Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster: Which Exhaust System is the Best?

The exhaust system is very crucial for internal combustion engines. It is the pathway of exhaust fumes coming from the combustion chamber. If this part malfunctions, you will experience engine problems like poor fuel economy, a stench of gases, knocking, and engine misfires. The good thing is that there are companies that specialize in this system. Here, we bring you Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster.

Magnaflow and Flowmaster are companies that deal in general exhaust systems and parts like catalytic converters and mufflers. Which of them is the best? This is a question many car owners have when looking for exhaust unit parts.

To answer your question, we will look at each company and see what they have to offer.

Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster

Magnaflow Exhaust

Magnaflow has been in the exhaust performance and replacement industry since its conception in 1981. It has its headquarters in Oceanside, California. The company specializes in the manufacture of catalytic converters and performance exhaust technology.

It operates under the philosophy of quality, power, and sound. You cannot overlook the quality part when it comes to Magnaflow. Over the many decades it has been in the scene, its products boast of unmatched quality.

Talking about power, you can appreciate the intensity its exhaust parts portray. Magnaflow has highly invested in technology and innovation to ensure that its products are top performers in the market.

Magnaflow mufflers will give you the best sound control that you can desire in your vehicle. The muffler’s design ensures that you have an excellent tone from the exhaust when driving.

Its operating philosophy is one reason it is a top global brand in dealing with vehicle exhaust systems. Magnaflow’s online platform provides you with a simple way to make a purchase. A visit to the site and you will appreciate its vast catalog.

Exhaust systems, mufflers, converters, builder parts, apparel, and gear are some of the things you can purchase from its website. A reliable customer support team has your back for a satisfying experience shopping for your car parts.

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Flowmaster Exhausts

Onto the other side of the debate, we have Flowmaster exhausts. The company has been in existence since 1983, with its headquarters in Santa Rosa, California. It deals with plenty of vehicle parts, an attribute that gives it an upper edge over its competitors.

On its website, you realize it has one of the most diverse car part catalogs. Here, you get engines, engine parts, ignition, off-road, and exhaust parts. Under the exhaust parts section, you have exhaust systems, exhaust manifolds and headers, mufflers, and catalytic converters.

The company’s primary target is seamless performance. In this vein, it does its best to have all its products to be of the finest quality. Flowmaster mufflers debuted in the racing scene. The main purpose was to reduce the sound that came from racecar exhaust pipes.

Over the years, the company has put much effort into its products to improve their quality. The result was quieter racecars without any effect on their performance. Flowmaster dedicates its time and resources to research, targeting to maintain its top spot. Presently, it is developing an exhaust system technology for quiet performance and reduction of emissions.

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Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster Horsepower

Typically, when you add mods to the vehicle’s exhaust pipe reduces its power. The situation is that you make the airflow restrictive, and some exhaust gases may go back to the engine. This affects the entry of oxygen, getting in the way of the combustion process.

The issue is different with mufflers and exhaust systems as they have a design that allows for power gain. 

This brings us to Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster horsepower discussion. Which brand should you go for if you want more horsepower? A thing to know is that the two muffler brands are not restrictive. Their build does away with backpressure, which can hold back the exhaust fumes.

Magnaflow has excellent exhaust assemblies, and from its various statements, it claims they provide a 10% boost. It is a great power improvement at a factor of x1.1. For instance, if a vehicle has a horsepower of 180, the mods add it to 198.

Flowmaster exhaust pipe systems will improve the car’s power by 10 to 15 units. It is a significant value, especially for smaller engines with low horsepower. Flowmaster can match up to Magnaflow in less powerful engines, but the latter has an upper edge on robust engines.

Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster Sounds

One of the prominent roles of the exhaust assembly is to dissipate the loud sounds from the exhaust. The sounds come due to the hot air from the combustion chamber bombarding the cold air molecules on the outside. There is also noise from the exhaust pipe shaking as it relays the gases. The muffler is the part involved in controlling sounds.

