Top 10 Best 2 Post Car Lift Reviews – 2024

You can judge the credibility of any garage or auto-repair shop by the equipment it stocks. This is besides the dexterity portrayed by the mechanic. Talking about equipment, a garage should always have a car lift. The car lift is versatile equipment that plays a significant role in inspection, cleaning, and vehicles general repairs. The 2-post car lift is one of many varieties of this utility you can have, especially if you mostly deal with small to medium-sized vehicles. As a pro, you should always set your sight on the best 2-post car lift.

If you are looking for this garage equipment, then you are in the right place, as this article is a review giving you a 2-post lift comparison, leading you to some of the best that you can get.

APlusLift HW-10KOH...
10,000lbs Car Lift Auto...
L2900 Car Lift 9,000 LB 2...
APlusLift HW-10KOH...
10,000lbs Car Lift Auto...
L2900 Car Lift 9,000 LB 2...
250 Reviews
101 Reviews
68 Reviews
APlusLift HW-10KOH...
APlusLift HW-10KOH...
250 Reviews
10,000lbs Car Lift Auto...
10,000lbs Car Lift Auto...
101 Reviews
L2900 Car Lift 9,000 LB 2...
L2900 Car Lift 9,000 LB 2...
68 Reviews

Notable 2-Post Car Lift Suppliers

As an experienced mechanic, you should have an idea of the best companies for certain supplies. Let us have a look at industry leaders when it comes to two-post car lifts.


APlusLift is a branch of Songa Enterpirese Inc, which was established in 2013, and founded by motorcycle and car lift manufacturers. The combined effort of the manufacturers has over ten years of experience in dealing with lifting gear, giving up the assurance of the best products on the market.
The Kirkland, Washington-based company focuses on giving the best customer service, an attribute you notice by its easily accessible customer support. Aside from car and motorcycle lifts, it also stocks parts of this elevation equipment.


BendPak is another company that assures you of high-quality car elevation gear, with a history dating back to 1965 when it started its operations. With such a lengthy stay in the auto-supply scene, it means it understands what clients want once they step into their premises and explain their needs.

It is a versatile supplier, stocking various car maintenance and repair utilities such as air compressors, wheel aligners, wheel balancers, tires, and many more. With BendPak, you are assured of excellent service as the staff strives to get you the right equipment to satisfy your needs.
The company also pays attention to high standards, meaning every product from its stores is durable and reliable.


QuickJack is a new entrant into the car lift supplies scene, making its leap in 2013 with innovation to help in speedy elevation. QuickJack has had steady growth over the years and is slowly becoming a global brand in providing both two and 4-post car lifts and other accessories.

The company has a working relationship with BendPak, where it benefits from its over 50 years of experience. It leans on customer satisfaction, evident from its excellent client support on its website. The company is very reliable, something you note from its top-quality products and efficient returns policy.

best two post car lift

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The Best 2-Post Car Lift

01. APlusLift Two-Post Overhead Auto Car Lift

APlusLift Two-Post Overhead Auto Car Lift


The APlusLift two-post overhead auto car is one of the best 2-post car lifts you may encounter, with durability being its selling point. Its frame is very sturdy and features a powder-coated finish on its steel structure. Aside from strength, the powder coat also gives it anti-rust properties, meaning the lift will serve you long without visible signs of wear and tear.

Another significant attribute of this car elevator is its stability. Stability is one factor to look at when looking for a car lift, as it assures you of excellent service and safety. It has a robot-welded structure, which means it has no faults at all that can affect its service.

The S column design also contributes to its stability, making it versatile. You can use it to lift various vehicles, even the slightly heavy ones such as trucks. It has a CE certification, which assures you of high safety standards when using it.

Its high-quality hydraulic system results in a height of 6’9″, which is high enough to give you ample room to conduct your mechanical works.

