Who Makes Tracker ATV?

Bass Pro Shops’ customers witnessed one of the most powerful partnerships in the automotive industry in January 2019 when Johnny Morris – Chairman, Bass Pro Shops, announced their partnership with Textron Inc.

This remarkable partnership ushered in a powerful product into Bass Pro Shops – Tracker Off-road vehicles. ATV models came as rebranded machines from Arctic Cat, which was announced to be sold at Bass Pro Shops.

Since then, Off-road vehicle enthusiasts have continued to talk about the Tracker ATV, and there have been several arguments about who makes Tracker ATV? Let’s discover who does.

Who Makes Tracker ATV?

Who Makes Tracker ATV

The partnership between the boating giant – Tracker (from Bass Pro Shops) and Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. introduced a new player into the off-road vehicles space in the automotive industry. This partnership meant that Textron Inc. would be in charge of making Tracker ATVs for Bass Pro Shops.

Textron Inc. and Bass Pro Shops are two giant companies in the leagues where both rank as key players. That means the Tracker ATV is a “bomb shed” because of the expertise, capacity, and reputations of both companies.

Many Tracker ATV reviews online unveil the qualities, specifications, features, and prices of the ATVs that Textron and Bass Pro Shops have brought to the table.

Like Bass Pro Shops, Textron Inc. has a couple of subsidiaries that handle different areas of the group company’s activities. Some of Textron’s subsidiaries include; Bell Textron, Arctic Cat, Lycoming Engines, and Textron Aviation.

The Tracker ATV has become a popular demand among off-road vehicles. So, if you are looking for Tracker ATV for sale, check out Tracker 700 ATV reviews or Tracker 450 ATV reviews online. You can as well outsource first-hand information from Bass Pro Shops near you.

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Who makes the engines for Textron ATVs?

If you are asking who makes Textron ATV engines, Textron Motors, which was formerly known as Weber Motors, is the engine maker that manufactures the engines for Textron ATVs. They produce powerful engines for the dodged gas models of the Textron ATVs.

Weber was the supplier of the 750cc 4-stroke twin for Polaris, which developed 80 horsepower (HP) in normal trim. While, in 2007, under a turbo boost, Polaris FST models produced 140 horsepower that engendered top speeds from quick acceleration. This is the same Weber Motors, now Textron Motors, that makes engines for Textron ATVs.

Does Arctic Cat make a tracker?

Of course, Arctic Cat makes tracker-branded machines available at Cabela’s stores and Bass Pro Shops. Arctic Cat is a subsidiary of Textron Inc., indirectly acquired through a short-form merger based on Minnesota law.

The Rhode Island-based company Textron Inc. acquired Arctic Cat for $247 million in January 2017. This acquired company was incorporated into Textron’s Specialty Vehicles division alongside Cushman utility vehicles, etc.

Where are Tracker ATVs made?

Tracker ATVs are designed and engineered and assembled in Augusta, Georgia, and St. Cloud, MN., by some of the most skilled personnel in the United States.

The Tracker ATVs are designed with high-quality components that speak of durability, strength, high performance, and efficiency. This is a common phenomenon for products manufactured in the United States, and the Tracker ATVs are not exempted.

Does Textron own Polaris?

Yes, Textron Inc. purchased Polaris and kept its manufacturing operations in Roseau, Minnesota. Textron also has a couple of subsidiaries which include:

  • Arctic Cat
  • Bell Textron
  • Lycoming Engines
  • Textron Aviation (which includes Cessna, Hawker, and Beechcraft brands).

Textron was founded in 1923 as the Special Yarns Company by Royal Little. As of 2018, the company had employed well over 37,000 staff across the globe. In 2018, Textron Inc. ranked 208th among the largest U.S. corporations by revenue on Fortune 500. This is a true mark of a powerful organization.

Where is Textron ATVs made?

Textron ATVs are made in St. Cloud, Minnesota, as well as Augusta, Georgia. The ATV manufacturer gets its parts from America and outsources a couple of them from global sources to put the best components in place for their ATVs.

Just like other modern, high-quality equipment manufacturers, Textron ensures that the components of their ATVs speak of strength and durability to engender high performance and efficiency in any terrain regardless of the conditions.

Are tracker ATVs made in America?

Tracker ATVs are assembled right in their designated plants in America. They are strategically put together by some of the best personnel. Tracker ATVs come with specifications that define quality, strength, durability, high performance, and efficiency.

Some Tracker ATVs come with an engine type that is liquid-cooled and possesses a single cylinder, single overhead cam, and gas engine. While others come with a liquid-cooled, dual overhead cam, 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, and gas engine type. The ATVs also include:

  • A 545cc displacement.
  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) fuel system.
  • Rapid Traction System (RTS) drive system.
  • A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) drivetrain.

America is known for manufacturing some of the best products across the globe. Hence, Tracker ATVs manufacturer ensures that the off-road vehicles are fashioned with the best quality of components to engender maximum satisfaction in all terrains with no glitches.

Who makes the Tracker ATV for Bass Pro?

Johnny Morris’ Bass Pro Shops was founded in Springfield around 1972, just behind his father’s liquor store.

Among a couple of activities, Bass Pro Shops specializes in manufacturing and distributing boats under several brand names, including Tracker, Nitro, Ranger, Regency, Sun Tracker, Ascend, Tahoe, and Mako, through one of their subsidiary – White River Marine Group.

In 2019, the company extended its legacy towards all-terrain off-road vehicles through a partnership established with Textron.

Around 23rd January 2019, Johnny Morris, the Chairman of Bass Pro Shops, announced their deal with Textron, involving manufacturing vehicles of all-terrains known as Tracker Off-Road. Hence, Textron has been saddled with the responsibility of making Tracker ATVs for Bass Pro.

If you are wondering who makes Tracker ATV engines, Textron got that covered by one of their Specialty Vehicles unit – Textron Motors.

Final Words

The partnership between Bass Pro Shops and Textron Inc. is one of the most powerful partnerships recorded in the automotive industry because of its remarkable result – the introduction of the dodged off-road vehicles – Tracker ATVs.

So, were you wondering who makes Tracker ATV? The simple answer is “Textron Inc. does.” It was the product of their partnership with Bass Pro Shops. Since then, the automotive industry has experienced building badass ATV models.

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