When looking at Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster sounds, we look at which model dissipates the sounds the best. On cold start, the Magnaflow muffler performs best. The sounds are pretty controlled, starting with a high pitch and reducing with time. The Flowmaster muffler does not bring its best when cold starting as it takes a considerable time to dissipate.

Still, on which is quieter, Magnaflow or Flowmaster, you have to look at the revving and acceleration. While the former does well in cold start, the sound is of a higher pitch when revving and accelerating. With time the sounds will go down. Flowmaster is excellent in revving and acceleration, with a controlled pitch.

On the Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster drone, Flowmaster is the finest. Drone refers to the constant sound and vibration emitted by some aftermarket exhaust parts. The drone level in Flowmaster is low, though it may be higher on cold-starting. The drone intensity is pretty high on aged Magnaflow systems.

In short, Magnaflow is excellent when starting a vehicle. The two brands have a close tie when you floor it on the road. The conclusion, when looking at sound, the two brands are at the same level.

Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster Muffler: Differences 

As severally mentioned, the muffler plays the essential role of dampening exhaust sounds. A look at Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster muffler discussion shows that each brand spares no effort to stand out.

Magnaflow has a diverse collection of mufflers, evident from its online platform. Regardless of the type of car you have, you are sure to get a muffler that will fit into its exhaust. They come in different sizes, which is ideal if you previously modified the exhaust pipe.

You can also look for this silencing device according to configuration. The list below shows you the available types.

  • Center-center.
  • Center-offset.
  • Center-dual.
  • Dual-dual.
  • Offset-dual and offset-offset.

Additionally, there are a glass pack, universal, and straight-through mufflers. Magnaflow invests a lot in muffler technology to bring the best products that, besides reducing sound, will also improve the vehicle’s horsepower.

On the flip side, we have Flowmaster, which spares no effort to make its collection very versatile. Street chambered, FlowFX, racing, and laminar flow mufflers are some types that Flowmaster stocks. Its products are ideal for racing, considering that the auto-sports scene was its first target market.

Each of the types relies on specific technology for an all-rounded performance. For instance, the street chambered mufflers have the Delta Flow Chambered technology. Here, there is the Resonant Tuning Chamber for capturing and canceling particular resonance in the car. The power chamber creates negative pressure, essential for boosted HP and torque.

The low-pressure chamber of the muffler prevents entry of atmospheric pressure. As a result, you do not have problems with exhaust fumes backflow, affecting the vehicle’s power output. Overall, the Delta Flow Chambered technology gives you advanced noise dampening via separation and recombination of pulses at specific phase shifts. It also increases exhaust scavenging, replacing exhaust fumes with fresh air for the next combustion cycle.

So, which muffler brand is the best? While Magnaflow is great in noise reduction, the technology that Flowmaster uses is very advanced. It helps reduce sound and increase horsepower, though to a lower degree compared to Magnaflow. Additionally, Flowmaster products are durable and improve the life of the exhaust system. As such, Flowmaster comes top in this discussion.

What of Magnaflow vs. Borla mufflers? Borla is a top-brand dealing in car exhaust systems. When comparing its mufflers to that of Magnaflow, you notice that it is a close draw. Both have the best quality, with Borla beating its competitor in terms of its catalog. Magnaflow’s redeeming factor is the top performance of its parts.

Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is a critical car part, especially from an environmental conservation standpoint. You place the converter on the exhaust pipe of your car, where it encourages a redox reaction. This reaction results in the release of less harmful gases to the environment. Considering that many states are implementing environmental protection laws, a catalytic converter is a perfect add-on to keep up with the regulations.

Magnaflow or Flowmaster catalytic converter, which one to go for? The two companies produce these exhaust assemblies, which are some of the best in the market as per customer reviews. The two brands share several similarities. For example, both produce CARB compliant and Federal compliant catalytic converters. The former applies to California’s carb emission regulations. The latter is compatible with the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. It gives them an edge of versatility as you can use them if you are in California and other states.

