How to Change Wiper Blades? All That You Need to Know

There are various maintenance tasks for vehicles, and a few of them seem pretty easy for car owners to do. One of such tasks is changing your vehicle’s wiper blade, and that can give you some sense of fulfillment. Do you find it interesting learning how to change wiper blades? I would explain the steps involved in this article.

It is known that windshield wipers are necessary for safe driving, as this feature helps remove dirt and dust on the glass. Thus, it ensures an improved visualization as you drive. You should know that these blades don’t last forever, and you may start planning for a replacement after some years. Nevertheless, I would explain how to remove wiper blades and affix new ones.

How do I know if my wiper blades need replacing?

Although many folks use their windscreen wipers for a few years, it would be interesting to note that they come designed for 6-12 months. Nevertheless, how long your windshield wiper blades last would depend on their usage, alongside the product’s quality and weather condition. Still, how do you know when your windscreen wipers need replacing?

Are you unsure of when to replace wipers? Here are some signs of bad wiper blades that mean they need replacements.

Film of Streaks on the Windshield

When you clean the windshield with the wipers, it should come out clean and ensure the glass offers excellent visualization. When you start noticing some streaks on your car’s windshield after wiping dirt, rain, and snow, it is pronounced that the wipers are in bad condition.

Issues with the rubber:

The rubber wiper blades are often smooth, and there are often no imperfections. When should you replace your windshield wipers? Perhaps, when you start seeing some cracks on the rubber or finding some places broken. With the rubbers worn out, you may find your car’s wiper blade not touching the glass. Then, it is time to purchase new wiper blades and get them replaced.

Squeaking and Chattering Noises

This noisy sound may be the most annoying sign of all, as it keeps hinting to you that it’s time to get the wiper blade changed. As the wiper blade drag across the windshield, you’d keep hearing those chattering noises if the blades are bad.


The windshield wipers often move across the glass evenly, but you may need to get new ones for replacements when you start seeing them skip. This situation is even crucial when the rain picks up, as car owners may still notice this skipping from lack of use, which may seem normal.

These signs mentioned above can hint you at the perfect time to get those old wiper blades changed. Simply put, once you start having reduced visibility as you drive due to the wiper blades malfunctioning, you should get a new one. What wiper blades do I need? You can tell the kind of blades you need with ease, as explained below.

How Do I Know What Kind of Windshield Wipers I Need?

It may seem more like a daunting task to choose suitable wiper blades, as various manufacturers have various options. Nevertheless, the best windshield wipers come designed to have more outstanding performance and seem pretty durable. Here are some types of wiper blades that you should consider.

Conventional Design

The conventional windshield wiper blades come constructed with a rubber squeegee encased within a metal frame. Most car owners seem comfortable with their performance, even with the simple design. You can find them in most of the old cars, and they are very affordable.

Beam Design

Have you seen wiper blades that have a curved frame? Well, those are the beam-designed types that offer the cleanest wipes. The beam wiper blades eliminate residues and streaking; hence, they are very effective. Nevertheless, they seem pretty costly, with prices that may double that of the conventional wiper blades.

Hybrid Design

There are windshield wiper blades that have a conventional design and also have a rubber shell. Thus, they seem pretty durable and work well for various weather conditions, acting like beam blades. Although you may find them cheaper when compared to most beam blades, they are more expensive than conventional wiper blades.

What size wiper blades do I need?

When you go shopping for a new wiper blade, you are sure to find a variety of sizes in the auto shop. The size varies to match the different windshield sizes of cars. But, 22″ windshield wipers seem like the standard for most cars. Still, you need to find out the right size of your car’s wiper blades.

The car manual often holds such information, and reading through would give you the details. Again, you can measure the blades using a tape or ruler. As you visit the auto parts store, you have to provide them with this information. You use this excellent wiper blade size finder to help you out. You only have to supply the car’s make/model and its year.

How to Change Wiper Blades Step By Step Guide

The rubber material of wiper blades makes them wear out after a while. Nevertheless, you can conduct the replacement yourself, as it appears easy to do. But, you must understand and know the part you need to change. There are three main parts of the windshield wiper;

  • The lower arm, extending from the windshield’s base
  • An attachment on the lower arm, made of metal or plastic
  • The actual rubber blades wipe off dirt and snow

When there is a need to change the wiper blades, you are only replacing the rubber blades has wipes dust off. There’s no need to get close to the other party unless you are keen on learning how to replace the windshield wiper arm. If you need more details on how to replace windshield wiper blades rubber, you can follow these steps below:

STEP ONE: Get Your Blades Measured and Purchase the Right Replacement

The size of the wiper blades is very crucial in helping you get a suitable replacement. You can use a tape ruler to get the measurement of your old rubber blades. When you visit an automobile store to get the new edges, you have to get those with the exact sizes. Also, it would be best if you already know the model of your car.

This detail may come in handy as you go shopping for new wiper blades. Suppose you provide the information of your car’s model and further specifications. In that case, you are sure to get some suitable options from the auto shop.

The windshield wiper blades often come at varying prices, and as such, you may find them having varying qualities. Thus, it would seem helpful if you don’t go for significantly cheaper options. Kindly look at those excellent wiper blades with prices that seem fair.

how to remove wiper blades

STEP TWO: Removing the Old Windshield Wiper Blade

Once you’ve purchased the new windshield wiper blades, you need to consider how to get the old wiper blades out. Here is how to remove wiper blades j hook and get the old wiper blades out.

  • Get the wiper arm raised, moving it away from the windshield, and hold it perpendicularly. Kindly ensure you do this carefully, as the spring-loaded wiper arm may snap back, causing the glass to crack.
  • Then, start by getting the old rubber blades unhooked from the wiper arm by pressing the stopper.

