7 Best 16 Volt Battery for Drag Racing – 2024

Drag racing is a sport that involves contesting between two racers, and the winner is the first vehicle to cross the finish line. We can all agree that you need a reliable and strong battery to win the race. Drag racing is simply what a vehicle can accelerate in the shortest time possible. The best 16 Volt Battery for Drag Racing is the most recommendable battery for the sport.

The battery provides a hotter spark that enables the system to burn more fuel, use bigger spark plugs, and surge the energy released per stroke. The best way to increase your car’s performance for drag racing is by increasing its power supply. 16 Volt Battery boosts the ignition system and other car components.

The extra voltage improves the operation of other vital race components such as trans-brakes, fuel pumps, and water pumps. There are many advantages of using a 16 Volt Battery for Drag Racing, but the problem is getting the best. Here is a guide on the best 16 Volt Battery for Drag Racing and what to consider when buying the battery.

Best 16 Volt Battery for Drag Racing

The Best 16 Volt Battery for Drag Racing

1. TurboStart S16V AGM Racing Battery

TurboStart S16V AGM racing battery is designed to offer extra voltage to a racing ignition system. The 16V battery also improves the performance of the other 12 volt parts, such as the fuel pumps, starter motors, cooling fans, and water pumps. This 16V battery has two additional cells than the 12V standard batteries. This enables them to offer a full charge of 16.8.

This 16-volt AGM race battery has a reserve capacity of 85 minutes at 25 amps. It features 550 cold crank Amps at 0°F and 650 crank Amps at 32°F. This TurboStart 16V drag racing battery is of BCI group size 24, and it weighs 14lbs. It is good to know the measurement of a battery so that it can match what your vehicle needs. This AGM series battery measures 10-3/16 inches Length, 6-3/8 inches width, and 7-3/4 inches in height.

The AGM series are maintenance-free since they feature an Absorbent Glass Mat. The AGM separator captures the acid, making the battery spill-proof and leak-proof even if the container breaks. TurboStart S16V AGM racing battery is made with compressed and valve-regulated cell technology and cycle plates. All these features work together to offer longer frequent discharge and charge cycles.

  • Offer long frequent charge and discharge cycles
  • It is maintenance-free
  • Has an AGM separator
  • Reserve capacity of 85 minutes
  • Made with compressed and valve-regulated cell technology
  • Battery spill-proof and leak proof
  • Does not stay charged up

2. TurboStart S16VL Light-Weight Racing Battery

This TurboStart S16VL dry cell racing battery is the lightest of its kind on the market. It is an ideal choice for an alternator and low amp draws applications. Just like the other TurboStart batteries, it does not need any maintenance. You will not need to add water to the battery since its electrolyte is restrained in a fiberglass material. S16V lightweight battery is that it can be operated from any position.

This lightweight drag racing battery is of blood group size 34 and has a weight of 32 lbs. The battery reduces by 25 while still maintaining cranking power. It has a reserve capacity of 50 minutes at 25 amps. This battery gives 550 crank amps at 32°F and 450 Cold Crank Amps at 0°F. It is 10-1/4 inches in length, 6-3/8 inches in width, and 6 inches in height.

TurboStart S16VL lightweight drag racing battery is safe and can be used near sensitive equipment since it is non-hazardous. This battery is sealed, and the terminals are resistant to corrosion and rust. The S16V lightweight battery is that it can be operated from any position. The other outstanding thing about this battery is it has three terminals.

  • The most lightweight of its kind
  • Can be operated from any position
  • Ideal for alternator and low amp draw applications
  • Has a low self-charge rate
  • Have three terminals
  • No maintenance needed
  • It is non-hazardous
  • No Cons

3. XS Power S1600 Lightweight Racing Battery

XS Power S1600 is among the lightest drag racing battery you will get on the market. Some reviews have shown that this battery performs even well than other heavy batteries when it comes to drag racing. The battery is completely sealed and thus does not need any maintenance, such as adding water.

XS Power S1600 lightweight battery produces more power in a small space since its cells are compressed before they are inserted in the case. Like other batteries from XP Power, this battery has ultra-low internal resistance and excellent deep cycling ability. On top of this, it provides high cranking amps and is vibration-resistant.

XS Power S1600 battery is compact and will fit in places with limited space. This lightweight battery can be mounted in any position. It measures 10.24 inches in length, 6.75 inches in width, 7.20 inches in height, and weighs 30.5 lbs. The battery has a reserve capacity of 50 minutes and a CA of 500. The package comes with 587 stud adapter hardware for easy installation.