Highlighted Features
  • Strong double S column design
  • Combo arm assembly
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Strong steel frame
  • Robot-welded structure
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders
  • Automatic arm lock restraints
  • Door guards protection rubber
  • Manual lowering operation
  • 220V 3HP motor
  • It has a heavy-duty design, which makes it durable.
  • It is stable and can support heavy car makes.
  • The powder coating makes its frame strong and rust-resistant.
  • The APlusLift is easy and safe to use.
  • A versatile lift, where you can use it to lift various vehicles.
  • A high-quality hydraulic system, which brings along a 6’9″ elevation.
  • It cannot support heavy vehicles weighing over 10000 pounds.

02. Bendpak Dual-Width Asymmetric 2-post Car Lift

Bendpak Dual-Width Asymmetric 2-post Car Lift

Convenient is the right term to use to describe the BendPak dual-width asymmetric 2-post car lift. It is one of the best two-post car lifts for a home garage, assuring you of reliability, safety, and durability. Its 30deg rotated column provides ample room for door opening clearance if you want to access the car’s interior.

The posts are robust, guaranteeing both safety and reliability when using them in your garage. The arm’s design gives you a hint of its versatility, where you can load your vehicles either symmetrically or asymmetrically, depending on your preference and the application.

Its top beam is expandable, accommodating both wide and narrow drive-through settings. Despite its small structure, this car elevator can comfortably lift up to 10000 pounds. You may use it with small to midsize vehicles such as SUVs, small trucks, vans, and sedans.

Highlighted Features
  • 30-deg rotating column
  • Expandable top beam
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical loading configuration
  • Padded overhead bar
  • Single point release for safety
  • 220V, 2HP motor
  • 10000-pounds lift capacity
  • 45 seconds lift time
  • Simple and versatile design
  • Tru-metric arms
  • This car lift is user-friendly, noticeable by the rotated column for interior access when the car is on the lift.
  • Assured safety.
  • Expandable top beam to accommodate both wide and narrow drive-through configurations.
  • Supports up to 10000 pounds in load.
  • The lift arm design allows for both symmetrical and asymmetrical loading.
  • It requires a forklift to move as it is quite heavy at over 2500 pounds.

03. XK 10000 Pounds 2-Post Car Lift

XK 10000 Pounds 2-Post Car Lift

User-friendliness is one essential factor to look at if you want an ideal car elevation kit for your garage. Focusing on this attribute, the XK 10000 pounds 2-post car lift is one of the friendliest equipment you can land for elevating vehicles. At 1400 pounds, it may be hard to unload and install, but past that, everything with this car lift is impressive.

The XK car lift features 5/16″ cables and a 4.56″ pulley, which are heavy-duty and less prone to wear and tear. The cables and the pulley reduce stress and boost the durability element of this garage utility. Another feature to note is the ultra-high molecular, self-lubricating nylon slider that gives you a smooth raising and lowering movement.

The self-lubrication saves you when it comes to maintenance, more so oiling the elevation unit. With a 10000-pound lifting limit, you can use the XK with small to midsize vehicles. The door guards have rubber for the protection of the vehicle’s frame.

The double point safety lock release assures you of safety when using the elevator.

Highlighted Features
  • Heavy-duty cable
  • self-lubricating nylon slider
  • 220V, 3HP motor
  • Door protection rubber guards
  • Dual point safety lock release mechanism
  • Stiffened base plate
  • Manual lowering operation
  • Relief valve fixated in the power pump to prevent overloading
  • A set of truck adapters
  • 10000-pound lifting capacity
  • The lift is easy to use.
  • Durable courtesy of its sturdy frame and components like the cable and pulley.
  • Its self-lubrication properties ensure a smooth upward and downward motion.
  • A high load limit of up to 10000 pounds.
  • The door guards protect the car’s frame from abrasions and impact, which can damage it.
  • Assured safety courtesy of the double point safety lock release and other features.
  • It is quite heavy to move, and you require a forklift to move it.

04. Triumph NT 11000-Pound Two-Post Auto Lift

In this 2-post lift comparison, we cannot miss a mention of Triumph, a notable brand in the auto lift manufacturing scene. Its product is the Triumph NT 11000- pound two-post auto lift, which has a standout design, making it a suitable addition for either your home or professional garage.

