Who Makes General Tire?

SUVs and trucks are heavy vehicles built for heavy-duty tasks and rugged terrains. They require robust and durable tires to withstand harsh conditions. General Tire specializes in such tires, offering the best quality. Usually, loyal clients are curious about who makes General Tire.

The company has had a strong presence in the automotive scene, backed by a rich history. You are in the right place if you have questions about this brand. We quench your curiosity by presenting you with relevant information about General Tire, including who is behind it.

who makes general tire brand

General Tire Explained 

General Tire is the brainchild of William O’Neil and Winfred Fouse, who founded it in 1915 with three other partners. William O’Neil initially ran a Firestone franchise, but along the way, he became dissatisfied with the company’s operations and decided to compete with it instead.

William and the four associates pulled their resources together to form General Tire. At first, the company only dealt with repair materials but ventured into tire manufacturing in 1916.

The company underwent rapid growth in the 1920s and was stable during the Great Depression, with a 2.7% market share in 1933. General Tire expanded into the entertainment, soft drink, chemical, and wrought iron businesses, signaling its boom in the post-war period.

General Tire pushed its restructuring plan in the 1980s, becoming a GenCorp Inc. subsidiary in 1984. GenCorp Inc also underwent large-scale restructuring to prevent a hostile takeover in 1987. The same year, it sold General Tire to Continental AG, a German multinational company specializing in automotive parts.

Still, on who manufacturers General Tire, Continental Tires AG ventured into the American market after the acquisition and became Continental General Tire Corp. Presently, the company goes by Continental Tire the Americas, LLC, headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Are General Tire and Continental Tires the same? While the two are subsidiaries of the same company, they are not the same. General Tire is an American brand, while Continental Tires is German. Their products are different, though they may share some similarities, primarily their sturdy construction.

Where is General Tire manufactured? Continental Tire the Americas, LLC has several factories in the country that manufacture General Tire. Its Mt. Vernon, Illinois plant is one of the biggest, with an output of over 3 million tires annually. The bulk of the company’s tires come from its European plants.

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Pros Of General Tire

General Tire is the go-to brand if you own an SUV or Truck. The tires’ engineering uses robust materials and stable construction for longevity, even in the most punishing terrains. The tires incorporate various technologies, like the tire monitor indicator, which helps detect tire wear. The SmartGrip technology ensures excellent steering response and handling.  

Unlike most heavy-duty tires, these are comfortable, with noise and vibration-dampening properties. General Tire boasts a large inventory, with tires suitable for various car categories and driving conditions.

You will find tires for commercial vehicles, performance-oriented cars, light trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. Additionally, it stocks summer, winter, and all-weather tires.

General Tire has confident warranty terms. The mileage warranty will cover you up to the indicated mileage. This tire brand is global, and its products are easy to access.


The tires might be relatively pricey, though the cost is justifiable when you consider quality. While friendly, the warranty requires the clients to cover shipping, mounting, balancing costs, and taxes. General Tire is not available in some countries, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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What Is the Difference Between General Tire and Other Brands?

General Tire brand reviews highlight the selling points that distinguish it from other tire manufacturers. One of the areas that this brand stands out is its product line and target market. It deals in heavy-duty tires for the SUV, light truck, performance, and commercial vehicle market.

Moreover, its catalog focuses on driving conditions, where you find summer, winter, and all-weather tires. Other manufacturers mainly concentrate on the regular passenger vehicle scene.

General Tire’s brand heritage is another factor that differentiates it from other industry players. It has a rich history dating back to 1915, its founding year. For over a century, this company has established itself as a reliable automotive part companion with a loyal following.

General Tire vs. Michelin, which is the best? Michelin is a French company with a bigger reach and better brand heritage, courtesy of its lengthy presence in the tire industry. Both brands have durable tires, with Michelin having a more diverse catalog. General Tire takes the top spot in affordability and stocking specialty tires.

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Is General Tire a Good Tire Brand?

General Tire is a reputable brand with a stable market presence for over a century, specializing in high-performance tires. It mainly targets heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs, though it also has tires for regular cars, winter and summer driving.

General Tire owes its time-honored reputation to its insistence on quality. Its top-grade tires employ various technological modifications to expand their functionality and resiliency. For example, the DuraGen technology makes the tires more robust, saving them from sidewall damage.

This brand is readily available in the USA, with reasonable warranties to boot.

Where Is General Tire Manufactured?

Continental AG, operating as Continental Tire the Americas, LLC, has several factories in the USA that manufacture General Tire. The Mt. Vernon, Illinois plant is one of Continental’s largest and started operations in 1974, as General Tire, before the Continental AG acquisition some years later.

It has more than 3500 employees and was the company’s sole manufacturing plant, until the establishment of another in Sumter, South Carolina, in 2012. Continental Tires has another factory in Clinton, Mississippi, established in 2019.

Other tires hitting the market come from European factories and retain the product standards.

Is General Tire USA-Made?

General Tire products come from three manufacturing plants in the USA: Mt. Vernon in Illinois, Clinton in Mississippi, and Sumter, South Carolina. The Mt. Vernon factory produces tires for passenger cars, trucks, and light trucks, while the Clinton plant specializes in large truck and bus tires. The Sumter branch manufactures premium lines of light truck and passenger tires.

Continental Tire the Americas, LLC, General Tire’s owner, may get surplus tires from Continental AG’s European manufacturing plants. Are General Tire made in China? No, the tires don’t come from China; instead, the parent company imports rubber from China and other Southeast Asian countries.

Is General Tire the Same as Continental?

General Tire and Continental Tires are both subsidiaries of Continental AG but are quite distinct in their operations and product lines. Continental Tires is a German brand that has a versatile inventory, with tires for cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles.

General Tire is an American brand specializing in extreme-condition tires for trucks, SUVs, high-performance cars, commercial buses, and trucks. Despite the differences, the two companies don’t compromise on quality, an attribute that contributes to their strong market presence.

Does General Tire Still Exist?

General Tire still exists after immense evolution since its founding in 1915. It underwent the most change during the 1980s, during its restructuring, and became a subsidiary of GenCorp Inc. Its parent company also restructured in 1987 and sold General Tire to Continental AG, which ventured into the North American tire market with the purchase. Currently, General Tire is a subsidiary of Continental Tire the Americas, LLC.

How Long Do General Grabber Tires Last?

General Grabber tires are robust, all-season, all-terrain tires for light trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. These tires come in many designations, such as APT, HD, HT, and UP for SUVs and light trucks. Grabber OA 2 and OA 2 WB are for commercial vehicles.

They are synonymous with longevity and can last between 40000 and 60000 miles, almost five times that of regular tires. They can serve you longer and more reliably if you regularly maintain them.

Final Words

General Tire is a popular tire brand primarily serving the heavy-duty market, targeting heavy commercial vehicles, extreme performers, SUVs, and trucks. The key takeaway from this piece is that General Tire has been operating under Continental AG since its acquisition in 1987.

While General Tire products are high-quality, you should maintain them properly for longevity. Critical tire maintenance practices include inspection, pressurizing, and rotation. Don’t forget to replace worn-out wheels.


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