10 Best 3-Ton Floor Jack Reviews 2024

A floor jack is a mechanical device used by mechanics to lift heavy stuff such as vehicles. If you own a car, having the best 3-ton floor jack could make the difference between an easy, quick change of tires, Vehicle Repairing works, and a long day of gruesome work. You should not get fooled by the style or color of a floor jack because you want to get the very best that is reliable and worthy of your trust.

There are many 3-ton car jacks in the market, thus deciding on the best that money can buy could prove difficult. But not to worry, this guide has sorted it all out for you. While at that, it will prove to be of great help while looking for a jack of any capacity. Thus, keep on reading, and you will get great value for your time.

3 Tons Floor Jacks ( Comparison Table )

BIG RED T83006 Torin...
ARCAN Tools 3-Ton Quick...
BIG RED T83006 Torin...
ARCAN Tools 3-Ton Quick...
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BIG RED T83006 Torin...
BIG RED T83006 Torin...
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ARCAN Tools 3-Ton Quick...
ARCAN Tools 3-Ton Quick...
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The Best 3-Ton Floor Jack Reviews

1. Torin T83006 Red Floor Jack

The Torin hydraulic floor jack is one of the best from the Torin brand. Torin is undoubtedly the ultimate choice for someone who requires a floor jack that is great for use with both trucks and sport-utility vehicles.

The Torin model, in terms of dimension, is 26 by 11 by 8 inches. Its long neck enables time-saving. It helps you to lift your car quickly and higher. What is more special is that this jack is manufactured to lift a load of up to 3 tons.

The Torin model can lift to a height of 21 inches, which gives you the best experience while using it. It has a 360-degree swivel caster that makes it easy to ferry from place to place. Its beautiful color shade also makes it quite attractive. Therefore, if you are looking for a floor jack that will not disappoint, then the Torin is an excellent choice.

Highlighted Features

  • High hydraulic jack for both SUVs and trucks.
  • An extra-long neck that eases and saves time while lifting higher vehicles
  • Lifting range of 5-7/8 inches up to 17-1/4 inches
  • 360-degree swivel caster to facilitate mobility

2. Arcan ALJ3T Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack

The Arcan Jack is famous for its unique style and great features. It is manufactured with aluminum, and it has very sturdy wheels. With its dual pistons, you can expect nothing but excellent and quick performance.

Its construction is undoubtedly heavy-duty, and as a result, it works efficiently. It can lift a load of up to 3 Tons, which is manageable. Customer reviews indicate that it delivers on its promise, which is to give high stability and performance.

The jack also has a dual pump piston, which helps you bring the jack to maximum height in good time. The Arcan has proven to stand the test of time, being one of the best 3-ton aluminum floor jacks.

It is also lightweight and features overload and bypass valves. These valves ensure safety and that you stay within the jack’s rated capacity. However, its saddle pad may not be as high or durable as the other parts of the jack.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight Aluminum (Aircraft-Grade)
  • Dual pump pistons for increased efficiency
  • Rubber saddle and foam handle bumper for car protection
  • A 2-piece handle for easier storage
  • Overload and bypass valves to prevent extension of jack use beyond capacity
  • Side-mount handles to enable convenient jack positioning

3. Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Floor Jack

The sleek black and red floor jack boasts a capacity of 3.5 tons. This floor jack is quite cumbersome when compared to other floor jacks. It is manufactured by Blackhawk Automotive, which is a successful company in the production of power tools and vehicle accessories. This brand understands the dangers that could accrue due to faulty appliances while repairing vehicles.

The jack is immune to over-pumping, which frequently damages a hydraulic jack due to the presence of a bypass valve. The jack features a safety valve that works with the vent plug hand-in-hand for maximum safe operations.

When it comes to its lifting height, it can raise heavy loads to 22 inches from 5.5 inches. The swivel saddle feature helps one to position the jack easily. Moreover, its stout steel construction enables it to last longer and also withstand harsh weather conditions.

Before use, you ought to ensure that its release valve is turned clockwise until firm resistance is felt. However, its heavy weight, though rigid and stable, makes it hard to ferry around.

