10 Best 4 Post Car Lift Reviews and Complete Guide 2020

The car lift is one of the best equipment you can have in your auto garage as a mechanic. It comes in handy when you want to lift your car to the desired level, either for parking or tuning. When it comes to tuning or repair and maintenance routine of the vehicle under your watch, the car lift provides you with a decent access area.

As such, you can conduct practices such as wheel balancing, alignment, and other under-the-car maintenance practices. There are several types of car lifts, with one of the most common being the four-post car lift.

In the auto repair sector, as an automotive repair expert, you need to have a knack for picking the best equipment for your practice. In this vein, below is a review of the best four-post car lifts, to act as a guide to lead you to the best implement to have in your work or home garage.

Comparison table of top 3 Best 4 Post Car Lift

Our Top Picks
TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4...
Our Second Choice
TRIUMPH 9000 Pound 4 Post...
Best Value
Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4...
TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs auto lift is ideal for service and storage. It comes along with three dip rays, jack tray, and a caster kit. This car lift is portable and very easy to set up. It features an automatic locking which engages at 10 different positions when raising the car. The car lift comes in color black.
TRIUMPH 9000 Pound parking lifts are made with a proven slider design, which gives it a rigid and sturdy stance. It features a rolling jack this drain plug and boxed tracks, which gives it extra strength. It also has aluminum deadbolt locks with oversize linkage. Its red powder coat and sleek black finish give it a high quality and clean appearance.
The first thing you note from this 4 post car lift is its good looks and smooth operations. The carriages of this car lift are entirely enclosed for safety purposes. They also have a redundant ladder lock safety system which locks the bar in case the cable fails. Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4 post car lift is easy to install and operate.
Our Top Picks
TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4...
TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs auto lift is ideal for service and storage. It comes along with three dip rays, jack tray, and a caster kit. This car lift is portable and very easy to set up. It features an automatic locking which engages at 10 different positions when raising the car. The car lift comes in color black.
Our Second Choice
TRIUMPH 9000 Pound 4 Post...
TRIUMPH 9000 Pound parking lifts are made with a proven slider design, which gives it a rigid and sturdy stance. It features a rolling jack this drain plug and boxed tracks, which gives it extra strength. It also has aluminum deadbolt locks with oversize linkage. Its red powder coat and sleek black finish give it a high quality and clean appearance.
Best Value
Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4...
The first thing you note from this 4 post car lift is its good looks and smooth operations. The carriages of this car lift are entirely enclosed for safety purposes. They also have a redundant ladder lock safety system which locks the bar in case the cable fails. Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4 post car lift is easy to install and operate.

Our Top Ten 4 post car lift Reviews

01. Triumph Nss-8 4 Post Storage Service Lift

4 post car lift with casters Check Price at Amazon

The Triumph NSS-8 4 post storage service lift is an easy-to-assemble car lift that also comes with a versatile make. Its versatility is evident courtesy of its dimensions, which make it a reliable elevator for several vehicles makes, featuring a wide variance in weight and height.

You can use the lift for both storages, that is parking and also for repairs. For repair purposes, this lift will impress you courtesy of the features of its packs.

Highlighted Features
  • It has a caster kit which allows for smooth movement of the elevator around your garage.
  • It features three drip trays. The drip trays act as a reservoir for any liquid or dirt from your car and prevent them from getting to the floor.
  • The jack tray feature allows you to use either a floor or bottle jack to lift one part of the vehicle.
  • The automatic locking allows you to secure the automobile at ten different levels during the elevation.
  • The 110 voltage motor is suitable for providing the power to initiate the lift.
  • There are two removable stop plates, which you use to secure the vehicle from moving.
  • The four-post storage lift also comes with two removable loading ramps. The ramp makes it easier to load the vehicle and also to unload it.

Aside from the above features, the elevator is also good in space use. The removable parts, such as the ramps, create space when they are not in use.

02. Triumph 9000 Pound 4 Post Automotive Storage Parking Lift

4 post storage lift

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If you are new to the use of car elevation systems, then the Triumph 9000 pound 4 post automotive storage parking lift is one of your best options. An important attribute is the ease of use and the combination of a safety system, which reduces the chances of hazards coming your way during operation.

Versatility is also an evident characteristic of this auto elevator, where it supports a wide range of vehicle weights. The lift is also quite sturdy, adding to its stability aspect.

