Jiffy Lube Vs. Valvoline – Which One to Go For?

A routine oil change is necessary for your vehicle’s best performance. Old lubricant doesn’t perform as well as it should and may lead to problems such as overheating, gunk buildup, and wearing of parts. If you can’t change the oil yourself, you can visit various outlets that handle the job. The Jiffy lube vs. Valvoline comparison looks at some of the most notable oil change companies.

When choosing the best companion to replace your vehicle’s oil, you should consider various factors. Read on to learn more about Jiffy Lube and Valvoline’s services to determine where to go for your next oil change.

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Jiffy Lube Vs. Valvoline Differences

Jiffy Lube and Valvoline are reputable service centers that deal with several automobile maintenance services, including oil changes. Valvoline Instant Oil Change is a subsidiary of Valvoline and has been around since 1985, its founding year. Jiffy Lube is a subsidiary of Shell PLC and was founded in 1971. To better understand the two brands, we look at their differences based on various aspects, as highlighted below.


Jiffy Lube vs. Valvoline price discussion brings to light a crucial aspect of their differences. The two companies have competitive prices for their services. The cost of the service depends on factors such as the type of oil, amount of lubricant, and extra maintenance practices. Jiffy Lube and Valvoline have coupons and promotions you should take advantage of for fantastic price cuts.

Name Full synthetic oil change Synthetic blend oil change Conventional oil change
Jiffy Lube $89.99 $64.99 $39.99
Valvoline $104.99 $79.99 $51.99

Currently, Jiffy Lube coupons can grant you $10 off on your next service. Valvoline Instant Oil Change’s coupons guarantee you $7 off for full synthetic and synthetic oil blend changes and $5 off for conventional oil changes.

Customer Service

A service center is as good as the quality of its services. Jiffy Lube and Valvoline centers spare no effort in ensuring their clients have the best experience when visiting their stores. Accessibility is a crucial aspect of customer service: Jiffy Lube is more accessible than Valvoline, considering it has over 2200 locations countrywide. Valvoline has around 1650 locations.

Valvoline offers full-service oil changes, air conditioning, battery replacement, car light replacement, general inspection, and tire rotation, among other services. Jiffy Lube’s line of services includes oil changes and attending to parts like the engine, brakes, suspension unit, tires, and general inspection. Valvoline and Jiffy Lube’s staff are friendly to clients and helpful with queries. Valvoline’s staffs are more responsive, a reason behind its rave customer reviews.

Below is a summary of the two firms’ services and their ratings.

Name Oil change Inspection Battery change Engine servicing Air conditioning
Jiffy Lube Excellent Average Good Good Average
Valvoline Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Excellent

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback hints at the quality of services offered by Jiffy Lube and Valvoline. Customers laude Valvoline’s speedy services and friendly and responsive staff. Additionally, the quality of the services is excellent, with the stores stocking various car products, mainly from Valvoline. The main complaint about Valvoline Instant Oil Change is the relatively high cost of its services.

Jiffy Lube reviews are mixed, with some clients praising its fast operations and product variety, while others complain about inconsistent service delivery and incorrect recommendations. Please note that the reviews vary depending on the Jiffy Lube locations.

Jiffy Lube Vs. Valvoline Similarities

Despite Jiffy Lube and Valvoline Instant Oil Change having several differences, they also share many attributes. The most obvious similarity is their line of business, with both being large automobile service centers present in many locations countrywide.

The two companies deal in numerous vehicle maintenance practices, primarily oil changes. Other operations include car inspection, engine, brake, tire, and suspension unit maintenance. Valvoline and Jiffy Lube’s highly trained staff ensure clients have the best experience, with fast service delivery and help with their queries.

Jiffy Lube and Valvoline outdo themselves in customer convenience, as evident from their coupons, promotions, and efficient customer support center. Deals and discounts depend on your location. You can check out the deals on their websites.

Jiffy Lube Vs. Valvoline Pros and Cons

Looking at the pros and cons of Jiffy Lube and Valvoline will help you determine the best service center.

Pros Of Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube has a solid countrywide presence with more than 2200 locations, making it easily accessible. It invests in human resources for excellent customer relations, with its clients appreciating the fast services.

Jiffy Lube oil types show versatility: you can opt for synthetic, conventional, or blends. Additionally, it deals with products from major oil brands such as Pennzoil, Shell Rotella, and Castrol. You have plenty of options when you visit this automobile service center.