Highlighted Features

  • A lifting range of 5.5 to 22 inches
  • 7000 pounds lifting capacity (3.5T)
  • Requires complementary support from jack stands
  • Uses fast lifting technology
  • Integrated bypass device and safety valve

4. Sunex 6603ASJPK Aluminum Jack

The Sunex floor jack has been around for about four decades now. Through the years, it has been able to advance its reputation. It first started with manufacturing impact sockets and later developed into the automotive tools market.

When compared to other floor jacks, the Sunex is great since it is compact and lightweight. Moreover, the jack is designed with a thick fame side plate that strengthens it to lift the arm. To protect your vehicle from damage, it has its two pieces handle fixed with bumper pads. It has been uniquely designed to reach its maximum height in just seven pumps.

Most importantly, the Sunex floor jack can lift a weight of 6000 pounds to 18.125 inches from 3.75 inches. Its design is also super sleek and cool in silver and orange. It is also convenient to store and has a dual-piece handle to ease its movement. The product may be manufactured with aluminum, but its stability is on another level. The low center of gravity significantly advances the balance.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • Fast-rising technology
  • Low profile
  • Has a pair of 3-ton floor jack stands

5. Pittsburgh Automotive Heavy Duty Floor Jack

The Pittsburgh low-profile floor jack is yet another tremendous heavy-duty tool ideal for both professionals and DIYers. It is made with a dual parallel pumping system for a faster lifting of loads. Its dual pump system enables it to lift heavy loads in just three pumps. More to this, it can handle any type of load firmly because it has 2-piece knurled aluminum handles.

The Pittsburgh is super-fast, credit to its dual parallel pumps. It also has a universal joint release mechanism to ensure that you have decent control of your vehicle. Typically, controlled descent is compulsory if, at all, you want your car to work normally after using a jack.

Its steel casters are usually extra wide, which increases stability on the ground. It is rated at about 4.5 stars by numerous customers who have used it. Without a doubt, the jack is top-notch, and its performance is outstanding. Its unique combination of steel and aluminum provides ample strength like none other.

Highlighted Features

  • 3-Ton low-profile steel
  • Rapid pump
  • 2-piece knurled aluminum handles
  • Foam bumper

6. Liftmaster Heavy Duty Low Profile Floor Jack

Liftmaster manufactures a variety of vehicle tools and equipment. At the frontline of their manufacturing ethics, it is to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of customers. If the name is anything to go by, this jack meets consumer expectations. The company also prides itself on having prompt responses to issues and complaints faced by its customers.

The Liftmaster jack is one of the best low-profile floor jacks the market has to offer. It may be only a mid-sized floor jack, but it can lift hefty tons without balking. Top-quality iron is the material used in its manufacture, which makes it sturdy and durable.

It is made in a beautiful design and outlook of gold and gleaming luster. For decreased weight, the manufacturer made use of lightweight aluminum. However, its arm is made of heavy steel, which enables sturdy lifting. The best thing about this product is the price in comparison to the quality. You certainly get more than what you pay for.

Highlighted Features

  • 3-inch low profile
  • Dual pump system
  • Strengthened rubber pad to enhance protection
  • 2-piece knurled steel handle to ensure a firm grip

7. Liftmaster 3-Ton SUV High Lift

One of the best 3-ton floor jacks for trucks and SUVs is the Liftmaster 3-Ton SUV High Lift. It is common in most car garages and a tool that does not disappoint. It is manufactured with an attractive outlook of aluminum in gold color. The aluminum also ensures that it is lightweight and easy to carry around.

It has a lifting capacity of 3 tons (6000 lbs.). The floor jack may be lightweight, but it has a heavy-duty steel arm for maximum strength during lifting. The maximum height that the Liftmaster can reach is about 21 inches, whereas the minimum is 7.5 inches. It may be only a mid-sized floor jack, but it can lift hefty tons without balking. Top-quality iron is the material used in its manufacture, which makes it sturdy and durable.

Also, the dual pump system enables fast lifting, even in just a few seconds. It is an excellent tool for both SUV and off-road vehicles. It is often in high demand because customers do know that it is a great tool that delivers on what it promises and more.

