Drive Smarter! Discover the Best Car Maintenance Apps

Let’s be honest. We’ve all experienced it – being stuck on the side of the road, frustrated because we forgot to change a tire or neglected our battery that was silently giving up. A poorly maintained vehicle isn’t just an inconvenience; it’s a potential disaster waiting to happen, leading to unexpected breakdowns and even accidents. What’s the solution?

Imagine having an assistant for your car constantly reminding you when it’s time for an oil change. It can gently nudge you towards scheduled services and even keep track of your fuel consumption.

Yes, you guessed right. Welcome to the world of car maintenance apps. They’re a game changer for every driver there, regardless of whether you prefer Android or iOS. These apps go beyond reminders; they act as your pit crew. They assist you in ordering aftermarket parts and seeking repairs. They can even guide you to a suitable repair shop when needed. 

That is why we’ve carefully selected and curated a host of the best car maintenance apps– top 9 available today.

Top 09 Best Car Maintenance Apps List

  • CARFAX Car Care
  • Car Minder Plus
  • Fuel Monitor
  • Openbay
  • Fuelly or aCar
  • AUTOsist
  • Drivvo
  • Simply Auto
  • AutoCare

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Here are ten of the Best Car Maintenance App Guide

car minder app

A car maintenance app is an application that assists car owners in tracking and monitoring their vehicle’s history, and service needs to take care of the needs at the right time. Many of these apps keep records on MPG, fuel economy, maintenance fees, gas expenses, and others. The apps will also help you learn about the composition of your vehicle, parts that need regular attention, breakdowns, and what kind of care the car needs to keep running. All you need to benefit from is to download the car app from Google play on your iPhone or Android phone.

1. CARFAX Car Care

First, in our review, CARFAX is an excellent application for tracking and monitoring regular car maintenance. The amazing thing about myCARFAX application is that it does not send you generic reports but rather gives information based on your vehicle’s maintenance. It will update you when your registration is almost due, locates auto repair shops, and helps you to compare prices between different service providers.

CARFAX car maintenance reminder app can manage as many as eight vehicles. You can create a profile for each of your vehicles and share it on social media. Through this app, it will be easier for you to know the schedule of oil changes, tire rotations, Air filters, Cabin filters, fuel filters, brakes, and safety and emissions inspections. Tracking your gas mileage fill-ups and fuel consumption enables you to make informed decisions on your vehicle. It is available on Android and iOS.

2. Car Minder Plus

Car Minder Plus – Car Maintenance and Gas Log (MPG) is an app for logging repairs and managing car maintenance needs. It keeps track of several vehicle repairs and services. This app will help you know when to change your oil and replace squeaky windshield wipers and tire rotations, among other maintenance tasks. Doing car maintenance at the right time increases fuel economy, maximizes its performance, and prolongs its life.

The car Minder app features a gas log to track each car’s fuel economy in your fleet. Other services include reordering cars, repairing log for each vehicle, and email recovery backup, vehicle service, stores, notes for each vehicle, and maintenance of a vehicle’s complete service history. The car Minder Plus app can also be used for motorcycles. The app costs $2.99 and consumes only 5.4MB of your phone. You can use this app on iOS devices and those of Android.

3. Fuel Monitor

Fuel Monitor car maintenance software helps you keep an eye on how much you are spending on your car. It calculates costs per km/miles, fuel consumption, and costs of repair, services, and fuels. It will also remind you of when you did maintenance last and when it is time to do it again. This car maintenance software comes with several features that include automatically calculating fuel consumption and cleaning and tidying UI.

Other features of this Car app are support restoration and backup through Wi-Fi and tracking repair logs, services logs, and fuel logs. The app allows you to export your car data through HTML, CSV, or PDF and supports both SI and US units. Another great advantage of this Fuel Monitor is that you can print data directly from the app and set your preferred currency. This is an iOS App compatible with Mac, iPod touch, iPad, iPhone watchOS from 2.0, and iOS 8.0 with the name Fuel Monitor Pro. The app will come at $1.99 and occupies a space of 30MB.

4. Openbay

Service and auto repairs can be quite easy. Openbay car maintenance app helps you get the best local mechanic, providing top-notch service at competitive prices. With this app, you are able to instantly get price estimates, choose the shop that meets your requirements, and book an appointment. Openbay is the best app to find, book, and pay for auto repairs for your vehicle.

Openbay car maintenance app sends you a reminder when to change your oil, repair the brakes, brake fluids and other complex systems such as electrical, transmission, engine systems, and other general diagnosis. You will describe the problem mentioning your location and wait for the information mentioning several price estimates to choose from and suggesting service professionals near you. The app also allows you to get cash rewards on the services you book through it, thus saving more for you. The car service app can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices.

5. Fuelly or aCar

Fuelly app is also known as aCar. It is one of the most used car maintenance apps on Android by car owners. This app is used to track fuel consumption data, fill-ups, and gas mileage. It also keeps records of accidents, trips, expenses, services, and maintenance. This app has a modern and user-friendly interface. It is easy to enter data, and you are free to add the profile picture to your car.

The Fuelly maintenance app has an enhanced reminder system that allows you to either auto-create reminders after entering a service record or make standalone reminders. The app can be used for a wide range of vehicles, snowmobiles, UTV/ATVs, motorcycles, and trucks. It is compatible with android devices from 4.1, iPhone, and iOS devices.