Highlighted Features
  • The redundant secondary safety system acts like a plan B for your elevator in case there is any malfunction. It secures the whole system when let’s say the cables cease working and will ensure the vehicle is secured firmly.
  • The four pillars take on a slider design, which contributes to their sturdiness and, ultimately, stability.
  • The six by 6-inch collars also add a level of hardiness to the four posts.
  • The manual deadbolt locks with spotting oversized links come through to secure the system.
  • It features drip trays, which act as a collecting chamber for liquid and other material from the car hoisted above.
  • There are heavy-duty poly-coated casters which allow for the movement of the elevator within your auto repair premises.
  • It comes with low weight, removable aluminum ramps for easy in loading. They are 36” and weigh 29 pounds each.
  • A drain plug cable in the rolling jack tray prevents cable runoff.

Looking at the features, you can have this fantastic car lift for ease in your mechanical repair stint. It is easily one of the best car lifts for the home garage.

03. Auto Lift 8000 Pounds Storage Car Lift

4 post storage lift

Check Price at Amazon

Feature diversity and adaptability are the two befitting descriptive words for this auto lift and parking gear. It is a worthy addition to your equipment catalog that as a mechanic, you will appreciate it. Some of the attributes that will endear the auto lift 8000 pounds storage car lift include ease of use, durability, and excellent looks. The outstanding looks will add a touch of a clean first impression to your auto repair workshop or home garage.

Highlighted Features
  • It has a set of three drip trays where liquids from the car atop collect. It prevents staining of the floor, which can affect the strength or aesthetic value.
  • For ease in moving around your premises, it comes with an easy-to-install caster kit.
  • It features a variance in locking levels, ten to be precise. As such, it can work fine with several heights dependent on the dimensions of the car.
  • The 4 post car lift ranks top when it comes to safety features, with a redundant ladder lock system. The system comes to play in case of cable malfunction; hence it won’t drop.
  • Another safety feature is the non-skid diamond plate runways. The steel ramp also sports caution strips. The two features provide traction to the wheels and provide an element of grip.
  • It also has aircraft rated cables. The jack tool tray allows for side-specific elevation where you can use a floor jack to lift the side of your choice.

This auto lift functions both as repair and parking lift. For parking purposes, it is economical in space and can accommodate two vehicles. It the best car lift for home storage.

04. Bendpak 4 Post Extended Truck And Car Lift

Check Price at Amazon

This bendpak 4 post lift is one of the best additions that, as a mechanic, you can bank on for your practice in your garage. It has a decent weight limit of 14000 pounds, which is suitable for both small cars to trucks. It gives you the versatility factor in the weight limits to work with. It is good in the aesthetic department, featuring a simplistic yet modern look.

Among the factors that add to the lucrativeness of this elevator are its features, as seen below.

Highlighted Features
  • It features a wide rail-kit for optional accessorizing. You can fit equipment such as the wheel alignment kit on this rail to help you get the right angle for the vehicle’s wheels.
  • It has a powerful electric controlled hydraulic system. The system packs enough force to initiate the lift of the automobile on load.
  • The efficient lock system is a suitable safety feature that has the vehicle properly secured and prevents it from moving during elevation.
  • There are two sturdy ramps that provide a stable and straightforward entry point to the loading zone f the auto-elevator.

The bendpak 4 post lift is a sturdy car lift that promises you resilience due to its durability. Its features also make it worth having, promising excellent service at your auto shop.

05. Bendpak Compact 4 Post Car Lift

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Bendpak compact 4 post car lift is the best when you are focusing on safety features and also a high rise capability.  It is compact and can fit into your garage without requiring an ample space for it to be fully functional.

Below are some of the features of the bendpak compact 4 post car lift.

Highlighted Features
  • It has a maximum rise capability of 82 inches. This is a good elevation level that you can bank on for various tunings or even creating some parking space beneath the lifting podium for other vehicles.
  • It is a high-speed design, meaning it achieves the intended elevation level in quite a short time. It reaches the full height elevation in 35 seconds.
  • It features a single 220 volts and two horsepower electric motor that powers the lift to achieve the impressive elevation power.
  • The lift has a multilevel position locks to secure the lifting podium at different levels as intended. Additionally, there are safety locks and adjustable lock ladders to provide safety and act as a backup plan to secure the system in case of any malfunction.
  • Robust posts and cable system that provides the required stability to support the entire hydraulic lift system.

You can bank on this 4 post auto elevator for maximum space use as it takes a little space in your home garage or auto shop. It is easy to operate, and its high lift speed is one of the benefits to take advantage of.

06. Bendpak 4 Post Wide-Standard Car Lift

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If your home or working garage has minimal space, then you might consider this car elevator as it is compact and economical on space. The bendpak 4 posts wide standard car lift ticks the relevant boxes in storage, that is, parking and also in auto-tuning services. It has a decent weight limit of 9000 pounds that makes it suitable for smaller cars to midsized trucks and sports utility vehicles.