Highlighted Features

  • 3-tonne capacity
  • 21 inches high lift for off-road vehicles and SUVs
  • 3-year warranty
  • New and improved hydraulics that last longer
  • A lifting range of 7.5-21 inches (190 – 530mm)

8. JEGS 80077 3-Ton Pro Low Profile Floor Jack

JEGS is typically one of the top-rated American-made floor jacks. JEGS manufacturers came up with this floor jack to provide a high-quality and durable floor jack that is efficient and meets customer needs. It is also manufactured with aluminum which features a beautiful design as well. Most people find this jack to be amazing after using it because it has intelligent functions and features.

Despite its ultra-lightweight, it can lift to a 3-ton load. In addition to this, the jack has a saddle that can rotate up to 360 degrees. A rubber fit pad is fitted on the saddle to prevent your car from marring. It lifts at a range of 3 inches up to 19 inches. What is more, the jack also has dual side handles for stability.

JEGS also offers an excellent lifting experience. The wide track wheels’ feature enables ease of movement. Safety is never an issue with the JEGS floor jack because it has been tested and proven to meet all required standards. Its average rating is about 4.6 stars as a result of its unique style, workability, and features.

Highlighted Features

  • 3-Ton capacity
  • Very-low profile
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber fit pad
  • Lifting range of 3-19 inches
  • Dual side handles

9. Pro-Lift G-737 Fast Lift Garage Jack

The Pro-lift 3-ton jack is grey. It is famous for its unique blend of style and workability. The floor jack has great wheels for easy management and portability. It also has increased efficiency due to its speedy lift design. This eases the lifting of various loads irrespective of their weight.

It has a high rating from auto mechanics and car owners. Most of its customers consider it to be heavy-duty, well-built, and efficient. On top of its high quality, this Pro-Lift floor jack is very affordable. Considering the amount you pay and the service you get, it is undoubtedly worth every penny.

The Pro-Lift G-737 has a foam handle that provides extra comfort to the user. The rolled side frame gives extra strength to reduce the chances of twisting. Purchase this fabulous floor jack and start enjoying its performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Simple and easy-use kit
  • Manufactured in China
  • Rubber saddle to protect the vehicle
  • Magnetic tool tray that keeps small components around the working area
  • The jack is a 3-1/2-ton garage jack
  • A universal joint release mechanism
  • Foam handle
  • Rolled side frame

10. Liftmaster 3-Ton Floor Jack

The Liftmaster hydraulic trolley is manufactured from lightweight and high-grade aluminum. This effectively enhances portability. The floor jack is also fitted with a robust, heavy-duty steel lift arm. The arm is constructed in such a way that it has increased strength to lift heavy weights and durability.

Moreover, the jack is a low profile, and 3-ton rated lift capacity. The lifting range of this floor jack runs up to 19 inches. This range is considered quite suitable for big-body frame cars and trucks. The company’s name is renowned since it meets consumer expectations.

The Liftmaster floor jack has a dual pump system that enables fast and easy lifting. If you want a floor jack that will last long, then the Liftmaster is your ultimate choice. Its hydraulic and dual pumps save time while lifting loads. It also comes with safety valves that prevent overloading.

Highlighted Features

  • Rated capacity of 6000 lbs. (3-Ton)
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Heavy-duty steel arm
  • High lift range (19.68 inches)
  • Ultra-low design (2.95 inches)
  • Have a quick dual-pump hydraulic lift system
  • A safety valve that prevents overloading

aluminum 3 ton floor jack

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Floor Jack

Heavy lifting is certainly not for everyone. Fortunately, there are numerous hydraulic jacks to choose from. They help ease the lifting of heavy vehicles and loads, whereas they are very light themselves. The hydraulic jacks use a physics law that says a liquid in an enclosed container has equal pressure at all points. However, there being lots of Jacks to choose from makes it hard to get the right one. This guide will help you through step on step how you can choose the best floor jack to suit your preferences and needs.

Type of Vehicle

You should always consider the type of your car before purchasing a jack. Round clearance is an essential factor here. Ground clearance is basically how high from the ground your jack point lies. Cars that have a low ground clearance only require standard hydraulic jacks.

The hydraulic floor jack is also an excellent option for vans, SUVs, trucks, sedans, and coupes as well. If your car is slightly high, e.g., a lifted truck, a bottle jack may be more suitable for you.

