Top 8 Best Wheel Bearing Removal Tools Reviews 2024

A wheel bearing removal tool is an essential tool to have in workshops, garages, and also for you as a DIY car enthusiast. Manually removing a wheel bearing can be so much effort, but this special tool makes it easy. Manufacturers have come up with many types, models, and brands, all claiming to offer what you need. This gets people looking for wheel bearing removal tools in a doubting situation on what to buy. This is why we have come up with the best wheel bearing removal tools guide to enable you to get a tool worth your purchase. The tools discussed below are high quality and are from reputable manufacturers.

Top 3 Wheel Bearing Removal Tools

OEMTOOLS 27213 Master...
Astro Tools 78825 XL...
Orion Motor Tech Wheel...
OEMTOOLS 27213 Master...
Astro Tools 78825 XL...
Orion Motor Tech Wheel...
Amazon Prime
OEMTOOLS 27213 Master...
OEMTOOLS 27213 Master...
Astro Tools 78825 XL...
Astro Tools 78825 XL...
Orion Motor Tech Wheel...
Orion Motor Tech Wheel...
Amazon Prime

The Best Wheel Bearing Removal Tools 

01. OEM TOOLS 27213 Bearing Remover & Installer Kit

OEM Tools 27213 bearing installer and remover kit is a multipurpose tool for installing and removing bearings of rear, front and all-wheel drive vehicles. The wheel bearing removal and installation tools have been well designed for easy use even when working on internal bearings, bearing assemblies, and seize wheel hubs.

OEM Tools bearing remover and installer are ideal for both DIY and professional mechanics. It is one of the few tools you will get for servicing both rear and front wheel bearings and hubs in German, Asian and European vehicles, among others. OEM Tools 27213 bearing installer and remover tool make it easy to install wheel bearings and hubs for almost all vehicles.

This front and rear wheel bearing removal tool is outstanding in its universal application. This tool features all adapters required to service a wide range of both modern and foreign vehicles like VW, Porsche, and BMW, among others. It comes with a heavy-duty thrust bearing, which minimizes effort and increases the durability of the pressure screw.

This tool enables you to remove even the inner bearings without using a shop press or hammer. It is made with a self-centering design making it easy to use and more durable. This OEM Tools kit includes a heavy-duty bearing, receiver sleeves, pusher washers, front-wheel bearing adapters, nut-bolt, and a hub removal tool. All this comes in a plastic blow mold case for easy storage and carriage.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with a self-centering design
  • Bearing and hub installation and removal
  • Has a heavy-duty thrust bearing
  • Easy to use and durable
  • Works for the front, rear, and all-wheel-drive cars
  • Ideal for both DIY and professional mechanics

02. Astro Pneumatic Tool 78825 Bearing Puller Removal & Installer

Astro Pneumatic Tool 78825 bearing puller and installer kit comes with a heavy-duty grade 8 drive bolt making it the most durable compared to other kits of its kind. The bolts are 7/8 inches. This tool helps you to replace wheel bearings without alignments. All that is required of you is to put the steering knuckle and strut assembly in the right place.

This Astro Pneumatic Tool 78825 bearing removal and installer is suitable for a wide range of applications. The tool is coated with a black phosphate finish making it more durable. This kit comes as a set of 25 pieces. This wheel-bearing remover kit is also available at a fair and affordable price.

Highlighted Features

  • Have heavy-duty grade 8 drive bolts
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Coated with a black phosphate finish
  • Come as 25 pieces set

03. OrionMotorTech 23 Piece Replacement Installer Removal Tool Kit

OrionMotorTech Replacement Installer Removal Tools is one of the best wheel bearing removal tools for auto mechanics. This all-in-one tool kit has all you require for effective and fast installation or removal of the front-wheel bearing. OrionMotorTech wheel removal tool helps you to easily replace a wheel bearing without disassembling the steering knuckle and strut.

OrionMotorTech replacement installer removal tool increases your work efficiency. Since it is made to work with the steering knuckle and strut assembled, you will not be required to do front-end alignment after service, thus minimizing the damage on bearings and hubs. The tool is made with heavy-duty carbon steel making it ultra-strong. It is then coated with black anodic oxidation, which makes it rust-resistant and durable.

