Who Makes Quaker State Oil ?

An oil change is a critical part of maintaining your car. Several oil brands exist in the market, and most of us have a preferred product that meets our preferences. Quaker State oil is the preferred motor oil and so a frequent query by many is who makes Quaker State Oil.

It is a valid question, seeing that the brand has been around for a long time and has a history of acquisitions. This article will present the necessary details that you need to know about Quaker State Oil.

Quaker State Oil Motor Reviews

Quaker State Oil motor has plenty of products under its wings. The variety makes it a notable name in the car utility scene. The catalog includes synthetic motor oil, blends, conventional motor oil and transmission fluid, filters, and oils. Let us look at each category and the products under them.

quaker state motor oil reviews

Quaker State Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Many people are opting for synthetic oil due to associated benefits like efficiency. Quaker State Oil has a line of full synthetic oils. The first product is the standard synthetic motor oil, which provides ultimate wear protection. Also, it is highly resistant to oxidation, translating to longevity.

Additionally, it offers high-grade lubrication in low and high temperatures. The oil grade is 0W20, 5w20, and 5w30. The other product is the Quaker State Oil high mileage full synthetic oil. It is a formulation for cars with more than 75000-miles. It is an 0w20 engine oil, meaning it performs well in cold temperatures. The high mileage oil does an excellent job of keeping off sludge and other harmful deposits.

The final product under the full synthetic oil banner is the Quaker State Euro full synthetic oil. As the name hints, it offers maximum protection to European vehicles. It provides superior lubrication that beats the cold weather typical in Europe.

Quaker State Blends and Conventional Oil

Synthetic oil blends are ideal options if you want the performance of synthetic oils but at an affordable price. Under the Quaker State blends line, you find the standard motor oil, which reduces engine wear and prevents sludge buildup.

In addition, you have the high mileage motor oil, suitable for cars with over 125000 kilometers. Finally, you got the all-mileage suitable for vehicles of all mileages. Appealing factors include enhanced wear protection and prevention of sludge deposits. The all-mileage oil conditions seal to curb leaks.

Other Products of Quaker State Oil

Besides motor oil, Quaker State Oil also stocks transmission fluid, 2-cycle engine oil, automotive, and oil filters. This oil company has a vast catalog, as you can see, and you are sure to find any utility you want for your vehicle.

As per Quaker State Motor Oil reviews, many people appreciate the products’ quality and versatility. The latter element is evident where the products work in various conditions, such as winter, warm weather, and high-mileage vehicles.

How does Quaker State Oil compare to other brands? This company has plenty of rave reviews owing to its pricing. The products are pretty affordable, a reason why it has a solid clientele base. On the flip side, a disadvantage of Quaker State Oil is that it may be hard to find the products out of the USA, especially in Africa.

what is the quaker state

Who Makes Quaker State Oil?

Quaker State Oil has a rich history that includes several acquisitions. Presently, Shell is the owner of this brand. As for history, its inception dates back to 1915, when the firm was advertised in the papers, establishing it as a brand. What is the Quaker state, you may ask. It is Philadelphia, the home of the Quaker religion. It is also the home of this oil brand.

The Eastern Refining Company bought the Quaker state brand name in 1924 and later rebranded to Quaker state corporation in 1931. This came after a merger of 19 regional oil companies. For a long time, the company did not drill oil; instead, it bought crude oil from other dealers up to around 1944.

The company expanded rapidly in the 1960s, at one point registering sales upwards of $ 50 million. In the 1970s, Quaker State Oil launched a refinery in West Virginia, which boosted its sales to $ 300 million.

With rapid growth, Quaker State Oil expanded into other sectors, namely refining, insurance, car maintenance, trucks, and energy. While it was an optimistic approach, the move brought a decrease in sales and profits.

In early 1990, the petroleum business split away from Quaker State Corporation, giving birth to Quaker State Oil Refining Corporation. Loss-making continued in the 1990s, which eventually led to the company’s acquisition by a longtime rival, Pennzoil, in 1998. The result was the Pennzoil-Quaker State Oil Company.

In 2002, Shell acquired the Pennzoil-Quaker State Oil Company in a bid to become a leading oil brand worldwide. It markets Pennzoil and Quaker State Oil as two separate products. Is Quaker State and Pennzoil the same oil? Technically, no, as they are two different products but under the same parent company. Presently, Quaker State Oil is a reputable brand in providing motor and transmission oil.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Quaker State Good Oil For Your Car?

Quaker State has many products under its catalog, including full synthetic oil and blends. The oils offer maximum protection to your engine, allowing it to perform in low and high temperatures. The oil is resistant to oxidation; it will serve you for a long time. Also, Quaker State has high mileage oil, suitable for cars clocking above 75,000 miles. It is a reliable brand that has your back in different situations.

Q: Is Quaker Oil Still Made?

Quaker oil has been a mainstay in the car oil sector for several years. Despite its acquisition by Shell, it is still a strong brand, with products such as full synthetic oil, conventional oil, blends, and transmission fluid. Quake oil is still in the market but under the Shell umbrella.

Q: Is All Quaker State Oil Synthetic?

Quaker State Oil has a diverse line of products, including fully synthetic oil, which many people prefer. The downside to this type of oil is its high cost. If you want a cheaper option, you can check out Quaker State’s conventional and blended oils. Also, it has transmission fluid and oil filters under its collection.

Q: Is Quaker State Oil Dexos approved?

Dexos is a synthetic oil suited for GM vehicles manufactured from 2011 onwards. Quaker State Oil has approved Dexos oil, and you can use it for GM cars. The quality is high and will prevent sludge deposits on the engine.

Q: Is Quaker State Synthetic Oil Made From Natural Gas?

Quaker State Oil relied on crude oil for a long time to make synthetic oil. However, starting in 2014, Quaker State Oil and other brands under Shell shifted to entirely using natural gas to produce synthetic oil. Oil made from natural gas has advantages like lower volatility and high-temperature oxidation capability.

Q: How Often Should You Change Quaker State Synthetic Oil?

An oil change is a necessary part of vehicle maintenance, which you should do regularly. If you are a staunch Quaker synthetic oil user, you should change the oil every 5,000 miles due to its longevity. You may decide to play it safe and perform a change after 3,000 to 4,000 miles.

Final Words

Quaker State Oil has been a key industry player in the supply of oil products for a long time, almost clocking a century. Who owns Quaker State Oil? From this article, you learn that Quaker is now under Shell after the 2002 acquisition. Before that, it partnered with Pennzoil Oil.

Quaker State Oil has plenty of products for your car, such as synthetic oil, which you should try out for maximum engine protection and efficiency.  


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