Vehicle’s weight

If you check keenly, all floor jacks have a rated maximum capacity. You should diligently ensure that the maximum weight estimated on the floor jack you would like to purchase exceeds that of your car. The rating is often provided in tons. The most common floor jacks are rated at about 2-3 tons.

Build Quality

Just like any investment, it is advisable to conduct due diligence before you buy a floor jack. Cheap is expensive. A durable floor jack that is also high quality typically costs less than when you buy a poorly manufactured one that you have to replace regularly. A well-built floor jack has metallic pas predominantly, whereas a low-quality one features a lot of plastic. Moreover, high-quality jacks are quite heavy, but they work efficiently.

Other features you could consider are saddle, lifting arm, mobility, warranty, and lifting mechanism. They are somewhat different. Thus you should go for one that suits you best.

best floor jack

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Who Makes the Best Quality Floor Jacks?

As mentioned earlier, a quality floor jack is a must-have for your garage. The most important thing is to find one that can stand frequent use. Some of the best quality jacks are manufactured in the US and China. Most of the jacks in the market are made in China, but they do work efficiently, and they never disappoint.

The most important thing is to find the best floor jack that suits your taste and preferences. They are numerous, but with this guide, it will be much easier to find a good one.

Do I need a 3 Ton Jack?

The answer is relative. Depending on your vehicle, you may require a 3 or 4-ton floor jack or a three or even 2-ton floor jack. Nonetheless, the rule of thumb applies. The law states that a floor jack should be rated at least three-quarters of your vehicle’s gross weight. Therefore, if you would like to change a tire on your 7000-pound suburban, a 3-ton jack would be the best. The advantage is that they are comfortable and convenient to work with. Where the need arises, you can always consult an expert for professional advice.

How Much Weight Can 3-Ton Jack Stands to Hold?

Steel jack stands are usually bulky, which makes them awkward to carry or even lift. On the other hand, aluminum stands can support 3 tons. Their main advantage is their lightweight construction, which enhances portability. These stands weigh only about 5 to 6 pounds. While repairing the underneath of your car, you need to have your safety assured. Supporting your car after lifting is compulsory because you cannot rely on the floor jack to support it. Jack stands rated up to 20 tons from 3 tons.

What is Better, a Floor Jack or Bottle Jack?

Each of the two has its pros and cons. The hydraulic tanks in floor jacks are placed parallel to the round to enable them to have a lower profile than bottle jacks. Bottle jacks typically lift higher than floor jacks. However, hydraulic floor jacks are most preferred for cars. This is because it is low enough to fit below them.

Both jacks could lose pressure and star dropping without notice; thus, you should support the load lifted with stands. If you work on trucks or farming equipment mainly, then you require a bottle jack.

What Is the Difference Between a Trolley Jack and a Floor Jack?

Most people tend to get confused about floor jacks and trolley jacks. On the one hand, trolley jacks have springs and a long pole attached to them. They are also quite bulky, but they can lift vehicles perfectly. On the other hand, floor jacks are relatively lighter and hence easier to carry around.

The floor jacks are not as good with weighty vehicles. A floor jack is more affordable and budget-friendly. Both of them are deemed convenient and safe. Whichever you choose, it all depends on your needs. Select one that will work efficiently for you, and also do some diligent research before settling on a product.

What Size Jack Stands Do I Need?

The size of your jack should depend on the weight, height, and type of vehicle.  If, for instance, you have a 2-ton Mercedes, the stands should be rated at least 4 tons. The stand should be rated at least three-quarters of your vehicle’s gross weight for it to work efficiently.


With this guide on the best 3-ton floor jacks, it is easier for you to select among the many in the market. You only need to cross-check against your needs and preferences to get the perfect one. Without a doubt, this review will help you get one that works great for you! Hopefully, you will find this guide of benefit. Remember that floor jacks should be used only on a hard-level surface to ensure stability and safety as well.

Trusting cheap and low-quality stands to hold a few tons of loads above your body is a risk you should not take. The stands should be sturdy and affordable, as well. Floor jacks are amazing tools waiting for you to take advantage of the ease and convenience of work they offer. Keep in mind also that no floor jack can fully support your vehicle by itself. Therefore always use more than one jack stands when working underneath your vehicle.

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