10 Best Speedometer Apps For Android and iPhone

A speedometer is an instrument on the dashboard which indicates the vehicle’s speed. Speedometers should not be taken for granted since they protect us from a wide array of dangers. Smartphones have made it easier for drivers today. With it, you can have the best speedometer app at your fingertips. Speedometer apps enable you to gauge the speed of a moving vehicle through the phone’s GPS.

Speedometer apps are great not only for car owners but also for enthusiastic runners. When running or jogging, the speedometer app helps you know the speed at which you are, thus enabling you to do better. On top of checking speed, the app comes with a variety of uses. Then it comes to the question of the best speedometer app to use.

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Top 10 Best Speedometer Apps List

Here is a guide to making your search Easy and Enjoyable.

1. Ulysse Speedometer

Ulysse Speedometer is one of the best speedometer apps for Android 2023. This feature-rich app is a GPS speedometer that shows your speed in both digital and analog forms. It has other great features, which include displaying direction, speed, battery charge, and time. The app allows the user to set different profiles for various circumstances, such as when on a bike, hang gliding, skiing, walking, or in a car.

The app has a trip computer that tracks your journey through the day, week, and even month. Ulysse Speedometer app has two buttons, which you can use to integrate with your navigation app or music player. The app also notifies the user when they exceed the speed limit by making a distinct sound. You can also check your history of travel later, containing overall distance, average speed, periods of idling, and periods of moving.

2. GPS HUD Speedometer

GPS HUD speedometer is another high-rated speedometer app for car drivers. It is a digital speed gauge application using GPS. The user needs to have an active GPS connection for the application to work. On top of carrying out speed measurements, this app also acts as your trip computer. It counts how long you have spent on the road, the number of miles you have driven, and the average speed, among other functions.

GPS HUD speedometer app has an inbuilt map that tracks your GPS location and offers you the best and fastest routes to where you are going. The most fantastic feature in this app is HUD, which stands for Head-Up Display. It enables the user to put their smartphone under the windshield after enabling the HUD. On the downside, it may not work well in indoor places or cloudy weather due to phone GPS limitations.

3. GPS Speedometer and Odometer

GPS Speedometer and Odometer is another great app to measure your bike or car speed. This application has been reviewed to be 98 % accurate. The best thing about the app is that it can also be used in offline mode. GPS Speedometer has a quick connection to the GPS and shows information on distance, trip time, average speed, maximum speed, and current speed.

GPS Speedometer and odometer come with two different HUD modes that assist you in using the GPS speedometer in the vehicle windshield. The first HUD is a portrait, while the second HUD is a Landscape. It will also notify you when you exceed the maximum set speed through a distinctive siren, long vibration, or red light.

4. SpeedView: GPS Speedometer

SpeedView is another great speedometer that uses GPS to get accurate speed results. The app informs the user when they exceed the speed limit. You are also allowed to set your speed limit in the app. The background mode of this app shows a compass.

On top of measuring your speed, it keeps a history of the distance you covered and at what speed. This speedometer app is ideal for hiking, biking, running, and car driving. It supports units like nautical miles, kilometers, and miles. The app also displays a speed graph chart covering the previous several minutes.

5. SpeedGlow Speedometer

This app is perfect, especially for night driving. It is one of the best speedometer apps, iPhone 2020. If you have a speedometer that does not glow, SpeedGlow Speedometer is ideal since it uses your phone to reflect your speed on the windshield. You, however, need to set it well on the dashboard. This speedometer app has more than five color variations.

SpeedGlow Speedometer allows you to set up the speed limit, and an alarm will play when you go beyond the limit. It works well with iOS 8 and later, iPad and iPhone. This app will consume a space of 1.3MB.

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6. DigiHUD Speedometer

DigiHUD is among the best-rated free GPS speedometer app based on digital HUD. It shows the distance of your journey and useful speed. This is a great choice, especially if your car speedometer has died. It will help you verify your vehicle’s speed or speed when sailing, flying, running, or cycling.

DigiHUD Speedometer features a display that can be switched either to HUD mode or normal viewing. The HUD mode mirrors the viewing display as a reflection in the car’s windshield. The app can work with external GPS receivers. Other displayed information is the battery level indicator, current time, odometer, compass, and satellite lock status icon.