This 23-piece wheel bearing hub assembly removal tool has universal compatibility. This tool works on the assembly parts of the front wheel hub bearings of small pickup trucks, imported vehicles, and American domestic vehicles. This wheel bearing removal tool comes in a portable carry case. The case is made with premium ABS for protecting and extending the service life of your tools.

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed with heavy-duty forged steel
  • It is rust and corrosion resistant
  • It only works on front wheels
  • Works with your Steering Knuckle and strut assembled
  • Comes as a complete kit of 23 pieces
  • It is ultra-strong and durable

04. Orion Motor Tech 14-in- 1 Master Bearing Puller Set

This Orion Motor Tech Bearing puller set is an ideal remover for the rear and front wheel axle hubs, driveshafts, pinions, gears, large or small center bearings, and acts as pulleys pullers. This high-performance wheel bearing removal tool is suitable for both certified professionals and DIYers. This tool has been made with outstanding features for easy operation. It comes with an additional 2-jaw puller enabling it to work with flywheels, pulleys, and gears.

This 14-in-1 wheel bearing removal tool has universal compatibility. It features heavy-duty and drops forged 2 and 3 inches bar-type bearings and 4 and 5 inches long legs. These features allow you to remove small and large bearings safely from the rear and front wheel axle shafts quite easily.

Orion Motor Tech master wheel bearing puller is built with rugged drop-forged construction. It is then treated to withstand rigorous jobs making this wheel bearing remover dependable and suitable for the long haul. The wheel remover bearing tools are put in a protective carrying case for easy carriage and storage.

The custom-made ABS carrying case has precision-sized slots for every component of your bearing remover tool. This helps to keep the tools organized and extends their useful life. Orion Motor Tech All-in-One tool kit comes with 14- piece bar type gear, hex push-puller legs, puller crossbar, forcing screw, bearing separator jaws or splitters, L-type legs, and axle bearing separator to remove axle bearings.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Comes with a protective carrying case
  • Offers easy operation
  • Has universal compatibility
  • Kit contains all you need for bearing removal

05. 8MILELAKE 19pc Bearing Removal Install Service Tool Kit

This 19 piece 8MILELAKE service tool kit is another best wheel bearing removal and installation tool you will get on the market. This tool comes with drifts of different sizes, allowing you to work on different vehicle models. They include one 38mm steel drift, two drifts of 86mm and 91mm, and nine adapter drifts of sizes 84mm, 78mm, 73mm, 71.5mm, 66mm, 65mm, 62mm, 59mm, and 55.5 mm.

This 8MILELAKE wheel bearing and install service tool kit is a comprehensive set for installing and removing front hub bearings. It is also perfect for most front-wheel drive vehicles, vans, and light trucks. The kit includes two drifts, a receiver sleeve, one steel drift, 9 adapter drifts, and two hub screws of 3PC M14 x 1.5mm and 3PC M12 x 1.5mm. The 8MILELAKE tools come in a blow mold case, which provides easy and organized storage.

When using the 8MILELAKE wheel bearing removal and install kit, you will not need any hammering to install or remove a beating. This prevents you from damaging the bearing, hub, or other parts of the vehicle. The tool also makes your work easier for you don’t have to dismantle the steering assembly when removing the wheel bearing. Therefore after installing the wheel bearings, there will be no need for a front-end alignment.

Highlighted Features

  • Have 9 different adapter drifts
  • Removes and install front hub bearings
  • Include one steel drift and 2 more drifts
  • Works on front-wheel-drive cars, vans, and light trucks
  • Have 2 hub screws
  • Comes with a 76mm receiver sleeve
  • Tools come in a blow mold case

06. Orion Motor Tech 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Tool Kit

This is another high-quality wheel-bearing remover by Orion Motor Tech. This 9-Way slide hammer bearing remover tool is made with heavy-duty carbon for absolute strength and durability. It is also corrosion and rust-resistant. You can use this puller set to pull the rear wheel axle shafts, pull dents, remove the front wheel hub bearing, and other press-fit parts like pulleys, gears, and bushings.

