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The world today is full of pollution brought about mainly by industries that provide a “better life” for human beings. There are only countable activists who fight for its conservation in consideration of future generations. Going green has turned out to be as much a tool for marketing as a call to action.

It is encouraging that some people have been at the forefront of trying to come up with solutions for the said environmental dilemma. One of such great people is Tom Ogle, who resolved to change the world by inventing a life-changing car part.

Only a few solutions so far have had any substantial impact. This, however, did not stop Tom from doing what he felt was best for the environment by following Charles Nelson Pogue’s footsteps. Read on to find out what makes the Tom Ogle Engine stand out and its contribution to a green world.

What is Tom Ogle Engine?

The idea behind Tom Ogle Engine originated from Charles Pogue’s invention of a carburetor. It is a fuel-efficient system that aims at reducing the pollution rate from vehicle exhaust fumes. The engine all started as an accident, from a lawnmower.

As the inventor put it, he was messing around with a lawn mower, and accidentally, he hit a hole in its fuel tank. He then placed a vacuum line from the tank into the carburetor’s inlet and kept it running for a long. He noted that fuel stayed the same because the mower was running efficiently without a carburetor. When the engine got extremely hot, he cooled it using a fan and was amazed when the mower ran for 96 hours on the remaining fuel that was in the mower’s small fuel tank.

Tom Ogle engine work
How the engine works made by Tom Ogle

He later moved from the lawn-mower to auto-mobiles, similarly converting vehicle engines. Its engine ignited immediately although the gas tank of the first vehicle collapsed inwards. It took several months of reinforcing gas tanks before he could solve the vacuum problem.

However, the car without its fuel pump and carburetor had no acceleration. The modified engine could only run at about eight mph, from the initial 20 mph to the gallon as it began stalling after a few minutes. One time, he examined the stalled car’s engine and found that it was cold, more like an ice cube. This was because he was sucking vapor out hence the engine was behaving like a refrigerator, with a fume on top and a liquid at the bottom.

He believed that his intention would be the solution to today’s pollution issues and also demonstrated almost zero pollutant emissions from his engine’s exhaust. With time, a lot of financiers and oil companies wanted Tom Ogle’s engine patent to control interest in his invention. He was predicted to be a billionaire in the near future.

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Advantages of Tom Ogle Engine

The benefits of the Tom Ogle Engine mainly include numerous environment-friendly features.

Tom’s invention produced fewer carbon particles in the waste gases, making it environment-friendly. Carbon II Oxide produced in exhaust fumes is one of the leading causes for ozone layer depletion and seeing that Tom’s engine curbed this was just amazing.

The engine is also easy to maintain and cost-effective because one spends less time at the gas station. The tom ogle invention wiki also cut on fuel costs, especially for the big SUVs that caused large dents in people’s wallets.

Such MPG car engines have higher resale value because they only enquire little or no maintenance over time. The vapor fuel system in his invention promised maximum efficiency because it took advantage of almost all the energy that is contained in gasoline. As if that were not enough, the vapor fuel system eliminated most of the vibration and heat that made engines wear; it runs well and various fuels and also cleaned the spark plugs as it moved.

Another great advantage of this engine is that tax credits in some countries are awarded to drivers of hybrid vehicles. In other countries, drivers are encouraged and motivated to buy such engines.

Disadvantages of the Tom Ole Engine

The tom ogle engine patent sure indicated many pros, but like everything else, it had some drawbacks.

Most of the models designed were not considered stylish or attractive in appearance because the main focus of the invention was to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce pollution.

When compared to the engine of fuel guzzlers, the MPG was less potent because it produced lesser horsepower while running. This was one of the areas that required modification with time if the project was to become reliable.

The technology that was put in place to support hybrid vehicles was more expensive to maintain than that of fuel-powered cars. The cars may conserve fuel, but they used much more technology maintenance. If this issue was resolved, then the project would most likely be feasible for many, including the middle class.

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What is MPG?

MPG is the acronym for miles per gallon. It is a measurement of the distance in miles that any vehicle can travel using a gallon of fuel. This measurement mainly demonstrates the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Those that are capable of achieving a high mpg rating are considered to provide an operational savings cost. Most environmentalists use this gauge to know the car models that contribute more to pollution.

Tom Ogle Engine MPG
Tom Ogle 100 MPG

Often, there are two different figures produced, highway MPG and city MPG. These two figures are usually determined by the Federal Environmental protection agency. It rates the fuel economy of newly designed cars after a lot of testing on a dynamometer. City MPG is when one drives with occasional stopping or braking while highway MPG is based on continuous acceleration. Highway MPG is considered more efficient because it yields a higher figure.

However, imperial units such as MPG are not as often used in Europe. Rather, liters per 100 kilometers are used. 1l/100km = 282.5 mpg. The US gallon equals 3.79 liters while the UK gallon equals 4.55 liters. To find your vehicle’s fuel consumption in mpg, you only need to divide the result by 282.5, and vice versa is also true. Various websites can reliably convert these figures for you if the task seems daunting.

Official mpg figures are used for comparison purposes only, but they rarely reflect on the real-world economy. It is not all cars that can reliably return their indicated mpg figure, irrespective of how considerately or carefully you drive.

A few of tom ogle’s myth busters said that his claims that the engine would consume only 100 miles per gallon were not achievable at the time. Hybrid cars are a cross-breed between both fuel and electricity. They offer a 30% to 60% reduction in total fuel consumption.

City or Highway MPG?