7. Drag Racer Car Performance

These are the best speedometers for drag racers. Drag Racer Car Performance speed measuring app along with speed and distance. The app enables you to know your acceleration pattern with a graph. It also shows you the distance to every speed market.

This drag racer speedometer app allows you to switch between kilometers and miles. This app requires a GPS connection and GPS permission for the best performance. For safety, purposes should be used on race tracks and closed roads. The size of the app varies with the device.

8. Digital Speedometer

The digital speedometer app will work on behalf of your speed box. It features an average speedometer, distance meter, sound meter, and digital speedometer. You can use this app to detect your vehicle’s current speed and as a route planner. It gives you information from your current location to the destination.

The readings on the odometer keep changing every 0.5 to 1 second. Digital Speedometer is also used for measuring motorcycle speed, train speed, and bicycle speed. It has a HUD display, full-screen mode, and a map. The app measures speed in both KMH and MPH. Download Digital Speedometer today and enjoy the best speedometer app for a bike.

9. GPS LED Speedometer

GPS LED is among the best speedometer apps for cycling, with a relatively unique way of displaying information. It has a colorful LED screen that shows the user their speed in digital format. This app helps you to stay safe when driving since it allows you to set a speed alert. It sends you a notification when you approach the set speed.

GPS LED speedometer uses a GPS, and thus you are required to activate your GPS connection for it to work. The app shows speed in Nautical mile, miles (MPH), and kilometers (KM/h). It supports both portrait mode and landscape mode. It, however, might not work well in indoor or cloudy places due to cloudy weather.

10. Speedometer Speed Box

Speedometer Speed Box is among the best speedometer apps for Apple watches and phones. It is made with an intuitive and beautiful design. This app has both a speedometer and an odometer, which helps you see how far you have traveled. This app shows your speed on MPH, KPH, and knots.

Speedometer Speed Box speedometer has an embedded compass and three beautiful themes. It supports both landscape and portrait modes; thus, you can put it on your dashboard with your desired display. When taking a trip, you only need to insert your destination, and it will show you how far you have gone.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What Is The Most Accurate Speedometer App?

Various speedometer apps have different accuracy levels. The above-discussed apps have high accuracy. One of the most accurate speed-measuring apps you should consider is the GPS Speed Test. This app is 100% accurate and ideal to use when running, walking, skiing, motorboats, drones, bicycles, and vehicles, among others. It has an alarm that you can enable to alert you when you exceed your set speed. It has digital set meter views, horizontal/ vertical views, and top speed records. It has five different scales set ft/s, MPS, knots, MPH, and KM/H.

Can I Use My Phone As a Speedometer?

Yes. You can use your phone as a speedometer by downloading a speedometer app. Most speedometer apps are compatible with Android, iPhones, iPods, iOS, and apple. Speedometer apps help you to track your current speed, average speed, and distance. The apps have different features and differ in space consumption. Check the features of the app before downloading to see the one which fits your requirements.

Is There a Speedometer App for iPhone?

Yes. There are several speedometer apps that you can download on your iPhone device. Among the best speedometer apps for iPhone is GPS Speedometer Free. This application has high accuracy, and the speed is calculated based on GPS data. It has five predefined color themes and supports both metric and imperial units. Other great speedometer apps for iPhone are Speed Box Free, DigiHUD, Ulysse, and SpeedGlow speedometer.

Are GPS Speedometers Any Good?

GPS speedometers are among the best speedometer applications and work better than most car speedometers. These apps give accurate information, especially when the sky is clear. The accuracy of GPS speedometers may vary slightly as you move from place to place, depending on how good the sky view is. Other factors that can result in inaccuracy include traveling in tunnels, urban canyons, covered parking lots, and tree-lined streets.

How Do I Get a Speedometer On My Phone?

To get the speedometer app on your phone, you need to download it first. Once you identify the best app for your phone, download it, and that is it. Some of the apps will require you to turn on your phone’s GPS for them to work. The app may consume some space in your phone, depending on the type of device and size of the speedometer app.

Final Words:

The above ten best speedometer apps will help you measure your moving speed when driving, riding, running, or biking. The features differ from one application to another. These apps work better than most vehicle speedometers. However, the accuracy of a speedometer app may depend on the device you are using, atmospheric conditions, and satellite visibility. When your vehicle’s speedometer breaks, don’t worry. Just turn your smartphone into a speedometer by downloading the best speedometer app.

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