Top 10 Best Motor oil Brands in the World – 2024

One mundane task amongst car owners is changing the vehicle’s oil, as a regular oil change would ensure excellent engine performance. It is known that the car’s engine requires good motor oil for its functionality.

Without a doubt, motor oil appears an essential element for cooling and lubricating the various engine parts. Nevertheless, you would need to drain the old oil and pour in a new one after a while, as this would help prevent sludge formation and offer excellent gas mileage.

Thus, it is crucial to get the top quality motor oil for the engine, and as such, it would help to look at the best motor oil brands. Kindly note that the brands mentioned in this review are reputable for providing some of the best conventional and synthetic motor oils; hence, you make a better choice.

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Top 10 Best Motor Oil/Engine Oil Brands

Top-performing motor oils do a lot for the vehicle’s engine and further help prevent possible engine problems. Thus, a regular oil change can ensure you save cost, as engine issues appear among the most costly car repairs.

It is recommendable to change the engine oil after 5,000 to 7,500 miles; nevertheless, some oil brands and vehicles hold more mileage. You can find newer car models equipped with an excellent monitoring system that checks on the oil. Still, you can keep an eye on the oil gauge yourself if your vehicle lacks such a monitoring system.

Most folks may often find it challenging to choose the best oil for the car since there are many options available in the market. Still, there are some brands in the industry that hold a wide range of top-performing engine oils. With that in mind, below is a review of some of the world’s top 10 engine oil brands.

1. Mobil


This brand appears to be pretty famous within the industry and holds a wide range of lubricant products, including transmission fluids, grease, gear lubricants, oil filters, and motor oils. As one of the early innovators of synthetic engine oils, you can find the Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil and other similar products from the brand to be very effective.

Good enough, the brand keeps supplying consumers with top-quality products that support engine safety. You should know that Mobil holds a wide range of options for different car models; in essence, you can find a suitable motor oil for your car’s engine that meets your driving style. 

All you have to do is learn about the SAE viscosity grade and choose an oil compatible with your vehicle. For modern engines, the advanced lubricant technology from this brand comes with peculiar features that keep the engine running. 

Mobil has been around since 1911, founded as the “Standard Oil Company of New York.” The firm has been supplying various products across different parts of the world. Kindly note that the motor oil from this brand appears to be sold by ExxonMobil. The Mobil motor oils come at affordable prices.

Please note that the price would often vary based on the size and type of oil. Nevertheless, you can make a budget of around $7.88 to $49.99 to get motor oil from this brand.

2. Valvoline


Valvoline appears to be a prominent industrial and commercial lubricant brand in the industry that has been supplying excellent products since 1866. This brand is a subsidiary of Ashland Inc. (since 1949) and has not cut down on the quality of its products. 

Since most folks who drive daily need suitable engine oil that provides outstanding performance, Valvoline comes to the rescue. The options from Valvoline come formulated to offer year-round protection. 

The brand’s lineup of oils comes in a wide viscosity range, such as SAE 40, 30, 10W-30, and more. You can find Valvoline offering one of the best 5w30 oils for high mileage. Again, it’s advanced full synthetic oil containing anti-wear additives and constituents that fights off sludge and other deposition. 

With the additives in Valvoline oil, you can enjoy a smooth performance even in extreme conditions. The conventional oil from this brand is tested and trusted, as it meets the requirements of the API SN Plus. 

So, folks can rest assured that their vehicle’s engine would remain free from LSPI (Low-Speed Pre-Ignition). Although this oil is manufactured in the United States, they are distributed worldwide. The estimated cost of Valvoline oil falls from $5.99 to $24.97.

3. Castrol


This brand appears pretty famous for supplying top-quality motor oil that supports an extended engine life. Castrol premium motor oil has been around for a while, as this brand emerged in 1899 (formerly known as CC Wakefield & Co.). One of the top-performing products is the Castrol GTX oil, which emerges as one of the best conventional motor oils from most consumer reports.

One vital thing you should note is that this brand supplies oil that reaches the top standard in the industry. More importantly, Castrol oil further prevents the formation of sludge, and as such, you are less likely to face issues like engine knocking.

Since it further improves the vehicle’s fuel economy, you can save some money while enjoying a long ride. You can often find Castrol oil holding up for 3,500 to 5,000 miles intervals or more. Again, the different viscosity grade the brand offers provides consumers with a wide range of options to choose from.

With an excellent lubricating potential, you can rest assured that the critical engine components will run smoothly. Even in harsh conditions, this brand’s motor oil works optimally, resulting in a vital reduction in engine wear.

From conventional to full synthetic oil, Castrol ensures that your vehicle’s engine gets complete protection. Interestingly, the motor oils from this brand come at affordable prices, depending on the option you choose. Nevertheless, you can find them at the estimated cost of $4.68 to $24.04.

4. ACDelco

acdelco oil

When it comes to top-quality car parts and lubricants, ACDelco appears to be a famous name. This American brand is the OEM brand for various parts used by Buick, Chevy, Cadillac, and GMC. Hence, they are known for holding great quality, and they supply excellent fluids, oil, and other car care products.

