Best 9007 Headlight Bulbs Reviews 2024

In the car lighting system, the headlight is an essential component, which plays a significant role in visualization, especially in dark conditions. Aside from illuminating the way ahead, it is also responsible for the car’s signature looks. There are different types of headlight bulbs, one of them being the 9007 variety. If you are looking for the best visuals when driving in the dark, you need to have your eyes on the best 9007 headlight bulb.

There are various brands of the 9007 bulb in the market, and our experience in the auto-tuning scene gives us a guiding role to show you the best. Before going for a 9007 headlight bulb, you need to know what it is. So, what is this type of car light?

The 9007 bulb has both the high beam and low beam in the same bulb. This attribute makes it easy to run and maintain. The review below shows some of the best 9007 led headlight bulbs in the market.

Headlight Bulbs Comparison Table

SYLVANIA - 9007...
Philips 9007...
SYLVANIA - 9007...
Philips 9007...
Amazon Prime
1.72 x 6.5 x 5.87 inches
5.12 x 1.81 x 5.08 inches
Voltage 12V, Base PX29t, Wattage 65
12 Volts, 55 watts, Philips 9007XVB2 X-tremeVision Upgraded Headlight Bulb, 2 Pack
SYLVANIA - 9007...
SYLVANIA - 9007...
Amazon Prime
1.72 x 6.5 x 5.87 inches
Voltage 12V, Base PX29t, Wattage 65
Philips 9007...
Philips 9007...
5.12 x 1.81 x 5.08 inches
12 Volts, 55 watts, Philips 9007XVB2 X-tremeVision Upgraded Headlight Bulb, 2 Pack

The Best 9007 Headlight Bulbs

1. SYLVANIA 9007 Xtravision High-Performance Halogen Bulb

When you look at the reliability factor, the SYLVANIA 9007 Xtravision high-performance bulb is one of the best headlight bulbs you can get. It provides ample light to guide you in the dark, giving you enhanced down-road visibility, with no reflection hitting back at you. This feature is critical when driving in poor weather conditions such as snow or excess rainfall. Still, on reliability, the filament design is very hardy, making it durable and improving the propriety gas mixture for high performance.

As it is a halogen lamp, you are sure of ample brightness, enough to deal with the dark. The whiter light brings more clarity and boosted contrast with improved sideroad lighting. The combination of these features results in perfectly assisted nighttime driving. The SYLVANIA 9007 Xtravision halogen bulb’s package contains two bulbs, which have a similar lifespan. As such, when replacing one due to burning out, it is prudent also to replace the other one.

Highlighted Features
  • The package contains two bulbs.
  • Enhanced down-road visibility.
  • Reduced reflection and glare.
  • Whiter light results in more clarity and boosted contrast.
  • Enhanced sideroad lighting.
  • Durable, hence, will save you from replacement costs.
  • The two bulbs have a similar lifespan.
  • Sturdy filament design.
  • 12V voltage.
  • The wattage of 65W.

2. Philips 9007 X-tremeVision Headlight bulb

Philips is a renowned brand when it comes to the manufacture of electronics and other items in mechanics. The Philip 9007 X-tremeVision headlight bulb from this manufacturer is one of the best when you look at a light intensity. From its description, it gives you a hint that it produces up to 100% more vision, as compared to standard headlamp bulbs. They are ideal for nighttime driving, especially in rural areas or places with dim street lighting.

When looking at overall performance, the 9007 bulbs will impress you with their resiliency, making them durable, with a service time of up to 300 hours. It is a decent time for a high-impact halogen lamp when you consider that most in its class do not go past 150 hours. The bulbs come in a set of two, and installation is a simple process, and you shouldn’t touch the bulb with your bare hands when fixing it. You can use a paper towel or gloves so that you do not reduce its shine.

Highlighted Features
  • 100% more brightness than standard headlight bulbs.
  • Ultimate performance.
  • A voltage of 12V
  • The wattage of 55 watts.
  • Guaranteed durability.
  • Painted exterior.
  • The package contains two bulbs for both headlights.
  • Automotive exterior mirror lighting type.
  • Optimized filament geometry.
  • Original equipment quality.