You can easily add your vehicles to track via web and apps. Thus, you can compare your results over time and assess your vehicle performance and let others evaluate theirs. This is what they call the benefit of browsing community data.

6. AUTOsist

AUTOsist car maintenance app helps you manage multiple cars and keep all their records in a single and convenient place. This app allows you to attach receipts and other vehicle documents by taking a picture with your device or scanning through their web portal. This makes you more organized.

Since the AUTOsist app is cloud-based, it allows users to access their records from any device any time. It keeps detailed records on brake jobs, tire rotations, and oil changes, among other maintenance tasks. Though, they do not share data with third parties, you can have any personal data deleted on request.

It also sets reminders either by mileage or date. This app can increase the resale value of the vehicle since you can show future buyers its service history and maintenance reports and transfer them easily to the new owner. Yes, both Android and iOS users can reap AUTOsist benefits.

7. Drivvo

Drivvo is another popular car maintenance app, especially for people who take driving for a living. One of the best things is its outstanding fuel mileage calculator. This feature helps you manage your fuel consumption cost on your truck, bus, motorcycle, or vehicle along with tracking services and making appointments for driver and vehicles. The app also assists in managing reminders on regular expenses and services such as taxes and fines, tire rotation, tune-ups, oil change monitoring, and financing.

Drivvo car maintenance app has a flex calculator that enables you to identify the best and most advantageous fuel for your vehicle. All you are needed to do is to enter the price of gasoline or fuel. All your records in Drivvo are backed up in the cloud, and restoring them is quite easy. You can export the data from the app in excel and CSV formats. The app is compatible with many devices operated via iOS and Android.

8. Simply Auto

Simply Auto car maintenance app was previously known as Fuel Buddy. This app helps you in the management and tracking of your car’s data for several drivers and vehicles. It acts as a simple but very effective logbook for your vehicle. A free version of the Simply Auto app allows you to track an indefinite amount trips, and fill-ups, which also include partial fill-ups. But the premium versions (Gold & Platinum) offer huge with Platinum offering what this entire app meant for.

Users of the Simply Auto app are able to capture receipts right from the app. You can export the log to Google Drive, which allows you to access the data anytime and anywhere. It also sends you reminders on when to go for maintenance services. The app sends you graphs and starts to assist you to look for warning signs if there is something wrong with your car. This app is compatible with both iOS devices and those of Android.

9. AutoCare

AutoCare is a car maintenance app that helps users track their fuel and service records, generate a maintenance schedule, and find nearby mechanics. It is available for Android devices. This apps is easy to use and navigate, supports multiple vehicles, syncs with iCloud, generates a personalized maintenance schedule, finds nearby mechanics for vehicle fixing and car washing services.

It is especially useful for users who have multiple vehicles or who want to be reminded of upcoming maintenance tasks.

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best free car maintenance app

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There An App to Keep Track of Car Maintenance?

There are several apps that you can use for keeping track of your vehicle’s maintenance. Most of the apps help you with fuel economy and maintaining your vehicle’s records. Some of the most common and highly rated apps have been discussed above. They include Fuelly, AutoCare, Drivvo, AUTOsist, and Car Care, among others. These apps will generate figures and chats, which help you, keep track of MPG, maintenance fees, gas expenses, and others. Therefore, you will be aware of how much you are spending on your vehicle at all times.

How Can I Keep Track Of Car Maintenance?

The best way to keep track of car maintenance is through an app. It can be quite tricky to keep the dates on different scheduled maintenance dates, but the best car maintenance app will act as a remainder. Some of the car maintenance apps not only give reminders but also shows you the auto repairs around you, and you can book an appointment right from the app. Maintaining your vehicle reduces the wear and tear of engine components and other systems, which would cost you a fortune to repair or replace.

What Car Maintenance Is Necessary?

There are several maintenance services needed for vehicles. One of the most useful parts of the vehicle is the engine. Therefore one most important maintenance service is checking air filters and oil changes. Another necessary car maintenance that should be done regularly is suspension, brakes, cooling transmission, and engine components. Vehicles have their own maintenance schedules, depending on their engine mileage. A car maintenance app can help you keep these schedules by reminding you when they are due.

What is Fuelly?

Fuelly is one of the most used car maintenance apps. It is also known as aCar. This application helps the users to track their gas mileage in a period. One is, therefore, able to calculate their vehicle’s expenses. Tracking your fuel usage over time also helps you note any changes to your driving habits.

What Is The Best Car App?

The best car app depends on your car model, what you use the vehicle for, and also how you want the app. Different car apps have different features. Some check the fuel economy; some act as reminders on scheduled maintenance; others enable you to get economical car repairs while others do all this. Check the article above for the best car maintenance apps for 2023 and beyond. And hopefully, they will help you decide.

Final Words

Ensuring our cars stand the test of time is a priority. Fortunately, in this era, car maintenance has become incredibly convenient. You can effortlessly keep track of your vehicle’s needs by using a top-notch maintenance app that works on Android and iOS devices.

You’ll love having the power to manage a fleet of cars and oversee services like oil changes, tire rotations, ordering parts, etc. These apps, recognized as the top 9 by the Rxmechanic team, offer features that allow you to create an experience tailored to your needs.

You can enhance your car upkeep routine with any of these apps. Ensure that longevity is not a goal but an attainable reality with the help of cutting-edge technology right at your fingertips.


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