Who Makes Duralast Batteries?

Finding the correct battery for cars seems like a daunting task for some car owners as they seek powerful and long-lasting options. Nevertheless, Duralast batteries are an excellent option in the industry, packed with lots of good features. That is reason enough why most folks want to know who makes Duralast batteries.

Vehicle batteries are essential components that power the car’s electrical system. The batteries also help with the engine’s combustion and ensure the vehicle runs smoothly. So if you notice that your car won’t start, it could be due to a bad or dead battery.

But you would need a suitable replacement, and one recommendable option is Duralast. Whether it’s your private car or business truck, it would be pretty helpful to get the best batteries that would last for long, and Duralast batteries are fantastic.

If you’ve used this battery in the past, you can tell that this battery line has served your purpose for a long time. I have some valuable information on this brand’s manufacturers and some pros and cons of using Duralast batteries to share with you.

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Duralast Batteries Explained

A reliable battery is needed by various car owners, as they want a product that would also work well in extreme conditions. Among various options in the market, Duralast batteries are one of the best you can find.

There is positive and significant feedback from folks who use batteries from this product line, and as such, it is known that Duralast batteries offer excellent performance. Thus, they appear to be a suitable replacement for your car’s bad battery.

Duralast batteries come with reservation capacities that are good enough, and you can find most of these batteries having a high amperage in terms of their Cold Cranking. So, in essence, if you would be driving during winter, it would be best to look out for a suitable Duralast battery for your car.

Whether for buses, SUVs, or trucks, you can find a suitable product from this battery brand that would seem favorable and reach the goal. With these excellent features of Duralast batteries, you can see that the products are worth their cost, and using them would ensure an extended lifetime and superior performance.

Who Makes Duralast Batteries?

Duralast batteries are products of AutoZone, an auto part company that sells various vehicle parts from different brands. In fact, these Duralast batteries appear to be ‘manufactured’ by Johnson Controls International Plc.

This firm is an American Irish-domiciled conglomerate (multinational), with its headquarters in Cork, Ireland. Established in 1885 by Warren S. Johnson and some Milwaukee investors after receiving his patent for the first electric room thermostat in 1883.

The company is famous for producing HVAC, fire, and security equipment across various parts of the world. Then, the firm acquired the battery company, Globe-Union in 1978. In 2019, Johnson Controls reportedly had about 2,000 locations across six continents, including the US, Australia, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, and Brazil.

This company is big, holding a net income of $2.4 (in 2018), and has over 105,000 employees that effectively attend to customers. Currently, Johnson Controls’ automotive battery business is owned by Brookfield Business Partners after the firm sold it. Nevertheless, the new partners decided to rebrand the automotive battery business as Clarion.

With the recent aggressive strategies the business holds in the market, there have been introductions of new and effective technologies. One such is Duralast batteries, as they come with superior technologies that make them last longer, powering the car’s electrical components even under extreme conditions.

Again, there are a few speculations about who makes Duralast platinum batteries. Few reports confirm the Duralast premium battery line to be product of East Penn. The firm is also renowned for being one of the biggest single sites for lead-acid battery production.

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Pros of Duralast Batteries

Duralast batteries come designed with top-quality materials, using calcium, which makes them pretty durable. Thus, you can find a Duralast automotive car battery lasting for three to five years. Again, various Duralast batteries work well for many vehicles, appearing favorable for different purposes.

Most of the products from this battery line come with sufficient warranty consideration, and as such, you can even find those with a replacement option. Such perks make it easier for various customers to purchase, and it effectively relays the brand’s top quality.

Unlike some competitors, this automotive battery brand focuses on two primary performance factors; the battery’s reservation capacity and CCA. Thus, you can find most Duralast batteries delivering up to 500 CCA and more, making them suitable for use under extreme conditions.

Their reservation capacity reaches a high rating, which makes these batteries an excellent choice. Interestingly, the construction material of these batteries is polypropylene, which works well in the reduction of shocks and vibrations during the battery cell movement.

Furthermore, these batteries’ plate and grid integration ensure high performance, controlling the voltage currents and overall heat. You can find this to be accurate, especially during ‘starting ups.’

Cons of Duralast Batteries

A few Duralast batteries out there in the market come with relatively high self-discharge, reducing their lifespan. Nevertheless, you can also find options with low self-discharge, and even though these options may seem costly, it is worth the price.

Again, using these batteries would need periodic maintenance even though most of the products from these brands appear easy to use. In addition, some Duralast batteries lack the carrying handle, making it difficult for some folks to transport and even install them.

With these in mind, it would be best to look out for Duralast batteries that only seem compatible with your vehicle. You may find some good options, but they may not work for heavy-duty purposes, and some options may be prone to overcharging.

Available Types of Duralast Batteries

Among the Duralast batteries, you would find two primary types; the Duralast Gold and the Duralast Platinum.

Duralast Gold

The Duralast batteries are designed for a wide range of automobiles and have an excellent design. This 12-volt battery ensures that you rarely face issues like a flat battery even after an extended period of leaving your car idling.

Kindly note that the battery delivers up to 750 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps), and as such, you can drive smoothly even in cold conditions. In addition, the extended battery life is excellent, and using this battery comes with reduced vibrations during the battery cell movement due to its polypropylene material.

With its low self-discharge capacity, you can use this battery for up to 5 years without any issues. Thus, car owners can feel confident going on long drives even in extreme weather conditions without the battery developing faults.

Duralast Platinum

This battery comes with an outstanding design, ensuring it powers more with its flat-plate AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) feature. Moreover, with the tremendous seal, you can find that this battery comes spill-proof.