The engine oil supplied by this brand comes formulated to meet the engine’s lubrication needs. Folks often like the advanced additive technology employed by this brand, as it ensures the motor oil meets the most demanding standards. 

This brand has a wide range of options, as they supply motor oil in varying viscosities. Thus, whether low or high-performing engines, you would find compatible engine oil from ACDelco that would efficiently improve the engine’s performance.

Few speculations exist that suggest these oils be products manufactured by ExxonMobil, one of the largest companies in the oil and gas industry. The good news is that the oil from ACDelco is available worldwide, and you can get a suitable option for your vehicle within the price range of $12.80 to $33.99.

5. Shell Engine Oil

Shell Engine Oil

This brand has been supplying excellent engine oil that has helped lower the maintenance cost of engines. The Shell appears to be an energy company formed in 1907 and currently operates in over 70 countries.

The engine lubricants from this brand work optimally as it lubricates and cools the engine parts. Interestingly, the low-emission formula makes motor oil eco-friendly. You can expect the Shell engine oil to perform optimally in extreme weather conditions, whether high or low temperatures.

Furthermore, certain additives ensure contaminants stay far from the engine, extending the engine’s lifespan. There are excellent options for petrol and diesel vehicles, such as the Shell Helix 5W-40 API SN Ultra Synthetic oil. 

Whether synthetic or conventional motor oil, you can find Shell offering one of the best motor oil brands in the world. These products come at varying prices; nevertheless, you would get more value for the purchase price. $5.13 to $33.48

6. STP Motor Oil

STP Motor Oil

Most folks may not find STP motor oil to be pretty popular compared to some brands on this list, but they are an excellent option for quality and affordable engine oil. The cost of STP motor oil would often range from $2.88 to $61.86, depending on the type and size of the oil.

This brand holds a wide range of quality automotive products, including STP oil filters. The brand’s line of motor oil comes scientifically formulated to protect the engine from rust and corrosion and further prevent engine wear. 

Interestingly, such products from this brand also maintain the vehicle’s fuel economy. STP oil would often keep the vital engine components clean and prevents the accumulation of dirt that may interfere with its performance. 

The design of the brand’s motor oil is remarkable, having wider spouts that make oil change easier since the oil can flow out better. You can always search the STP motor oil website, as you would find these products in various viscosities. Kindly note that this brand has been around since 1954, owned by Energizer Holdings.

7. AmazonBasics Motor Oil 

AmazonBasics motor oil

This brand came into the automotive industry recently but had been supplying top-performing motor oil. The line of products from Amazon appears to be fast-growing across various markets worldwide.

The Amazon oil line ensures complete protection of the engine parts and keeps them lubricated, making these products a good deal. Such motor oil appears among the few options you would find preventing dirt accumulation, and their formulation further prevents rust and corrosion.

With excellent resistance to thermal breakdown, you can expect Amazon motor oils to work effectively in harsh conditions and with very low exhaust emissions. Thus, this oil appears excellent for the environment.

Kindly note that AmazonBasics’ engine oil is manufactured by the North American company Warren Distribution, Inc. Since this company appears among the top lubricant manufacturers for private labels, you can rest assured that this is a good deal for your car’s engine.

8. Motorcraft

motorcraft oil

This brand comes as an excellent option for motor oil for both gasoline and diesel oil. Motorcraft is a part of the famous automaker Ford Motor Company and has since been supplying top-quality lubricants, filters, and other automotive products.

The brand’s motor oil appears to be excellent for car engines. So whether you decide to get the brand’s synthetic blend or full synthetic oil, you should expect an outstanding performance. All these benefits your engine would enjoy from using Motorcraft oil come with no added expense.

Even though some persons find the full synthetic oil from Motorcraft expensive, you would be getting great value for your money since such products prevent heat damage and internal corrosion.

If you are keen on knowing the manufacturer of Motorcraft oil, then you should know that they are products supplied by ConocoPhillips Co., a renowned American hydrocarbon exploration company. You can get a suitable option from this brand from $4.10 to $20.52. Kindly note that the cost varies, and you may pay higher for some options the brand offers.

9. Carquest

top 10 engine oil brands in world

 Carquest is one trusted brand in the automotive industry, and most people can rely on this brand for the most advanced auto parts, such as brake pads, rotors, and lubricants. Kindly note that this automotive product brand partners with various car manufacturers and suppliers; hence, you can find the brand offering top-quality products.

The premium synthetic-based oil from this brand comes with various additives that further prevent rust and corrosion and reduce dirt. Thus, your vehicle’s engine would often benefit from the complete protection this brand’s oil offers.

Kindly note that Amalie Oil Company manufactures Carquest oil supplies. This company emerged among the top producers of synthetic oil, transmission fluid, and motor oil and has been running since 1903.

Being one of the private lubricant firms, they provide various private labels, including Carquest, with top-performing motor oil. Carquest oil is pretty affordable, as you can get one from as low as $4.26 to $52.99, depending on the one you choose.