You would notice this small plastic stopper at the joint where you find the wiper blading meeting the metal arm if you look closely. If you want to stay on the safer side, you may employ a folded towel to protect your car’s windshield.

Get the towel in place to help cushion the effects if your wiper arm suddenly snaps back. However, some automobiles come with wiper blades that don’t use the hook system. These car wiper blades consist of pins that attach the rubber wiper blade to the wiper arm.

how to fit wiper blades

STEP THREE: Installing the New Wiper Blade

At this point, you can start thinking of how to fit wiper blades, as you’ve been able to get the old one out. Open the pack of your new wiper blade, and remove the take off the plastic “sleeve.” Then, open it up by getting your hands placed on those finger tabs, and you would find it popping up.

Continue the process by inserting the wiper arm into the new wiper blade. Gently pivot the wiper blade till the hook snaps. Once the hook snaps, you can rest assured that it is secured in place. Then, you can lay the wiper arm back to position.

Once you can follow these processes for both blades, you can go test them out. At this point, there should be a massive difference in the performance of the old and new wiper blades. This replacement should make them function properly again.

how to replace windshield wiper blades rubber

Types of Wiper Attachments

Some vehicles do not have the hook slot for their wiper blade attachment to the metal arm, as stated above. There are three attachment types that you can find among the wiper blades of different vehicles:

  • Straight End Type: You would find these attachments with flat ends that you can slide in place when fixing the new blades. But, you would be needing a screwdriver to get the worn blades out.
  • Pin Arm Type: This attachment type comes with a pin, a small-sized variety that you can find sticking out of the joint base. When installing new blades with this attachment type, you must push the pin into the designated slot.
  • Hook-Slot Type: This attachment type is the commonest, and you would find it among more than half of the vehicles near you. The wiper arm’s end hook is wrapped in a trim tab, and you can fix it into place.


Is it easy to replace wiper blades?

Yes, changing the windshield wiper blades of your vehicle seems like a pretty easy task. Whether you have some experience doing it or not, you can get it done following the proper steps. First, it would be best if you get a suitable replacement for the old wiper blades. You may need to measure the existing blades or get the details from your car manual.

With such information, you can head to any automobile store and get a suitable replacement. When you want to install the new blade, you have to raise the wiper arm (the metal part) and unhook the joint’s rubber blades. Then, move further by affixing the new rubber blades and get them tested.

How much would it cost me to replace my wiper blades?

The cost of replacing a car’s windshield wiper blades varies, as these rubber blades come at different prices. Some may come pricey, and others relatively cheap. However, it is recommendable to get those with superior quality and comes at a fair price.

Nevertheless, the cost budget of getting new wiper blades ranges from $36 to $51. If you need to employ an expert’s services, you might also budget around $26 to $33 for labor. In essence, the average cost would be within the range of $62 and $84.

How often should wiper blades be replaced?

Most car owners use their windshield wiper blades for a few years before they get to replace them. Nevertheless, they come constructed to last for 6 to 12 months, but this depends on their usage. When used frequently, the rubber tends to wear out, and it also gets affected by extreme weather conditions.

Still, when you start noticing the wiper blades giving off some annoying sounds as they wipe across the windshield, it may be the right time to get them replaced. Also, you should try to replace the wiper blades if they create films of streaks rather than providing a clean wipe on the windshield.

Are wiper blades sold in pairs?

Most wiper blades available in the market are sold as singles, as many vehicles have variable blade sizes. The size of one of the blades on one side may differ by some inches from the other blade’s size. However, you can still find some cars using the same length of wiper blades, and these options may have wiper blades that are sold in pairs.

Kindly note that it is important to change both blades when you find one worn out. If one is in pretty bad shape, the other couldn’t be any better. Sooner or later, that other blade would start wearing out. So, save yourself the stress and get both wipers changed at once.

Will AutoZone change my wiper blades?

Like some other automobile stores, AutoZone would help you change the worn wiper blades on your car if you decide to purchase the blades from them. This automobile store sells advanced auto parts.

Thus, they have various windshield wiper blades, and you can get a perfect match for your car’s windshield wiper blade. Once you purchase the rubber blades, you are sure to get them fixed by their experts at no cost.

What sizes of wiper blades are most common?

The sizes of wiper blades are different, as there are varying windshield sizes of erratic vehicles. However, some cars have standard frame sizes between 20 inches to 22 inches, and others between 10 inches and 30 inches.

Still, the kit is crucial to know the worn wiper blade’s size to help you get a suitable replacement. You can check your car manual to get the information of your car’s model, year, and make. With that, auto stores can get you the right match.

How many windshield wiper types are there in stores?

You can find three main types of windshield wipers in auto part Shop. These options include the conventional, beam, and hybrid wiper blades. Although they stick to the significant task of wiping off dirt from the windshield, they have some slight differences. The conventional types of wiper blades are often found on the windscreen of old cars.

They seem pretty practical and very affordable. However, a more practical option is the beam type, which comes slightly curved. With the beam wiper blades being more expensive, folks can go for the hybrid version that works better than the conventional wiper blades. They also have some features of the beam wiper blades.

Final Words

Wiper blades are essential for getting the windshield clean and can help improve your visualization as you drive. However, with frequent use and the weather effects, they may soon start wearing out – hence needing replacements. Are you keen on learning how to change wiper blades in Toyota Camry or other vehicle models?

It seems pretty easy to change your car’s windshield wiper blades when they are worn. Once you’ve purchased the perfect match, you have to get the old rubber blades out and fix them in the new ones. You can go through this article to get some more details on how to change wiper blades.


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