi is one example. This all-electric truck ranges 500 miles and can accelerate to the top speed of 60 mph in 20 seconds. Another company, Nikola Motors, is also working on an electric semi-truck. Its Nikola One truck has a range of 350 miles.

China company Geely unveiled the Homtruck in November to hit the roads in 2024, as declared. Another brand, Freightliner, adds to the line as they released one named Cascadia truck with 230 miles range.  

Is Tesla Semi a good investment?

Tesla Semi is a new electric semi-truck unveiled by Tesla Motors. Equipped with several electric motors that provide maximum torque, tesla semi truck acceleration (0-60 mph in 20 seconds) is ideal for hauling heavy loads up hilly terrain. With a max range of 300 to 500 miles on a single charge, the Tesla Semi can travel further than the rival electric trucks on the market.

The initial investment for the Tesla Semi is obviously high, but it will save owners money in the long run. The cost of operating a Tesla Semi is far lower than a diesel truck, and maintenance costs are also significantly lower. With oil changes or tuning-ups, tire rotations are the only major maintenance required for the Tesla Semi. 

How long is the wait for Tesla Semi?

Announced and unveiled in November 2017, the Tesla Semi has been in production since 2020. However, the wait time for the Tesla Semi can be up to 2 years. This is due to the high demand for Tesla Semis and the limited production capacity.

If you are interested in Tesla Semi, it is best to get on the waiting list as soon as possible. However, even if you get on the waiting list today, you may not receive your truck until the end of 2022. So, it is likely that this Tesla consumer truck will hit the commercial route in 2023.

How many are Tesla semis ordered?

As of June 2019, Tesla received orders for about 200 electric semis from companies including Walmart, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and PepsiCo. 

 As is indicated in the overview section, nearly 2000 pre-orders were made by the first quarter of 2018. So, it is obvious that the total orders would be more than 2000. 

Does the Tesla Semi have air brakes?

The Tesla Semi does not have air brakes. Instead, it uses an electric braking system that is more efficient and requires less maintenance than air brakes. The Tesla Semi also doesn’t have a regenerative braking system that captures energy from the brakes and uses it to recharge the battery. Rather, it uses a dynamic braking system, meaning no electricity will be produced from braking to add to the battery. 

How many batteries are in a Tesla Semi? 

The Tesla Semi is an all-electric semi-truck with a range of 500 miles on a single charge. It’s backed by four electric motors, one at each wheel, and uses a large battery pack to store energy – the robust electric car battery pack.

So, the number of batteries in a Tesla Semi depends on the version of the truck. The base model has a battery pack with enough capacity for 300 miles of range, while the longer-range version has a larger pack that can store enough energy for 500 miles of driving.

Interestingly, the Tesla Semi can actually recharge its batteries much faster than a typical electric car. With the help of a special high-power charger, the truck can add 400 miles of range in just 30 minutes. That means it can quickly refuel during long hauls and return on the road in no time. You may be curious to know about the manufacturers of Tesla batteries.

Want to Avoid the Crowded Semi Truck Marketplace?

If you are in need of transporting huge cargo and you want an all-electric truck to serve your purpose, the Tesla semi truck should be your sole lookout. With this truck at your disposal, you can out-truck the rivals. So, avoid the crowded truck market, as this will stand taller than others in terms of power, range, performance, maneuverability, and comfort.  And the stunning exterior and spacious interior design are a plus you cannot resist.

When going for an EV vehicle, the two most crucial concerns are range and charging time.  The Tesla semi will beat all the competitors by its 300-500 mile range and incredibly short 30-min Tesla semi truck charge time. The upfront cost is pretty high, but the Tesla CEO assures of a $200000 cut in two years.

So, grab the opportunity at your earliest convenience by making a reservation.


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