This wheel-bearing remover features both internal and external jaws. It has 3-jaw and 2-jaw pullers for both external and internal works. This feature offers several combinations for removing seals, gears, and bearings. The cone-type puller and 2 and 3-way cross blocks provide the ideal jaw configuration for most jobs. The kit includes internal and external jaw pullers, pilling adapter, front hub puller, seal hook, dent puller, and grip wrench adapter.

Orion Motor Tech 9-Way Slide Hammer wheel bearing puller comes with 18 assemblies making it ideal for working on various vehicle models, including Japanese, European, and American. Its versatility makes it the ideal choice for everyone from professional mechanics to DIY novices. It can also work as a skate bearing removal tool The OMT wheel bearing removal tools come with a compact carrying case, which helps to keep your thrust bolts and adapters organized.

Highlighted Features

  • Compactible with many vehicles
  • It is ultra-strong and durable
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Ideal for both DIY and professionals
  • Comes with a compact carrying case

07. AMINORD Wheel Bearing Removal and Installation Tool

AMINORD Wheel Bearing removal tool is designed to make it easy, affordable, and less time-consuming to remove and install a bearing on your Harley. This high-quality wheel bearing removal tool helps you install and remove 25mm, ¾ inches, and 1 inch sealed wheel bearings using standard wrenches.

This AMINORD Wheel Bearing Removal and Installation tool is a perfect fitting for all Harley Davidson wheels starting from 2000 upwards. This kit includes a 1-inch installer, 25mm and ¾ inches installer, and three pullers.

Highlighted Features

  • Helps install and remove sealed wheel bearings
  • Hits Harley Davidson wheels from the year 2000
  • Have 25mm, ¾” and 1” installers
  • Includes three pullers
  • Remove and install 25mm, ¾” and 1” sealed wheel bearing
  • Its affordable, accessible, and less time consuming

08. Pit Posse VT102 Wheel Bearing Remover and Installer Tools Kit

Pit Posse VT102 is another wheel bearing remover and installer for removing and installing Harley Davidson wheel bearings. This tool helps you save both the money and time you would have used to visit a Harley Davidson shop to change your wheel bearings or buy their version of the wheel bearing removal tool.

This wheel bearing removal and installer tool is designed to effectively and efficiently work on 25mm, ¾ inch and 1 inch sealed wheel bearing from 2000 and up without damaging the wheels. This is one tool you should not lack in your mechanic toolbox. The tool gives you an easy, enjoyable, and professional experience when removing and installing wheel bearings.

Pit Posse VT102 kit has everything you will need for a smooth wheel bearing removal and installation process. This kit includes an installer backing plate, copper washer, main body puller, 25mm, 3/4 inch, and 1-inch removers and installers, expander dowel, installation bolt, and the necessary bolts and nuts.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for installing and removing wheel bearing
  • Works in 25mm, ¾” and 1” wheel bearings
  • The kit has all you need for bearing removal and installation
  • Designed for Harley Davidson wheels
  • Suitable for wheels of the year 2000 and up
  • Easy to use

Benefits of Using Wheel Bearing Removal Tools

1. Make Work Easy

Removing a wheel bearing without a wheel bearing removal tool is a lot of work. Wheel bearing removal tools ease your work by making this process effortless. The best wheel bearing removal kits come with both a removal and installation tool.

They also enable you to remove the wheel bearings without disassembling the steering assemblies, which could be quite tiresome. Since you will not do any dissembling, you will also not need to align the wheels after you have finished replacing your wheel bearing.

2. Saves Time

The wheel bearing removal tool saves you so much time that you would have used if you were to remove the bearings manually. The tool saves you the time you would have spent disassembling some parts of the vehicle and aligning it after the process. Therefore, it also minimizes the time you could have used in the wheel bearing replacement procedure on top of saving you effort.

3. Reduces Damages

The best wheel bearing removal tools enable you to remove wheel bearings without the need for hammering. Hammering causes much damage to the bearings, nuts, and other parts of the vehicle. Wheel bearing removal and installation tools enable you to work efficiently and professionally without damaging the bearings, nuts, and wheels.

4. Versatility

Most of the best wheel bearing removal tools can do an array of jobs, making them quite versatile tools. They work on different vehicle models, and you can use the tools to remove other vehicle parts on top of the wheel bearings. Some also come with installation tools enabling you to remove and install the wheel bearings easily. Other manufacturers go ahead to make both car and motorcycle wheel bearing removal tools.

