Who Makes Toyo Tires?

All car parts serve their unique purposes, and so do the tires. Indeed, the tires play a crucial role in ensuring car safety while on the run. You need the best tires for smooth rides, and Toyo offers some of the best options. So, knowing who makes Toyo tires will give you a broader exposure crucial for an informed decision.

The need for suitable tire replacement often comes with various considerations, as car owners would need good vehicle tires with excellent tire life, quality, and speed rating. Not to worry, you can rely on the vast collections of Toyo tires.

Ranging from all-terrain tires to mud-terrain tires, you can find excellent Toyo tires to handle varying conditions. In this piece, I will be revealing some in-depth information about this tire maker and some of the famous models available in the market.

Who Makes Toyo Tires?

are toyo tires made in usa

Toyo Tires are products of the infamous tire and rubber manufacturer, Toyo Tire Corporation. This Japan-based firm emerged in 1945 and exported its first truck tires in 1947. 

The company manufactures car tires and supplies both synthetic resin products, waterproof sheets, sporting goods, anti-vibration rubber cushions for car parts, and industrial rubber.

With a rich history of quality, Toyo emerges as a distinct marque that produces, experiments, and sells its products across the Middle East, Asia, America, and Europe. In keeping with its fame and rise, this company has arranged various manufacturing plants in Germany, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, China, and the United Kingdom.

Are Toyo tires made in the USA?

This tire company kicked off the exportation of tires from Japan down to the United States in 1963. Impressively, Toyo tires further expanded to the US in 1966, establishing the Toyo Tire USA Corporation. 

The talked-about tire maker subsidiary has been running in the United States for the past 70 years and keeps delivering intriguing products worldwide with innovative and quality services. Most of this marque’s tires are manufactured in Bartow County, Georgia. 

You can find a complete selection of replacement tires from this tire brand for various car makes and models, ranging from commercial trucks to high-performance cars. Aside from the supply of vehicle tires, Toyo is a renowned name in motorsport racing.

toyo brand

Toyo Tires Review 

From trucks to crossovers, Toyo tires remain one of the most famous options you can find in the market to serve as a suitable replacement for your worn tires. The tire lineups from this brand offer highly-rated performance and offer excellent traction across varying terrains.

However, here are some of the finest tires from this marque you should check out.

Toyo Proxes 4 Plus Radial Performance Tires

If you seek a high-performing tire that offers smooth operation, consider getting this Toyo option. The Toyo Proxes Radial tire runs quietly and offers a strong grip as you hit the road. Thus, it can handle different seasons, both wet and dry conditions.

Its intricate design further supports hydroplaning, keeping water away from the mud and ensuring drivers ride freely across muddy terrains. Braking, acceleration, and cornering do not hurt this tire’s performance on the move, as there is a fair spread of “forces,” which allows even tire wear.

This product is one of the great Toyo tires made in Japan, constructed with quality materials. This car tire is affordable and provides good service, worth its cost by industry standards.


  • allows sufficient traction on the road
  • ensures a smooth and quiet operation
  • offers great value for your money
  • Durable 


  • may not handle very heavy snowy conditions appropriately

Toyo TY Radial All-Season Tire

From the tread design to its durability, there are various reasons the Toyo TY All-Season Radial tire is an outstanding choice. The unique siping of this tire improves the vehicle’s braking strength, with excellent friction on the road surface. 

Nearly all the Toyo tire reviews suggest this product to be one tremendous tire that allows easy and fantastic driving activities, much more, with the decreased tread and road sound during rides. Thus, you can rest assured of having pleasant and easy driving experiences when you prefer the Toyo tires to other rivals.


  • Excellent drive quality
  • Suitable for different temperature conditions
  • Handles braking appropriately
  • Provides sufficient traction


  • It may not seem quite across highways compared to some options

Toyo Open Country All-Terrain R/T Tire

From the scalloped shoulder lugs to the wide groove shoulders, car owners find multiple reasons to prefer this tire to the competing ties in the industry. The Open Country R/T tire is durable and supports excellent off-road and on-road car journeys. 

The sturdy construction makes it suitable for rugged terrains, holding up improved operations across all seasons. With the 3-ply polyester construction, sidewall damages are less likely to occur since this casing prevents slashes and cuts. 

Thus, it can bear anything from rocks and sand to soft dirt and snow with no hassles. Thus, this tire is a great choice when drivers seek superior replacements for their truck tires, as it can carry heavy loads and still allow a smooth ride.


  • possesses an aggressive sidewall design
  • constructed with patterns that reduce noise during rides
  • durable rubber compounds make it long-lasting
  • featured with a 3-ply polyester casing


  • may not offer enough traction like the M/T tires

Toyo Open Country Mud-Terrain Tire

The Toyo M/T series offers excellent traction and emerges more durable compared to the rival brands; it serves as a suitable replacement tire for lightweight trucks and SUVs. This legendary product from Toyo is expected to handle the toughest conditions and would work well for off-road terrains.

