Who Makes Honda Oil?

It is best to stick with the manufacturer’s recommendations when getting vehicle utilities, like a lubricant. Honda recommends Honda Genuine Motor Oil for its vehicles. Who makes Honda oil? As a Honda owner or a curious party, you may want to know who is behind this high-quality lubricant.

While many people assume that Honda is behind Honda oil, there is plenty to know about its association with the product. A thorough review of Honda oil will reveal plenty about it, including who makes it.

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Honda Motor Oil Explained

Many automotive manufacturers deal in car utilities like engine oil for compatibility. Honda motor oil meets the engine needs of Honda models to enhance their resiliency and performance. It is also an excellent way for the company to expand its profits.

Honda is a giant Japanese company that specializes in the production of cars, motorcycles, power equipment, and marine engines. What about Honda oil? The lubricant is a product of Honda’s partnership with reputable oil companies. The vehicle maker gets the oil, formulates it, brands it, and sells it.

Car engines have slight variations depending on the model; thus, their lubrication needs may differ. Universal motor oil brands may offer the best service but may miss out on a facet or two due to the varying conditions. Honda engine oil’s formulation and additives address issues like sludge buildup, rust, and wear, areas where other brands may come short.

You will find the Honda oil brand in its dealerships, service centers, and other repair shops worldwide. Is Honda oil good? Honda does not compromise on the quality of its products, including lubricants. The oil guarantees your engine’s best shape, provided you pick the right one, depending on your driving conditions. Honda strongly invests in research to develop newer oil formulations suitable for engine health.

Honda Motor Oil Recommended Vehicle Models

Honda Genuine Motor oil is the go-to lubricant if you own a Honda or drive a vehicle with a Honda engine. Your dealership or service center will advise you on the befitting oil, depending on the engine type and driving environment.

This motor oil brand is also suitable for Acura models: Acura is Honda’s luxury vehicle division. You can use Honda motor oil on other vehicles after a complete oil change.

Available Genuine Honda Motor Oil

Honda has a wide collection of lubricants to meet the needs of various engines. Under its catalog, you find full synthetic, synthetic blends and mineral oils. Full synthetic oil is the product of advanced refining that eliminates impurities. Moreover, the refinery process allows for the modification of individual oil molecules to meet modern driving demands.

Honda synthetic motor oil comes in multiple grades, like 0w30 and 0w20. The former has a broader operational scope and will perform better in high temperatures.

Synthetic blends contain a mixture of synthetic and mineral oil bases. It has some appealing factors of synthetic oils, like adequate wear protection and stability. Synthetic blends are also more affordable than full synthetic lubricants. Honda synthetic blends come in various grades, such as 10w40, 0w20, and 5w40.

Mineral oil comes directly from crude oil and is cheaper, though its performance versatility does not match that of fully synthetic and synthetic blends. Honda mineral oil is only available in 10w30 grade.

who makes honda 10w30 synthetic oil

Who Makes Honda Motor Oil?

Honda gets its oil from Idemitsu Kosan, one of the largest petroleum refiners in Japan. This oil refiner has been around for over a century since its founding in 1911 and is famous for its high-quality petrochemical products.

Honda began its relationship with Idemitsu in the 1980s, a partnership that expanded into other areas like motorsport. Honda gets its oil from the refiner and modifies it by adding crucial additives like detergent and anti-corrosion agents. Honda then packages and brands the new product before putting it for sale. Idemitsu also stocks Honda oil in its stores.

You can use Idemitsu oil for your Honda engine, though avoiding mixing the two oil brands is advisable to avert engine malfunctions. An oil change before using a different lubricant brand is a logical move.

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What Brand Does Honda Use for Oil?

Honda recommends Honda oil for its models. The top-grade product comes from Idemitsu, a large refiner that partners with Honda. The vehicle manufacturer formulates the raw material to meet its standards before rebranding and selling it.

Honda Genuine Motor Oil has additives that will boost the life of your Honda engine and enhance fuel efficiency. You can get the oil from Honda dealership centers, auto repair shops, and Idemitsu stores.

Does Honda Make Their Own Oil?

Honda oil brand is common in several stores that deal with vehicle maintenance. Honda does not entirely make its own oil from scratch. Instead, it gets refined oil from Idemitsu and formulates it by adding various additives suitable for engine health.

Honda endorses the branded motor oil for its vehicles and power equipment.

Who Manufactures Honda Genuine Oil?

Honda genuine oil is a product of Honda partnering with Idemitsu Kosan, one of the biggest oil refiners in Japan. Idemitsu takes charge of the refinery process before it forwards the product to the automotive manufacturer.

Honda will formulate the oil by incorporating various additives like viscosity index improver for stability when the temperature changes. Other additives are detergents and antioxidants. Honda then grades and packages the lubricant then it hits the market.

Does Honda Use Mobil 1 Oil?

Mobil 1 oil is among the most popular motor oil brands courtesy of its top quality and accessibility all over the world. Mobil 1 is an excellent alternative to Honda genuine motor oil that will bring the best out of your engine.

Mobil 1 ESP formula 5w30 is a perfect lubricant for newer editions of the CR-V and Civic. You can go for the Mobil 1 ESP X2 0w20 if you drive in cold conditions. The Mobil 1 Hybrid 0w20 is ideal for hybrid models like Insight.

Never mix Honda and Mobil 1 oil, even if they share a grade to prevent engine damage.

Does Honda Use Pennzoil?

Pennzoil is a reputable motor oil brand that you can use for your Honda engine. You should pick between Pennzoil Platinum and Ultra Platinum oil for your vehicle, as per its performance. Pennzoil platinum oil, like the High-Mileage 0w20 full synthetic oil, is ideal for typical daily-driven Hondas and works fine for older models clocking over 75000 miles.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0w20 full synthetic oil is a premium pick and suitable for high-performance vehicles like the Honda Civic Si and Type R.

Do I Have to Use Honda Brand Oil?

You can use various oil brands for your Honda engine, though it is best to use Honda oil for the best outcome. The automotive manufacturer modifies the oil to meet the specifications of engines, leaving its production plants.

Honda oil is readily available, and its formulation guarantees lengthy service. If not accessible, you may consider other reputable brands like Idemitsu, Mobil 1, Castrol, and Pennzoil.

Does Honda Use Synthetic Oil from The Factory?

Honda stocks full synthetic, synthetic blends and mineral oils. Honda synthetic oil undergoes several chemical processes to eliminate impurities and modify individual molecules for its performance. Honda Genuine Motor Oil comes in 0w20 and 0w30 grades and contains several chemical add-ons for efficiency.

Is Honda Genuine Motor Oil Synthetic?

Honda Genuine Motor Oil has many varieties: full synthetic, synthetic blend, and conventional. Synthetic is the best for your engine, courtesy of its stability and flow rate, though it is pricier than blends and mineral oils. You should use synthetic oil if you own the latest Honda releases.

Honda conventional oil is less common than full synthetic and is used chiefly for older engines. It is heavy and ideal for all-around engine protection, though it does not fare well in extreme temperature changes.

Final Words

We learn several things from this piece, such as who makes Honda oil, Honda oil types, and why you should use this lubricant. Honda partners with Idemitsu to make Honda oil, whose quality is a key redeeming factor.

As a Honda owner, Honda Genuine Motor Oil should be your lubricant of choice, as it has been created for your car. Honda oil is readily available, and your dealership will advise you on the best grade for your vehicle.

If you can’t access Honda oil or want a change, go for reputable brands that will adequately support your engine.


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