Besides oil change, Jiffy Lube majors in battery change, engine maintenance, tire repairs, and car light replacement. Its services are affordable and made better with coupons, promotions, and discounts.


Inconsistent quality is among the complaints plaguing Jiffy Lube. Some clients point out the aggressive upselling at select locations and incorrect product recommendations. Jiffy Lube comes short in mechanical repairs, especially the complex ones, due to inadequate personnel experience and lack of proper equipment.

Pros Of Valvoline

Valvoline Instant Oil Change is popular among car owners due to its accessibility, with over 1600 locations in the country. Valvoline’s most endearing aspect is its service quality, courtesy of its well-trained and experienced staff, who handle the customers professionally.

This car maintenance center solely deals with high-grade Valvoline products. For motor oil change, you choose from synthetic, synthetic blends, or conventional oil. Valvoline will also attend to various vehicle systems, such as the air conditioner, radiator, differential, transmission, headlights, engine, and battery.

As a customer, you will have an easy time when you visit Valvoline’s centers. You don’t need to book an appointment, and the services are speedy; for instance, oil changes take roughly 15 minutes. You should take advantage of Valvoline coupons for price cuts on vehicle servicing.


Valvoline’s services are pretty costly, though the quality is a guarantee. This service center primarily deals in Valvoline products, so you have limited options, especially if you prefer other brands. The staff, while experienced, may not know how to tackle complex mechanical issues.

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Is Valvoline the Same as Jiffy Lube?

Valvoline and Jiffy Lube are American automobile servicing companies that deal in oil changes, tire repairs, vehicle inspections, and more. The two companies have several locations around the country, with Jiffy Lube having more outlets at over 2200, while Valvoline has around 1600.

While the two companies share several similarities, they are quite different. For example, Valvoline primarily deals with Valvoline products, whereas Jiffy Lube stocks products from various brands. In addition, the quality of their services varies from one branch to another.

What Is the Most Recommended Oil Change?

There are several factors to weigh when looking for the best oil change partner, such as price, efficiency, and extra services. Jiffy Lube and Valvoline Instant Oil Change are among the most recommended oil change partners that guarantee the best services.

Appealing attributes of the two companies include a countrywide presence, fast services, and efficient customer support. Furthermore, the companies offer extras like tire rotation, vehicle inspection, and headlight repairs. The costs of their services are pretty reasonable, an assurance that you get your money’s worth.

Why Is Valvoline the Best?

Valvoline Instant Oil Change is a subsidiary of Valvoline, a reputable distributor of automobile lubricants. It is one of the best automobile service companies that stands out due to its eye for quality. The company mainly deals with high-quality products from Valvoline, ensuring that your car parts are always in excellent shape.

Valvoline’s staff is friendly, highly trained, and helpful to clients with their queries. The company offers many services, like oil changes, tire rotations, suspension system maintenance, and vehicular inspection.

Oil change at dealership vs. Valvoline: what is the difference? The main difference is that there are many Valvoline centers, around 1600 spread in different parts of the country, compared to the handful of dealerships you may find. However, it is better to visit a dealership as the staff is more experienced in handling various issues affecting your vehicle.

What Brands of Motor Oil Does Jiffy Lube Use?

One of the impressive things about Jiffy Lube is its product diversity. It stocks products from numerous brands, such as Shell Rotella, Pennzoil, Mobil 1, Castrol, and Quaker State. It means you can easily get the product of your choice from Jiffy Lube. Furthermore, you can consult the staff about the best lubricant for your vehicle.

Does Jiffy Lube Use Mobil 1 Synthetic?

Jiffy Lube’s oil change service uses various brands, including Mobil 1 motor oil. You choose from Mobil 1 synthetic, blend, or conventional oil, as per your preference. If you have a new car or want the best performance from your engine, it is better to go for synthetic lubricant, as it is more efficient.

Under the Mobil 1 synthetic line, you find motor oils like High Mileage, Extended Performance, Extended Performance High Mileage, FS, ESP, and Advanced Fuel Economy, among many more.

Final Word

Having a reliable oil change companion is crucial for your vehicle’s well-being, which brought us to the Jiffy Lube vs. Valvoline discussion. Key takeaways from this review include the quality of service and product line of both companies.

We also learn that both are present in many areas; hence easily accessible, and they handle other vehicle care routines, such as inspection and repairs. Pick the best automobile service company from the two, determined by the service cost, your product of choice, and overall customer support.


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