Who Makes Hobart Welders?

Whether conducting few automotive repairs or other DIY projects, you would often find welders to be helpful tools. You have many welder brands in the field, but few are to trust in and depend on. One excellent brand of welders to rely on is Hobart, as their line of products comes manufactured with top-quality materials. Knowing who makes Hobart welders will be of great interest. 

Yes, welding is the finest fabrication process for outstanding metal works only when you get good welders to do its job. With the multiple options available in the market, it may appear pretty tasking to single out the right one.

One easy way out is to go by trusted brands and Hobart has a reputation for supplying some of the best welders you can find, and they own a wide range of options. To back this claim, let’s examine the manufacturer details of Hobart welders and some of their favorite products.

Who Makes Hobart Welders?

Who Makes Hobart Welders?

Hobart welders appear to be products of the renowned Hobart Brothers LLC, a firm incorporated by C.C Hobart and his family in 1917. This company started with Dynamos (generators), air compressors, and metal office furniture.

This company focused on the supply of top-quality welders with the introduction of the first welder in 1925. Hobart brothers began supporting welding education and had an intense leap by setting up the Hobart Institute of Welding in 1930.

Moving further, this company started manufacturing stick electrodes (in 1937) and full production for World War II. It would interest you to know that this brand supplied over 100,000 welders and about 45,000 Hobart welder generators to support the war. 

Thus, Hobart Brothers LLC gained the E Award from the Army/Navy for excellence and their contribution. Another outstanding achievement of this company is the acquisition of Tri-Mark® and Corex® in 1986 and McKay® in 1993.

In 1940, this institute emerged as a non-profit entity and had affected great knowledge across over 90,000 welders. Following this firm’s various twists and turns, it would interest you to know that it is now owned by Illinois Tool Works (since 1996). 

Again, all products from these brands were solely manufactured in the United States. But the change in ownership moved the production units to Taiwan and China. Now, the brand runs regional offices across Canada, Southeast Asia, China, Australia, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States. 

Illinois Tool Works now emerges as a multinational manufacturer of various industrial products. The supply of Hobart welders meets the various welding needs of folks out there. 

The Hobart welding tools are pretty good for shipbuilding, automotive application, and mechanical constructions. With that in mind, the following are some of the famous Hobart welders that you can find in the market.

Hobart Handler 210 500553 MVP Small MIG Welder

Handler® 210MVP MIG Welder
Image Credit: hobart welders

For some persons, MIG welders may seem quite tasking to handle; hence, Hobart manufactured this product to appear very easy to use. Thus, this MIG welder from Hobart serves as one of the most useful options you can find.

This welder can weld up to 3/8 inches of steel that appear mild and runs with seven voltage options. Furthermore, this product is highly compatible with both 230V and 115V. In essence, you can use such a welder with both industrial and household electrical outlets.

To make long story short, the Hobart Handler 210 500553 MVP Small MIG Welder is an excellent investment for anyone after a reliable and efficient welding machine. Yes, it can handle a range of projects. Its easy-to-use features make use pretty convenient even for those new to welding. And its advanced capabilities make it suitable for more complex jobs as well.

Hobart Handler 140 500559 MIG Welder

Handler® 140 MIG Welder
Image Credit: Hobart Welders

This is an excellent option as it comes constructed to support flawless welding applications. Coming with an interchangeable voltage control selector (5-positions), it can help conduct smooth and stable arc across varying welding thicknesses.

One of the standout features of the Hobart Handler 140 is its versatility. It can handle both flux core and MIG welding, allowing you to work with a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel.

Some constituents of the Hobart Handler 140 include a working cable (10ft) with clamp, a 10ft MIG HR-100 cord, a gas hose with a Dual-gauge regulator, and a material thickness gauge. The fact that this welder appears pretty easy to handle makes it an excellent option for both beginners and experts.

Although being a MIG welder, you would find this option less expensive than some options in the market. The good news is that the brand does not in any way compromise the quality of this tool.

Hobart Handler 190 500554001 Plus SpoolerRunner 100

Handler® 190 MIG Welder with SpoolRunner™ 100
Image Credit: hobart welders

This Hobart welder offers excellent features – infinite wire speed control and enhanced magnetics. Thus, you can rest assured that the product’s output parameters would offer easier control.

The Hobart Handler 190 500554001 welding machine boasts of a user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners to learn and master the art of welding. It has an output range of between 25A and 190A, which makes it ideal for welding materials ranging from thin gauge to thick steel.

This welder has 7 voltage selections, enhancing its operation as users can easily choose the right voltage for their tasks. This industrial-grade welder also comes with a spool runner, and as such, it reduces metal waste.

When and if looking for a reliable MIG welder with great features at an affordable price point, the Hobart Handler 190 Plus is definitely worth considering.


Does Miller build Hobart welders?

Hobart vs. Miller discussion notes that these welders are not manufactured in the same production facility. It would further interest you to know that the manufacturing processes of both brands tend to vary.

In essence, Hobart Welders and Miller are two independent brands. So, does Miller own Hobart? Both brands are owned by the Illinois Tool Works, a multinational manufacturer supplying various welding solutions.

Which is better, Lincoln or Hobart welders?

Both Lincoln and Hobart welders are pretty great and do wonderful jobs on metals. When it comes to the size, you can find their welders with portable sizes, and as such, you would find it easier to carry such products from place to place.

Even so, suppose you are thinking about which to buy. You should know that Hobart welders generally are suitable for DIY hobbyists, and Lincoln welders are meant for folks who handle more aluminum works.

Are Lincoln and Hobart welders the same?

It is known that Hobart and Lincoln emerged as two top names within the industry and often make similar models. Nevertheless, you should know that these brands are independent of each other.

Hobart welders are manufactured by the multinational supplier Illinois Tool Works. On the other hand, Lincoln welders are products of Harris Products Group. Both welders are available across various parts of the world, satisfying the welding needs of consumers.

Are Hobart welders any good?

Hobart remains one of the prominent names in the industry that supplies excellent welding solutions. So, you can trust this brand to provide welders that come constructed with top-quality materials.

The good news is that this brand has a wide range of powerful options that consumers can choose from to suit their welding applications. Furthermore, there are various affordable options from the brand that you can consider.

Which is better, Miller or Lincoln Welders?

Both Miller and Lincoln welders are excellent products that can work well for various welding applications. Many consumers prefer Miller welders as MIG and TIG welders form Miller performs superb.

Still, you can get excellent Lincoln welders to do your job, and note that these welders are products of the renowned Harris Product Group. If you want to know who makes Miller welders, you should know that they are products of Illinois Tool Works.

Are Miller welders made in the USA?

Miller is a renowned American brand manufactured in their facility in Appleton, Wisconsin. This brand started as a one-person operation and now it is one of the top suppliers of cutting equipment and arc welding tools worldwide.

Miller Welders are owned by the famous supplier Illinois Tool Works and have been since offering DIYers and expert welders.

Will Hobart tips fit a Lincoln welder?

Hobart tips fit a wide range of other welders, including Lincoln welders. In essence, these interchangeable tips of Hobart welders make work easy if you own welders from another brand.

Other compatible Hobart welder tips include Tweco, Miller, Binzel, Campbell-Hausfeld, and Craftsman.

Final Words

Who makes Hobart Welder’s discussion offers details about the manufacturer and their various welding machines. Hobart tools are products of Illinois Tool Works (founded as the Hobart Brothers LLC).

This brand holds a wide range of welders constructed with top-quality materials. You can go through this article, as it reviews some of the common Hobart welders available in the market.


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