Have a look at some of its features to see how much of a good companion this wide standard lift is for your automotive maintenance practice.

Highlighted Features
  • The 220 volts electric motor provides enough power to initiate the hydraulic lift, with efficiency as its main advantage.
  • Fast elevation time and achieves the maximum elevation level of 88 inches in 45 seconds.
  • A wide drive-through design paves the way for larger vehicles to the loading area.
  • It has oversized self-lubricating cable rollers. They ensure that the operation is smooth round the clock.
  • The lift has 15 locking positions at each level for a boosted safety aspect.
  • Adjustable runways to accommodate the vehicle’s specifications.
  • Optional caster for ease in moving the elevator around your garage or working space.
  • The lift is also a freestanding design. As such, it does not require an exclusive platform for it to remain stable.

Power and reliability are the right words to describe this elevator. It is suitable for your mechanical practice, and you can use it for both storage and repair purposes.

07. Atlas Apex 14000 Pound 4 Post Car Lift

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The atlas apex 14000-pound lift is proper equipment for commercial settings with its high weight capacity being its bargain point. It supports a loading mass of up to 14000 pounds, which is suitable for both small automobiles to trucks.

It sports a hardy finish, which works to boost its durability aspect.

Highlighted Features
  • The atlas 4 post lift has a double lock safety system that ensures the automobile on the loading platform is firmly secured.
  • The adjustment nuts and screws allow you to set the loading platform at the desired elevation level.
  • A robust power unit that powers the hydraulic system, ensuring efficiency during operation.
  • It has an airlock release switch to ensure that the hydraulic system works in perfect integrity.
  • A durable ramp and loading platform that is robust enough to support a range of weight classes comfortably.

The atlas apex auto lift is also economical on space and takes minimal space in your garage. It requires no exclusive platform for it to stand due to the broad structure of the pillars.

08. Atlas 414 14000 Pounds Commercial Grade 4 Post Lift

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As a mechanic, high performance is one of the factors to look out for when getting equipment for your auto garage or workshop. For a high-performance lift, the atlas 414 14000 pounders commercial grade 4 post lift. It has a decent weight and height support that makes it an adaptable elevator to work with when dealing with vehicles of different build.

The following are some of the features of this car lift that makes it an excellent choice to grace your workshop or high-end home garage.

Highlighted Features
  • Maximum elevation height of 77 inches, which provides ample clearance under the car for tuning and parking.
  • Impressive width provides ample drive through the breadth and can comfortably accommodate larger vehicles.
  • Mounting hardware included streamlining the loading process.
  • Robust posts with a powder coat finishing that steps up for the durability aspect of the elevation system.
  • A top-notch safety system consisting of an automatic shut off system and lock ladder column design. The runways are diamond-played and provide an extra grip to provide traction for the vehicle on load.
  • Features an air operated single point release.

09. Aplus Lift 8000 Pound Portable Storage Car Lift

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Portable storage lifts are among the best choices for you as a mechanic, as you can move with them anywhere. It should be on your list of equipment to acquire, primarily if you work remotely. It is easy to set up and is also sturdy, doing itself justice when looking at efficiency.

Additionally, you can use the lift as a storage elevator as it has ample space under the lifting platform to accommodate an extra vehicle.

Highlighted Features
  • It is a durable courtesy of the powdered finishing that has anti-corrosion properties.
  • It features a set of three drip trays to contain dirt and liquids from the car hoisted atop the elevator.
  • A height reach of 82 inches.
  • It has ten lock positions, which allow you to accomplish your desired elevation level.
  • The lift has a single-phase, 220 volts, and three horsepower electric motor. It transmits enough power to the hydraulic system, giving it a lifting time of 40 seconds to achieve its maximum level.
  • It is portable; hence you can easily move with it from one place to another. It is also easy to assemble, and the cater kits make it easy to move within the garage.
  • The lift also features a jack tray and approach ramps.

The Aplus portable storage car lift is very adaptable, and you can use it for parking, storage, and also for servicing the cars under your watch. It uses minimal space, and its portability makes it suitable for remote use, the same to home and commercial use.

10. 4 Post Lift 1/18 Blue

Check Price at Amazon

The four-post lift 1/18 differs from the other entries in the list, considering it is a model. You can have it in your office or garage as a collector’s item to show how dedicated you are to the automobile sector.

The model is functional, and aside from featuring in your garage office, you can gift it to a mechanic who loves collectibles.

Highlighted Features
  • The model has adjustable parts just like the real 4 post lift it replicates.
  • Features a metallic blue color to give it a touch of realism.
  • Works well with similar casts and replicas of the 1/18 scale.