This spin-off delivers tremendous performance for muddy terrains and supports on-road operations from the aggressive tread design to its hook-shaped blocks. The scalloped and open shoulder blocks can effectively bite through terrains, ejecting rocks, muds, and even snow.

Whether on wet or dry surfaces, you can expect this tire to perform astonishingly since the tread block’s deep siping helps maintain grips across surfaces. While strengthening the tire and offering improved handling, this product’s 3-ply polyester casing further sustains good load capacity.


  • Superior load capacity
  • It possesses an aggressive tread block design
  • Reduces noise during drives
  • Works tremendously on flat and rough terrains


  • It may not handle extreme slough terrains properly

Toyo Open Country A/T II Tire

The new sipe design on the Toyo A/T II tire is an impressive upgrade of the previous version, with added bars that reduce uneven wear. This is a preferable option for magnificent on-road and off-road performance with better wear resistance.

For a better on-road experience, this tire comes with an open tread design and sturdy sidewalls, which appropriately handle cornering abilities on wet and dry pavements. The tire’s stone-ejecting blocks merged with the deeper tread grooves further support revamped traction on snow and mud terrains. 


  • Durable tread life
  • Excellent cornering ability
  • Improved traction on wet and dry pavements
  • Improved comfort during rides


  • It appears noisier than some other leading tires in the same category


Are Toyo Tires good quality?

Over the years, Toyo is the brand that has constantly designed and introduced high-quality tires for the market. You can find this marque’s lineup of tires to perform the supreme, with outstanding features that set them apart from others.

Toyo spends huge fortunes on research and engineering while providing durable compounds and materials. To back the claim, the Nano Balance Technology is there to modify the rubber compound and makes it serve appropriately. 

Does Goodyear make Toyo Tires?

Toyo tires are products of the infamous Japanese-based tire and rubber manufacturer, Toyo Tire Corporation, established in 1945. But this brand and Goodyear appear as top shareholders of Nippon Giant Tire Co., Ltd., a subsidiary established in 1985 

However, Goodyear successfully acquired this tire subsidiary in 2012, investing a huge amount in its upgrade and emerging as the sole owner of this tire line.

Are Toyo Tires made in the USA?

Toyo Tires have a US-based facility in Bartow County, Georgia. This state-of-the-art tire factory supports and maintains the production of high-quality tires. The facility’s commitment to providing quality, innovative, and durable tires is seen through the lineup of tires they offer.

Are Toyo Tires made in China?

Toyo has a manufacturing facility in China designed to produce high-performance tires by adopting the marque’s distinctive modern production techniques. Hence, Toyo tires made in China come with the same improved quality this brand is known for and supplies durable and top-performing products.

Are Toyo Tires quiet?

The lineup of tires from Toyo often comes with unique features that support smooth and quiet operations as you hit the road. This brand formulates its products with the Silent Wall Technology, which appears like an excellent solution, supporting a quiet environment. You can get a comfy ride with such tires as you hit both wet and dry road surfaces.

Are Toyo Premium Tires?

Toyo is one brand known for supplying premium tires that fits a wide range of automotive applications. And you can find suitable options for crossovers, SUVs, luxury vehicles, and sports cars.

This line of tires competes with other top-quality options and supplies excellent replacement tires that can handle even the toughest conditions. Some famous options from Toyo include the Open Country, Proxes, and Extensa Tires lineups.

Is Goodyear better than Toyo?

Both Goodyear and Toyo are renowned brands known for offering top-level performance on the road. From their tread designs to their ability to offer comfortable rides, these marques have marketed a wide range of tires that allows smooth and comfortable driving experiences.

Nevertheless, the one you choose would depend on your preferences and car needs. You can check out the tire lineups from the model offered and pick suitable options for your car.

Where are Toyo tires manufactured?

Toyo is a Japanese-based brand, which supplies pumped-up tires worldwide, and has various manufacturing facilities across Germany, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, China, and the United Kingdom. 

However, Toyo tires from Japan are manufactured within any of their three facilities; the Sendai manufacturing plant, the Hyogo manufacturing complex, and the Kuwana manufacturing plant.

Final Words

Not that you a lot about who makes Toyo tires and the varied stand-out options offered by the brand, but it is easier now to decide on the tire brand. Moreover, this is one brand within the automotive industry that continues to evolve and introduce contemporary tires, which car owners gush over.

And the models discussed here are witness to the supreme quality of the products and why the lineups are present in over 120 countries. You can go with this manufacturer firmly committed to providing quality tires crucial for a smooth, safe, and happy ride.


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