What Is The Difference Between 9005 vs. H11 Bulbs?

The 9005 vs. H11 argument is one that you may get into if you are into vehicles. These are bulbs that you will find in the headlight, with each of them playing a key role in controlling light intensity. To understand more about the headlight’s intensity, you must understand the low beam and high beam lights. In this car light type, the low beam is the standard light in the vehicle and angles towards the ground.

On the other hand, we have the high beam light, which is quite powerful and can illuminate twice the distance of low beam lights. Back to 9005 vs. H11, the 9005 bulbs are high beam, while the other is a single beam, used in various settings in the car’s frontal lighting. This information gives us a bearing of where the debate comes from, as we understand both bulbs are for the headlight.

9005 Vs. H11

Table Highlighting Differences Between 9005 and H11 Bulb

To compare 9005 and H11 bulbs, it’s important to understand that these are two different types of automotive headlight bulbs, and they have specific characteristics and applications. Here’s a comparison table to help you understand the differences between 9005 and H11 bulbs:

Characteristic 9005 Bulb H11 Bulb
Bulb Type Halogen Halogen
Base Type P20d PGJ19-2
Usage High beam headlights Low beam and fog lights
Light Output Brighter and higher lumens Typically, lower lumens for low-beam
Wattage 65 55
Lumen 1700 1350
Lifespan 320 hrs 270 hrs
Beam Pattern Designed for high-beam projection Designed for low beam and fog light dispersion
Compatibility Typically used in high-beam applications Commonly used in low beam and fog light applications
Notable Variations 9005XS (Xenon-enhanced) H11B (H11 with a special base)
Other Considerations It may cause glare when used in low-beam applications Not suitable for high-beam applications
Replacement Options LED and HID upgrades are available LED and HID upgrades are available

The 9005 LED bulb Explained.

9005 bulb

As mentioned earlier, the 9005 LED bulb is a high-beam bulb that goes into the vehicle headlight. Being a high beam light means it produces much light that illuminates a sizeable distance ahead when driving. The illumination provided makes it suitable for extra dark conditions or if there is poor weather. Besides having them on the headlamp, you can also use it as your fog light, using its intensity to tread through poor environmental conditions. However, you should check on the legality status of using the 9005 lights, as some jurisdictions have prohibitive laws on the use of high beam bulbs.

Closer to the 9005 bulbs is 9006. It can bring on another debate; 9005 vs. 9006, which is the best or ideal for your car. The two are quite different, with the 9006 being a low-beam bulb. The 9005 can fit in the 9006’s socket, but not the other way round. Additionally, the two have different wattages, with 9005 having a wattage of 65 and the other being 55W.

Your car deserves the best 9005 bulbs if you are to get one and our experience in motor vehicle works allows us to recommend the ZDATT 9005 LED bulb. The features you will appreciate with this light are its great lighting capability, 200% better than the standard halogen bulbs. It has three color tubes, amber, blue and white, where you pick the best to tweak your headlamp of fog light colors. You can easily install this light, and its durability guarantees you over 50,000 operation hours.

Pros Of The 9005 Bulbs

  • They are brighter than most standard bulbs, providing ample light for driving in environments with poor sights like dust, fog, and darkness.
  • The 9005 lights can improve the car’s aesthetics when lit.
  • 9005 lights generally have a long life, with some going past 50000 of operating time. This feature is also a hint of their durability.
  • Despite being high-beam lights, they can fit some low-beam bulb sockets due to their base’s configuration.
  • 9005 LED bulbs dissipate low heat and offer directional lighting.


  • The 9005 bulb consumes more power compared to the typical bulbs. If left on when the car is idle, it may drain your car battery. Some professionals recommend changing your car wiring to accommodate high-wattage bulbs.
  • This bulb’s brightness can be dangerous to oncoming road users as the high illumination can blind them.

The H11 LED Bulbs Explained.

h11 vs 9005 led

As mentioned earlier, the H11 LED bulb is a low-beam light bulb, which makes it ideal as the ‘normal’ bulb for your car. The term normal implies how the low beam is the most common bulb in lighting due to its angling. This feature makes them suitable for both fog lights and headlamps. They are among the common types of car lights legal for city traffic as they do not have a blinding effect. Also, note that the H11 bulb is a single-beam variety, and you can use it in one position.

The H11 LED bulb has an L-shape, which is similar but not compatible with the 9005. The H11 bulb compatibility is with other low beam and L-shaped bulbs like the H8, H9, and H16. The matching test brings us to the H9 vs. H11 discourse. You can use the two in place of each other, but they have differences that you may notice when you install them. For instance, the H9 is brighter at 65W, though it has a shorter life. The H11, in contrast, has a wattage of 55W, meaning it is dimmer, though it has a longer life compared to the H9.