  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to install
  • Has ultra-low internal resistant
  • Comes with a 587 stud adapter
  • Provides high cranking amps
  • Has a reserve capacity of 50 minutes
  • No cons

4. XS Power S1600 AGM Starting Battery

This 30-pound AGM starting battery is specially made for drag racing. This 16-voltage battery brings the best out of your vehicle. The drag racer will see the difference in the burnout stage even before they start the race.

This battery is valve-regulated and sealed. It features an absorbed Glass Mat; thus, the electrolyte is suspended on the fiberglass. This battery can be fixed in any position and still work safely. It is a perfect battery for almost every vehicle. Another great feature of this 16v battery for drag racing is that it is resistant to shock and vibration.

The battery is also spill-proof. XS Power S1600 AGM Starting Battery is not only for vehicles and can be used on other engine types. However, one should be careful since not all components in the vehicle can withstand the 16-volt power.

  • Has amperage of 500
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Resistant from vibration and shock
  • It is spill-proof
  • It weighs 30.9 pounds
  • No cons

5. XS Power D1600 16V AGM Battery

XS Power D1600 is an amazing 16-volt drag racing battery at an amperage of 675 amp. The battery has been made with a high level of expertise and outstanding design. It has a weight of 47.9 pounds. Just like other great batteries of its type, its electrolyte is suspended on the fiberglass.

XS Power D1600 16V AGM battery has an Absorbed Glass Mat, which makes it spill-proof. This great battery is valve-regulated and sealed. One of the awesome things about this battery is that it is vibration and shock-resistant.

This XS battery is rugged and durable. Another great thing about this battery is that it can be used in any position. It also has an ultra-low internal resistance, thus enhancing its slow discharge rate. The 16V has 2400 Amp and has 3/8inches stud terminal.

  • It is durable and rugged
  • Resistant from vibration and shock
  • It is spill-proof
  • You can mount in any position
  • The electrolyte is suspended on fiberglass
  • Has amperage of 675
  • It a little heavy

6. XS Power XP1000 16V AGM Battery

XS Power is a well-known company for producing batteries with more energy in a smaller space. Their XP1000 16V AGM features an outstanding deep cycling ability. It has an ultra-low internal resistance, which results in excellent vibration resistance and high cranking amps. This 16-volt battery summit battery does not spill, and you can mount it in any position apart from upside down.

XP1000 16V AGM is ideal for truck drivers and drag racers that need a reliable and top-performing battery. This battery is safe to use since it is non-hazardous, and it does not have any external vent. It has M10 terminal hardware making it easy to install. This 16V 2,400 Amp AGM Battery is valve regulated and has a 3/8 inches stud terminal.

  • Has Sealed absorbed glass mat
  • Can be mounted in different positions
  • Resistant to extreme vibrations
  • Are not hazardous
  • Easy to install
  • A bit low reserve

7. Lithium Products T1600 Lithium Batteries

Lithium Products T1600 racing battery is the ideal choice for the pro mod, top sportsman, and top dragsters, among other drag racers. This battery is made for starting the engine and is perfect to use in total-loss systems without alternators. The battery features a 320 reserve for 46 minutes, which is enough to last for full circle track racing or drag racing, depending on the loads.

Lithium Products T1600, a lithium battery, is designed with a group of 34 cases of 10.24 inches in length, 7.24 inches in height, and 6.65 inches in width. It is a super lightweight battery with a weight of 9.79lbs. Though it weighs less, the battery provides high power output. This T1600 is made with Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology giving the racer a higher voltage when they near the end of the pass.

Lithium T1600 drag racing battery has a charge protection board and three terminals. The third terminal is used for the ground connection of the charger. This ensures that the battery has safe and balanced recharging. However, the T series battery should not be used with alternators, nor should they be connected in a series.

  • Safe and balanced recharging
  • Made with lithium iron phosphate technology
  • Have three terminals
  • It is super lightweight
  • Have a high reserve
  • Provides high power output
  • Manufactured with a group 34 case
  • Super deep cycling
  • Not used with alternators

16V Drag Racing Battery Buying Guide

If you are a drag racer, you definitely want a battery that will not fail during the race. You will get several 16-volt batteries for drag racers and get confused about which one to choose. If you get yourself in such a situation, consider the following factors:

what is the best 16 volt racing battery

Size of the Engine

Among the first things to look at before you buy a 16V battery for your vehicle is the engine’s capacity and size. Different engines have different capacities and thus need different batteries. Some batteries are made for diesel engines while others work with petrol engines. Most 16V batteries are made for both engine types, but it is crucial to inform your supplier for the best advice.

