What Car Does Lucifer Drive?

Lucifer is one of the exciting paragons on Netflix that thousands of viewers crave to watch. The movie has everything the viewers could ever want; intriguing tales from the Bible, a constituent of true crime, imaginative storylines, and alluring players.

Lucifer is a tale storyline that shows what happens when God’s castaway son fell from heaven to earth (in Los Angeles) after a freak accident.

The plotline is vague, and the series is quite the opposite of Lucifer’s account in the Bible. He plays the role of a neglected son who finds his way to overcome his devilish self while on earth. But, what car does Lucifer drive in these Netflix gems?

Who In The Devil Is Lucifer?

Despite that, Lucifer Samael Morningstar runs the Lux nightclub with an engrossing nucleus of demons and angels. When he’s free from the nightclub duties, he chases Chloe Decker, a local police officer played by Lauren German.

He also helps the police department with his celestial power. And if he’s not seen with Chloe Decker and in his nightclub, he’s dealing with his tumultuous family.

While you may enjoy the intriguing and captivating rewrites of the ancient Bible story, you may want to know who played the Lucifer character. The character’s real name is Thomas John Ellis, popularly known as Tom Ellis.

Lucifer battles against his base thoughts processes like lust for having no good reasons for his actions in the last millennia. After his dad described him as a ‘terrible kid,’ he started mingling with other humans and making friends.

What Car Does Lucifer Drive?

Chevrolet Corvette C1 1962

As an immortal being, Lucifer lives a luxurious life with an endless bank account balance.

Lucifer the Morningstar owns a black beauty Chevrolet Corvette C1. His baby girl, Rory, later inherited the Lucifer corvette.

Lucifer came down to Los Angeles after suffering boredom in hell. He roamed around the city in his iconic 1962 C1 corvette, making the earth his amusement park. He became famous in the town by helping the people with his celestial powers.

Being the only one with wings in the city, he decides to detach and burn it, making it difficult for him to move around.

Lucifer 1962 C1 Corvette

Despite Lucifer’s unending bank account as an immortal being and his extravagant lifestyle, he chooses to drive a 1962 C1 corvette. This is a black beauty ride that he drives to Chloe Decker’s apartment, nightclub, and every crime scene. He takes this car to wherever there’s a conflict.

The 1962 corvette Lucifer’s car is Chevy’s first generation corvette produced in 1951 and remained in production until 1962. The first corvette was raised to fame because of the materials used in the production. The vehicle featured a strong engine and an independable rear suspension system. Later in 1963, Chevy produced Stingray.

The first generation meets users’ expectations, making it popular at that time. But unfortunately, the second generation was the exact opposite of the first. This nearly took Chevy off-balance, and luckily for them, they made some upgrades. The first generation features iconic beauty, a strong engine, and an independable rear solid suspension system.

Examining the Chevrolet Corvette C1 1962, it comes with the same solid axle seen in 1953 models. The updates contribute to its fame, basically because of the new engine models.

The upgrade in 1962 includes a 5350 u 327 cu.in. V8 engine, the hydraulic valve filter seen in elective 300 hp miles, standard 250hp, and ditched dual 4-barrel carburetor. In addition to this, Chevy exposed the headlights with rocker panel trims for the first time.

Other notable upgrades are the RPO 488 24-gallon fuel tank, RPO 276 15″ ×5.5″ wheels, RPO 687 heavy-duty steering and brakes, and RPO 473 power convertible top.

Despite the aesthetic feel and the iconic beauty of the 1962 C1, the Netflix production team replaced it in season 4.

lucifer car price

Is It A Perfect Ride?

While Chevrolet Corvette C1 may be a perfect choice for Lucifer, a southern California nightclub owner, do you think he should go with this ride?

Hundreds of viewers disagree with Lucifer’s choice of ride-considering his unending bank account. Even though a topless black corvette has an imperiling look, other colors like red would have given it aesthetically appealing and menacing feminine lines.

What Other Cars Did We Except Lucifer To Drive?

In an article written by jalopnik.com contributors, Kristen Lee and Alanis King suggested that the bored Lucifer, the nightclub owner with a cadre of demons and angels, should be cruising something more aggressive.

They said he should be cruising in a Lamborghini Diablo Roadster with a devilish 6.0l V12 engine, 485 horsepower, 605 Nm torque @ 5300 rpm and all.

Another theatrical character with a smash-and-grab look whom Kristen Lee and Alanis King mentioned is Mazikeen, whom they said should appear in the movie with a whopping 840 horsepower dodge demon SRT Challenger.

Don’t forget Lucifer is the main character of the Netflix movie series. Another brutish ride that will fit him perfectly is Bugatti Chiron, with 8.0l quad-turbocharged w16 and an impressive 1600hp.


Q: What car does Lucifer drive red?

Lucifer drives a red 1963 Aston Martin DB4 convertible. This expensive car with an aesthetic interior and exterior replaces the black 1962 C1 corvette we saw in the previous series. The red 1963 Aston Martin signifies the arrival of Eve, Lucifer’s first love, and the change in the car brings other changes to the character.

Aston Martin DB4 was first manufactured in 1958 and stayed in production till 1963, though it first appeared in 1958 during the London Motor Show. It has a tube-like frame design. It was manufactured in Italy and Milan, and many loved it.

The convertible model debuted in 1961 with an in-house design, and it gained much attention the moment it appeared on the Netflix Lucifer series due to the popularity of Lucifer. After it appeared in this movie, other media like GTA 5 started featuring it.

Q: How much is the C1 corvette worth?

The Chevrolet C1 Corvette price on today’s market is between $50,000 to $120,000. The year of production and the condition of the car will determine the exact price. C1 Corvette with the original design like lucifers’ will cost more than those with high modifications.

In any case, Corvettes produced between the late 50s and 1960s are costlier than the earlier productions. Several factors determine the value and price of a car. The same applies to the Chevy C1 Corvette. If you think of owning a devilish ride like Lucifer, you may have to break your budget.

Q: What is the rarest Corvette?

Chevy Corvette has been making waves in the automobile industry since 1953. Starting from 1912, Chevy’s first production year, they manufactured only touring car models, and many users admired their orchestrated design and styling. 

But what is the rarest Chevy Corvette ever made? The 1983 Chevy C4 Corvette is the rarest model in the Corvette series. If C4 exists anywhere in the world, the price will be exceedingly high.

Q: Why does Lucifer drive a Corvette?

Lucifer’s Corvette is an old car produced over 60 years ago, precisely in 1962. Why did he choose to drive it out of all vehicles? Probably because it is a strong axle vehicle. That is, it is absolutely gorgeous, but a beast that gives confidence on the wheel.

Final Word

Lucifer and the Netflix production team have the right to choose whatever car he wants to drive in the movie series. We love the character he played. Lucifer Morningstar is the main character in the hit.

His attitude and ignorance make the movie interesting. I like his relationship with local police Chloe Decker and would love to see the end of the drama.

Lucifer is more of a TV show, a character of a role model. Thousands of viewers love the show and adore him due to his perfect dressing style, good English accent, charming look, and of course, his car.

However, we urge you not to be appearing in crime scenes; leave that for the corps.

At this point, you won’t be asking what car does Lucifer drives. All the information about his vehicle has been explained in this article.

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