City mpg is the figure obtained when vehicles are constantly stopping, more like in a city where there is traffic congestion. In contrast, highway mpg is a figure that shows fuel consumption when a vehicle is moving in a continuous acceleration. However, these figures are not necessarily what you get in your everyday life because everyone drives differently.

City mpg is often the lowest because driving in the city involves a lot of stopping and starting. The engine is often subjected to more work due to the city’s navigation and traffic. Doing so consumes more gas. It can be likened to a car climbing uphill, and it consumes a little more fuel due to the horsepower required to move the vehicle.

Highway mpg, on the other hand, represents the fuel consumption when our vehicle is speeding, especially on a highway. Even though you would be driving faster and for more extended periods, most highways are usually smoother than the city roads; hence they keep your engine continually running, and only requires less fuel. If you are looking for a used car and you find a newer model with high mileage, the best bet would be that the vehicle was driven mostly on highways and the hat engine is still in great shape.

These tests do not consider how fast one drives, road conditions in different areas as well as when they decide to shift gears if they use manual transmission vehicles. In simpler terms, the results you get may be different.

Your vehicle’s combined mpg sounds like a combination of both highway and city numbers. Contrary to what you may assume, it is not found by averaging the two. To calculate the combined mpg, a percentage value is assigned to highway and city MPGs. City MPGs are allocated 55% while highway mpg is assigned 45%. These two numbers are then combined to give the combined MPG.

Why His Product is not popular in the Market

Story of Tom Ogle
Story Of Tom Ogle

In as much as his project was aimed at being environmentally friendly and cost-efficient, some critics did not seem to like his invention. Ogle’s noisiest critic Robert Lev insisted that it was impossible to run a 5,000-pound car at more than 50 miles with the little energy contained in a gallon of gasoline.

No one especially the oil companies would support an invention that would bring their companies down in an instant. A lot of people who benefited and profited from the oil business did not want to see him succeed because it would mean massive losses for them. This made his product unpopular, and rumors have it that his sudden death was a murder.

Most of the models designed were not considered stylish or attractive in appearance because the main focus of the invention was to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce pollution.

When compared to the engine of fuel guzzlers, the MPG was less potent because it produced lesser horsepower while running. This was one of the areas that required modification with time if the project was to become reliable.

Is Tom Ogle 100 MPG Engine Actually Feasible?

Considering the market presently, VW built VW 1 (DE, EN), which is a hybrid car that has up to 260mpg. The German site claims that a test drive was carried out whereby the car only consumed 0.89l of diesel in 100km, which is equal to 240mpg. Other confusing numbers show consumption of 1.84l/100km, which corresponds to 125mpg.

Therefore, the Tom Ogle Engine is feasible at 100mpg. A more reasonable car such as a Tesla, model S weighs about 2000kg similar to the weight of Ogle’s model runs at 260 miles on a 75kWh charge as it has 125MJ/gallon which equals to 34.7kWh per gallon of energy. Therefore, if the Tesla model were to burn to produce electricity at an efficiency of 100%, I would consume about 75/34.7, which equals 2.61 gallons/260 miles.

However, a combustion motor has a maximum efficiency of about 40% or 50% in theory because the exhaust fumes are usually under pressure and hot while leaving the cylinder. In reality, both the drive and internal train function reduce efficiency more.

Even electric cars do a lot to increase their mileage even with their higher than 90% efficiency. For instance, the kinetic energy of the vehicle is used for charging the battery while braking rather than wasting it as heat.

If you replace the carburetor with a system that allows you to add the gas in a more controlled manner, more precisely, and in ways that would enable better or more efficient combustion. This increases mileage a lot, although 100mpg is a bit far from realistic.

Did Tom Ogle die in suspicious circumstances?

Continuing in his spiral downfall from media attention and quick success, Tom’s wife happened to leave him, and she took along with her their 5-year-old daughter, Sherry. On 14th April, Ogle was shot and left for dead in the streets. He, fortunately, survived this incident but on August 18th, Tom left his usual drinking place drunk and collapsed at a friend’s house later in the night.

On August 19, 1981, 25-year-old Tom Ogle collapsed and dies. An autopsy was carried out, and it showed that he died from an overdose of alcohol and Darvon. Darvon is a pain killer. His death was declared a suicide after they carried out a cursory investigation. Most people believed it was, however, a cover-up for murder.

People thought that Tom was still young to die then. His life was just beginning and on the verge of a breakpoint to a better life. It made no sense that he would kill himself, but also, he was going through a lot of stress by then. His wife and daughter had left him, and most of the financiers who supported him had backed out; thus maybe it compelled him to commit suicide.

However, it is not known whether his death was a suicide or a murder. A lot of people, on the other hand, wanted to see his downfall because his success would mean their downfall.

Tom had been gravitating a lot towards gambling, and he started losing plenty of money during his gambling forays. He once told his attorney that he believed that some people were adding drugs to his drinks but his attorney, Bobby Perel, was skeptical. The truth is, he died under really suspicious circumstances. For more information about Tom, watch the video.


The Tom Ole engine was a legendary invention, consuming 100 mpg. If this engine achieved real and lasting success and was adopted by various motorists around the world, probably pollution would have been less of a concern.

Well, with the world’s increasing problems, pollution being only one part of the equation, we have to support dreamers who pursue their breakthroughs no matter what continually. It would help make the world a better place to live in for both the present and future generations. However, what we see today is the opposite of conservation. More and more people continue to profit at the expense of the environment.

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