3. SYLVANIA Silverstar Ultra-High-Performance Headlight Bulb

Brightness is a crucial factor to look at when getting a new headlamp. The SYLVANIA SilverStar ultra-high-performance headlight bulb is one of the best when looking at brightness, coming with a distinct white light for added clarity in dark conditions. The high and low beam bulb will illuminate in a manner that improves the functionality of your fog light, especially in down-road visibility. Speaking of down-road visibility, there is minimal glare, giving you the ideal visualization of the road ahead of you.

The good thing about this halogen bulb is that it is legal for road use, meaning you won’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law for having it as your primary lighting. The bulb is white and has a machined exterior. You should also note the lamp coating, which shifts the color temperature towards a white spectrum. Aside from down-road visibility, the SYLVANIA SilverStar ultra-high-performance headlight bulb has more sideroad illumination for clarity in poor visibility.

Highlighted Features
  • Comes as a pair.
  • It is legal.
  • Great down-road visibility.
  • White bulb.
  • Machined exterior.
  • Has a voltage of 12V.
  • The wattage of 65 watts.

4. Auxbeam 9007 LED Headlight Bulbs

The Auxbeam 9007 LED headlight bulbs are among the best-LED bulbs for projector headlights, which will give you maximum illumination in the dark and in poor weather conditions. They are some of the most reliable LED bulbs, an attribute you will notice in their design. The bulb’s design features an all-in-one heat conduction and high-speed mute fan that cools it to keep the temperatures low. The cooling action will improve the life of the electric light; as such, it will serve you for a long.

The engineered beam pattern allows for the even production of ample light at the right angle, beating the occurrence of foggy lighting. This is good for all road users as it does not lead to confusion on the road. The pair of bulbs employ the latest chip-on-board light source, featuring three luminous faces and no blind spots. The xenon white light helps better the view of road signs and other reflective material on the road.

Highlighted Features
  • All-in-one aluminum heat conductor plus a high-speed and mute fan.
  • Engineered beam pattern design
  • Has the latest chip-on-board light source.
  • Three luminous faces and zero blind zones.
  • 6000k pure white light.
  • Xenon white light for enhanced sign spotting.
  • The package comes as a pair.
  • 270 and 360-degree heat radiation.
  • Appropriate angling.
  • In-built smart constant IC for temperature control.

5. Philips 9007 Replacement Bulb

Nothing can stress you in your mechanic’s practice as looking for a replacement for a 9007 bulb. However, Philips has your back with the 9007 replacement bulb, which can complement the other working bulb. For efficiency purposes, you should replace the other bulb, too, especially if you simultaneously acquired both of them.

The Philips 9007 replacement bulb guarantees you excellent service, as it has a decent illumination strength, lighting up an impressive distance ahead of your path. It also lights up the side road, ensuring you have a smooth driving session at night or in poor visibility. You can also rely on Philip’s replacement for quality, which you can notice through its durability. As you know, durability translates to lengthy service. Installation is a straightforward affair, and you do not need to bring the entire tools box for it; a pair of gloves or paper towels will do when holding the electric light.

Highlighted Features
  • Impressive lighting capabilities.
  • Assured durability.
  • Painted exterior.
  • Available in a single pack.
  • 3000k in temperature rating.
  • Halogen light.

6. Auxbeam F-16 Series LED headlamp bulbs

When you talk of the best 9007 LED bulb, the Auxbeam F-16 Series LED headlamp bulb is a serious contender for the top spot. All-rounded is the best term to describe this electric car light, offering you the best in brightness and reliability. Its in-built 50 watts high power LED chips, 25W goes to the low beam, and the other 25W is for the high beam light instantly lights up upon execution. The fast execution will give other drivers coming from the opposite direction a 28-feet grace distance to react, making it very safe for the road.

The illumination also comes out at a correct angle, which prevents foggy lighting or dark spots. The 6000k lighting temperature is excellent for night visuals, as you can easily see road signs and other reflective material. Additionally, the solid beam pattern has a sharp cutoff line that won’t confuse oncoming vehicles. The bulbs have a durability enhancement courtesy of an in-built turbofan and smart control driver to deal with overheating.

Highlighted Features
  • Fifty watts high power LED chips.
  • Correct-angled lighting.
  • Instant light up.
  • 6000k illumination temperature.
  • Sharp cutoff line.
  • In-built turbofan and smart control driver.
  • Universal fit.
  • 360-degree headlight beam angle.
  • 5000 luminous flux.
  • Built-in canbus to avoid error codes.