One feature that you notice with this model is the lack of an upper beam, which allows for a maximum lift of 72″. This is a decent elevation limit that will give you the needed access to the vehicle. It is very stable, assuring you of excellent service and safety when using it.

Another thing to notice is its 112″ width between the posts. This is a nice measure, which makes it ideal for accommodating larger vehicles. Talking of larger vehicles, its 11000-pound load limit means it will support a wide range of vehicles, like SUVs, minivans, and mid-size trucks.

The Triumph NT is also very durable, courtesy of its powder coat. The coating makes it sturdier and gives it anti-corrosion properties, especially against rust.

Highlighted Features
  • Free set of floor anchors
  • A set of truck adapters
  • 72’’ lifting height
  • Blue-powder coating
  • 11000-pound lifting capacity
  • 102’’ drive-through width
  • Asymmetrical configuration
  • 2×2 and 2×3 stage arms
  • 220V single phase motor
  • Blue powder coat finishing
  • The lift has an impressive lift f 72″.
  • Very stable, guaranteeing your safety.
  • The 112″ width value allows it to accommodate wide vehicles.
  • The powder coating improves its strength and gives it anti-rust qualities.
  • It cannot support large vehicles over the 11000-pound load limit.

05. Triumph NT9FP 9000-Pound Auto Lift

If you mainly deal with small cars and maybe small-sized SUVs, with a weight of 9000-pounds and below, then the Triumph NT9FP is a suitable lift for your auto-repair practice. The equipment comes in a simple structure, featuring heavy-duty poles, with a powder coat to improve its life.

The NT9FP has an overall height of 109″ and a width of 132″, which can fit well in medium to large establishments. It has both symmetrical and asymmetrical arms, both two and three-stage, and you can pick your preferred configuration.

The lift comes with free anchorage and mounting material and truck adapters, showing you its user-friendliness and safety aspects.

Highlighted Features
  • Supports both symmetrical and asymmetrical loading configurations
  • Free truck adapters
  • 72’’ lifting height
  • Free set of floor anchors
  • 220V motor
  • Powder-coated exterior
  • 9000-pound lifting capacity
  • 96’’ drive-through width
  • Door guard rubber pads
  • 4.5’’ lowered height
  • The lift is durable due to its powder coat.
  • Has both symmetrical and asymmetrical arms.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The elevator package comes with free accessories such as mounting material and truck adapters.
  • Assured safety.
  • Installation may be hard, especially when aligning the cables.

06. Chien Rong CR Overhead Two-Post Lift

Chien Rong CR overhead two-post lift leans on the safety element as its selling point. Several features of this garage utility make it safe to use; hence, it is among the ideal 2-post car lifts for a home garage.

Its safety features include a double-point safety lock release, automatic arm restraints, rubber door guard protection, and anchor bolt mounting. It has an easy-to-use control system that you may easily run. As a beginner, the instruction manual can guide you on its use.

There is the relief valve, a built-in pump, which will prevent overloading, one of the causes of accidents when using a car elevator. It has a thick structure that makes it robust and stable, boosting its life and service delivery.

The 100″ drive-through clearance gives it an edge in versatility, where it can accommodate wider-bodied automobiles. The two-point arms give the car you want to lift the proper hold when lifting it, further showcasing its stability.

Highlighted Features
  • Features adjustable pads
  • Comes with free truck adapters
  • 9000-pounds lifting capacity
  • Dual point safety lock release mechanism
  • Has anchor bolts and mounting hardware
  • Stiff base plate
  • Rubber door guard protectors
  • 20-60 Seconds lifting time
  • Manual lowering mechanism
  • 100’’ drive-through clearance
  • The Chien Rong lift is one of the safest car elevation equipment.
  • Using it is a straightforward process, with the manual guiding you.
  • A wide drive-through clearance of 100″.
  • It is durable courtesy of its thick build.
  • The lift is very stable.
  • The lift is not suitable for vehicles over 9000 pounds.
  • At 1300 pounds, the CR is quite heavy and needs a forklift to haul it.