The two companies also stock similar types of this exhaust parts. They feature the direct-fit and universal catalytic converters in their respective catalogs. The direct-fit are those that fit into specific car models without the need for modification. If you need a Honda Accord converter, you get a part that will seamlessly fit into the car’s exhaust.

The universal type is the opposite of the direct-fit, as you can use it on various vehicle models. To install the universal catalytic converter, you may need some modifications to the pipe. You might need to cut, weld, or bend the pipe for a proper fit.

Magnaflow has the manifold exhaust catalytic converter connected at the exhaust manifold instead of the pipe. Flowmaster has two makes under the direct-fit type; the direct-fit professional and direct-fit standard grade series.

While both brands’ converters are perfect, Magnaflow comes on top as it is more versatile. You cannot use Flowmaster’s direct-fit converters in California and other states that use laws similar to California’s emission regulation. You can only use the Flowmaster universal type. You can use all Magnaflow catalytic converter types in all the states.

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Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster Performance

A look at Flowmaster vs. Magnaflow Reddit discussions and chat rooms focus more on the performance of the two brands. From the discussions, you can see a considerable number backing either side in terms of functionality.

Performance looks at horsepower boost and sound control as the major attributes. From previous discussions in this piece, you see that both Magnaflow and Flowmaster bring their A-game. For instance, when looking at the best assembly to boost your vehicle power, Magnaflow will have your back. Magnaflow assemblies increase the horsepower by a significant amount, around 10%.

On the other hand, if you want a stable exhaust assembly, Flowmaster is the go-to option. Flowmaster systems are robust and provide an excellent sound dissipation feat on the road, more so when accelerating.

Additionally, Flowmaster has parts targeting the auto-sport scene. In this vein, if you want an exhaust system for a racecar, Flowmaster will have your back. Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster for trucks, go with Magnaflow as it will boost its horsepower to a decent level.

All Magnaflow systems meet the USA’s emission standards, meaning you can use them in various states. In summary, the performance depends on your vehicle needs, where each of the brands has a dominating aspect.

Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster Price

Price is a crucial area to look at when getting an exhaust assembly for your vehicle. It brings us to Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster price debate, looking at which offers the best value. The typical move is to go for cheaper parts. It is not a good move, as, at times, more affordable parts are of poor quality.

Looking at the companies’ respective catalogs, you realize that there is not much of a cost deviation. While Flowmaster’s products seem to have a higher price tag, the value they bring makes the price worth the deal. Magnaflow products also offer a great value but are more affordable than those of Flowmaster.

What of Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster vs. Borla price? In this triple product discussion, Borla is the most expensive. However, it offers a great value; thus, you have a justified price tag when shopping for Borla exhaust systems.

Pros of Magnaflow Exhaust

Magnaflow exhaust systems come with many advantages. Among them is that they help do away with exhaust sounds. Noise coming from the exhaust pipe is quite loud and maybe a nuisance. Magnaflow’s muffler will dampen the sound, making it bearable to drive and reduces noise pollution.

This company’s exhaust system will improve your vehicle’s horsepower. When you use Magnaflow mufflers, you can boost your car’s power by 10-15%. It is a significant amount, ideal for midsized vehicles and trucks.

This exhaust system brand also stocks plenty of products. Its comprehensive catalog will cater to any need you have for your car’s exhaust part. The components are relatively affordable; hence, you do not need to break the bank to get one. Magnaflow catalytic converters are of top-grade quality, assuring you of controlled emissions.


Magnaflow exhaust assemblies are not immune to the problem of installation. Fixing the parts may take a long time, which may be an inconvenience.  Another downside of Magnaflow products is that their degradation may be intense. When spoilt, you will encounter issues like drone sounds, excessive vibrations, and the emission of black smoke.