7. Fahren 9007 LED Bulbs

Fahren 9007 LED bulbs are among the best when looking at the brightness factor. With a clean headlight chamber, you are sure of lighting almost three times brighter than your typical halogen LED bulb. With a 6500 Kelvin rating in color temperature, you expect a cool white light, which aside from visualizing, can boost your car’s aesthetics. Boasting of over 5000 hours lifespan, it still sticks at the top when focusing on durability. The hardiness of the Fahren 9007 bulb comes from its aviation aluminum body and a hollow-carved heat sink build, which helps in doing away with excess heat. The 12000-rpm turbo fan helps in cooling the bulb, which produces too much heat, further enhancing its longevity.

Installation is a simple process and won’t take you more than ten minutes to have it functioning. The electric light is versatile, evidenced by its compatibility with almost 98% of vehicle computer systems like Ford, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Volvo, and many more.

Highlighted Features
  • 5000-hour lifespan.
  • 6500 Kelvins.
  • Silent 12000-rpm turbofan.
  • Aviation aluminum body.
  • Compatible with 98% of vehicle computer systems.
  • Three times brighter than typical halogen bulbs.
  • Painted exterior.
  • A voltage of 12V
  • 60W wattage.
  • Easy installation.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 9007 Headlight Bulb

With your sights on the best 9007 headlight bulb, let us look at some of the essential things to consider before buying one.

best 9007 led headlight bulbs


Price is usually the number one factor many people look at when getting any vehicle component, and the 9007 headlight bulb is no exception. Ensure you get value for the money you want to spend; in that, you get a decent bulb but at an affordable rate. A thing to keep in mind; always works within your budget and avoid second-hand bulbs. They might be inexpensive, but they can break down anytime, and they do not have a warranty.

Vehicle Model

The bulbs are specific to vehicle models; hence, you need to look at the compatibility factor before getting one. Consult your dealer on the available lights and see if they fit into your car.


The brightness factor depends on many things, including your preferences and legality. You can go for bright or low-intensity bulbs, but let your jurisdiction laws guide you as some places have strict traffic laws touching on the headlight’s brightness.


When getting an electric light, you want something that will serve you for a long, saving you extra costs that come with replacements. Always have your eyes on headlamp accessories that have a robust build, translating to resilience to wear and tear.

Advanced lights feature sturdy materials such as aluminum and have an electric fan. Both the aluminum body and fan help keep excessive heat at bay, as it is a significant cause of fast-wearing bulbs.


User-friendliness mostly looks at the installation process and how versatile the electric light is. It should be easy to install, where you can pull it by yourself. On flexibility, a bulb compatible with your car and other models is a plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Lumens Is 9007 Bulb?

Lumens are the measure of how much light you get from a bulb, the higher the lumen value, the more light produced. Most 9007 bulbs have a value of 1000 lumens, though some models such as Philips Xtreme power 9007 may go up to 1500 and are one of the most powerful in this class of light bulbs.

Are 9005 And 9007 Lightbulbs The Same?

The 9005 and 9007 bulbs may look the same, sharing features such as wiring color and appearance, but they are different. The variation point is noticeable in the ground, high, and low beam wires, which have contrasting configurations.

Which Is Brighter, 6000k, Or 8000k?

In the Kelvin color temperature chart, brightness increases as the value go up. However, it may catch you by surprise to learn that the 6000k bulb is brighter than the 8000k. It is because 6000k is pure white light, and as the number goes up, it begins to take a blue hue. At 8000k, the blue is more prominent, meaning it is not brighter.

Can I Put LED Bulbs In Halogen Fittings?

Yes, you can put LED lights in halogen fittings, though they will light at a low watt degree. They are quite pricy, but you will notice their value in their longevity, serving you for years, and they also emit minimal heat.

Is A 9007 Bulb Low And High Beam?

The 9007 bulb has both the low and high beam modes, making it one of the best bulbs for your headlight, mostly when looking at the practicality factor.

Which Headlights Are Best For Night Driving?

LED lights are some of the best for night driving and have a lumen value above 5000. This figure translates to ample illumination, in addition to optimum coverage.

Final Words

The 9007 bulb is an excellent choice for your headlight, giving you both high and low beam lights in one. Above is a review of the best 9007 lightbulbs that you might come across, leaning on factors such as durability, flexibility, and brightness.

Use the buying guide to lead you to the right item, focusing on the factors to consider before purchasing a suitable headlight accessory.


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