07. CR 10000-LB 220V Auto Lift

Introducing you to a suitable 2-post car lift low for a low ceiling, we have the CR 10000-pound 220V auto lift. The CR has an overall height of around 9-feet, a perfect limit to fit into low-ceiling premises such as your home garage. Another thing to appreciate about this vehicle elevator is its 220V hydraulic power. This is a great power that will see the car lift working effortlessly.

You cannot overlook this utility’s load limit of 10000-pounds, which means it can work with midsized vehicles such as minitrucks, sports utility vehicles, and vans. Additionally, this equipment brings its best in the safety aspect.

Automatic arm restraints, heavy-duty cables, and pulley stiffened base plates, and many more show you how safe it is. The control system is easy to use if you have prior experience. If using it for the first time, the user manual will guide you.

The elevation unit also has features that protect your car during the lift. They include the door rubber guards and adjustable truck pad adapters. The relief valve built-in power pump brings a touch of durability, where it prevents overloading, protecting the suspension works from wear and tear brought about by stress.

Highlighted Features
  • 10000-pound lifting capacity
  • Door rubber guards
  • Adjustable truck adapter pads
  • Hardened base plate
  • Heavy-duty cable and pulley
  • 100’’ drive-through clearance
  • Power pump has a relief valve
  • Double point safety lock release mechanism
  • Manual lowering through lever
  • Self-lubricating nylon sliders
  • 220V motor
  • A powerful 220V system.
  • The 9-feet height is ideal for low-ceiling auto-repair premises.
  • The lift has plenty of features that uphold safety during use.
  • The door rubber guards prevent damage to the vehicle’s body.
  • Strong and stable frames for long use.
  • Short raising time of 20-60 seconds.
  • Beginner users may have a hard time operating it initially.

08. Mayflower Blacksmith 2-Post Auto Lift

The Mayflower blacksmith 2-post auto lift is another garage utility that is ideal for a low ceiling premise. It has a maximum height of 75” and 79” when using adapters. It has an impressive load limit of 10000 pounds, making it flexible where you use it with various automobiles within this weight value.
The Mayflower Blacksmith boasts of its heavy-duty build, evident from its sturdy chain drives and hydraulic cylinders. The blue powder coat on its posts boosts its stability and acts as a protective cover from corrosion, like rust.

This 2-post auto lift’s user-friendliness aspect comes through its safety features. The safety attribute comes through the double two-point safety lock release and automatic arm restraints. It has fast lifting speeds and can achieve maximum lift in 40-50 seconds.

Highlighted Features
  • 75’’ maximum height without adapters
  • Sturdy chain drives
  • Two-point safety lock release
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • 40-50-seconds lifting time
  • Blue powder coating
  • 4 truck adapters
  • Robust two hydraulic cylinders
  • 10000-pound lifting capacity
  • 220V, 3HP motor
  • The lift’s 75” elevation limit makes it ideal for low ceiling setups.
  • The impressive load limit of up to 10000 pounds.
  • The Mayflower Blacksmith is both sturdy and stable.
  • Durability courtesy of the strong build and blue powder coat.
  • Very safe, both to the user and the load.
  • Fast lifting speeds, taking 40-50 seconds to reach its top elevation limit.
  • Installation may be a daunting task.

09. BendPak QuickJack Portable lift

The BendPak QuickJack portable lift is one of the best portable car lifts you may come across. This is a simple car elevation gear, a characteristic evident from its structure, usability, and many more. It has a 2-feet lifting value, which might be low, but good enough for changing wheels and conducting the light inspection.

The portability of this BendPak car lift allows you to carry it with you and fits well in your car’s trunk. It can work as a lifting jack and is perfect if you move from one workstation to another. The lift is economic on space, not taking much of it when not in use.

The lift takes seconds to achieve its maximum limit, an attribute it owes to its 110V motor. Setting it up and use is straightforward, with assured safety.

