Who Makes Icon Tools? Complete Guide

Expert mechanics always look forward to having the best hand tools in their toolboxes. Well-crafted hand tools not only make the work easy for mechanics but give them a good working experience. Some of the most renowned brands for tools are Craftsman Husky and Snap-On.

Not so long ago a new brand of tools known as Icon was introduced in the market. These tools have shown great competition to the brand giants. But, who makes Icon Tools? When the tools were introduced in the market, everyone wondered if they are the next big thing in the market and for sure they have not disappointed.  

The Icon tools have come with new features which provide mechanics with a reliable and long-lasting service. This brand offers you all the tools you need in your mechanic backpack from hand tools to storage systems. This Icon Tools review compiled information to sheds light on Icon tools.

Who Makes Icon Tools

Who Makes Icon Tools?

Icon Tools are made by a company known as Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight company is based in California. The company owns and operates more than a thousand retail stores in around 48 states. These tools have worn the heart of customers due to their high quality and low prices.

Harbor Freight and Salvage began in 1977 as a family business. This company started as a mail-order company specializing in returned and liquidated merchandise. The name was later changed to Harbor Freight Tools as time went by. This company guarantees you 100% satisfaction with its icon tools warranty.

Harbor Freight also distributes Icon tools and they have an online store with a variety of inventory. You can find them either in your local shops or in online stores such as Amazon. Harbor Freight also sells Bremen, Doyle, Quin, and Pittsburg hand tools. The Icon Tools line includes wrenches, sockets, ratchets, and screwdrivers.

Are Icon Tools made in China? This is a common question among mechanics today. Icon tools are made in Taiwan in China. Most people have an impression that tools from china are low quality but this is not the case. The tools are made with precision craftsmanship for professionals and their storage is built to last. They are designed for precision, durability, and performance.  

Some people may wonder, are Icon Hand Tools any good? The answer to this is that the tools will serve you just as well as those from renowned manufacturers. One of their favorite tools among mechanics is the Icon torque wrench. These tools are in the same league as the professional and status tools in terms of quality.

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Icon Tools Products

Harbor Freights Icon Tools have a line of products ranging from hand tools to storage systems to high-specialty tools. Some of the tools include torque wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, wrenches, and sockets. Here are some of the best Icon tools you will get in the market:

Icon Screwdriver Set

One of the most common Icon tools is their screwdriver. Their screwdrivers are made with an oversized ergonomic grip to provide the ultimate grip. They also feature mechanic grips which provide you with a perfect fit. This prevents the tool from striping and slipping the fasteners.

Icon tools have added a bolster to the screwdriver’s shaft, which you can use when you require more torque. It also features a polished S2 steel shank that extends through the screwdriver’s handle. This helps to transmit torque from the user’s hand to the fastener flawlessly. It also ensured the durability of the tool.  

Screwdrivers from Icon Tools are made to withstand the harsh environments that mechanics work in. The handles are chemical resistant and the polished shank is easy to clean. Icon Tools screwdriver sets come with storage which helps you to keep organized.

Icon Ratchets

One of the new Icon tools in 2023 is their gold-plated ratchet. This ratchet has gained popularity in just a short time because of its gold color. This Icon special edition ratchet is 24k gold plated and 3/8 inches. It is made with a drive professional low-profile head design which helps it to easily access the most cramped working areas.

Icon Tools ratchets feature precision machined 90-tooth gear to the gear mechanism. This offers it a tight 4° ark swing enabling it to comfortably work in small places. Its polished finish is easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. The ratchet also has a comfortable grip design which provides you with a non-slip grip and reduced hand fatigue.

Icon tools also have other standard ratchets with the same outstanding quality. They are to-go-to tools by professional mechanics. These ratchets are designed to withstand a high amount of torque and access tight spaces. Professional flex heat ratchets are found in different sizes.

The hand tools are made with a polished chrome finish which is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. You can also buy their combination ratchet set, which also offers you reliability and quality.

Icon Sockets

Icon sockets are among the best you will get in the market. These sockets are made with premium chrome vanadium steel and a highly polished finish. The finish gives it an awesome look, resistant to corrosion, and is easy to clean.

Sockets by Icon tools have a 6-point design to offer you maximum torque. Their chamfered socket design gives you quick fastener engagement. It also features a thin wall design giving it easy access to difficult fasteners. The sockets are available in different sizes.

Professional Icon Tools socket sets do not skip the sizes. This ensures that you will always have the right tool for your job. All the deep sockets have a shallow hex depth for keeping the fastener at the end of the socket. This makes the process more efficient. The sockets have easy-to-read markings, and they come in a premium storage tray for easy organizing.

Icon Wrenches

Icon wrenches are some of the best brand tools. Their wrenches are precision machined to offer a non-slip grip. The wrenches have 12-point box ends which give the user an easy fastener engagement. This feature prevents the wrench from slippage and the fastener round off.

Icon Tools wrenches are made with premium chrome vanadium steel. Their durable and tough polished chrome finish offers superior corrosion and rust resistance preventing grease build-up. The open end allows you to work easily in tight spaces.