10. O’Reilly

o'reilly auto parts

O’Reilly is a famous brand of Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC. This individual manufacturer of lubricants has been supplying excellent products since 1978 and appears to be in charge of about 15% of the United States aftermarket brake fluid.

It is no longer news that O’Reilly supplies an excellent line of motor oil that prevents wear amongst the colliding engine parts. With this product, you would experience a drastic reduction in oil degradation compared to some other options.

The good news is that the oil from this brand can work efficiently for up to six months. The reduced volatility would ensure that the engine stays cool and lubricated without facing any issues.

Whether conventional or full synthetic oil, the brand holds a wide range of options that would suit your car and driving needs. The cost of O’Reilly oil differs, but you can get an excellent oil option within the cost range of $10 to $30.

best oil brand for toyota

Other famous motor oil brands include:

  • Millers: Since 1887, Millers Oil has supplied various engine oils for motorsport, agricultural, and automotive applications. It appears as one of the best motor oil brands in the UK. You can find a wide range of full or semi-synthetic oils that work efficiently.
  • Halfords: this brand is one of the renowned suppliers of car parts and accessories. You should know that Halfords provides consumers in the UK with one of the best engine oil options.
  • Motul: Motul stands as one of the best motor oil brands in Europe and other parts of the world, as this French company supplies top automotive lubricants worldwide. The brand supplies semi-synthetic and synthetic oils that ensure excellent protection for your vehicle.
  • Comma: The motor oil from this brand covers a wide range of products designed for extended performance and low fuel consumption. This motor oil works effectively for commercial and passenger vehicles.
  • Liqui Moly: This brand emerges as a renowned brand that specializes in providing consumers with lubricants and additives. Kindly note that Liqui Moly appears amongst Germany’s best motor oil brands and has over 4,000 car products worldwide.
  • Petronas: This Malaysian oil and gas company supplies a wide range of motor oil and has been meeting up the needs of consumers since 1974.
  • Ravenol: This brand is yet another outstanding motor oil supplier within the industry and appears famous for its innovative technology. Thus, you can depend on the engine oil of Ravenol to keep the engine in good shape.


Can I mix engine oil brands?

It is often not recommended to mix two different oils for your vehicle’s engine, not even if they appear to have similar viscosity. This issue remains persistent, as there are speculations that the vehicle’s engine faces a high risk of damage with such a wrong oil combination. 

Nevertheless, some car experts suggest that your vehicle may not necessarily face issues even when a conventional grade oil is mixed with a synthetic grade oil. Furthermore, it would be more suitable to use the motor oil recommended by the car’s manufacturer.

Do oil brands matter?

The motor oil brand doesn’t matter, as it rarely affects the engine in any way. Nevertheless, you must consider getting suitable motor oil for the car’s engine, as there are a few motor oil brands to avoid. 

You can look through the various options for reputable brands that supply excellent oil formulated with different additives that improve fuel efficiency. Again, there might not be much difference between oil from reputed brands, as they come with formulated high-quality materials.

What’s the difference between oil brands?

The differences that exist between motor oils appear to be very slim, apart from the brand names. However, there are cheap options that folks should avoid; as such, motor oils come formulated with poor materials.

In essence, if you insist on getting engine oil from the available reputed brands, you may notice little or no difference in engine wear and fuel efficiency. So, it shouldn’t be much of a problem as long as the oil performs efficiently.

Are specialty oils worth it?

Specialty oil often comes formulated with top-quality materials and additives that ensure reduced engine wear, and as such, you can expect your vehicle’s engine to perform better. So, these types of motor oil would often appear to be pretty expensive.

Nevertheless, the cost of such oil is worth great value since they offer complete protection and would work efficiently for a long time compared to most conventional crude. Thus, it further decreases the amount you might spend on maintenance and possible car repairs.

How do I choose engine oil?

The various motor oil options available in the market make it pretty tasking to choose a suitable one for your vehicle. Nevertheless, a significant determiner of your choice would be the oil viscosity, as they often come in different viscosity grades.

The viscosity rating depends on the oil’s thickness at 0 degrees F. Please note that low-viscosity motor oil would flow quickly and offer more lubrication compared to thick ones. Thus, your final choice should be based on the type of vehicle, driving environment, and oil standards.

What is the cost of car engine oil?

The cost of engine oil varies, as they come from different brands and often possess varying formulations. Again, the cost further depends on the quantity of motor oil you decide to buy. Nevertheless, there are excellent synthetic oils (5-quart bottles) that fall within the price range of $20 to $30.

You can often find some of the best cheap motor oil come at a lesser cost, especially the conventional motor oils. Still, it would help if you did not ignore that the quality of the oil matters and avoid cheap and poor engine oil.

Final Words

Motor oil is essential, as they work effectively in cooling and lubricating the engine’s moving parts. Nevertheless, it may appear as a daunting task to choose the right motor oil or engine oil with the various options available in the market.

Not to worry, this review on the best motor oil brand will help you make a more natural choice that would work perfectly for your vehicle’s engine. The brands in this piece appear to be top suppliers of various engine oil that completely protects the engine.

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