Highlighted Features
  • 110V AC motor
  • 2-feet lifting limit
  • Weighs 215 pounds
  • Remote-controlled
  • Welded-steel reinforced frame
  • Cantilevered rubber block trays
  • It has dual position safety locks
  • Hands-free descent
  • Product dimensions: 72*15*6 inches
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Ideal for changing wheels, where it acts as a lifting jack.
  • Assured safety.
  • Fast elevation speeds.
  • It is economic in space.
  • The lift cannot work with heavy automobiles.

10. XK L2900 9000-Pound Auto Lift

Power is a vital factor to look at when getting a 2-post lift. One of the lifts that boast impressive power is the XK L2900 9000-pound lift, from its 220V, 60HZ 3HP motor. This power translates to fast elevation rates of 20-60 seconds.

The XK L2900 is a heavy-duty garage utility with components like the posts, cable, and pulley being sturdy, translating to reliability and durability. The self-lubricating nylon slider upgrades its service delivery, seeing that the auto lift has a smooth up and down movement.

The rubber door guards protect the body from scratches and other minor impacts during the vehicle’s lift. This elevation unit has a drive-through clearance of 100″; suitable for wider-bodied vehicles.

Highlighted Features
  • Robust frame
  • Self-lubricating nylon slider
  • Rubber door guards
  • Drive-through clearance of 100’’
  • 20-60 second elevation speed
  • Two-point safety lock release
  • 220V, 3 horsepower motor
  • 1 set if truck of truck adapters
  • 9000-pound load limit
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Upholds safety through several of its attributes like stability.
  • The lift is durable, evident by its robust poles.
  • Easy motion due to the self-lubricating nylon slider.
  • Immense power from its 22OV motor.
  • Fast elevation speeds, taking 20-60 seconds.
  • Getting replacement parts is hard.

What You Should Consider Before Buying A 2-Post Car Lift

As a mechanic, you should always have your eyes on the best equipment for the easy running of affairs in your workshop. For the 2-post car lift, the same concept applies, and you have to look for the best.

Focusing on the best, here are factors to consider before buying the 2-post auto lift.

best 2 post car lift for home garage


Price is a top factor for many, paying attention to affordability. Look for a car lift that is within your budget limits. You can check out various stores and note their pricing to see the best in their category.

Talking about price, you may decide to go for second-hand car lifts. They are cheaper, and some will serve you well. However, they do not come with a warranty, and they may have some faults. So, it is not a good choice.


Durability is a significant attribute to look at when getting a car lift. Durability translates to lengthy service, eliminating additional costs coming from repairs or replacements. You judge the lift’s resilience by checking its structure, where the stronger, the better.

The best in the market comes with a blue powder coat, strengthening the frame and giving it rust-resistant properties.


User-friendliness is an umbrella term that looks at versatility, ease of use, safety, and many more. Ideal garage equipment should be easy to use, where even beginners with minimal experience can operate it. Aside from this feature, you also look at the 2-post lift elevation speed, where the best can achieve the maximum lift in less than a minute.

Safety is a key factor under user-friendliness, considering you have a heavy load, which can cause serious accidents if there is any hitch. Look for features like automatic retractable arms and door rubber guards, which assure you of safety when operating the elevator.


The auto lift‘s hydraulic motor’s power is another thing to look at to get the ideal elevation gear. They have values between 110 and 220V, with the latter being the most powerful. Robust engines ensure you have an easy time running the lifts, noticeable with fast elevation speeds.

Maintenance And Space

Also, pay attention to space and maintenance, where the lift can easily fit into your garage, and maintenance is a straightforward process. Maintenance focuses on oiling, cleaning, and replacement of faulty parts. An easy-to-maintain lift is, most of the time, durable, and you won’t incur hefty costs in this exercise.

For space, look at the area of your room and the height to determine how well you can accommodate it.

How to Install a Two-Post Car Lift

Installation of the car lift is a delicate process that needs utter keenness, where you pay attention to the equipment’s stability.