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Things To Consider Before Buying The 4 Post Lift

As earlier hinted, there are several types of the car lift, and this article focuses on one class, the 4 post lift. As a mechanic seeking to purchase the 4 post elevator, you need to be extra keen so that you get the right equipment matching your immediate needs.

To get the right car elevator, have a look at the following consideration points.

The Price Of The Car Lift

One of the key points to look at is the price of the elevator. The car lifts come at various costs, with the ones having standout attributes such as safety features and powerful motors being pricy. It is advisable to go for a car lift that matches your budget, to avoid being pressed to the wall financially.

With a specific budget, look for a lift within the budget range. To get a bargain of the best features and an attractive price, be on the lookout for offers and discounts from selected outlets. You might also try out your luck with second-hand elevators but be careful not to purchase worn-out equipment.

Your Space

Another factor to look at is the space at your workshop or garage. The lifts come in different dimensions, and to be economical with your space, you need one that is congruent to the available area. If you have a small space, then a lift with small dimensions or a portable lift will be the best option.

Conversely, if you have ample space, such as the one that can accommodate larger vehicles, then you can go for the massive lifts with a high maximum height level.

Your Intended Use Of The Car Lift

The 4 post car lift, unlike the 2 post car lift, can also be used for parking and storage. The use is evident as there is ample space left after the elevation podium with a car as load goes up.

Focusing on use, you can opt for the one that is only for servicing. Such an elevator is only suitable for making the necessary tunings such as wheel alignment and balancing. Then there is the 4 post auto lift that is both for storage or parking and servicing. This elevator type allows you to park more than one vehicle when not in use.

Accessories Present

As a mechanic, you know and appreciate the presence of accessories in your equipment. For the car lift, having accessories means you have another feature of functionality added to the implement.

Among the accessories that your car lift may have, including the antiskid runways and boosted safety features.  There are also the drip and jack trays with the option of a caster kit for smooth movement of the elevation kit around your garage.

Weight Limit

Different car lifts come with their weight limit values. You have to be keen on the weight and height value of the lift to get the right one matching your vehicle or the vehicle class that you deal in. You should go for a higher limit than a lower one. A dense mass on a lightweight model can present some structural issues.


Never overlook the durability aspect when looking for a suitable hydraulic car lift for your auto garage or shop. Look at the finishing and ensure it is robust for the workplace environment. You may also make the extra move of learning the Troubleshooting of car lift during maintenance to improve its longevity.

Best 4 post car lifts

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who makes the best car lifts?

Answer: There are several manufacturers of car lifts, and depending on your specifications, there are many who can furnish you with the best equipment. Among the manufactures with a knack for having the best elevators include Triumph, Atlas, and BendPak.

Question: Do 4 post lifts need to be bolted down?

Answer: To bolt or not to bolt the 4 post car lifts depends on their make. Some come with a hardy structure with some weights at the bottom of the posts and do not need to be bolted. The same applies to some portable car lifts and those with a low weight limit.

However, some need to be bolted down, especially if they have a high weight load that can interfere with its balance.

Question: How thick should a concrete slab be for a car lift?

Answer: The concrete thickness is essential when bolting the car lift to the base of your premises. For it to be robust, a minimum concrete thickness of 4 inches is recommendable.  However, you can increase the depth with if the expected load is of a higher mass.

Question: What is the maximum lifting weight in the workplace?

Answer: The maximum lifting weight is dependent on various factors, and one of them is the vehicles you deal in. The average weight is 14000-18000 pounds though it can reach a maximum of 39000-41000 pounds for larger buses, especially the 72-seater transit buses. Some trucks may also reach the indicated maximum weight level.

Question: How much does a 4 post car lift cost?

Answer: Just like any other equipment, the 4 post auto elevator does not have an exact price. It depends on many factors, key among them the manufacturer and features it sports. The price ranges from $2000 0n the lower side for the simple 4 post car lifts with a low weight limit. On the higher side, the price may reach the neighborhood of $4000, and the lifts are usually of a more upper weight limit and have several features.  Though you may land used ones at a slightly lower price, though some hitches are expected.

How to install a four-post car lift! YouTube Video

Final Word

The 4 post car lift is one of the most popular car lifts and ranks top among the mechanic fraternity due to ease of use and their stability factor. Listed above are some of the best 4 post elevators that you can come across in the market, promising a worthy stint when using them.

When looking for the elevator, look at the consideration points which act as a buying guide to you getting the right equipment. Top of the factors to consider include price, the durability factor, and use among many more. Also be keen on specifics such as the car height and weight you are dealing with, the same to the area to install the 4 post auto lift.

Get the 4 post lift and up your game in the auto repair scene as one of the best mechanics.

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