Best Wheel Bearing Removal Buying Guide

By now, you have seen different wheel-bearing pullers and their specific features. To decide on the best wheel bearing removal tool to fit your needs, you need to know the specific features to check. The points below will make it easy for you to rule the perfect wheel bearing removal tool to sort out your need:

1. Type

Wheel bearing remover tools come in different types, and they are meant to work on different applications. To know the exact type to choose, then you have to understand your needs. Understand if you want one to remove only the front wheels or the one that will remove both rear and front wheel bearings. Also, consider if you only want a tool for only removing or both removing and installing the wheel bearing. Also, ensure that it is ideal for your vehicle models.

2. Size of Wheel Bearing Remover

The other crucial thing to check in a wheel-bearing remover tool is its size. Ensure the size of the tool fits your desired job. The wheel bearing remover should have the right number of jaws needed for your application. The tool should offer sufficient force to the wheel bearing you want to remove or install.

3. Durability

Durability is an important factor to check since you do not want to keep buying a wheel bearing removal tool every other day. Check what material is used to make the tool and how strong it is. Wheel bearing removal tools should be made of heavy-duty materials since it needs to provide maximum strength. The bearing removal tool should be able to withstand harsh impacts. It would also be prudent to get a wheel bearing removal tool made from materials resistant to rust and corrosion.

4. Versatility

The wheel bearing removal tool you buy should work on different vehicle models and wheel types. Therefore ensure you get a versatile tool that you can also use to work on other parts of the vehicle. The wheel bearing removal tool should be able to serve you even without disassembling the steering assemblies. This makes your work easier and reduces damaging other vehicle components.

5. Storage Kit

A good wheel bearing removal tool should come with a storage case. This storage case makes it easy for you to carry the tools around your job sites. It also helps to keep the tools organized and easy to store. The case should be well built to protect the wheel bearing removal tools from water and other probable damages.

6. Torque Required

The wheel bearing removal tool you buy should give you the required torque to remove or install a wheel bearing. Always check if the bearing removal tool will give you the force you need during the operation. Therefore, it should be of the appropriate size and made with hard, strong, and high-quality materials. This gives you better usability.

7. Price

Price is an important factor to look at when buying a wheel bearing removal tool but it should not be the only one. We all have a budget of what we want to use for a specific item, but this should not trade off the quality. Ensure that you get the best wheel-bearing removal tool within your budget. Before you check the price, always ensure that it can meet your needs. You can get these wheels bearing removal tools at AutoZone or amazon at a fair price.

How to Use Wheel Bearing Removal Tool

With the right wheel bearing removal tool, the process of removing and installing a wheel bearing becomes quite easy. Here are the steps on how to use a wheel bearing removal tool to replace wheel bearings:

  • Determine if your car has a floating rotor or a trapped rotor
  • Assemble your wheel bearing removal tool components
  • Press out the worn bearing
  • Lubricate the new bearing slightly and position the bearing for installation
  • Perform a wheel bearing press in the spindle assembly till it bottoms
  • Use bearing retainer bolts to fasten the wheel bearing retainer in place. If you are working on a Neon vehicle, put a snap ring in the knuckle.
  • Assemble the wheel bearing installer tool. When assembling the wheel bearing installer, the flat side should face towards the bearing. The pilot bearing with a small diameter should be away from the bearing.
  • Oil the hub assembly lightly and install the hub.
  • After installing the bearing, assemble the other vehicle components you removed during the replacement.

Start by attaching the lower ball joint with the steering knuckle assembly and brake rotor, followed by the disc brake caliper. Assemble the outer tie rod nut and tie rod, followed by the axle nut, and finally put the front tires.

Final Words:

Every mechanic and car owner should have a wheel bearing removal tool in their toolbox. These tools will make your work quite easy when it comes to replacing your wheel bearing. You can now do the work you would have spent hours and much effort doing in the past in less time. The best wheel bearing removal tool should also include an installation tool. With both a removal and installation tool, the process of wheel bearing replacement is very easy. The wheel bearing remover tools discussed above are among the best in the market. They have outstanding features and affordable prices. The guide will enable you to buy just the right tool for your needs.



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