Interestingly, Duralast platinum automotive batteries have excellent resistance to vibrations, and you can comfortably mount them in any position without facing much stress. Moreover, unlike other options, this battery holds great deep cycle capacity (twice the capacity of Duralast Gold).

Some specific top-performing Duralast batteries include:

  • Duralast Platinum 35AGM Battery: This option is pretty affordable and reliable, delivering up to 650 CCA.
  • Duralast 51R-DLG Battery: This battery is a cost-effective option that you can find in the market and appear easy to handle. Interestingly, it delivers 650 CCA and ensures maximum start power.
  • Duralast 124R-DLG Gold battery: Whether it is for SUVs or everyday car operations, this Duralast gold automotive battery comes in handy. It delivers 770 CCA, making it highly suitable for a drive during cold weather conditions.

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Duralast Gold vs. Platinum: What are the differences

Duralast Gold and Platinum are the two models you can rely on to keep your car engine ready to roar anytime, as they are meant for smooth engine startup. But these two differ to a significant extent, and you should cross-check the essential features of the said models to end up selecting the right car battery that can answer your need and not break your bank.

Let’s compare the critical factors of the said Duralast models that will save us from going through the Duralast platinum battery review and Duralast gold battery review separately.

CCA – Cold-crank Amperage

Cold-cranking amperage is the car battery’s ability to start the engine in extreme weather. So, the higher the CCA, the more starting power the battery has. The 740 CCA Duralast platinum battery offers more starting power than the Duralast Gold Model with 700 CCA.


Duralast car batteries are known for their extended lifespan. And both Duralst gold and platinum share equal credit in this regard as both the models are backed by a 3-year-long confident warranty. Reputation has it that they can serve even longer if handled with care. So, at this point, there is no clear victor.


Voltage is another crucial consideration when judging a car battery as it means the power any car battery can produce. Both the models also stand at the same level field because they both offer 12 volts as average car batteries do.

Design and Build-up

Duralast is known for the light applications used in manufacturing its batteries. And another stand-out feature is their all-vehicle-fit size, which is the most talked-about convenience. But Duralast platinum wins over its gold counterpart by dint of the spill-proof design. As you can install it the convenient way, your SUV, car, or truck allows.

Reverse Capacity

Reverse capacity is the duration any battery runs on a single charge. That is very crucial for a car battery as you may need to jump-start your car engine frequently in extreme conditions. In this regard, Duralast platinum with 200 reverse capacity well surpasses the competitor Duralast gold battery with 150 reverse capacity. Durst Platinum offers 50 reverse minutes more than its rival in this debate.


The budget is a crucial point to ponder when making any purchase. If you want an affordable alternative, Duralst gold is your option. But with Duralst platinum, you have several edges over the gold model. That is a steal for the added dollar you have to pay for the platinum model.

So, if budget is not an issue, you can certainly go for a Duralst platinum car battery, and it will be ever-ready to favor you with a smooth engine start. Durst gold also stands by you by starting your car engine at need, and it has sufficient CCA and reverses capacity not to leave you stranded or keep you sitting idle when your car engine needs to get started.


Is the Duralast battery a good brand?

Duralast batteries are significant options that you can find hitting the mark consistently and offering top performance. Additionally, compared to other opportunities within the same price, you would find the battery line having products that power the vehicle efficiently.

Not to forget that these batteries come with extended battery life, lasting for three to five years. Moreover, the CCA ratings of these batteries are high, making them suitable for extreme conditions. Furthermore, Duralast batteries have great reservation capacity and work well for various car models.

Who makes AutoZone Duralast gold batteries?

Johnson Controls makes Duralast batteries for AutoZone. You should know that AutoZone is an auto-part company that sells batteries and other car parts from different brands. In keeping with the line, the AutoZone Duralast batteries are of top quality and provide adequate performance.

These batteries are produced by the American Irish-domiciled conglomerate Johnson Controls. This firm is famous for its various HVAC, fire, And security equipment. The automotive battery business of Johnson Controls provides customers with excellent options that you can find in the market, and Duralast batteries are among the common ones.

How long do Duralast gold batteries last?

Duralast batteries last for three to five years on the average performance. Thus, you can comfortably use a Duralast battery for up to the stipulated period before thinking of replacing the battery.

Nevertheless, you should know that the Duralast platinum batteries last longer even though they appear pretty pricey. You can also use the standard Duralast battery or Duralast Gold and enjoy the long-lasting performance.

What type of battery is a Duralast gold?

The AGM technology Duralast battery is an excellent type that increases power and effectively handles the car’s electrical components contributing to environmental safety. In addition, these options come sealed, making them seal-proof and easy to install.

Kindly note that these batteries come with excellent designs that offer maximum CCA and have high RC (Reserve Capacity) ratings. Thus, you can depend on them for a long time, even during extreme conditions.

Will AutoZone install a battery?

AutoZone does not only sell Duralast batteries but also offers installation services for free. Nevertheless, there exist some terms and conditions, as some cars have constructions that make battery replacement seem challenging.

If your vehicle requires removing some components before reaching the battery, this auto store may charge you for the replacement. Nevertheless, if you feel confident about replacing the old battery yourself, you should buy from AutoZone or search for ‘who sells Duralast batteries.’

Final Words

Duralast batteries are excellent options that you can find within the industry, as they have a high RC and CCA rating. Interestingly, this brand holds various suitable options for different cars. Many car owners give positive reviews after using these products, and as such, most folks want to know who makes Duralast batteries.

It would interest you to know that the AutoZone Duralast batteries are products from Johnson Controls, a famous firm for their excellent battery technologies in the market. This company also makes other top-performance batteries alongside HVAC, fire, and security equipment.

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