Battery Weight

A heavyweight battery reduces the user’s racing speed. Drag racing requires you to have a light battery. However, the battery should be lightweight and also powerful. Check the weight and power of the battery and strike a balance.

Duration of Holding Charge

Another major thing to look at in a 16V battery is how long it holds its charge. Drag racers are not in competition all through. Therefore, you need to know how the battery will behave when you are not in competition. The best 16V optima battery should hold a charge for up to 3 months when the vehicle is idle.

Alternator or No Alternator

An alternator’s main role is to charge the battery when it gets weak. Drag racing is mainly done for short distances; thus, the battery is not likely to get weak within the short distance. If you are not using an alternator, consider a battery with a slightly higher output than normal. Consider the length of your races and get a 16V battery that will stay strong within that period.

Auxiliary Loads

It is vital to consider is if your drag racing vehicle has auxiliary loads such as heated screens and light pods. If you have auxiliary loads, consider a battery with a higher capacity, which will cater to the extra loads.


16V batteries are not cheap, and thus you need them to serve you for some years. Most manufacturers rate their batteries as durable. Check the reviews given by other users to see what they say about the battery’s durability. Also, remember that the durability of the battery also depends on how you take care of it.


Like any other thing, people prefer things that are Cost Friendly. It is good to check the offers given by different suppliers. In most cases, the best batteries for drag racers cost a little higher. Do not compromise the batteries’ quality and durability for the price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Battery For Drag Racing?

The best battery for drag racing will depend on your engine’s type of car and size, and capacity. Different 16V batteries give different performance outputs. Therefore, the best battery for drag racing should be lightweight, stay strong during the race, be durable, and have a high reserve. In our review, we have highlighted some of the best drag racing batteries and their features, such as XS Power S1600 AGM battery, TurboStart S16VL lightweight battery, and Lithium T1600 battery.

Can You Use a 12v Charger On a 16v Battery?

You can use a 12 v battery to charge a 16V battery, but it will not get full. This should be done with a lot of care since it can lead to battery damage. The best recommendable way is to get the ideal charger that matches your battery’s voltage.

Can I Use a 16 Volt Battery In My Car?

Yes. You can use a 16V battery in the vehicle. A 16-volt battery provides the ignition system with over 14 volts for it to operate properly. The 16V spins the vehicle’s starter quite hard and fast to start huge inch and high compression motors. This battery work speeds up the fuel pump, fan, and water pump; thus, it is crucial to check the pressure after installation.

Can You Use 3 12 Volt Batteries In a 36 Volt Golf Cart?

Yes. You can use three 12V batteries in a 36V golf cart, which uses the original 6V batteries. However, it is crucial to understand that your golf cart may not run as fast as it did when using the 6 Volt batteries. The cart using 3 12V batteries cannot cover all the 18 holes in a golf course.

What Is a High-Performance AGM Battery?

AGM high-performance batteries have a sealed Absorbed Glass mat, which makes them maintenance-free, spill-proof, and high cracking. These batteries have a space for active plate materials for longer life and higher performance. Performance AGM batteries are more durable compared to conventional flooded batteries. They also have a greater energy capacity and recharge up to five times faster than conventional batteries.

Do I Need a Special Charger With a 16-Volt Battery?

If you have a 16-volt battery, it is recommendable to have a special charger for charging it. If you desire the battery to serve you for long, you need to use the right charger type. One of the best chargers for 16V batteries is XS Power 1005 Battery IntelliCharger. This charger is made with genuine welded quality for high performance.

When Is It Most Advantageous to Use a 16-Volt Battery?

16-volt batteries are mainly used for racing purposes. These batteries have improved voltage, producing a hotter spark and spin water pumps, starters, and fan quicker. The battery is also good for improving pressure in the fuel pump. All these features increase the performance of your drag racing car.

Final Words:

If you are a drag racer, I can assure you that a 16V battery is the best choice. Our best 16-volt battery for drag racing review guides you on the 7 best things to consider. A 16V battery gives your car 33 percent more surge power. It also burns more fuel and releases more energy per stroke. The high voltage makes sub-components such as fuel pumps and electronic water pumps work harder. When purchasing, ensure that understand how to test a 16-volt battery to ensure it will meet your vehicle’s needs. Consider your engine capacity and size, if you are using an alternator or not, how safe it is, durability, and battery weight.

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