You will also come across the H11B. The H11 vs. H11B discussion looks at the pin design. They have a similar L-shape and pin configuration, the contrast being that the H11 has its pins nested, while the H11B has bare pins. This difference means the H11 cannot go into the H11B’s socket and vice versa.

The Philips H11 CrystalVision light bulb is a recommendable bulb under the H11 category. Some of the perks you will enjoy from this headlight installation include its decent brightness. The bulbs have a blue cap on their tip, which will create an excellent bluish hue on your vehicle’s reflector during the day and will improve its overall aesthetic factor. They are durable courtesy of their robust construction and will serve you for a long time.

Pros of the H11 LED Bulb

  • It has a low beam, which is ideal for typical driving, especially on city roads.
  • You can use the light on both headlamps and fog lights.
  • They do not cause blinding as they have low intensity.
  • The H11 LED bulb is durable. The durability is due to their low heat dissipation feature.
  • It is compatible with the H8, H9, and H16 bulbs.
  • The bulb is relatively low on consumption at 55 watts.


  • They are quite dim; hence, you cannot use them in some situations, such as in extremely dark conditions.

What Is The Difference Between 9005 vs. H11 Bulbs?

Getting deep into the discussion on 9005 vs. H11, we have to pay attention to their differences. It is evident that they have a similarity, which is both of them sport the L-shape. Despite having the same shape and H11 to 9005, conversions are impossible, but the 9005 can fit into the H11’s socket. Their functionality also differs, where the 9005 is a high beam, whereas the other bulb is a low beam. Some pundits say you can use the 9005 as an option in the low beam setting, but the results are not appealing due to its high intensity.

The 9005 also seems to have a long life at over 50,000 hours in operation time. It is a hint at how durable it is, where you can have it for ages without looking for a replacement. The H11 also brings its longevity game to the debate, where some of the best bulbs have an operation life in the neighborhood of 30,000 hours. While the H11’s life might seem shorter, it is impressively long compared to common headlight bulbs.

The low beam and high beam applications hint at their other variation, which is illumination and wattage. 9005 bulb at 65W has a high illumination power, explaining its role as a high beam light. The H11 has a wattage of 55W and low lighting power and takes the role of a low-beam bulb. 9005 is compatible with the H10, 9040, 9055, HB3, 9145, 9150, and many more. The H11 will work with the H8, H9, and H16 bulbs.

In the 9005 vs. H11 discussion, which is the best? When you pay attention to their features and functionality, you understand that both of them bring their best in their respective areas. Both are durable and perform to their maximum as high-beam and low-beam lights, respectively.

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9005 Vs. H11

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will A 9005 Bulb Fit An H11?

Yes, the 9005 to H11 conversion is possible, with minor modifications. However, when you consider both have different purposes in the car lighting unit; it is advisable not to mix them up.

Is The H11 The Same As 9005?

While the two bulbs share the L shape, they are not compatible. The H11 is a single low beam light, whereas the 9005 is high beam light with a high illumination capability. They also have varying degrees of energy consumption; the 9005 is on the higher side with 65W, and the H11 has a 55W rating.

Is A 9005 Bulb High or Low Beam?

The 9005 bulb is a low-beam bulb and features in-vehicle models with a separate socket for the low and high-beam bulbs. Advanced models can use bulbs like the 9007 headlight bulbs, which have high and low beam light settings.

Can I Use 9006 Instead Of H11?

No, you cannot use the 9006 in place of the H11 because they are incompatible. Despite both having an L-shape and being low-beam bulbs, they sport different pin configurations that won’t allow for a perfect fit.

Can I Use 9006 Instead Of 9005?

The 9006 to 9005 conversion is not possible due to the pin arrangement. However, with a little modification, the 9005 will fit into the 9006’s socket. When looking at 9005 vs. 9006, you realize that the former is a high beam, and the other is a low beam.

How Many Lumens Is A 9005 Bulb?

The 9005 is one of the brightest lights you may encounter, explaining its prominent use in high beam settings. Its lumens value is roughly from 1700 to 2000.

Can I Use Fog Lights As Headlights?

The fog lights work in tandem with your headlights in poor environmental conditions like rain, fog, and heavy snow. You should not replace your headlights’ functionality with fog lights as they have a short visual range.

Final Word

The conclusion to the 9005 vs. H11 argument brings to light these important bulbs, focusing on their functionality, features, advantages, and disadvantages. We also take a sneak peek at their differences, where we see their many variations. Both are essential for the headlight unit, with the 9005 being responsible for high beam projection and the other for low beams.

They are both durable, as we can see from their operation hours. Have the best installed and always pay attention to servicing your car lights, such as having a clean headlight and making replacements where necessary.

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