The wrench’s 15° offset knuckle clearance makes it easy to go around obstructions. It is designed with efficacy and comfort in mind. Icon tools wrench offers you a combination of a comfortable, secure grip and balanced handle design. The wrench set comes along with a premium storage tray.

Icon Torque Wrench

Torque wrenches by Icon are the ideal tools to use where you need precise torque. This wrench uses a pawl mechanism and heavy-duty cam. The wrenches feature a 90-tooth gear mechanism which helps them in small arc swings.

They also have markings that are easy to read. The torque wrenches also have a clear click which prevents you from over-torquing. The wrenches are available in different sizes, and they come packed in a high-quality storage case.

Icon Storage Systems

Icon tools have some of the best storage systems in the market. So, who makes icon toolboxes, and what makes them exceptional? These professional roller cabinets are made by Harbor Freight. They are available in green, black, blue, and red. This storage is made with precision-reinforced welds and strong steel. They are ideal to withstand the harsh environment of garages.

Icon tool cabinets are made with double-wall steel frames for maximum strength. Their 18 gauge inside panels is able to support the slide and drawer weight evenly. The structural corner bracket prevents the cabinets from twisting. These toolboxes are polished with an ultra-tough powder coat.

One thing that makes the cabinets stand out is their integrated power system with two 110V outlets and two fast-charging USB ports. The icon tools storage system also features an advanced locking system which helps to keep your tools safe and secure. Their force drawer latches are adjustable, thus controlling the opening force.

How Much Are Icon Tools?

Icon tools have some of the best prices for hand tools and storage systems. When the tools were introduced, their prices were a little higher but they have reduced over time. When comparing Icon Tools vs. Snap-On cost, Icon tools are more affordable, and their quality is almost the same as the latter.

Icon tool cost will depend on the specific tool you are buying. 6-piece socket sets cost around $19.99, while 12-piece ratcheting sets to costs approximately $199.99. Icon tools overhead cabinets’ price starts at $799.99.

And the price of Icon end cabinets starts from $1199.99. The most expensive of their tools is the rolling cabinets which cost around $3799.99. At times you will find these tools at a discount thus saving you more money. Harbor Freight also delivers all the Icon storage units for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Icon Tools a Good Brand?

YES, Icons tools are a good brand for both beginners and professional mechanics. These tools are made with high-quality materials, and they are quite affordable. Icon tools have made their tools with reliability and durability in mind.

When you compare them with other tools, you will get your value for money. The Icon tools reviews from past clients show that they are a good brand and they provide you more value for your money.

Where Are Icon Sockets Made?

Icons sockets are made in Taiwan. Most people wonder where Icon tools are made. All the tools by Icon are made in Taiwan, and they guarantee you quality. This brand is owned by Harbor Freights, which is responsible for manufacturing and distributing the tools.

Are Icon Tools Lifetime Warranty?

All Icon tools have a lifetime and hassle-free warranty. This speaks volume for the confidence of tool quality and standard. Indeed, their tools are made with expertise and high-quality materials. This company has the best return policies and there are no questions asked for warranty. This shows that the manufacturer is confident with their products and they do not have any defect.

Does Harbor Freight Own Snap-On?

Harbor Freight does not own Snap-On tools. Snap-on tools are produced by Snap-On Incorporated. All their tools are traded with a company symbol SNA. Snap-On also offers good quality tools but they are more expensive compared to Icon tools. Harbor Freight sells Icon, Bremen, Doyle, Quin, and Pittsburg hand tools

Are Icon Tools Made in China?

All Icon tools are made in Taiwan, China. I know that most people think that products from China are of questionable quality but this is not the case with Icon tools. These tools have managed to compete with the giant hand tools brand in a very short time. Harbor Freight has managed to beat the competitors with their durable and quality products at a low price.

Why are Harbor Freight tools so Cheap?

One of the reasons Harbor freight tools are cheap is because the company cuts off middlemen. The company works directly with the tools manufacturers enabling them to offer tools at an affordable price. Another reason would be because they are made in China. However, the low cost of Icon tools is not reflected in their quality. They provide you with quality tools at the lowest possible prices.

Is Icon better than Pittsburgh?

Both Icon and Pittsburgh tools are of good quality. Which one is better, between Icon and Pittsburgh tools, will depend on your needs and the specific tools you are buying. For instance, Icon wrenches and ratchets are better than Pittsburgh since they have a higher tooth. On the other hand, Pittsburgh sockets and breaker bars are better than Icon tools.

Final Words:

If you are a beginner or a professional mechanic on budget, then Icon tools are the ideal brand for you. The article above has answered many people’s questions on who makes Icon Tools. Icon tools are owned by Harbor Freight and are made in Taiwan. We have also discussed Icon Tool’s cost and some of its product lines.

Experts now have high-quality and affordable solutions to their storage needs. Their hassle-free and lifetime warranty shows that the company is confident that their tools will serve you a lifetime.

These tools are designed with the latest technology and top-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting. Icon Tools come with a lifetime warranty that guarantees their performance and quality. Another key selling point of Icon Tools is their affordability compared to other professional-grade tools on the market. With Icon Tools by Harbor Freight, you can be sure you’re getting top-of-the-line equipment at a price that won’t leave your wallet empty.

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