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Here is how to install a 2-post lift, guided by this YouTube video:

Step 1: Check the Concrete

Even before buying the lift, the first step is to check on the structure of your garage. Check the concrete to see that it is stable to hold the equipment in place firmly. Look for cracks or any anomalies to know what you are dealing with. You can drill the concrete surface to check its depth, where it should be at least 4-inches deep.

The concrete should also have reinforcements such as mesh or wire to improve its strength.

Now to the installation part, you should bring in a professional to do it. However, if you have experience in such fittings, then you are good to go. Uphold safety by having the right gear such as gloves and goggles when getting down to work.

Step 2: Marking Out the Area

You should now mark out the area in your garage where you will fix the car lift posts. A point to note is that you need extra hands to help you with the entire installation process. One person will raise the other pole and place them side to side, separated by the bracket, with a chalk mark out the areas to know where you will drill the holes to fix the poles.

When placing the poles, keep in mind whether the post is symmetrical or asymmetrical to know the right configuration.

Step 3: Drilling the Holes

You should now drill holes on the concrete surface to put the bolts to hold the post. Use the base panel to guide you on drilling, following the measurements you earlier made and marked with the chalk.

One person should hold on to the posts while the other drills the holes. You need earmuffs at this stage as the noise may be too much. Blow off excess dust from the holes to create more room for the bolts. Place the bolts in the holes but do not tighten them. Hammer them until they reach the washer, then you can tighten them.

Ensure that the post is not slanting, then do the same process for the other post.

Step 4: Installing the Top Trough

With the posts firmly secured, you now pay attention to the top trough, where you raise the bar to the post’s peak. You can use a forklift for this procedure, as it is the safest. Optionally, you may use a ladder, though it has to be stable for safety purposes.

When using a ladder, there have to be two men on either side to help secure it and then fix it using bolts and nuts.

Step 5: Installing the Hydraulic Motor

With the lift’s frame in perfect shape, you now fix the hydraulic motor responsible for lifting and lowering the load. Place it at the point indicated in the user manual as they vary depending on the brand. After fixing the motor, fill it with hydraulic oil.

Step 6: Installing the Support Components

You can now finalize the installation process by adding the support components, including cables, door guards, power hoses, and extensions. Follow the manual when doing this last bit of installation, or to be on the safer side, let a qualified technician handle it.

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Best 2-Post Car Lift

Frequently Asked Questions

How thick should concrete be for two post-car lifts?

Concrete thickness is one of the key factors to consider before installing your car elevating unit. For the 2-post lift, the concrete should be at least 4-inches thick, level, and with no anomalies such as cracks or holes.

What Is The Best Car Lift For Home Garage?

A car lift is a worthy addition to your home garage, where you use it for light duties such as wheel changing and cleaning. A portable car lift can work, the same as one below 9 feet in maximum height, where your ceiling is the main focal point.

Can You Store Cars On A Two-Post Lift?

Another application of car lifts is parking, where you lift the cars off the ground and store them for some time. You can use the two-post lift for storage, though the car should be within the lift’s load limit, and you should lock it in place for safety purposes.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Two-Post Lift?

Cost is one of the factors to look at when buying and installing a car lift. If everything is in great shape in your garage, the cost of setting up this equipment is around $500 and includes labor and the acquisition of utilities such as hydraulic oil.

Where Should A Two-Post Lift Be Installed?

The best place to have your lift in your garage is in a level place easily accessible by entering cars. Also, pay attention to the ceiling height, which should be high enough to accommodate the lift at its maximum elevation point.

Can I Put A Lift In My Garage?

You can put a lift in your garage, which will help ease and diversify your auto repair services. It is an essential addition to your premises for applications like inspection and detailed repairs.

What Is The Best Car Lift To Buy?

The best car lift to buy depends on various factors such as price, durability, and user-friendliness. You should look for one that gives you the perfect balance across the mentioned factors, promising you to value and excellent service.

Final Words

The two-post car lift is one of the equipment to have in your workshop if you want perfect service delivery to your clients. This article looks at some of the best in the market, showing you their features and benefits.

Pay attention to the buying guide as it will help you get the right equipment that will upgrade your mechanic’s practice.

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