Black smoke comes due to the backflow of exhaust fumes, causing inefficient combustion.

Pros of Flowmaster

Flowmaster is one of the best brands in the market. A fantastic thing about this company’s products is their top quality. It is a reason why it is prominent in the racing scene. Flowmaster’s technology advancements assure you of outstanding performance in sound control and boosting your car’s horsepower.

The exhaust assembly parts are of high quality, enhancing their durability. You do not have to worry about constant replacement due to degradation.  Another perk to enjoy from Flowmaster is its consistent performance. Here, we look at the mufflers. When accelerating or starting, Flowmaster’s sound reducers do their best to ensure minimal sound production.

Moreover, this exhaust systems company has plenty of products to pick from. You can purchase engines, engine parts, ignition parts, suspension units, and many more on its online platform. It upholds the brand’s versatility.


A significant downside to Flowmaster is that some of its products are not CARB-compliant. It means you cannot use them in California or states with environmental laws similar to California.  The other con of Flowmaster is its sound control when cold starting the engine. The sound is loud, though it reduces over time.

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Which Is Better, Flowmaster or Magnaflow

Down to the main discussion, Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster, which is better? After going through their respective features, we can see that the two companies are some of the best in the market. When picking the better choice, there are factors that you have to consider to land on the finest.

Flowmaster parts major in areas like the auto-sport scene, while its competitor is ideal for high-performance vehicles like trucks and muscle cars.  Magnaflow boosts your vehicle’s horsepower to a decent degree.  You also realize that the Flowmaster exhaust has an impressive boost to the car’s power and torque. It is ideal for racecars when you go for the racecar exhaust systems.

Magnaflow is versatile as you can use its parts, mainly the catalytic converters, in different parts of the country as they meet set environmental standards. From the various discussion topics, you can see that Magnaflow and Flowmaster are highly-ranked companies in the supply of exhaust systems. The two brands offer some of the finest products ideals for various car models.

It is safe to say the Flowmaster and Magnaflow are levels after checking on their various attributes. Get the most suitable product depending on your vehicle’s needs.

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Is Magnaflow Quieter Than Flowmaster?

You judge a muffler’s performance on how it reduces sounds. Magnaflow is better than Flowmaster when cold starting the car. However, on acceleration, Flowmaster’s mufflers have more control. Magnaflow’s mufflers dampen the sound too, but they are more prone to drone sounds when they degrade.

Which Exhaust Sounds The Best?

The muffler performs a crucial role in dissipating sounds from the exhaust pipe. The best sound comes from the muffler that produces the least noise. both produce a low sound threshold. Magnaflow takes the top spot in starting the engine, while Flowmaster has a lower pitch on revving and acceleration.

Do Magnaflow Mufflers Add Horsepower?

Most exhaust modifications restrict airflow. It may lead to a reduction of power due to backflow and restrictive pressure. When dealing with Magnaflow mufflers, the converse is true. Their design contributes to scavenging, improving airflow. Magnaflow and Flowmaster’s mufflers With improved airflow, the Magnaflow products can give you a 10% horsepower boost.

Which Is Better, 4 Or 5-Inch Exhaust?

The size of the exhaust pipe is an attribute you should know about. It affects other facets like emissions, sounds, and fuel economy.  The 4-inch does an excellent job if you want a quieter operation. The 5-inches produces more sound, suitable if you want to make a statement. The 4-inch exhaust is a perfect modification for vehicles with an HP of up to 500. Above this limit, you may need a 5-inch exhaust, which will improve airflow due to its width. You can choose the most preferable, depending on how you want your driving session to be and vehicle power.


You can perform several mods to your car’s exhaust system, like adding a muffler or catalytic converter. In this article, we take an in-depth look at exhaust parts to understand their functionality. We bring you two companies that deal with these parts, Magnaflow and Flowmaster. Use the provided information to land on the finest product.

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